Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)
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Just in time to have the entire FOID card system voided by the courts . . .

The Chicago Police Department has closed a bureaucratic loophole that threatened to make an already violent city even more dangerous, a follow-up report from the inspector general showed Wednesday.

The new report comes a year after Police Supt. Eddie Johnson issued a special order requiring all employees to submit forms within 24 hours of making a “determination of a clear and present danger,” as required by the state law governing Firearm Owners Identification cards.

Changes made since then have given a big boost to the number of reports filed, the inspector general found.

The reporting form was made available on CPD computers and “accessible electronically to all officers on all shifts,” Joe Lipari, the city’s deputy inspector general for public safety, reported Wednesday.

In addition, as a result of the order, CPD “created relevant curricula and provided adequate training on the FOID act for all current police employees and recruits, Lipari said.

– Fran Spielman in Report shows CPD has closed bureaucratic loophole on FOID reporting requirement

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    • “Give that man a few more stars.”

      It’s always made me a bit uneasy when LE is given military ‘rank’…

      • Those aren’t for rank, he gets one every time he completes some sort of meal challenge, such as eating 6 quarter pounders in under 6 minutes.

        • I was told by somebody on the inside that the stars indicate how much the wearer has earned for retirement. Each one is worth 75,000 a year in cash and benefits.

    • I went back and counted and he is already wearing 21 stars on that uniform.

      That may make him the first 21-Star General in U.S. history.

      BTW, dittos on the WTF are civilian LEOs doing wearing pseudo-military ranks?

      • They have since the beginning of civilian law enforcement. Police departments are paramilitary and operate based on rank.When a department is large, like Chicago’s, it requires some indication of rank on one’s uniform so people don’t have to compare pay sheets to decide who gets to order the other to search the dumpster for clues.

        I do agree that it’s pretty silly that even Chicago PD with 13,500 needs four stars when the Army can use only 2 but whatever. The real amusement is when it’s a town of like 100 cops and you have multiple supervisors with stars walking around.

  1. …You mean further constitutional Infringements against residents/citizens of Chicago…When the local/city/state police engage in paramilitary activity against the citizenry in the name of public safety and political expediency…It called “Authoritarianism”! This is NOT freedom or liberty….

    • As many other states, TX has no sign of an “FOID system”. I’d like to see someone show me how the IL system would affect TX law enforcement in any way other than LE workload. It is completely useless and expensive makework intended only to discourage firearm ownership, which as a goal is unconstitutional so we have to lie and be ever so sneaky.

      • Larryin TX says about the FOID System…… “so we have to lie and be ever so sneaky.“

        There’s your answer, thinking just like Trump (lying & being deceitful) and with that statement, we wonder why people want a more effective Background Checks.

      • When I lived in IL I viewed the FOID card as a tax on firearm ownership. And when confiscation began they knew where to go.

  2. In a coincadink a 42 year old black dude reportedly shot a young dindu to death in a carjacking in Chiraq. He had a CCL. Reported POSITIVELY! That’s a FIX😄😊😏

  3. Seeing law enforcement officers parading around with general stars does not impress me. It leaves me with the impression the bearer is an impostor at best or a clown. At first I thought it might just be me, but after talking to a few other veterans, I realize I’m not alone. Even people without the benefit of the military experience expressed some of the same reservations. When are these guys going to wise up and realize that many of the people that actually saluted those stars, see those stars as an appropriation and not something that was earned.

  4. Have to agree, every time I’ve seen a high level police officer, someone well up the management ladder, they love those dress uniforms with all the military doodads and fru-fru. Just looks clownish, or like they are trying to borrow the image of a great military leader.

    General Patton liked showy uniforms, but he earned all that!

    And all those medals? I’ll need a detailed report on each and every one and unless they are for acts of courage and valor defending and protecting the common citizenry, be prepared to lose the bling!

  5. “The Chicago Police Department has closed a bureaucratic loophole that threatened to make an already violent city even more dangerous”

    A “bureaucratic loophole” has NOTHING to do with the violence in chicago, take a step back and get to the root, drugs and gangs are the root cause, but who wants to do away with all that, afterall, that’s where all the supplementry income for LE and chicago politicians comes from…

    • The answer is always “Follow the money”. The gang members don’t have FOID cards, and never will. They don’t need one. They’re not shopping at Cabela’s or Bass Pro. The cards are for the good citizens. Makes our life more difficult and easier to punish. If you forget to renew the card you can be arrested. Do’ya think Kim Foxx will drop a felony charge against you?


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