Governor Andrew Cuomo New York NRA Lawsuit Suit
courtesy and Jack Unruh
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You may have seen headlines over the past week screaming that the NRA is allegedly running out of money. You probably laughed and thought, how could the NRA be broke? It probably won’t surprise you to learn that those breathless reports aren’t exactly accurate. You might even call those headlines #fakenews.

The NRA isn’t in imminent danger of running out of cash. But that doesn’t mean that the gangster-style tactics employed against the organization by the state of New York aren’t a significant threat to its health.

If you’ll remember, in an effort to squeeze the NRA during the height of the post-Parkland hysteria, New York pressured the company that underwrote the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance program to drop their coverage. As a fig leaf for their strong-arm move, the state claimed that the insurance product provided protection to gun owners for committing illegal acts. They called Carry Guard “murder insurance.”

A DFS investigation found that the NRA Carry Guard insurance program provided insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing, and improperly provided insurance coverage for criminal defense.

“DFS will not tolerate conduct by any entity, licensed or otherwise, in contravention of New York Insurance Law,” said Maria Vullo, DFS superintendent, in a press release describing a consent order the agency reached with Lockton.

That move prompted the NRA to file suit against Cuomo, New York State Superintendent of Financial Services Maria T. Vullo and the Department of Financial Services for “blacklisting them.”

The lawsuit, filed in US District Court for Northern New York, came days after the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) fined several insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars for participating in an NRA-backed liability insurance program for gun owners.
The state also also secured agreements from those companies not to offer such insurance again.

But the intimidation didn’t stop with Carry Guard underwriters. Cuomo and his regulators let it be known to a variety of New York-based banks and insurers that they’d take a dim view of any company that did business with the NRA on any basis.

As the NRA alleges in their suit,

“Of course, Carry Guard was not Defendants’ true focus, and the scope of the DFS investigation rapidly expanded,” the lawsuit says. “Defendants’ goal, from the outset, was to disrupt any and all business arrangements between the NRA and any insurance administrator, broker, or underwriter—indeed, any financial institution.”

That meant cutting off basic financial services such as banking and liability insurance coverage for the organization’s facilities, programs and outlets like NRA TV. If you can’t get basic coverage for slip-and-fall type claims in your buildings or liability coverage for a media operation like NRA TV, you can’t open your doors.

“Defendants’ concerted efforts to stifle the NRA’s freedom of speech and to retaliate against the NRA based on its viewpoints are causing other insurance, banking, and financial institutions doing business with the NRA, such as Lloyd’s of London (“Lloyd’s”), to rethink their mutually beneficial business relationships with the NRA for fear of monetary sanctions or expensive public investigations,” the lawsuit says.

Lloyd’s terminated all of their insurance policies for the NRA. That announcement was made on May 9.

The NRA has contacted other corporate carriers about potential coverage. Each one of them has expressed fear of retaliation by DFS.

“The NRA has spoken to numerous carriers in an effort to obtain replacement corporate insurance coverage; nearly every carrier has indicated that it fears transacting with the NRA specifically in light of DFS’s actions against Lockton and Chubb,” the lawsuit says.

So New York’s strategy was clear. Go full-on thug with any insurance company or bank with a presence in the Empire State…and that’s most large banks and insurance companies. They’d investigate, regulate and fine them into submission until they cry ‘uncle’ and agree to stop doing business with the NRA.

Nice insurance company you got there. Be a shame if sumpthin’ was to happen to it. 

This morning Governor Soprano Cuomo made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Watch the whole thing. In the interview, he basically admits to what the NRA is alleging and is darned proud of it.

I think these are bad guys. … Look, from my point of view, I do disagree with them politically. And if they have less money to bully and threaten politicians into irrational positions, you know, I’m not going to lose any sleep over that. And if they went away, you know, I would offer my thoughts and prayers, Joe. Just like they do every time we have another situation with innocents losing their lives.

