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NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the firearms industry trade association, praised President Donald Trump’s rejection of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that was signed by the Obama Administration, but was never ratified. President Trump delivered the announcement at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Friday, April 26, noting, “We’re taking our signature back. The U.N. will soon receive notice that we are rejecting this treaty.”

“President Trump’s rejection of this ill-advised treaty is a win for the American people and a win for America’s firearms and ammunition industry” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “President Trump, today, reasserted American sovereignty of our inherent rights. This demonstrates again that this administration continues to deliver on the promise to protect Second Amendment rights and value the contributions of the firearms industry to our freedoms and economy.”

The U.N Arms Trade Treaty was signed by Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013 and sent to the U.S. Senate for ratification but was never taken up for a vote. The treaty was intended to control the international trade in firearms under the guise of protecting human rights. The National Shooting Sports Foundation strongly opposed the treaty as it would have exposed the firearms and ammunition industry to a confusing web of international regulations that would not have contributed to curbing illegal arms trafficking, protecting human rights or guaranteeing the rights of United States citizens.

International arms sales remain highly regulated by U.S. law and this action has no effect upon these stringent export controls.

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  1. I still can’t believe N.R.A. was so clueless and tone deaf as to install Iran / Contra weapons smuggler Ollie North into its organization. Maybe Wayne LaPierre can be replaced by Eric Holder ?

    • Hmm, it does sure have some shitty media optics come to think of it;
      -Ollie North
      -Reduce ITAR regulation of firearms
      -Withdraw from BS treaty

      Oh, and now North is supposedly blackmailing the head of the NRA, lol –man, we sure hit the jackpot when Wayne had his BoD select that old GOP sleazebag as their spokesman. Anyone else remember how many folks said it was a brilliant move to bring this political hack on board? IIRC it’s a lot of the same people currently excusing LaPierre and Trump on gun control.

      • Note: I’m not saying that ditching this treaty or the ITAR changes aren’t good for gun business.

      • They haven’t reduced the ITAR requirement yet, they just transferred the department it is regulated under. It’s still a curse to gunsmiths.

        • Everything points to it happening, same as with the bump stock ban, so I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t go through after all this steady progress. Wheels of government turn slowly, and even Obama had to wait like six months before he could make the change in the first place.

      • And you were the guy, barn, that was telling us your conspiracy theory for the election. Trump was a clinton plant that was going to concede the election at the 11th hour so that hillary could walk into the oval office.

        You lost any credibility you had.

        • And I’m fairly sure you were claiming for like a whole year the bump stock stuff wouldn’t go through. Just because I was wrong about something doesn’t mean you have a clue, either; it was a weird primary/election & a lot of stuff didn’t & still doesn’t make sense. I still suspect there was some Puss in Boots stuff going on where Trump’s campaign got out of hand during the primaries, when the plan was to use media coverage to use it as a spoiler for the Cruz/Rubio/Bush campaigns –we’ve since learned the Clintons tried & failed to manipulate all sorts of shit, and there was email evidence they were trying to promote Trump early on so as to distract from the ‘stronger’ candidates. “Yet another hair-brained Hillary scheme backfiring” is a hell of a lot more plausible than ‘muh Russia’ in any case.

          But you know what I wasn’t wrong about? Trump being anti-gun same as every other urban NYCer, and stabbing gun owners in the back with his sycophants cheering “he beats me because he loves me” all the while. For sure, he’s opened up a vocal anti-gun wing in the Republican Party, so now instead of mere pro-gun lip service, we’re going to have to contend with actual anti-gun bills/debates being put up by guys like Graham & probably Scott, and fight a two-front battle. For sure, he’s completely converged the NRA –which guys like you are always claiming is our only bulwark– into a fundraising organ of the GOP which we all know doesn’t give a damn about gun rights and only fights gun control when it’s promoted by Democrats.

          But –but– he is more pro-business than he is anti-gun (or at least the NRA/NSSF are), which is why he seems to be fairly serious about opening up the gun industry to international business opportunities. Hard to believe, but there’s actually a serious market for firearms in Europe, Africa, South America, and for a a little while longer Australia, and access to it will be a shot in the arm for an industry that’s been hurting now that American gun owners have become idiotically complacent yet again.

        • I don’t recall ever making a statement regarding bump stocks. Pro or con. I have said that if Trump gets a second term we will have constitutional carry nationwide by its end.

