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“The gene pool – sometimes it needs chlorine.” referring to the Mensans in the photo above, courtesy

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    • Almost. Flagrant violation of at least 3 of the four rules of gun safety aside (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they have checked what was downrange of their targets), I think these guys are trying to come out of the closet.

  1. White tee guy “My tooth really needs to go. It’s killing me!”
    Black tee guy “I’ll get the tooth you give me a vasectomy then we’ll swap. On 3.”

    This is how you get to reduce STUPID in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. β€œThe gene pool – sometimes it needs chlorine.” As a former lifeguard, I would recommend draining that gene pool.

  3. The photo looks staged so that the guns look to be pointing directly but that the guys are 1-3 feet apart and pointing at air.

  4. Dan,

    As a member of American MENSA, I take exception to having any association with the two pictured individuals.

    But the reference is damn funny. πŸ™‚


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