It’s an extraordinarily dangerous precedent and a tactic which a petty demagogue like Cuomo, as the head of New York’s vast regulatory apparatus, is uniquely positioned to carry out. Gin up an argument why an individual or organization you don’t like is “breaking the law,” then strong-arm banks and insurers to cut them off, starving the target of the attack into insolvency.

Who might be next on Cuomo’s ideological hit list? The NSSF? The Federalist Society? Chick-fil-A? Hobby Lobby? Take your pick. We’re sure there’s no shortage of targets Cuomo might take aim at if this move against the NRA is allowed to stand.



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  1. Who cares. Screw the NRA. If big bank money laundering puts the NRA in the ground, then its obvious they represent themselves, not solid patriotic American gun owners.

    Just natural selection at work. The NRA has evolved itself out of relevancy. Sorry to all those FUDDs who worship the NRA, but its time to move on. No more to see here. Just the future of gun rights.

    • Sooo…you’re gonna start up the next 2A advocacy group with enough power and influence to sway elections, right?

      • ^^^ THIS!. So tired of all the NRA bashing. The people that bash them probably don’t even bother to vote.

        • Sorry but I’m not into gun rights advocacy welfare. If the only game in town is the NRA then we need a new game. The NRA has lost it’s mojo. And times Are too critical right now to risk the 2A with a antique business model.

          Sucking up to the NRA if you must but the bright future I believe in is filled with gun rights and devoid of two dimensional money hogs like the NRA.

        • …….unless you live in New York (FIFY forward assist).

          There seems to be some kind of mental block in your head, like you have NRA-derangement syndrome or something. Its clear that Cuomo isn’t going after the NRA per-se. HE’S GOING AFTER YOU… and me, and all guns, and gun rights supporters. If he can knock off the NRA, then he can knock you off and any other “new game” non-“welfare” 2nd ammendment advocacy group you belong to.

        • Andy’s using tried and true methods developed by The Mob, a standard bit of politics for any elected crook in NY. The NRA should 1) Counter Sue for everything from “1st A violations, to political interference in Interstate commerce which is restricted to the FED. 2) File complaints with the FED that Cuomo is a FELON, by his own admission, for collecting and KEEPING Eagle feathers for the past 40(?) years…. and anything else their (numerous) attornies can come up with. Being the son of a previous governor I’m sure there’s more than one skeleton in the closet. Hang’em High.

    • You should care as it sets a precedent to enact the same type of tactics against another entity that rubs someone the wrong way.

      • Absolutely agree – if Andy Soprano can take out the NRA with these tactics, any newer, smaller organization would be easy pickings. No organization is perfect, but I’ll take the NRA and its effectiveness, despite its failings (in my eyes, YMMV) over some of the organizations who have sacrificed good for the demand for perfection (in their eyes) and we gun owners ended up worse off than before. We desperately need Justice Kavanaugh.

        • Skinned Knuckles…… When hitler was getting into power he opposed trade unions and other entities that were organized and might have enough influence to oppose him. He also had Goebbles shut down any and all news papers that opposed him. So an organized entity like the N R A which opposes the socialists, produces news releases through t v ads, magazines etc. and defends the second amendment, stands for everything the new Nazi’s in D C , the east and west coasts are against are the #1 enemy for them. They say N R A but what the real goal is, naturally, the Second Ammendment.

        • @ Ed Scrade

          Yep, in some cases comparing others to Hitler is accurate. “Go full-on thug.” Let’s call it what it is: Fascism (actual fascism, not “anything that keeps us from imposing our will on others” as used by leftists). Under commies, government (nominally “the people,” in practice a few oligarchs) own and control everything. Under fascists, there is still (nominal) private ownership, but an authoritarian government calls the shots. This is the real thing, though not nearly as advanced as Hitler or Mussolini. Yet.

