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By Johannes P.

Offices of the New York Police Department are reportedly on a “virtual work stoppage” because they “feel betrayed by [Mayor Bill DeBlasio] and fear for their own safety,” reports the New York Post.  As a result, “traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent. Police are now “turning a blind eye to some minor crimes and making arrests only ‘when they have to’ since the execution-style shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.” It isn’t immediately clear . . .

what sort of laws are not being enforced thanks to this protest by New York’s finest. If this means the police are simply declining to enforce New York’s byzantine legal apparatus that exists primarily to increase the power and wealth of municipal government at the expense of the general citizenry (of which Eric Garner apparently ran afoul by engaging in random acts of entrepreneurship), I say: more power to them. There’s no sense in wasting blood, sweat, and tears acting as the shock troops for an ungrateful mayor who heads what is an autocratic city-state in all but name. And, frankly, the citizens of the the Big Apple might actually breathe a little easier if this strike action is limited to that sort of non-enforcement.

The NYPD’s industrial action, however, illustrates a basic problem with New York’s  civil society. When the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms is taken away, they become even more vulnerable to the whims, petty jealousies, and political intrigues of the government.

If the NYPD decides that their tiff with Mayor Bill warrants a complete walkout (of the sort that happened in Boston ninety years ago,) and decide that enforcing the law against violent crimes (i.e., the sorts for which we actually need a professional police force), what will happen to the people whose right to defend their lives, families, and homes has been legally crippled by the desire of New York politicians for political power? Will that affect voters’ willingness to trade a little essential liberty for an imagined security?

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      • One of the unintended consequences might wind up being an influx of Libertarians into the city. There will be mass pee-ins on Time Square.

    • The NY Post article is a stunning expose of where much if not most of their time is spent:

      “Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587…”

      “Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.”

      “Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63.” (my guess most of this is for mere possession)

      No wonder most violent crimes do not get solved. They are too busy doing the safe things (that also make money). Why be courageous and chase down violent criminals when they can be hunting down pissers instead!

      • They also quote some crime stats for the same period. Guess what? Sky didn’t fall, people aren’t being raped and murdered in the streets – the rates are actually down for the first week of the “strike”.

      • The Post article show that all American Policing is only about revenue generation. From insane traffic laws, cameras, civil asset forfeiture, sky high speeding fines, etc the Police are a “for profit” armed enterprise. If you or I do it they call it extortion. That is why the NYPD is at a “work stoppage” to starve a revenue source and show the city they need their armed revenue generators.

        It also shows that 99% of policing is dealing with law abiding citizens who will normally just “pay up” or as they are generally called, suckers……………

      • They don’t chase down violent criminals because they are cowards.

        Just ask Joseph Lozito. The NYPD was on alert for a crazy guy named Gelman, high on drugs and stabbing people. Gelman boarded a train and started stabbing Lozito. Two NYPD officer watched this happen and hid in the locked conductor’s car of the train until Lozio fought Gelman off and subdued him. Once it was safe the NYPD arrested Gelman.

        To add insult to injury, the two officers were heralded on the news and given commendations. Lozito sued the NYPD for hiding like cowards rather then help him. The NYPD claimed “no duty to protect” and won the case.

        • When I think of most cities, I think most of the cops are on the square. When I think of the NYPD, I think they’re either feckless, crooked, or just plain lazy. Job first, public safety as a whole… maybe a distant fourth or fifth place.

  1. I would love it if Obama nutted up and just crushed these unions , just like Reagan and the air traffic controllers. Too bad it will never happen.

    • Hmmmm….who do I despise more…lazy unions or autocratic state governments or the average Leftist New Yawker that voted it in?

      A lot of win for me no matter what chaos happens.
      I’m Lovin It.

      • DeBigmouth is getting exactly what he deserves, arrogant, bigoted narcissistic progressive Democrat he is.

        And the NYPD PBA is encouraging it’s membership to demonstrate their true interpretation of who they think they are actually there “To Protect and to Serve”, and it isn’t for the benefit of the people of NYC. They’re also revealing their impotence at having any meaningful impact at rooting out serious crime by focusing on low level nuisance offenses because…it’s easier.

    • People have the right to form unions and bargain collectively, sure the .gov could decline to contract through a union but I doubt it would work out well.

      Unions are a part of the free market, no more no less.

      • How in the he11 is a civil service union the “free market”?

        You have unions donating money to the campaigns of politicians that will then “negotiate” with that same union using a 3rd persons money (the taxpayers). Do you not see the monumental problem with that or do I have to point you to a never ending litany of articles about civil service unions salaries and pensions bankrupting cities large and small?

        • “…do I have to point you to a never ending litany of articles about civil service unions salaries and pensions bankrupting cities large and small?”

          When a child asks for an extra slice of cake and gets it, who is at fault? The child for asking or the parent for giving?

