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Teething Toy etsy

We’ve seen a shift in tactics among gun control activists in recent years. In the Newtown aftermath they tried to legislate guns out of existence in the United States. While the anti-gun forces had some success in a handful of states and localities, the majority of the country sent a clear message that they rejected the idea that increased gun control solves anything. As a response, the focus has shifted from a “tyranny of the minority” game plan to one where the the focus is on killing off the “gun culture.” No matter what it takes. From attempting to ostracize gun owners in retail stores to trying to silence any opinion with which they disagree, the plan is to make gun owners into social outcasts, keeping the younger generation from following in their gun-owning forebears’ footsteps. Their latest tactic: banning toy guns . . .

The logic is pretty simple. If kids don’t play with toy guns growing up, they won’t want real guns when they grow up. Or so they hope. Of course, that doesn’t really work — my own mother tried that tactic, and look how that ended up.

Nevertheless, the New York State Attorney general is making an attempt to ban all toy guns from the state, first demanding that retailers within the state stop selling them and now demanding that online retailers do the same.

From CNBC:

Major retailers are illegally selling prohibited toy guns online, the N.Y Attorney General’s office alleged Thursday.

Eric Schneiderman’s office sent cease and desist letters to the retailers (Wal-Mart,, K-Mart, Sears and to halt sales of these toy guns to New Yorkers immediately. One K-Mart also sold these guns in a Rochester, New York, location, the office alleged.


New York state law prohibits retailers from selling guns in realistic colors unless it has one-inch-wide orange stripe running down both sides of the barrel and the front end of the barrel that cannot be removed.

Using a single well-publicized tragedy to push wide-reaching agendas on their subjects is a well worn tactic from the civilian disarmament crowd, and this instance is no different. Never let a crisis go to waste. Using the shooting of Tamir Rice as their justification, they now have all the ammunition, so to speak, they need to start working toward eliminating toy guns from American life.

It’s perfectly in line with the common beliefs of the gun control crowd. Instead of blaming the parents for not teaching their child proper gun safety and a little common sense, they blame the inanimate object for the tragedy that ensues. It all boils down to personal responsibility and it looks like, once again, the antis are crying out for the state to make decisions for members of the public who are too stupid to do it for themselves. Including what toys are appropriate for their offspring.

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  1. I’m really hoping New Yorkers will wise up to how ridiculous and controlling all this is, and hopefully tell the people up top to blow it out their ass…but then again, who am I kidding, it’s New York.

    • There’s an awful big difference between upstate NY and NYC. The trouble is that Albany only seems to care about NYC, and basically tells the rest of the state to FOAD.

      • That is because Albany only cares about where their campaign dollars, media dogs and votes come from. They rest of the state does not stand a chance. Part of the reason for not allowing fracking in upstate NY according to the some of NY’s own papers is to not allow an economic shift of power to upstate NY. Democrats believe in centralizing and containing power and if they can keep everything in NYC, who the F needs the rest of NY?

        I will speculate that if they could just carve out NYC and Westchester County, they could care less if the rest of the state fell apart and crumbled to the ground. Upstate NY has always been the bastard child of NY politics and Albany could not care less if it withered and died.

        • +1 on that. Their worst fears are having to pay attention to the red necks in the Southern Tier who are the great unwashed. Petrodollars would change everything.

    • Don’t worry; all of the Call of Duty, Halos, and other FPS are much more effective at channeling kids into the gun culture 2.0 than any toy gun ever could be.

      • In a manner of speaking, those are toy guns as well. Though they’ve tried the video game and movies tactic previously, player controlled CGI guns will likely be on the target list for the anti crowd, if they are not slated already.

        • When Hillary was a Senator in NY, she tried several time and failed. SCOTUS finally ruled that video games are “art” and “free speech”. They tried to mess with ESRB Ratings, they were also shot down by the courts as free speech. They from time to time have PSAs that stores do not honor ESRB restrictions and will sell to minors whatever they want. But that has been the extent of things thus far. In 2003 wasted literally millions on some investigation and how the sky would fall because 97% of minors where able to purchase M rated video games. As with all things Progressive, the report was later debunked and statistics twisted to meet the “Ban Video Games” meme of the time. In the end, parents did not see a problem and were purchasing the video games for the kids. No vast conspiracy — once again, lots of lies.

          If VR games with VR helmets ever takes off where you have VR environments and need to make real motions like racking the slides, I am sure there will be another “ban video games” moment but for now, nope, not so much.

          In the end, it is not music, video games or guns that are the issue, but they sure will be blamed if possible.