        • Mr. Coward Assist is a very creative ANTIFA Member who I bet does not know enough NRA history, or even cares to know, to even make a debate possible. Mr. FA is NewYAWKA who loves the US Senate to have God-like Power over other US States Sovereign rights. Talk about Money hogs, the Dems love the bribe money they have enjoyed since Andy Jackson and his KKK, anti Civil Rights Slavocrat Herod’s.

      • Yup.

        If this scheme can kill the NRA, it will eventually be used to kill other organizations Cuomo (and his successor) dislikes, and other AGs will start copycatting.

        This needs to be nipped in the bud. I’m open to realistic approaches.

        • On the other hand if this tactic wasn’t blatantly unconstitutional Trump could use it to shut down leftwing organizations. The SPLC, the establishment media, anti-gun groups

        • Money supersedes principal, every time. Businesses make money decisions. The CBA for the Cuomo (and others to come) action is quite clear – there is not enough financial gain from supporting gun owners to cause the money guys to rebel against the political power structure that can make and break them. All the real money is in the coastal covens, not in “flyover country”. It ain’t nothing personal, you understand, but business is business.

          • who pulls the strings of the IMF? the UN? and who backs most of the banks behind the scenes? There are 2-3 families that do this from behind the scenes and they have funded both sides of every war since the time of Napoleon usually with part of the deal being that they get control of the countries reserve bank. The fact is that there are not more than half a dozen countries whose reserve bank they dont control and we usually end up at war with those countries till they fold and submit to their control of that reserve bank. Those banking families are also all related as well

    • I agree with you most of the way. The digest from last night with the NRA posting and all the comments of “fixing it from the inside”, I believe is the way to go. Whenever the media cries about guns, it’s the NRA they’re complaining about. Those 3 letters, whether truthfully or otherwise, do put fear into the hoplophobes like no other organization can. Even if it’s not the 2-headed giant boogie man they make it out to be, they do play the psychological game fairly well with people who know nothing. The rest of us informed gun people, know better.

      It’s not perfect, hell, half the time it’s not even a good organization, so I think we really need to life member up as many as possible (I’m not, nor have I ever been a member) to change it from within, to affect change that is necessary to the security of the 2A. Change it to people who will stop at nothing to prevent any and all measures put forth, and work diligently to reverse the godawful things we have presently.

    • Keep telling yourself that FA. Perfect, no, would our rights have been further eroded by now, probably.

      • Well, you can say that, then you have to back it up. So long as there are a bunch of whacked out Kool Aid drinkers who think some other group that says (get it?) that they’re the “no compromisers” when they’ve never pushed an issue to the point where they’ve either won or been in a position to compromise to stay in the battle, gun owners keep dividing themselves and their clout. Most of the NRA bashers tried to be someone in NRA and were rejected because their tactics were either an attempt at scorched Earth or just flat out crazy in the minds of the millions of Americans in the middle who think they have no horse in the race. Hard to win them over with the crazy, fear mongering and threats, particularly when they have visions of marching on the US or some state capital or city hall dressed in camo BDUs and carrying their customized SKSs. Yeah, works like a charm to scare the hell out of the commoners. And the worst part? The everyday folk think these Alex Jones followers are NRA members. About the same manner as a lot of non-shooters watching the nightly MSM news think the ganstas shooting up big cities probably all have concealed carry permits.

        • Can we give it a rest (for the Cuomo strings) about whether the NRA is absolutist? “Let’s forget about the whining and crying, and the shootin and the dying and the fellow with the switchblade knife” and tackle the problem at hand – an attempt by government to shut down a legal business government does not like. This is way beyond which support group to attend.

    • “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

      The NRA isn’t perfect, but it may start with them, but it will NOT end there. Next will be firearm manufacturers, gun stores, then the home and life insurance for gun owners themselves. Don’t kid yourself, Cuomo wants to make an end run around the constitution. It’s been done before (See Wilson, Woodrow, 1st American Dictator, Progressive, and member of the KKK, may his name be blackened through history). Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again

      • First they came …

        First they came for the socialists,
        and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a socialist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews,
        and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me
        —and there was no one left to speak for me.

