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Never take your gun rights for granted. Never believe that “common sense” gun regulations are OK because, well, they seem to make sense. Always keep in mind that the expression “the camel’s nose under the tent” isn’t just an allegory about avoiding insidious calamity; it’s a barely-coded message from God telling you to defend—to the nth degree—your God-given right to protect yourself and your family from evil. Now, where was I? Oh yes, New South Wales. “THE NSW Greens hope to reduce gun numbers in the state with new legislation it is putting before parliament,” reports.

“It is simply wrong that individuals can accumulate an unlimited number of deadly weapons with next to no scrutiny,” says Greens MP and firearms spokesman David Shoebridge.

Under the legislation, registered holders would be limited to a maximum of three guns.

It follows a spike in gun theft, gun ownership and gun crime in NSW.

“Less guns in society mean less opportunities for gun crime,” Dr Shoebridge said in a statement.

And that’s good for everyone, apparently.

“Some registered gun owners clearly own an excessive number of firearms, and their private arsenals are targets for organised crime.”

Dr Shoebridge said figures from the Australian Institute of Criminology show a 60 per cent jump in stolen guns in NSW in the four years from 2008/09.

Three quarters have never been recovered and remain in criminal hands.

At the same time, the number of permits issued in NSW to acquire new weapons has jumped from 65,997 in 2005/06 to 111,792 in 2009/10.

Well, that’s wrong. Something must be done! Or not.

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  1. I really don’t get how people can hear gun grabbers randomly generated numbers for whats safe and acceptable and not laugh. Why 10 round magazines? I 11 just too dangerous? Wouldn’t 2 or 1 round magazines be safer than 10 if 10 is safer than 30? Why a 3 gun limit? Wouldn’t a no gun limit be better? What happened to philosophy 101 in education?

    • Don’t you know? After sitting the bottom of the magazine, the 11th round becomes supercharged and will make people super, duper dead!

  2. I don’t really care what the Aussies do — if Aussies want to cut off their collective nuts and use them for earrings, why should it matter to me? But this story illustrates a point well made. When dealing with the gungrabbers, we cannot give a centimeter.

    I know that there are some well-intentioned folks right here in TTAG-land who would like to engage with the gungrabbers. Maybe do some horsetrading. Maybe agree to some minor impositions just to show the sheeples how reasonable we are. I understand the desire to go along to get along, but it’s futile to compromise with people who will give up nothing while we give up more and more of our freedom.

    The Aussie quisling in this post isn’t concerned about gun security. If he was, he’s be talking about ways to improve gun security, no? It’s a snowjob. He just wants to grab some guns, and this is the excuse.

    When it comes to gungrabbers, whatever they’re talking about, they’re talking about gungrabbing.

  3. “Less guns in society mean less opportunities for gun crime,”

    Correct English usage would be fewer guns and fewer opportunities for crime since guns and opportunities are individual items. Since ammunition is a bulk item he could say less ammunition or fewer cartridges. And please don’t tell me “your nitpicking”. The word is you’re.

  4. Why is it that “greens” tend to be gun-grabbers? Is it because the “green” [or other “liberal”] philosophy is just a symptom of an elitist totalitarianism?

    G.K. Chesterton: “Although I believe in liberalism, I find it difficult to believe in liberals.”

    • It’s because “greens” are actually watermelons – green on the outside, red on the inside. The Marxists switched to being “environmentalists” when they saw the USSR collapsing, and realized that they couldn’t sell collectivism if they were honest. So now they disguise their statist ideology as “protecting the earth”, and collect a large number of useful idiot fellow travelers.

  5. I am so thankful that I was able to leave Australia and immigrate to the US, if this bill passes then Australia like the UK is lost.

  6. Three?

    How generous of the government to permit 3 .

    One question: long before it falls down to 0?

    “Some registered gun owners clearly own an excessive amount of firearms..”

    Subtext;if youre an illegal gangster with tens of unregistered guns the state doesn’t care. It appears the Austrailian authorities haven’t heard of the saying to be careful what one wishes for in the event they receive exactly what they desire.

  7. So are Australians limited to single shot weapons?

    Mike B has gotta be lovin this.

    I think some European countries limit the amount of guns you can have as well.

  8. It’s more than curious that the Green MP doesn’t tell us if many of the thefts were from large collections, as opposed thefts from a one or two gun household. I rather doubt that’s the case, else he would have used the fact in his polemics. Most serious gun people have serious security, safes, or locks. History shows that it is as easy to disarm a population as it is to tax it to death: As soon as most people have no gun or shooting experience, they vote against people who do, just as people with no business often feel people with a business must have practiced witchcraft to build it, and so want to tax them back to poverty. Each individual effort any of us make to offer hunting or range experience to someone previously unexposed to guns is a step toward defending Second Amendment rights. We ought to take that effort seriously.

  9. When I lived in Australia I had to instal a safe and have it approved by NSW Police and submit that approval certificate with my application for a handgun permit, so I’m guessing all gun owners have to have a safe, my gun was a “duty” weapon (handgun) don’t know if long guns require the same safe-keeping requirements, I’ve been gone quite some time.