          So who is at fault with the towns going bankrupt? The Unions for asking for the benefits or the Cities that agreed to the contracts?

        • Can;t you understand the simple concept of conspiracy and collusion? Forced union dues funding the campaigns of politicians who are responsible for negotiating salaries/pensions with unions with unrepresented 3rd party monies (taxpayer monies).

          There was a day when voters could maybe expect their elected leaders not to hand their tax dollars out for political favors but not any more. The advent of public service unions being paid by politicians is simple conspiracy of theft.

          I would have no problem with Leftst cities comprising of leftist voters bankrupting themselves but as sure as sheet, these idiot cities will start looking for federal bailouts.

        • “…Forced union dues funding the campaigns of politicians ”

          Which is an overly broad statement and minimizes your argument because you use the smaller example of somehow representing the whole. It is just like the anti-gunners who use the one example of the mother shot by her two year old as somehow indicative of all gun owners.

          Here in Florida, for example, we are an ‘open shop’ state so you don’t have to join the Union if you don’t want. And if you don’t join the union you don’t have to pay the dues. That means that any union monies spent on campaigns are done so with the approval of the majority of its members. If you disagree then you are free to discontinue your membership and therefore discontinue paying dues. It is similar to the NRA….. if you don’t like what the organization is doing you can drop your membership.

        • Chip….just so I can gauge your level of understanding of things…… down there in Florida do you know what that big glowing thing is that arises over the water around 7am each morning?

          What the hell do I care if less then 100% of union members contribute to their organized crime unit or not? The fact is that there is an organized crime unit that is paying money to politicians who then in turn repay those crime units with salaries and pensions from the taxpayers pocket.

          Understand the big picture man! The sun comes up each day on a criminal conspiracy stealing money out of taxpayers pockets. Time to wake up.

        • “…just so I can gauge your level of understanding of things…… down there in Florida do you know what that big glowing thing is that arises over the water around 7am each morning?”

          Do you? I mean that seems a silly question for an adult to ask another adult.

          “…What the hell do I care if less then 100% of union members contribute to their organized crime unit or not? ”

          So your true message is you don’t like unions and consider everyone a part of one to be part of an organized crime unit. Duly noted.

          “….The fact is that there is an organized crime unit that is paying money to politicians who then in turn repay those crime units with salaries and pensions from the taxpayers pocket.”

          Let me ask you the silly question, and not about that big ball of fire that rises out of the ocean every morning… Are those members of the Unions not ALSO tax payers?

          “…Understand the big picture man! ”

          You should probably do the same. If you don’t like what Unions do then you should probably not work in a place that is a Union shop. You should also probably put some effort into your local politics to fix what you think it wrong. If you aren’t writing letters and making calls to your politicians then you are simply encouraging the very thing you are complaining about.

          “…The sun comes up each day on a criminal conspiracy stealing money out of taxpayers pockets. Time to wake up.”

          So you already know what that thing in the sky is called. So why did you try to be so insulting by asking me at the start of the conversation if I knew what it was?

      • Unions are a part of the free market, no more no less.

        Wrong. If unions were only a part of the free market, one could elect not to join the union and negotiate his own contract, salary, or wage with the company apart from the union. Free market, after all. Sadly that is often not the case.

        • Unless the employer has signed an agreement with the union not to hire outside the union…. Or for whatever reason decides to only hire from the union. You aren’t owed a job by anyone, freedom can have its pains.

    • That will never, ever happen.

      The DNC is absolutely dependent upon the public sector employee unions for their very survival. Without the cop, teachers, paper-shuffler unions, the DNC will be done and finished.

      Private sector unions in the US are moribund and not coming back any time soon. Without the loot that public employee unions collect and funnel into the DNC’s coffers, both the unions and the DNC are out of a job, so to speak.

  2. I can’t blame the cops. It’s ambush season on anything in blue, and if NYPD officers were forced to defend themselves, I’m not sure that the current Al Sharpton administration would have their backs. More importantly, the NYPD doesn’t believe that Mayor Warren Wilhelm has their backs.

    I want to see bad cops kicked off the NYPD and good cops defended by the administration and promoted. In the Bizzaro World of NYC, with the Mayor and the PBA in a tug of war, the likely result will be just the opposite.

    • Open season my royal butt. 2013 was the safest year for cops in something like 90 years, and in fact so low that the massive 56% increase for 2014 jumped cops from, what, 100th most dangerous job to 85th? And this is the first year any NYC cops have died since 2011.

      Two cops ambushed. Meanwhile, one guy is dead from walking down a staircase and scaring a rookie who was off limits by department policy, and a second guy is dead because six cops thought he had loosies on him (he didn’t) and backed up one o their own while he choked the guy to death with a choke hold which was against department policy. And that’s just the last month or two.

      Cry me a river.