        — by Martin Niemöller, German Lutheran pastor

        • Somehow I doubt we’ll be hearing much out of very many socialists, unionists or Jews on this matter. Just sayin

    • You’re a pretty dim bulb aren’t you?

      Please educate us as to what organizations you are starting, a member of or repping for that will fill the void of the NRA. Tell me about their network of affiliates at the state level, the location of their HQ and their annual meeting so I can attend? Is their convention at a Holiday Inn or your mother’s basement?

    • You dont care that it sets a precedent that government can use banks and other institutions to strong arm groups out of politics, even if said groups did nothing wrong?

      If they can do it to the NRA, they can do it to almost anyone.

      Use the grey matter between your ears for once.

    • If people like Cuomo can do it to the NRA, they can do it directly to you, too. Or anyone they don’t like.

      This isn’t an attack on a single organization, it’s an attack on the Bill of Rights and the foundations of American free enterprise.

      • Absolutely, by people who see the Bill of Rights, American free enterprise, and Western individualism more generally as impediments to their ambitions of amassing more power and wealth.

    • One of the dumbest moronic statements yet! What NAZI Cuomo is doing is completely illegal and if he gets away with that, WHAT NEXT because he doesn’t like something. The NRA trains officers, military and civilians every year. If you need a course to get a permit, chances are, the instructor is NRA certified! Loss of insurance means no more training in this state for anyone! No firearm safety courses for children in schools and adults. NO voice to prevent Coumo from banning all firearms completely in this state. And no insurance for firearms owners against loss or theft. Turn in your guns. Hang a sign on your house you are gun free. And DON’T EVER CALL 911! It’s not for you because the bad old police officers may carry guns and are not properly trained.

    • You don’t like NRA? Start a better one.
      There are other groups like FCP, SAF, GOA, etc., to name a few.
      Each have their own use and fights, except NGAA. I hear they are a fake group.

    • FA: I don’t usually comment because of how unimportant my opinion is to those who don’t know anything about me. What value do your words bring to anyone? Obviously your not trying to convince anyone, so you must be writing to see your lines in print?

    • I’m one of the biggest NRA bashers on here. I haven’t belonged since the 1980’s due to betrayal after betrayal. Nevertheless, this kind of tyranny cannot be allowed to stand. If Coumo and the Mom’s(not to mention screwtube and crapbook, et al) are allowed to dispossess anyone they don’t happen to like, they will soon do so to everyone(other than their cronies) in the country. That would be much worse than even the NRA’s numerous betrayals. I stand with the NRA(but still won’t give them any money…I might feel sorry for them and know that their enemies must not win this fight, but I’m not a fool).

      • Exactly, since even before the 1930’s they have actively supported “gun control” legislation one after another (even authoring some), so I will not become a member again. However, we need to draw the line here, as herr cuomo will not stop there – and organizations that actively fight for our Rights such as the GOA, SAF and NAGR will be next.

    • Your “advice” and statement against NRA is about as worthless as the item your user name describes. None of the other so-called no compromise “2A” groups have ever started a national bill from scratch (using wide-spread, grass roots support), sold it to either the US House or Senate (let alone both) and then gotten POTUS to sign it. Ditto in almost every state and municipality as well- some of the other groups whine and moan and act tough but just can’t get their act together.

      In reality, everyone, gun peeps or not, should be alarmed by such an obciously fascist move by a governmental agency- state, local or federal. Reread the last paragraph of the OP, idiot, that ought to be the entire point of the article and should sink in on you as well.

    • You must be a ‘Disgruntled libtard left of a real Democrat gun owner and or David Hogg in disguise.You’re full of BS and you know it.

    • Obviously, you must be in favor of banning all firearms, along with the Constitutional rights of the people.

      The NRA is the oldest, positive influence with regard to safety training, and supporting the rights of the people pursuant to the 2nd Amendment.

