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House Democrats were just itching for Congress to get back in session after the August break and no one was itching more than Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York. After last months shootings, he wanted nothing more than to ram through the gun control bills that were before his committee.

Last night, the Judiciary committee approved a high capacity magazine ban on a party line vote. The bill will now go to the full House for likely passage.

Kentucky’s Representative Thomas Massie predicts that if the bill passes the House, it will accomplish one thing . . .

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA wrote a great piece about this yesterday. The anti-gun Left just doesn’t get it: The more they act to restrict the right to keep and bear arms, the more guns and related accessories people will buy. Like magazines.

From right here at TTAG:

“So far,” CCRRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “all Democrats have accomplished with their gun prohibition agenda is increase gun sales by 15 percent over the last month. This happens every time they introduce or pass new restrictions. They just don’t get it.”

Gottlieb points out the obvious. Barack Obama was greatest gun salesman in history, keeping sales at record levels through most years in his term.

The media (otherwise known as anti-gun activists with bylines) have, time and time again, claimed that those gun sales went to a declining number of existing gun owners

Like in the Washington Post: “The average gun owner now owns 8 guns — double what it used to be.”

Another wishful thinking story from the Amazon Washington Post:  “American gun ownership drops to lowest in nearly 40 years”

Or this one from Al-Jazeera: “Analysis: More guns but fewer gun owners?” Al-Jazeera’s story has the subhead, “Firearm sales have spiked since Obama proposed new rules, but there is a smaller share of households with guns.”


Meanwhile, here in the real world, hard evidence shows the opposite is true.

In Illinois we had about 1.1 million Firearm Owner Identification Card holders when President Obama took office. Eight years later, that number had doubled to almost 2.3 million.

And people don’t go to the trouble to get an Illinois FOID card just for fun. It costs a few bucks, requires the completion of forms, a photograph, and the time and trouble to put all that together in just the proper format to make the Illinois State Police staff happy.  If you don’t do everything perfectly, the Land of Lincoln bureaucracy rejects your application and keeps your money.

Democrats vote to ban ‘high cap’ magazines

The Democrats’ bill would grandfather existing so-called “high capacity” magazines over the arbitrary limit of ten rounds.

Here’s the question: Do you have plenty of extra magazines for your handguns and rifles?  If not, you may want to visit your local gun store or favorite retailer to place an order while supplies last. Because with the activity at the federal level, we stand at the precipice of another run on magazines.

Those who aren’t old enough to remember 1994, trust me. You don’t want to experience it if you can avoid it.

And after ordering those magazines, you may also want to write your state’s US Senators to urge his or her opposition to this measure.

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  1. No way this would withstand court muster. The estimated 100+ million existing magazines constitute the “common use” argument. This was exactly how Federal Judge Benitez was able to place the injunction against California’s own magazine ban back in March, by declaring that the State cannot ban something that’s already in common use.

    I’m not at all worried. Just more political posturing by the crazy Leftards in D.C. in prep for the 2020 election cycle.

    • Two things on this. First of all, it takes time to make it through the court system. The law would go into effect and gun owners would have to sue to overturn it. It would then be put on a court calendar and takes time to go to trial. The losing party appeals and if it’s the gov’t that loses, they could well get an injunction to bar sales until the appeal is heard. Long story short, if a law was passed it might well be a year or two (or three) before a court challenge finally overturns it.

      Secondly, as mentioned in the article, the US has already been through an “Assault Weapons” and “Hi Cap” Magazine ban. From 1994-2004 it was illegal to manufacture new ones for sale, so people had to make due with the existing supply for 10 years. Given the fact that this law passed once already and stood court challenge, I would not count on a court victory.

      Be smart and pick up a few just in case. You don’t have to go nuts or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to have some on hand. One need not look back to 1994. Just look back to the Post Newton shooting a few years ago. Mags of any size or shape were hard to find.

      • This has only passed the House Judiciary Committee. It has not formally passed a House vote, or a Senate vote, or a Presidential signature, or a Congressional veto override.

        Basically, it’s still in the basement and is in the “political posturing” stage.

        As I stated before, I’m not worried. If this passes the House and is sent to the Senate, I’ll start expressing concern.

        • If you think for a minute that today’s House of Reps won’t pass this one in a New York Minute, you’re delusional.

          It will pass the House. Take that to the bank.

          The question is when, not if.

        • That’s not what I said, is it, John? I’ve been noting over recent weeks that you have a tendency to twist what others say here.

          I clearly said above that it hasn’t passed any formal vote at this point. I also said if it passes the House and is sent to the Senate, I’ll start being concerned.

          Delusional? How about you stop reading things into comments that aren’t there to make yourself look superior.

        • You’re not as smart as you pretend to be….js ..
          I mean look at how you spell HAS…..I mean seriously?…. Do you live in government subsidized housing? Get your groceries for free?……I think your attitude SUCKS

        • Both John Boch and George W. are morons who have reading comprehension problems. It is this kind of idiot that reacts before thinking.