      • Fuel x, you and Ralph are both correct. No need for a circular firing squad here among the POTG whole the progtards at Mayors office and Unions are chewing on each other.

        I look forward to more entertainment from the NYT elites moralizing and panty-twisting. The Times Square celebrwtion should be interesting, too. Will Teabag Cooper be hosting with a bullet proof vest, ala Ferguson?

      • Eh, some cherry picking going on?

        “U.S. law-enforcement deaths rose to the highest in three years, led by a 56 percent increase in the number killed by gunfire, a pro-police group said, leaving officers on edge across the nation after the ambush of two New York City cops and shots near a squad car in Los Angeles.

        This year, 126 federal, state and local officers have died in the line of duty, according to data compiled and released today by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. That’s up from 102 last year. Fifty were shot, compared with 32 in 2013.”

        By year:

        2004. 185
        2005. 163
        2006. 156
        2007. 191
        2008. 147
        2009 125
        2010. 171
        2011. 161
        2012. 122
        2013. 102
        2014. 126

        The 2013 numbers are the lowest in since 1956. The number of officers shot in 2013 is also the lowest in 10 years. The average for the period is 55 officers shot.

        In short 2013 was an outlier from the other years. It’s poor math to use 2013 for any kind of predictor.

      • I’m back in NYC visiting as we speak. I lived here for 8 years and promise you that these academes, liberal elites and aspiring elites don’t want “rights back” in the way you probably imagine. They demand that what they want to do be ignored or even legitimized, while also demanding that what they don’t agree with is banned with state-controlled violent enforcement.

    • Ralph,
      what you describe is anti union, and will never fly in the land of Unions and corruption.. A job based on merit, opposed to a job based on seniority…

    • Just so I’ve got this straight. You’re going to punch the clock (get paid) and not work) just because someone hurt your feelings? What are 3?!!!! Disgraceful!!

      They say they want more respect for lowering crime? Besides it going down everywhere. IT’S YOUR EFFING JOB!!!

      If you were a fry cook and you are stealing hours of work that’s unacceptable and you should be fired, if you are a public health and safety professional it’s immoral. Can you imagine a doctor coming to work and only checking on the patients in urgent care? Or a soldier not patrolling because his superior didn’t kiss his ass?!! This is the single worst act of low moral character that I have seen. They don’t deserve to serve!

      • You’re going to punch the clock (get paid) and not work) just because someone hurt your feelings? What are you, 3?!!!!

        This is the single worst act of low moral character that I have seen.

        You’re surprised?

      • I like what the police are doing. They’re admitting that most of the laws they enforce, are superfluous.

      • One week in and violent crime is down. They’re ignoring minor and administrative crimes and apparently spending more time on actually catching real bad guys.

        It seems like they’re actually defending the peace instead of defending policy.

        I like it and want to see how this continues.

        • This is sorta turning out like the doctor’s strike in Israel back in the 70’s (as I recall).

          The rate of deaths in their hospitals went down, so they quietly returned to work.

          If the rate of crime stays down, this will be another wonderful example to liberals how much of what government does isn’t necessary or needed.

          I’d be perfectly happy with the sheriff’s department in my county having only the sheriff himself, and literally no one else. I’d get along just fine, and I suspect, so would most everyone else but those annoying little old blue-hairs who keep chanting “there should be a law.”

  3. De Blasio has made it clear that if something else happens while the police are doing their jobs, he does not have their backs. Why should they bother with revenue generating activities that could put them in harm’s way?

    On the other hand, it is an ugly expose of how much contemporary law enforcement is about revenue generation and not public safety. Is the public going to somehow be less safe if the NYPD isn’t out there ticketing traffic offenses or other minor “crimes”?

    • It’s hard to disagree with you. When they went after Garner, they did so in order to make sure that everyone who smoked paid their taxes, and look how that ended up. They should just confine their activities to those that involve protecting life and limb. It’s too bad they didn’t start this idea sooner.

  4. Residents of NYC, in general, are too far gone when it comes to support for the 2A. Not having the protection of the NYPD will make them call for more gun control and penalties so they feel even safer. It is all about how they feel. Big Government makes them feel secure, safe, and happy. In general… I am sure there are exceptions in the minority.

    • The majority of the exceptions left for Upstate or other states decades ago. Most of the few that are becoming exceptions currently are leaving as soon as they can.

  5. Why should a NYPD officer run the risk of another Eric Garner or Michael Brown type incident over some stupid nanny state law or regulation? The NYPD is still responding to major crimes. This is could turn into a problem in the long term if the petty crimes that they are ignoring undermine law and order. I understand that three card monte and squeegeemen have returned to the streets of the city already.