      I have not always agreed with their positions, but, at the same time, I have not always agreed with the Boy/Girl Scouts, Republican Party, and about every other group which supports the majority of my views regarding the Constitution and my rights. The NRA does not support murder. They do not sell guns or ammunition. They do teach a great many citizens to safely participate in the use of firearms; including law enforcement, hunters, students, sportsmen, organizations like Scouts. Name another organization that stands up for our rights. They lobby for those rights. To my knowledge, they have not been proven to have “bought” votes. With only 5 million members, out of a population of 320 million, they don’t really have the clout to do so. Therefore, there must be a considerable portion of the populace which supports their views while not being members. They may be members of other organizations which lack the name brand, or belong to no group at all.

      The left, which is the base of the anti-gun/gun control operations, uses several means to advance their causes. The primary one is “divide and conquer”. We cold win this battle if all those who are members and all those who are not, joined together as one entity. As long as we are splintered we will continue to lose until we have no rights.

      So, you can badmouth the NRA all you wish; you have the right under the 1st Amendment; but you do not support the greater cause in doing so.

  2. Hey I have an idea😄Boycott New York! Nice state ya’ got there…it’d be a shame if something happened to it. Cuuuumo( Jesse Jackson pronunciation) must think he’s Hitler on the Hudson…

      • Many parts of California are beautiful as well but I’ll be damned if I’ll ever show up there. New York either. Why? Their elected officials would scoff at my God-given rights but be happy to tax the hell out of me, then tell me to shut up and keep sending money. I don’t go those places, smart people should flee them.

  3. New Yorkers thought they were voting for the son of Mario. Instead, they got the son of Benito.

    Two members of the Gang of Three who ran NY (Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos) have already been convicted. Maybe Cuomo is too big to jail, maybe not.

    • I don’t think so Ralph…there’s been a veritable parade of govner’s incarcerated in ILLinois. Both dumbocrat and republitard. And THIS boy is Eye-talian…

      • lol i agree never too big for a coffin. just need to make the coffin to fit….. traitors dont deserve a coffin however and it would be a waste of gas to cremate them. just chuck them unceremoniously down a deep deep hole, an old abandoned mine shaft comes to mind. plenty of those around though with the number of traitors around these days even they would soon fill up

  4. Ok, lawyers:
    1. Why isn’t this a commerce clause case?
    2. Why isn’t this an extortion case?
    3. Why isn’t this an abuse of power case”
    4. Why isn’t this a case where the governor and assistants do not have sovereign immunity (their government positions do not permit as a charter the violation of law, thus each are liable for personal charges)?

    For those who are happy to see adverse action on the NRA (I am not a fan), note that the approach is to coerce and eliminate liability insurances, and shut down financial services (a’ la “Operation Chokepoint). Do you really believe these illegal and tyrannical actions will not encourage the spread of these tactics to other states? The BoA and Quicken episodes were not enough for you? This New York action is not enough for you? Every self-defense liability insurance company depends on re-insurers. Do you think any of the gun-friendly insurers can operate without re-insurers?

    You are observing a physical attack on gun owners, by a government entity. The gun-grabbers are not playing tiddly winks anymore.

    Offhand comment: Went to local nationwide grocery store today, all the gun magazines have been removed from the shelf and “nobody didn no nothing” among staff.

    • Gun magazines… groceries….
      Oh! You meant Dead Tree publications!
      … do people still read those? You’ve got TTAG, what more do you need?

      • “Oh! You meant Dead Tree publications!
        … do people still read those? You’ve got TTAG, what more do you need?”

        “need”? I don’t need no stinkin’ “need” to exercise my first amendment right to freely associate with dead trees, amigo.

        Ok, that didn’t look as great as it sounded. Maybe I need to find some other movie dialog to mangle.