      • I remember 1993 and the semiauto ban/mag restrictions. As I recall, about 2/3 of the people stocking up on mags and AR/AK-type rifles were doing so to try to flip them later for a big profit. Same with the ammo crap a few years back. Buy what you need but don’t forget, your family still needs to eat even if you think you don’t…

      • “Given the fact that this law passed once already and stood court challenge, I would not count on a court victory.”

        Courts packed with liberal judges by Obama. Some things have changed. Trump is working to appoint constitutional judges in place of liberals. The 9th Circuit is under review to be split, thus reducing the number of states that court has a hold over. With a little luck, Ginsberg may fall asleep and never awake.

        Just the fact that a single judge in CA shot down the so-called “high capacity magazine” law was a miracle.

        Ten rounds is not standard. What a firearm was designed to use is the standard, For example, the Colt Sportster, which was identical to the M-16 with the exception of full auto fire mode, was sold to the public as a small game and varmint rifle before the M-16 was tested and adopted by the armed forces (1964), and came with a 20 round magazine. The M-16 when first fielded only had 20 round magazines available, while the troops in Vietnam were faced with AKs fed from 30 round magazines and 90 round drums.

        • (DavidW said:
          “Given the fact that this law passed once already and stood court challenge, I would not count on a court victory.”

          Courts packed with liberal judges by Obama. Some things have changed)

          Uhm…I don’t recall Obama being president or holding office between 1994-2004? Or did I miss that 25 years ago? Obama sure has done a lot since the age of 33… The bill also sunset in 2004, I don’t recall Obama packing the courts or frankly doing anything back then.

          Gaslight much? Or you really that stupid?

      • And therein lies one of the major flaws with our Constitution. Our “lawmakers” should NOT be able to enact any law, bill, act, or amendment before it goes to the SCOTUS for verification that it adheres to the Constitution. This one restriction would have prevented nearly all of the bogus prohibitive laws that government has so freely enacted.

        • And legislation will take years to enact, and be an undue burden on SCOTUS which already has a full slate.

        • Richard, that would be a feature, not a bug. There is no legitimate reason for any new laws. They should all be combed through with extreme scrutiny before being foisted upon the American people.

    • 100+ million magazines? LOL. Try well over a billion. Given there are 600 million guns in this country (if not more) and assuming 10 magazines per gun (most people own more of course) then that takes us to 6 billion. That is not at all an unreasonable estimate. Here is my magazine formula for success (for each type of gun you own): (100 – your current age) x 2. So if you are a 50 year old male and are optimistic enough to think you’ll be shooting until you reach 100 (yeah, I know), then you need 100 magazines for your platform (Glock, AR15, whatever). I think this is a logical rule of thumb an ensures you have plenty. Of course if you have kids then you need to employ the formula on them as well.
      Now I’m off to buy five more SR-25 mags, because I can.

        • Maybe true for Fudds, but I myself have upwards of 10 for each gun I own. When I go to the range or to a instruction course, I come prepared with about 15 to 20 mags already loaded.

        • Really? I have bought about 15 per rifle and I own 5 magazine fed rifles and two magazine feed pistols. I just bought 10 magazines on sale from cheaper than dirt for a new rifle. I also had two friends who were in the military like myself and they gave me all their extra mags they had accumulated over the years. So basically each rifle has 25 mags.

        • It depends, could be FUDDs, could be a broke ass gun owner, could just be all thats needed for the weapon system.

          My main rifle has ~10+ mags for it while my pistol has the factory two. I don’t get more for it because I’m broke. My 50cal has the factory two as well because they are $100 a piece and again, I’ m broke. Ideally if it were even carried, I would have an ammo bearer and positional security with me, I.E, a 2-3 man team. 2-3 mags is all thats required if you have an ammo bearer reloading the empty mag, I would like a third just in case one failed. 2-3 is all the system requires unless its on a defensive position.

          Pistol has the factory two because I’m broke but I plan on getting a few extended mags for it.

        • I am with Draven.

          Sure, some firearm owners have anywhere from 10 to 100 magazines for a given firearm.

          I also believe that most do not.

          How many people with “traditional” semi-automatic hunting rifle platforms even have two magazines?

          How many people with a home-defense semi-automatic handgun just have the two or three magazines that came with the handgun from the factory? (Answer: many)

          And how many people have a semi-automatic rimfire firearm and only have the one or two magazines that came with it from the factory? (Answer: many)

          I will even go so far to say that many people who own SKS rifles, AR-15 rifles, AK 47 rifles, and AK 74 rifles only have three or four magazines per firearm.

        • Don’t you love the internet? It doesn’t matter how obvious your statement is. You could say, “Most people can’t run a 4 minute mile,” and some puerile idiot is bound to pipe up with, “Nuh uh! I can totally do it in like 3 and a half!”