  10. But hey, every modern civilized society is just as free as the US! Just ask the all-knowing teenage liberals out there.

    However much we may think the US is degrading when it comes to rights, I’m still very glad to live here – at the end of the day, the foundations and spirit of the country are worth fighting for.

  11. I’m sure heavily armed people make the best victims of criminals. At least on TV and in the minds of these people they do.

  12. TTAG seems to have become more aware of the anti-freedom assaults that are all gun control schemes, and much more determined in derailing them. Earlier on, as my TTAG addiction was developing, I sometimes questioned how staunchly opposed the managing editor here was to gun control thugs. Seemed a bit equivocal with some of the posts that highlighted gun grabs using “well, on the other” type writing so common in lame stream media.Now TTAG takes a definitive stand against those who wish to be dictators. Whadya know..TTAG’s readership numbers have climbed along with its’ more defined, and aggressive stand against the tyrannical anti-human rights crowd.What all of us need to pay attention to, is the small arms non-treaty that Hitlary Clintax is pushing that will shutter international arms shipments: no more AK’s, cheap russian ammo, FAL’s, parts kits. Then the incremental approach to labeling ammo as explosives to shutter all local stores and Wal-mart. Next lead becomes suddenly the toxic metal to ban, followed by, the Turn in someone with a gun and get $1000 cash Campaign, that is now such a big hit in NJ…bit by bit they want us surrounded, ostracized, defanged, decapitated, and then neutralized as individuals.When sheeple tell me “That could never happen here, Bubba would never give up his guns..” I have a few words for them “California, NY, NJ, MA, Chicago, D.C., have all been effectively disarmed. Britain, most of Europe, much of China, now Eurasia, are all on the chopping block for any government that wishes to do some “re-education” by way of mass killings. All of their populations are no longer free people, but disarmed slaves.”We have the distinction gentleman, of being the last line of defense. TTAG has become our defacto mouth piece, and is getting its’ rap down admirably for putting words to the concept of freedom from gun control.We will do well to remember a seminal quote: “More important than the will to win, is the will to prepare to win.”If we are not preparing – daily – to win the battle that is coming to us, then all our words will be buried with us.Stepping down from the ammo box now..

  13. I came from a country that “used” to have a TWO gun limit (Max 4 per household assuming 2ea. for husband and wife). Unlike the USA, gun ownership was a privilege, not a right. And every gun owner had to put up with the following:

    * NO high-velocity a.k.a. “Magnum” pistol rounds.
    * 9mm or .38 cal. max.
    *.40 or .45 cal allowed only with special permission “if qualified” (more paperwork)
    * Rifles limited to .22 cal ONLY (don’t even ask)
    * Shotguns could be owned but brought to the range via a SINGLE-USE permit. You had to get a permit every time you brought your gun to the range
    * Every firearm had its own registration. Renewable yearly (Two guns meant two registrations renewed each year and the red-tape that went with it)
    * 50 round Max limit. Regardless of how many guns your household had, you could only be in possession of 50 rounds (all calibers) at any time. The police strongly encouraged you to follow this.
    *ALL ammunition purchases were recorded and submitted to the police
    * Gun ownership could be rescinded at ANY time by the Chief of police (you had no legal recourse or chance to appeal to the justice system)

    Just wanted to share this with you and make you feel better about how good it is here in the USA.

      • Yep.
        But I quoted used to because I heard from a shooting buddy who still lives there, that the current President is a world-ranked IPSC shooter and certified (certifiable) gun-nut. (No offense). I believe the limit for total number of guns has been raised to 10 per individual. But the insane shotgun and rifle regs are still in place. Ditto for ammo count and other rules.

        How one can survive with ten guns and 50 rounds is something I’m still trying to figure out…

  14. Less guns in society mean less opportunities for gun crime,” Dr Shoebridge said in a statement.

    Sure, and if you have fewer sweater-vests in society, you have fewer opportunities for sweater-vest crime. I really don’t get this propensity for the “gun” qualifier.

    “So-and-so was murdered last night…”

    “That’s terrible!”

    “…with a meat tenderizer.”

    “Oh! That’s okay, then. I thought for a minute you were going to say he was shot.”

  15. I have for many years heard G.G.’s like Sarah Brady say “there are TOO MANY guns out there”. I always wanted to ask them How many is NOT too many??That number was never forthcoming. It’s like if there are a lot of guns out there, eventually they will get together and blast everybody away. And you would not be able to prevent such a catastrophe.

  16. The Greens in Australia are a mix of extreme left groups that felt abandoned by Labour when it moved to the middle of politics. They promote feel good policies based on nonsense and say extreme things to get publicity. Criminals are the root cause of crime, not guns, knives or tyre irons. David knows this but pretends to be stupid anyway. If you restrict the number of guns that a person can legally own then Bikie gangs, Drugs and Nightclubs would dissappear along with driveby shootings. The real crime is that taxpayers have to fund this timewaster.


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