    I getting pretty tired of the love for Eric Garner’s illegal cigarette business. For one thing high cigarette taxes and nanny state restrictions on smoking are very popular with NYC residents. They created the environment now go live with it. However, I sense a real hypocrisy among both Progressive nanny staters and faux Libertarians on smoking. I would wager a significant amount of money that most members of both wings of support for Mr. Garner would have thrown a hissy fit if he showed at the adjoining table and lit up. They would run to manager and if Mr. Garner refused to leave would have cheered on the police if as took him away to have his heart attack.

    • getting pretty tired of the love for Eric Garner’s illegal cigarette business

      He’s selling single cigarettes to homeless people for $.25 apiece and that’s some big freakin’ deal? Who cares? I’m not surprised at the cops’ actions here. This isn’t the first time police have retaliated against the citizenry when they got angry. Look at the NJSP.

      But in this case if they are on vacation from being Stasi for a few days, the citizens should benefit.

  6. Maybe the citizens of NYC will feel safer….reminds me of a strike by the medical profession in Israel which didn’t last long because the death rate started to decline during the strike.

  7. Yep the good citizens may temporarily safer without ’em. I know in my town they seem to do little except give tickets or shut down garage sales without a $5 permit. I lived in Chicago for several years and seldom do people feel safer with the PO-leece around…

  8. Citizens of New York are on a virtual “Tax Stoppage” ’til they get protection instead of murder from NYPD…

      • We-el, I was expressing sarcastic humor.

        That said, I can see construction workers, small business owners and so on doing something like that – in my dreams.

        “Fix the fu¢king cops, or else we’ll tie up your courts ’til your GRANDKIDS are in nursing homes!”

  9. I’m glad I’m not in NYC tonight.

    I’m also glad they’re standing up to the boss who is putting them in harms way for nothing. I hope the 12k speeding tickets they didn’t issue this week can convince the city to finally stand behind them.

    That being said, all of this started when a group of officers CLEARLY overreacted to a non-life threatening situation with overwhelming force and used a technique that they were prohibited from using on a man who later died from something else (a heart attack.) It’s hard to justify what they did considering that it’s clearly spelled out in their rules that both blood chokes and air chokes are not to be used under any circumstances and they still applied an air choke to that man on video.

    • You are wrong sir. It was not a choke hold it was a take down technique. Criminal Garner was talking the whole time. Criminal Garner was arrested by the same Officer numerous times for the same crime. Criminal Garner had an extensive rap sheet that included possession of a weapon. Criminal Garner should have exercised his right to not say anything. His fault…

      • You keep using the word “criminal”. In order for a crime to occur, there must be a victim. Tell me, who was the victim of Eric Garner re-selling cigarettes without giving a cut to the government for “protection”?

        • How about the store owner who called the police in the first place? I’d say having a huge threatening dude engaged in illegal activity on his doorstep and chafing away his customers qualified.

        • Ummm…his rap sheet….convicted felon…numerous arrests….criminal….only a true liberal would stick up for him. Is that what you are??

        • So you’re both admitting that there’s no crime (especially not one worthy of execution without trial) being committed by re-selling cigarettes? Good. Now we know that he was murdered without cause.

      • Joel, you sir, are a part of the problem. YOU are a thug. Granted, probably not a pants sagging gangbanger thug, but a thug all the same. Specifically of the jack-booted variety. Whether you carry a badge or not, your mentality is what has allowed officers to progress down the road of police militarization and given them their “untouchable” status.

        This man, Garner, was in fact a criminal. A criminal that died/was killed because of a TAX. This officer may have been legally right, but he was wrong. This whole thing may have been legal, but it wasn’t right. If you fail to see that, you’re part of the problem.

        • This is only to those in this reply…First of all I’m stating facts. Most of you tards don’t like facts huh? The cops in New York and elsewhere are told what crimes to enforce, right or wrong. This never should have happened, but it did due to the communist state of new York not getting there revenue. Hey assholes, stop talking shit on a forum and go take the state back for the union. Shit talking forum warriors.. Was the crime this fat criminal was commiting worthy of being murdered? Of course not. But he died of a heart attack….because he was to stupid to realize he should not wrestle with 7 cops. If your a fat asmatic, why are you wrestling and resisting arrest ?The fat criminal was talking throughout this whole ordeal which meant he could breath. Why dont all you gun expert arm chair delta force wanna be’s that never walked the walk but ran your mouths because evidently you could do better, strap your shit on and show us how its done? Oh yea, thats right, you all wouldn’t make it a day. Worthless arm chair quarterback punks. Your too dumd to realize who is realt at fault here arent you? And im not talking about the criminal who ened up onbthe sidewalk. Have you ever walked the streets trying to mentor these thug hoodlums? Of course not, you just bitch and run your big mouths on a forum about how it “should” be….the “all cops are bad ” crowd….screw you and your stupidity. But, even idiots deserve a Happy New Year!!