    • To answer your question, it’s probably a RICO case too. Judges rule on ideology these days. Furthermore, legislators pass unconstitutional law all the time. Their response to any such commentary would be a resounding, “so sue me.”. Well that costs money – funds most special interest groups don’t have. The Cuomo SAFE act was a prime example. Its a done deal, you pay to to undo it.

      • Understand what you are writing, but NRA is already spending money on a law suit. Just wondering why they didn’t attack NY on federal violations (RICO would be a nice touch), rather than state laws.

    • This is not just about NY. If you do business in NY you are the target. Name a major bank or insurer that doesn’t do business in NY.
      So if you are Wells Fargo for instance, then you are the target and it is countrywide.

  5. The NRA is going about this going about this wrong. They would be better served by suing New York for violating the Interstate Commerce Clause and suing the Insurance companies and banks under the Sherman Act for conspiracy to restrain interstate commerce.

    • No thank you. N.Y. sucks to be a POTG & have no means to leave. Leftarted fn imbiciles are like weeds , they are sprouting up everywhere you look. Sidenote : vote or shut up. Only morons complain about all this bullshit & yet when asked who they voted for , no one. Shocker !!

  6. Like them or not, all POTG must unite against this tyranny and support the NRA. If these bully-tactics succeed, the gun-rights movement is all but dead, with gun manufacturing, sales, shipping etc being next on the chopping block….If rogue, tyrannical politicians can bully businesses into supporting or not supporting causes THEY don’t like, what is to stop them from picking any other business? Nothing.

    So, this is a call to all POTG; whether you’re a fan or member of the NRA or not; it’s time to pull together in a united front against this action and support the NRA; for the broader good. Look beyond your own perspectives and think of the bigger picture.

    A check to the NRA went in the mail today. And another one will go out after next paycheck. What will you do?

  7. The left is always saying “we should regulate gun owners! The need gun carry insurance, training, etc, just like car drivers! Liability, comprehensive coverage, because a person with a gun is a risk.” So ok, the free market says here you go, insurance products for gun owners and gun carriers. Now the left must shut down these evil murder insurance companies. Wait, I thought you wanted us to get insurance? Only valid if it was a state run, mandated option that made it too expensive to own or carry a gun? Ah, I see what they really wanted….

  8. If Gov, Cuomo is successful against the NRA, then every other Second Amendment Organization is next. He wants to make sure that there is no replacement to the NRA that will interfere with his plans for a defenseless society!

    • Oh, he doesn’t care tht much about the little guys–though ChokePoint was a great idea–he wants to get the manufacturers by the balls and force them out of business. A manufacturer cannot operate without premises liability, products liability and workers’ compensation insurance, plus auto, E&O and D&O coverage, as well a a big bank to do allt their transactional financial stuff. There is NO business that can survive without the products Cuomo wants to keep finanicial and insurance services providers from selling.

  9. About time that Trump looks into how Cuomo, Clinton, and Chuck took millions in kickbacks from Wall Street for the 2008 bailouts. Trump should announce that the portion of the national debt that Goldman Sachs finances is cancelled, let them deal with the fallout.

    • If he’s comfortable espousing those opinions on the role of government, I think he’s beyond wannabe.

  10. It wasn’t “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in fines—it was millions. Lockton paid $7 million to keep its license, Chubb $1.5 million. Further, the DFS was wrong about Carry Guard: it only protects if you acted in self defense, but provides no coverage for murder, and therefore it is valid and lawful coverage. And such hypocrisy: they want all gun owners to be required to carry $1 million in coverage, but then try to prevent insurers from offering coverage. Cute, huh? At least in theory, although it may violate a host of statutes, and although it is clearly an abuse of governmental power, it doesn’t directly violate the 2A.

    • You mean a gungrabber misconstrued the facts and then went on to set up a catch-22 that would effectively ban gun ownership? I’m shocked and appalled!

    • Reminds me of another such gem:
      You can buy all machine guns you want, just pay $200 tax for each and register it. Oh, btw. we don’t accept any more taxes and will not register any new machine guns.