          Trump may or may not be pro gun. Personally I think he’s fuddish but still pro. But he is pro business. And to that end he appoints justices that are conservative. He’s even loading the 9th. As a by product of his pro business appointees we will see more individual freedom regards firearms. Amongst other things.

    • That’s probably why Tom Selleck quit. And now Ollie’s caused problems at the top of NRA with his conflict of interest with the film company. However….. All in praise of the outcome of the Arms Treaty decision. Trump is still #1 in my book.

  2. No, we need the ATF for every time there’s a bombing or gun heist, and it keeps the gun and pawn shops honest. Most agents are actually pro-2A. Separating AT from F&E may be a good idea, although BATF&E still sounds like a great idea for a convenience store.

    • “No, we need the ATF for every time there’s a bombing or gun heist, and it keeps the gun and pawn shops honest.”

      At least here in central Florida, local LE takes a *strong* interest in keeping the pawn shops honest. When I was working in that biz, a few times a year we could count on being tested to see if we would make any buys without ID or if the ‘customer’ would happen to mention that the property wasn’t legally theirs, etc. And one local pawn shop owner earned a felony conviction for buying without ID. There went his pawn license, and he closed up shop.

      Good riddance…

      • For buying *what* without ID? Jewelry? A lawn mower? Or are there “special” rules just for firearms? Because that would be an infringement, and unconstitutional.

        • *Anything*. Pawnshops buy a lot more than guns.

          The point I was trying to make was, there are more than just the ATF keeping pawnshops honest…

  3. This is kinda a ho-hum moment, as I understand it, since ratification takes 2/3 of the Senate, and that simply isn’t going to be happening, unless the Senate turns 2/3 Leftist.

    But there is some evil shit in that treaty for us, primarily the UN wants detailed record-keeping of firearm ownership.

    Hello, universal gun registration. So, not a whole lot to see here, _yet_…

    • First, you have to show me how “detailed documentation” would change anything at all, except for making trade in firearms more costly, and easing the difficulties involved in massive firearms confiscation. Show me anything else, good or bad, which could possibly result.

    • Isn’t this the same United Nations that has Saudi Arabia, China, Rwanda, Cuba, Venezuela, and India on the Human Right Committee? That same “armed forces” that rape little girls in the refuge camps? Yea sure, we want them telling US what do do. That’s why migrants are rushing to sneak into those countries. (Sarcasm- for those San Francisco snowflakes)

      • Bingo.

        The UN has no credibility. If we I were POTUS, I’d withdraw the US from the UN on my first day, and issue an eviction notice to the UN on my second. Anyone at UN HQ who isn’t a US citizen would be forcibly deported by the fourth day.

        There are few organizations as evil or corrupt as the UN.

  4. Ollie North resigns , Wayne stays ?

    Nothing will change = send more money. ….. LOL , no.


  5. That he should have done day one of his administration,however better late than never.

  6. I’ve decided the Gov really don’t want “Our” gunms, if they did they’d already have them. Vote for me, your gunms are safe . Vote for me I will baan evil gunms. A game.

  7. I don’t know which more invasive of sovereignty, this “treaty” or the Paris Accord. This one surrenders sovereignty to an international organization dominated those unfriendly to this country and the other surrenders to some people we will identify later who will then tell what they want to take from you. Only morons signed on to either. If you’ve never read the Paris Accord do so, it can infuriate you and make you laugh at the same time. When you surrender to this thing you not only surrender yourself but you also endanger every other civilized country.

  8. Anything Obummer & Kerry signed or promoted should be thrown in the trash,,, both of them were TRAITORS to America. & we need to get out of the UN permanently, America pays all the bills for them & they use our own so called dues to harm America’s values & traditions…

    • Not even close it was just virtue signaling and nothing more that “treaty” was never ratified by the senate during soetoro’s term thus null and void upon Trump entering office.
      The unconstitutional bump stock ban is a real problem that might need a loud obnoxious response to rectify.

  9. I stopped liking Ollie when I found out that he never contacted his loyal secretary after the Iran/Contra hearing. She protected him by shredding papers.(illegal? ) He said he never spoke to her after that. He should have thanked her and sent her flowers every day. Who wouldn’t love a secretary who has your back when the going gets tough? I hope she had a good life/job after that.

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