          • Most of you tards don’t like facts huh? The cops in New York and elsewhere are told what crimes to enforce, right or wrong.

            So de Blasio and William Bratton have told cops not to enforce all the laws they are now ignoring?

        • he was to stupid to realize he should not wrestle with 7 cops.

          NYPD thought it was worth the time of seven cops to attack this guy for selling loose cigarettes for twenty-five cents? Wow, crime must be non-existent in NYC.


      • So then you support using deadly government force against those committing non-violent crimes?

        Sounds like a liberal to me.

        • Only a true idiot plays word games and twists others words around to make a point that wasn’t true…duh

        • Never said I condone lethal force for non violent crimes. Read my post again. Nice try though…,……..danny, I have no idea what you are talking about and it seems you don’t either.

        • Repeating the phrase “I can’t breath” over and over and over means he COULD breath. I also don’t believe it was a choke hold. An arm around the neck doesn’t always mean choke hold. It was a take down move. Look at the size of the guy for Pete’s sakes. His health and size killed him, not being taken down.

          • Repeating the phrase “I can’t breath” over and over and over means he COULD breath.

            Not fully. All it means is his airway wasn’t 100% blocked. It doesn’t mean he could breath fully and get sufficient oxygen. Asthma patients that have attacks say they can’t breath, and they sometimes die because they can’t get enough air, even though they can still talk and get some air.

            Don’t buy into the hype about him talking so his breathing was in no way obstructed whatsoever.

      • Besides, we already know that Daniel Pantaleo is a dirty cop. He has been caught lying on his reports before.

        • Sure we could dig up stuff on anyone I’d we wanted to, except you Danny, your corner of heaven will be brighter than everyone else’s

          • Sure we could dig up stuff on anyone I’d we wanted to

            Are you a cop? Do you falsify your police reports, too?

      • The crime of selling a legal product to willing customers…….some crime jackhole. Ya you’re right….the cops, with all of their training, should simply just choke the “criminal” to death and be done with it.

        • Aholes like u only see the surface. U don’t see all the layers underneath. I have found that most people don’t care until a crime hits home. Example… This guy is selling cigarettes on the street today…no big deal…next week he is selling bad heroin to some college kids….oh one dies from it…hey its your kid. Now he is a piece of shit and damn the cops for not getting him off the streets. You people have absolutely no idea how deep this crap goes. I do not condone killing someone for selling singles on the street, but that us not what the NYPD “wanted” to do here. They get paid to enforce the laws the politicians write and yes, some of the laws are completely stupid.

          • This guy is selling cigarettes on the street today, next week he is selling bad heroin to some college kids


            They get paid to enforce the laws

            Then why are they not enforcing the laws?

    • “I’m glad I’m not in NYC tonight.”

      Why? Their beef is with the mayor no the citizens. All they are doing is not enforcing stupid revenue generating laws most which have no reason to exist to begin with.

      They are responding to everything else.

      There are plenty of reasons not to be in Times Square (having done that many time in my youth) — but the police and what they will do is not the issue. If get pick pocketed tonight, it will be no different than any other year — they will “Sorry, to bad” and then you can wait an hour filling out paper work and never have anything done about it. Tonight is not any more special.

      • Danny, I’m trying to do 2 things at once here to I do apologize for my writing. But at least I can stay on topic and not make shit up when I’m proven wrong. Oh yea, I sell singles on the street for a living. It seems you hate cops for a living. Don’t blame all cops if one did your old lady…just be mad at the one who did it.

        • Not making stuff up, that’s all stuff that I’ve heard. And why do you care if someone sells loose cigarettes for $.25 each to homeless people?

  10. This has the potential for nasty consequences.

    The criminals, noticing they aren’t being hassled by the cops, may get bolder in their crimes.

    The cops, noticing the bold crimes, may decide to crack down hard.

    Use your imagination as to where this may go…

    • Or, try this; The citizens, noting the decrease in harassment by NYPD, demand this become a permanent situation. Followed by the citizens determining that cops were doing little or nothing, now that they could not spend their time harassing or killing citizens for “crimes” like selling individual cigarettes, and demand a decrease of 50% in the ranks of NYPD, centered in the higher ranks. Followed by citizens discovering a major drawback, an increase in violent crime, and demanding RKBA, resulting in one year of huge shooting deaths among the downtrodden, followed by a real city, as opposed to a fiefdom of a would-be oligarch.

  11. So much for all that “no cop would ever stop going to work” bravado crap from the old Commissioner and Giuliani. Look out for number 1 first. Can’t blame them. I feel the same way. I’m just honest about it.

    I’m pretty sure if I went around threatening “give me what I want or people are going to get hurt” I’d wouldn’t last too long. The little boys in blue do it and the world stops to listen.

    On the plus side maybe some sheep will notice the lack of world-ending chaos and decide to get on the liberty train.