    • Yes, Cuomo intentionally lied about the Carry Guard insurance coverage, and said [lack of] coverage is exactly why Carry Guard was a poor choice. The gun owner was covered only after the fact to repay legal fees spent, and then only if exonerated of all charges. What the gun owner actually needs is insurance that will supply a defense lawyer immediately to hopefully prevent charges from being filed at all and work on his behalf through any trial; after-the-verdict is too late. And Cuomo knows all that, I don’t know why anyone would consider his charges of law violations to be of any value. Suppose you intentionally drive 5 mph over the speed limit and are involved in a traffic accident; does that mean that your auto insurance company should be forced out of business for insuring criminal acts? The same exactly.

  11. Two possible outcomes:

    Most likely and reasonable: courts award NRA yuge settlement and bar NY from trying to strongarm insurance companies to shut down speech

    Less likely but more entertaining:

    Courts give the ok to strongarm banks and insurance companies and Trump uses the decision to SHUT DOWN CNN

  12. who made this asshole the king? Can he do this without ny legislature? This sounds like time to start cleaning house at the state level. These penny anti, two-bit commie thugs are getting away with murder because everyone is afraid of them. If we kicked the king of england out, what seems to be the hold up on this clown and his buddies bloomberg and sorass. AS much as I believe in the constitution, it appears the time is approaching to suspend the constitution so we can rid the country of the self serving vermin that calls themselves leaders of the people.

  13. I’m pretty sure a lot of NRA supporters threw a extra $100 towards the NRA bc of that bogus article… they may not be perfect but they are the reason we have a majority of our freedom right now

    • Yes, and only Jesus is and was without sin…Ok, genius, how would you stop this tyrannical governor from starting a blue state copycat extortion racket against POTG and those that supply us with the 2A Necessities and Niceties?
      Well genius, enlighten us all on what you would DO TO stop this particular mob boss/tyrant and similar pols of his ilk?????

      We are waiting for something profound; besides that the NRA makes you mad because they didn’t do exactly what you wanted them to do since 1934? Any more of your pissing and moaning is not helpful, or, maybe you’re on the governors troll payroll…???

      • He doesn’t have answers for your questions. None of them do. They are the internet commandos. They complain, they berate anyone who disagrees with them as a “Fudd”, and they do literally nothing to further gun rights. Unless being angry on the internet helps with gun rights. But I don’t think it does.

      • Yes, it is one thing if NRA founders and goes under because it fails its constituency. Quite another, quite another if it goes under because of government coercion and intimidation. It is curious that some here are comfortable with government strong-arming one 2A group, but somehow no OK with government strong-arming a different one (or dozen). Governments never voluntarily retreat from suppressing liberty.

    • Vote for Larry if you want to guarantee Cuomo another term. Like him or not, the endorsed Republican (Molinaro) is the only shot we have.

      • Molinaro isn’t even liked by the state Republican party. He’s the sacrificial lamb. Cuomo wants to be president, and Cynthia Nixon is an idiot. Now is the time! Larry is your guy, what are you afraid of? Check him out, and actually do something for liberty.

        • There’s nothing wrong with Larry, other than he’s running on the Libertarian ticket and doesn’t have a chance in hell. Not even a remote chance. Sorry, I’m just being realistic. He can’t and won’t win. Molinaro is the only chance to defeat Cuomo, and it has everything to do with party endorsements. Molinaro is on the Repub/Conservative line, he stands a far better shot. Though to be fair, it’s a long shot regardless.

          • You have a problem with a Libertarian running as a Libertarian? Here’s how he can win. Cynthia Nixon and Cuomo have split the Democrat ticket. There are a lot of Democrats who dislike Cuomo and are willing to vote for Nixon just to get him out of there. Republicans will vote for Molinaro, but a lot will stay home because Molinaro doesn’t have any Chutzpah. Larry is bringing people out who have not voted in a long time, or chose not to vote at all. He also is garnering support from Republicans and Democrats who are not enthusiastic about their choices. Just because he is running on a third party ticket doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a chance. He has just as much chance as Nixon and Molinaro.