  2. Fv@< The NY Asinine General. One has to start question what kind of idiot is actually running that three ringed circus. Most people in my age group up playing cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers with cap guns. In our yard at the playgrounds in the woods we played paint ball what kind of shill is this AG?

  3. My mom tried to shelter me from toy guns to keep me from getting interested in them, too. It didn’t work. Not even close. Funny how that works out.

    • Same here. It was a complete and unmitigated failure for her. Love my Mom, but the harder we hold on to control, the further it slips from grasp.

    • It’s a genetic thing. For the most part, boys are going to do boy things. They will build rubber band shooters, pour gas on a can of spray paint, put a screw in a rubber hose and shoot in out with compressed air and a gazillion other tried and tested ageless boy things. You will NEVER EVER change the genetic design and hard wired interests of males anymore than you will take the desire for females to play with dolls, have tea parties, pick flowers and such.

      Who are they kidding? They are seriously delusional if they think they can actually and eventually change the the evolution of ones desire into the gun culture. People like what people like. Look how well the just say no campaign worked out. Guess what, people still like to get fu– up. Some thing WILL NOT CHANGE. You will never ever EVER take the lure of guns away. It’s too big a part of the American culture and too deeply engrained.

      • The antis would have to erase guns off the face of the earth, including movies, military and every rendition everywhere including memory/history books in the hopes of diverting the male sex from wanting to have, or mimic having guns and revert to throwing rocks.

        Never happen. All the antis are truly doing at the end of the day is spending copious amounts of money pissing people off.

        Just the same, we cannot give in an inch!

  4. Problem with this tactic –

    Guns are fun. Little boys love them. You might be able to continue to pussify the already pussified blue states, but in other places where the Progs don’t have control the culture is swinging a different direction.

    Toy guns aren’t sold the way they used to be when I was a kid, but that doesn’t stop my nephews from being armed to the teeth with toy weapons.

    All this does is deepen an already wide cultural divide. There are parts of the country I barely recognize as the US anymore when I go visit. Of course, I’m sure they feel the same way about where I live.

  5. Uhhhhhhh…. Holder and Virginia’s own Mark Herring notwithstanding, an AG can only request compliance with an existing law, not make new $#!T up. So the toy guns not colored “realistically” are SAFE under NY law and will continue to be sold. Do I have that right? The CNBC story is of no use. It starts by referring to “these” guns with no first reference at all.

  6. In a funny way, it’s possible that this may “eventually” work in our favor. The more you ban something from the public the more they want it. Look at the porn, video games, music industry, and the recreation drug market. There have been huge attempts to “protect” the public from them that have failed massively. Remember “Tipper Gore” and her PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center). That went over swimmingly. Actually Shannon Watts and MDA is this decades PMRC. Anyone heard from Tipper lately? Bet in 10 years no one remembers Shannon Twatt and her MDA “soldiers”.

    So the more they say guns are bad without actually outlawing them, the more people are going to want them. It seems to be human nature (I think).

    Wish it didn’t have to be this way of course, but I think there might be a silver lining to look for.

  7. I know what I want to really say as an ex NYer. But since I get censored here as is.

    Up your poop NY and let kids be kids.

    • I will say as a born in Brooklyn ex New Yorker……….Glad I left during Giuliani………between Bloomberg in the city and Cuomo and his minions in Albany I have absolutely no desire to return to what they have made of NY. Never thought I would live to see the day that I would feel this way……… live……you learn. Florida is not perfect, but the weather is pleasant-and the right to keep and bear arms is not a quaint little thing from yesteryear, but enshrined in the state’s constitution-for the present and future.

  8. Ah, the Bizarro World of New York, where toy guns have stripes, Barbie has no boobs, cops are afraid to make arrests and the state’s biggest criminal is the Attorney General.

  9. This is all smoke and mirrors. The data (something that the liberals really do not like to pay attention to) clearly shows that all of the mass killings (gun, knife, etc.) have been committed by liberals/socialists or their indoctrinated children. We need to ban liberals/socialists, for the safety of all, and especially for the children.

  10. This is what happens when a law is passed and no one pays attention to whats in it. You wind up with something on the books that may go without being enforced for a long period of time, but then one day when no one expects it someone decides to make use of it. repealing it now will be very difficult.

  11. I just shake my head…. THIS city is the financial capital of the world.. the standard by which all Americans, and America is judged by the rest of the world…. NYC is becoming the new whipping boy for the public.. Detroit will have to share the spotlight.

    • Given Chief Craig’s comments and stance on the 2A/SD issue, I think I’d rather go to Detroit than NY; the latter just seems like an absolute lunatic asylum in more ways than one from where I am.