    ETA: “Only when they have to” is funny. They didnt have to arrest the loosey selling guy. They dont have to make 90% of the weed busts they do. In fact they were told twice to stop and both times kept on doing it.

    They do an awful lot of things they don’t have to and it causes a lot of trouble for them and us.

    • I agree, piss on unions. That way parents of invalid children are not forced to join a union and pay dues. Teachers sit in rooms and do nothing for full pay. Workers who get fired for drinking and smoking dope at lunch get their jobs back. Oh wait… I get your point now.

    • Let’s just piss on municipal employee unions, okay? Especially in cases where municipal workers who don’t want to be union members are forced by their own government to pay union dues to continue the cycle of corruption.

      • There is in fact a big distinction between public and private sector unions. Private-sector unions and employers both have incentives to compromise; the private employer doesn’t want his profits compromised any more than necessary, and the employees don’t want to ultimately lose their jobs altogether. Public-sector unions and employers have no such incentives, especially from the employer side. The employer isn’t trying to make and keep a profit; and they aren’t playing with their own money, it all comes from the taxpayer–who can generally be squeezed for more money. There is no short-term incentive to compromise, the employer isn’t losing profits and the employer is not going to close down leaving the employee with no job. And the long-term incentives don’t become obvious until the city/state/school district/whatever finds itself bankrupt due to its employee-pension obligations or whatever.

    • I’v seen PLENTY of union bumper stickers on cars and trucks parked at wal mart….1960 called, they want your help finding jimmy.

    • Funny, I’ve never worked in a union and even when I worked fast food, I always made more than minimum wage. Then I did something you and your fellow union lovers find abhorrent – I took out loans and went to school where I learned useful skills! I then use those useful skills to justify a higher wage – THE HORROR! What kind of a world would we have where people are paid based on the quality of their work and not based on some idiotic rules created with threats of violence?!

      • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again–the nastiest, most labor-exploitative job I ever had was in the only union shop I ever worked in. Oddly enough, I worked practically the same job in the same industry in a non-union shop, in the same part of the state, and the money was better and the working conditions were infinitely better. But the union shop did provide a cushy job for the local rep of the national organization.

    • When the morons at my local Taco Bell can understand “No lettuce or sour cream”, then we can start talking about being worth more wages.

  12. If the boys in blue have a problem with the Mayor or the laws, then let them resign and seek employment elsewhere. Quit guzzling at the public trough. This work stoppage, holding hostage citizens and the city alike, is unprofessional and unconscionable.

    It does go to show, though, that they only stick up for their own and you’re out there on your own. These glorified meter maids have no problem harrassing the populace and serving as tax collectors for the welfare state, so long as they get their way. Decline to knuckle under to them, and these babies in blue throw a tantrum.

    The last one just got away with murder. Geez, how many free passes do they want? Screw ’em.

      • +1. I Love puppies. Got three myself! In a related note- We mounted a security door and 3M window film on our house- Not because of crime (there is none in suburban AZ), but in case the police get a wrong address. Seriously. My wife is more worried about rogue police hurting our dogs than gangs or home invasions. The security door and film give us a few minutes to get the dogs to their crates and (hopefully) safety before the boys in blue get all… Well, PD style on them.

  13. The crime rate will drop significantly since nobody is taking the 911 calls.

    and they will say scientifically NY SAFE act works perfectly. numbers don’t lie, right !

  14. Cops pouting?..I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be tough… the we-aint-gonna-take-no-crap-from-anybody-crowd… Maybe the public demanding accountability is asking too much from them.. But then, Unionized workers have always felt entitled.

    • I used to work as a consultant with the police there. New Yorkers are only tough against people that they think can’t fight back. If they meet someone like a fast food worker that they can push around and the employee can’t say or do anything without getting fired and they act like they’re Schwarzenegger. If they’re around someone who they can’t bully (either due to job title or physical size), they’re the biggest wimps around. I ran into that a few times where they thought I was a low-tier employee and they tried to be an ass, but as soon as I told them what I did, they lost the attitude instantly and were meek as hell.

      • You see that behavior in all very high hierarchal organizations or societies — it is a learned response. People at the bottom are treated like crap, as they move up they treat those below them like crap because that is all they know. I see the same when I travel to India. While legally and technically there is no longer a cast system, from social point of view there is still an unwritten order. People who become managers (something they all seem to strive for as quickly as possible) also become whip masters and if not physical, verbally whip those below them even if they have no clue why and offer no solutions. Given how NYC is run, not surprised and interesting to have it confirmed.

  15. Fantastic. I still don’t understand traffic ticket quotas that HAVE to be met for specific funding. There are other ways to gauge performance (IE: Crime statistics in varying areas for one) that they shouldn’t force officers to focus on petty bull crap that ends up being harassment of citizens.