  14. But, this isn’t about market forces. This is a direct assault on freedom. If a state government can break an organization for one disapproved behavior, then it can break any business for any reason at all.

    The goal is to establish a wave of assaults by state governments on any business the power structure chooses. Every company needs insurances and financial services. Just as with the first amendment, sometimes you gotta defend the ugly, the deplorable. What NY is doing is making gun ownership and political activity the same as “hate speech”, which they claim is not legitimate, and only legitimate speech is covered by the first amendment. In other words, anything that offends the left is not protected by the US constitution.

    • Good on you for getting the real point. It’s not about just the NRA, it’s about defending against strong-arm thug tactics used to silence the defense of our civil liberties.
      I oppose the NRA’s current strategy of compromise and capitulate, and that’s why I have not renewed my membership for the last couple of years. After their silence in defending Cody Wilson and 3D printed guns, it looks like that trend will continue for a third year.
      But if there is a way I can donate for this specific cause, I will do so.

      • jwtaylor’
        donate directly to NRA-ILA and specify you want your donation used for this particular case in NY State.

  15. This guy’s a problem because he’s a chump. At least real gangsters and machine politicians get roads built, and actually do take care of their friends. Unlike the professionals this guy doesn’t know that even as King you have to deliver, and you can go too far.

  16. As much as i dont like how the NRA has folded in many instances on gun rights it is the big dog in the fight and until there is another with as much influence as they have they cant be allowed to fail, at least not by any means that is not their own (bad financial management), such as this attempt by Cumo or anyone else to shut them down by force. Cumo is acting as any fascist/communist would and from what i see it is blatantly outside the law of what he can do. He and all his cronies that are assisting him in the attempt need to be taken down if not through legal channels then it has to come down to what the 2A was designed for in the first place. That would also mean that any justices ruling in his favor and against liberty would also need to be dealt with as traitors against liberty.

  17. It’s people like Forward Assist that diminish the power of the gun rights supporters in Washington. It is a waste of time to argue with someone like him. Just let him crawl back into his rat hole and go away.

  18. All I can say to ALL YOU gun owners and any member of your family is this. GET OFF THE COUCH AND VOTE. Ask your friends and family members if they voted last time their answers will make you ill. We the gun owners of New York and every family member are doing this to ourselves. Keep telling yourself MY VOTE DOESN’T MATTER and eventually it won’t. We number in the millions, GET OFF THE COUCH AND VOTE

  19. NYS Gov’t., as indicated by the numbers of its members now and in the past residing in prison, and the thuggish behavior of its Governor and his subordinates, is obviously being operated no differently than a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) and should be dealt with by the Federal Department of Justice as such.

  20. This is barely about NRA or even guns. This is 100% about guys like Cuomo (a classic and classically trained bully) needing to crush anyone and anything he doesn’t agree with.
    Cuomo is an absolute tyrant and in his delusional mind easily discounts anything that is contrary to his view. He wants it his way, he expects his legacy to canonize him and he actually thinks he will be POTUS one day.
    Legal NY gun owners are exceedingly safe and law abiding, as are most across this nation. While he routinely attacks us he simultaneously gives away the store to criminals (recently pardoned cop killers in NYS) and illegal immigrants.
    He has a perverse view of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    His attack(s) on NRA is more an attack on our founding principles and his decision that HE should be the one to decide and regulate what and how we do things.
    If you are in NY, you already know this, if you are not from NY just Google him and form your own opinions. The guy is bad news and he has law abiding gun owners squarely in his sights.
    If Wall Street money from the left didn’t carry him he would have easily lost his re-election as governor…most of NY DID NOT vote for him, NYC did.
    NRA, warts and all is the best we have. Far from perfect and sorely in need of change (buh-bye Wayne) but they are the big dog in this fight for our rights right now.

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