      The truly remarkable thing is that elitist progressives in places like that look down their noses at us proles. They really seem to think not only that they “know better,” but that they actually are better.

      There is no objective measure to support that, of course, and a pretty good bit of evidence that they are so out-to-lunch and disconnected from reality that a comparison with people in other parts of the country is not even really an apples-to-apples comparison.

  12. Maybe he should demand folks don’t cross against the light or don’t j-walk.
    Maybe he should demand drives don’t drive drunk or speed.
    Maybe he should demand his boss stops legislating against the US Constitution.

  13. I could conjure up some wordy nonsense like I’m some marginally edumacated drone employed as a columnist by some rag that’s barely hanging on due to declining revenues in the digital age, OR I can do as a I feel, because honestly, I’m not going to come up with anything overly clever or unique.

    So with all due respect, (grabs crotch) BAN THIS!

    **Is it just me or is this site just RIDICULOUSLY slow**

  14. As the effeminate libtard cabal has long HATED Walmart, why would they care what the effeminate libtards of the world think about their business? The effeminate libtards love Target. Why isn’t Target the target?

    • Maybe because Walmart is the biggest seller of firearms in the world, while Target stores don’t sell firearms and hasn’t sold realistic toy guns in twenty years. And maybe because Mark Dayton, grandson of the founder of Target, is a lifelong Democrat and current governor of Minnesota.

  15. This is insane.

    I got bored today and read MDAs facebook page and comments.. Really aggravating stuff… Never have I ever seen so many people with their heads in the sand

  16. Why is no one pointing out that the Federal Firearms Owners Protection Act flat out preempts states from regulating sales of toy, BB and airsoft guns that comply with the law to adults? These stores should be telling the state to go eff off…

  17. I had a few toy guns growing up. I had an M-16 in greyish blue, an Uzi in yellow and orange and a few decent looking squirt guns. I did have a nice 1911 from a Rambo playset. I wanted to paint the Uzi black when I was a kid because real Uzis were black. I turned a beaver chewed log into a Bazooka we drug around the neighborhood. I made a “machinegun” using a pipe from our broken tetherball pole. It it could be turned into a gun then it was turned into a gun. There were a lot of little kids in the neighborhood who loved playing army and everyone needed a toy gun. Both boys and girls loved killing those evil Nazi’s. We weren’t sure who they were, but we knew they were bad. Oh and none of those neighborhood kids are in jail or mass murderers. They turned out normal.

  18. Instead of blaming the parents for not teaching their child proper gun safety and a little common sense, they blame the inanimate object for the tragedy that ensues.

    I know it’s fun to throw this notion around and say haha, how dumb are those guys, they think a chunk of metal does things by itself! But you had it right the first time–this is a calculated act of repression. They want to keep anything resembling a gun as far away from people as possible, in the hope that they can preserve and extend the irrational fear of an inanimate object.

    Call them on it. Every time.

  19. Two words: Vidya gaems.

    The horse is out of the barn. COD and Battlefield are doing more to make guns appealing to kids than any shitty plastic pop-cap gun in a 7/11 would ever do.

  20. Yep I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s & every boy played war. If you didn’t you were a sissy. It hasn’t changed a bit in some ways. New York deserves what it gets. Like Illinois where I live.

  21. Let’s see, people from NY go to other states to buy their cigarettes and gas because NY taxes the crap out of them. They go to other states to buy their fireworks because they’re illegal in NY. I guess they will go elsewhere to buy their airsoft, Daisy and Crosmans, etc.

  22. What… those flimsy orange ones made in China out of plastic kindercrap??

    That’s fine. Buy them real ones. My kids got 10/22s for christmas. Made in the USA baby.

  23. I think I am the odd man out as a gun owner. I don’t want my kids playing with toy guns. When my kids are old enough, I will take them shooting. I want them o love shooting as much as I do. I just don’t want to give them the mixed message that “guns are dangerous and you must treat them with respect – but the ones filled with foam darts, just shoot people in the face with those.”

    • You’re not that odd. I have no problem with my kids playing with toy guns, but they are also taught to treat them using the same procedures as if they were real guns. They do not point them at people’s faces. Since they also shoot real guns, there”s no disconnect in training.

  24. “If kids don’t play with toy guns growing up, they won’t want real guns when they grow up”. Wow, I played with toy guns and I even played with a broken real gun that was incapable of firing ammunition. What a monster I turned out to be, oh, wait, I am a law enforcement officer. We are living in a state of idiocy.


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