    • A cannot where I read it, but harassment of the citizens is done on purpose. While it generates revenue it is a constant reminder of who is the boss and to keep people in line. It really is done on purpose.

  16. I’ve said it over and over…turning their backs on the mayor is all the evidence one needs to high-ho-up-yours john Q public and shows real intent of the police profession. Scared shitless employees who only SERVE THEMSELVES, PROTECT THEIR PENSIONS, while getting trigger or choke hold time killing citizens. You know the guy selling smokes, homeless squatting on a hill, flash bangs in babies cribs, pumping lead into deaf guy awaking form a nap, kid sitting against a wall at a BART station, crazy woman with a painted drill, and my all time recent favorite is a cop shooting a guy told to get his license…then lie on reports, and get a pass from the grand jury. Common citizens injured or killed while the blue coats employing comply or die policy with the mantra make it home safe regardless of how many citizen we have to kill today. As for you number crunchers or LEO’s saying its a small percentage…well F you. Every unjustified citizen killed by a cop is an inditment on the culture of the profession.

    Law enforcement is a career rife with screwing tax payers EVERY chance they can. While living with a workman comp lawyer…it was reported over 90% of all police in our area file a leg injury claim between their 6th and 14 year. All to get full pay upon retirement. What industry do you know allows that?

    • ALLOT of government jobs. especially in the federal sector. Its an over all big government problem not just a police one. Even in the military. Interestingly the Soviets had similar problems. Commissar, Who knew people would be so willing to take advantage of the system?

    • Sounds like somebody is grumpy grouchy because he got too many speeding tickets

      Cite your sources or your information is invalid. Have you done any research on the issues at hand? Proposed any solutions? No? So you’re stating your opinion/conclusion as fact and then looking for scraps to support it? Cool.

      • Why is it that people who point out bad cop behavior are assumed to be law breakers?… the days of uniform worship are long gone.

      • Sounds like somebody is grumpy grouchy because he got too many speeding tickets

        Every time someone criticizes a cop, someone like you says it’s sour grapes because he got too many speeding tickets, or he’s mad because he wanted to be a cop but was rejected by the police academy, or he caught a cop banging his wife.

        Keep making excuses. LOL.

        • Out of military I applied for CHP. With zero law enforcement knowledge obtained a 95 on written and interview. The cut was 104 and a statewide hiring freeze. Also my next door neighbor was a South FL detective and said apply and I’ll crack the door for you, but on your own merit, have to kick it down. I declined knowing I would not pass the psyc test… one interviewer was taken aback asking if I would give my mom a ticket…told him I didn’t have a mom. Also drive 40-60K miles a year and get a ticket once every four years (about 200K miles)….so Danny if that qualifies in your world as an angry man, good luck for the new year. I was investigated for placing a leaky propane bottle in the middle of a field and stood watch for 30 minutes while it discharged. Somehow that is a now a misdemeanor. I wasnt cited but was run for warrants, you know I could have been a criminal and the officer just had to make sure…for his & my safety.

          The point of my diatribe is society elevates the profession to hero status. While its demanding its not worthy of that title. The glaring truth is, police are nothing more than glorified tax assessors, runing around getting on the back end of a crime, filling out paperwork, pulling overtime sucking the local government tit one way or another until it’s bone dry. Most, when kicked to the real world, have a rough adjustment but get to carry a gun (the ultimate FU John Q) to protect themselves and collect a pension with cost of living increases…all on our dime.

        • mk10108, you are either replying to the wrong person, or you misunderstand me. I think you and I are on the same page.

          Well, all except the whole part about you applying for the CHP. For that I think you are probably insane. 😀

      • Sounds like somebody has their head in the sand (or in a cop’s lap). Everything mentioned has been well documented by media you can find with a simple google search. Or don’t look up it. Keep giving a pass to the armed agents of state power and telling yourself you live in a “free country”. You’d fit in better with MDA then with the POTG.

  17. Over at they have a good take on the situation:

    “The real rise of frustration with police officers in America comes down to one thing: an enduring sense that the current law enforcement system is unfair. We have to abide by rules they do not. We are the civilians, as if they are not. When we go before a court, enduring bias assumes that police are responsible and honest, even if the evidence suggests otherwise. District attorneys have one method for grand juries with cops, and different methods for ones without cops. The problem is one of institutional disrespect for their own civic obligations. We have to obey the commands of officers, but they have no real desire to obey the commands of their own authorities, or the ultimate authority they serve – the people.

    I agree with the author of the posted paragraph 100%.

    We have seen this posted around these parts many times, we have a two class system. The police and politicians who do not have to follow any rules or change them at will without consent of the people, and everyone else. This problem was created by the system. if the Mayor has any hope (or balls) he better do what Calvin Coolidge – Governor of Massachusetts did in September 9, 1919 — start firing people — a whole bunch of people — But, he will not, because Big Government needs Big Union Money for campaigns. This will end eventually but we will see if some people get hurt first.

    • I don’t buy the big government needs big money for campaigns. The cold fact is politicians, police, lawyers, judges, corrections, parole officers….are in it for themselves. They’ve created a self serving business model driven by roaming tax assessors (police) and incarceration…driven by legislators fear mongering its citizens into allowing them to create legislation (12000 laws) that infringes on every aspect of our daily lives. They willfully create laws that strip lawful self protection, claiming a false promise of security. I fully endorse the statement of a two tier legal system. One that protects their business model (us) the other for them (citizens). All cloaked in the words claiming justice or protection but doing the opposite. Ferguson is a prime example…not the thug Brown…but the police themselves. Three months to prepare for the GJ decision, claim to business owners the city will protect and then chicken shit out because someone shot a rifle. Every owner who protected their property survived, the ones relying on police were destroyed. The Chief proudly claimed “not one life” (effectively giving poor people a green light to steal) then patting themselves saying what a great job they did. REALLY…citizens are paying for inept third string leadership on an unimaginable scale.

  18. If the NYPD went on strike, the populace would learn they have to protect themselves. that budget deal DeBlasio gave them? poof! The populace would learn the truth, the NYPD does not protect nor serve (there are what, 34,000 NYPD vs 8 million people?). The NYPD is sowing the seeds of its own demise. They should go on strike. It’s the best thing that could happen.

  19. If they truly feel “fear for their own safety”, then it’s time they find a different line of employment, by it’s very nature, being a LEO is inherently dangerous…

  20. Remember when John Lindsay called Mike Quill’s bluff? The result of that was entirely more disruptive than this.

    Suspects are still being arrested; crimes are being solved. But administrative “violations” are being ignored.

    What’s not to like?

  21. So, we have stats on how many cops are killed. But, we have NO stats on how many civilians (legitimately or not) are killed by cops.

    That tells it all.

    When was the last time you heard of a law being cancelled/
    removed/eliminated/or withdrawn? . . . . . . . . Thought not.

  22. Let’s see:

    NYPD still enforcing “Malum In Se” laws. ***Citizens benefit.***

    NYPD no longer enforcing “Malum Prohibitum” laws. ***Citizens benefit.***

    NYC losing millions in ticket and fine collections. ***Citizens benefit.***

  23. NYC is one giant soviet socialist cesspool from top to bottom. The whole mess is just hilarious. Too many idiots to mention.

    • Still cracks me up that no press in NYC picked up on the fact that a black female sergeant supervised Garners arrest, and apparently got off scot free in grand jury, and it was only when her involvement and failure to manage became known that DeBlasio dropped the investigation against the white officer choking out Garner.

      Ralph whats your take?. The double standards on race and liberal politics in NYC and/or incompetence in PD? DA’s office? Mayor’s offfice?

  24. Neither protect, nor serve. Every last one of these officers should be summarily fired, starting with captains, for their unprofessional behavior on all fronts. If they are truly in fear for their lives, quit, just as they have done.

    The lights will go out in NYC any day now, it seems…

  25. Not just public sector unions but ALL unions should be BANNED, theres no reason they should be allowed and any strikes should be crushed by the state. Seize the assets of the unions and throw these union boss scumbags in prison for being Communist agitators and trying to destroy capitalism.

    While we’re at it we should also repeal Obamacare, repeal most gun control including NFA, deport all illegals, abolish the federal minimum wage and states and cities cannot have their own minimum wage because the FREE-MARKET and not the GOVERNMENT should decide how much somebody is worth, abolish all welfare programs.

    • “any strikes should be crushed by the state”

      “hrow these union boss scumbags in prison for being Communist agitators”

      “FREE-MARKET and not the GOVERNMENT should decide how much somebody is worth”

      If you’re using words like “free”, at least have the decency to find out what they actually mean.

  26. Chris, I love the ” Freedom” theme, but government only exists to control us and there are way too many that are profiting by doing that. Human nature sucks.(greed power etc.)

  27. I have no idea why anyone would want to live in NY city …..or any large democratic run city….look at Boston or Chicago or LA….your either rich and protected or poor and unarmed and at the mercy of the thugs….not a real nice way to live. Now if this goes on longer it will start to effect the rich then watch.

  28. The police are still working. They are just giving the NY public and politicians what they want… no more ‘harassment’ for the criminals that break laws the politicians passed. No more ‘profiling’ (i.e. patrolling) minority communities (regardless of the crime rate). And plenty of backup.

    The NYPD is just sledding the idea of ‘broken windows’ and becoming a very reactive police department. We’ll see whether it makes the city better or worse. I suspect all the hipsters who have been protesting in the streets weren’t alive during the Crown Heights Riots or the rest of the crap going on back then.

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