        • Sure they do. Hell, they give away so many with promotions you don’t even have to buy a lot of them. The ones I do have to buy, that’s what I do, buy them.

        • I am with the others who say not 10 or dozens per gun. Many of the 400-600 million guns in the US are internal magazine firearms. Either single shot, or double barrel shotguns, O/U shotguns, tube feed shotguns or rifles or internal mag rifles and shotguns. Also tons of revolvers. Now you are down to maybe 200 million detachable magazine rifles, shotguns and handguns. Of those many are hunting rifles that have 3-5 round detachable magazines that COULD I guess take larger magazines, but no one makes a higher capacity magazine. Or they are compact pistols or single stack pistols that also take relatively small capacity magazines.

          Now you are probably down to maybe 60-100 million rifles and handguns that can take double stack magazines. Now of those, many owners do just have the one magazine that came with the rifle or pistol. If bought in a not-free state, its likely a 10 round magazine. Also weeding out some of those

          Let’s call it 40-80 million left. Of those left, many of them have multiple magazines, some do just have the one, but that is probably the minority who didn’t at least get 2 magazines with their rifle or handgun or didn’t buy a bunch.

          I need more SR25 mags, but I have 3×20 I think (I have to go check). Now, for my ar-15, I’ve got a lot. Probably a lifetime supply. No idea how many actually, but probably at least 3-4×20 and maybe 12-15×30 not counting probably half a dozen 10 round mags. A bunch of glock mags. A few BX-25 10/22 mags. In fact the fewest magazines I have for any gun is my Cz50, because those mags are hard to find and expensive for originals. So I have the one I got when I bought the gun and I tracked down one spare. Most of the rest of mine have at least 3 mags. But those are also 10rnd mags I think I am probably at around 25-30 between my various guns. Divided between all of my guns (because many are internal magazine, tube feed or clip feed (SKS and Garand)) it works out to about 1.5 per gun I own.

          100 million, I don’t buy at all. A billion, I’d buy. many billions I don’t buy at all either. For every one gun owner who has 40 PMAGs for their AR-15(s), two dozen glock mags and dozens of AK mags there are probably 5 gun owners who have zero “high capacity magazines”. I’d call the average probably 4-6 “high capacity magazines” for every double stack, detachable mag gun in the US (another example, I have more than 1 AR-15, but the maybe 20 mags are shared across all of them diluting mags per gun). So if you’ve got 40-80 million of them, that works out to 160-560 million “high capacity magazines”. I could see double that, I don’t see less than the low end.

        • No need to write “high capacity magazine” when you can simply write standard capacity magazine. We need to take back the language. There are very few truly high capacity magazines in circulation (i.e. more than 30 round mags for an AR)

      • Magpul, Hexmag, Amend2 – been buying for awhile. Anytime you see the price below $10.00 a mag, think about it. Buying 10 at a time usually produces the best price per mag. The volume thing is usually a separate item, so look for it to get the best deal. Don’t simply buy 10 of 1 item at a time.

        • Love the Amend 2 mags, they’re the ones I grab when I go to the range even over the Magpuls and Lancers I have.

          But when IMI or aluminum mags with no-tilt followers go on sale for $5 that’s when I stock up 🙂

      • And how many firearms don’t have removable magazines? Tube-fed shotguns, revolvers, fixed-mag bolt action rifles? You are greatly overestimating average number of 11+ capacity magazines in the public.

    • Also passed is H.R. 1236 , the no due process ” Take First ” red Flag bill.
      Nadler claims taking your guns , then having a hearing is ” Legal “.

      Similarly they want to make misdemeanors into a ‘ prohibited person ‘ denial.

    • No way in hell would I trust any of the courts to stand up for gun rights, and over turn a ban like this-if it actually passes the Senate, and Trump signs such a bill. The courts are just as eager to sh** all over the Second Amendment as the Demon-Rats and spineless wimp Republi-Crapts. Both hate the fact that citizens own guns, and the courts are all-too-eager to disarm us.

      • Shadow,

        I understand your sentiment and generally share your pessimism.

        Please note that Progressive Democrats have maintained a strangle-hold on the courts in our nation for over 100 years and it is almost exclusively (if not exclusively) those Progressive Democrat Justices who side with government on laws which infringe our right to keep and bear arms.

        If Trump wins and Republicans keep the United States Senate in 2020, we are almost certain to finally see many/most federal courts with conservative majorities. And we could see a similar result in state courts in states whose voters have traditionally been conservative or close to evenly split between conservative and progressive.

        If conservatives finally dominate the courts and the courts continue to uphold government infringement of our right to keep and bear arms, then by all means excoriate the courts and ensure that everyone knows our courts are our enemies as well.

        As President Obama famously said, “Elections have consequences.” Let’s double our efforts to install conservative politicians in office who will install conservative justices in the courts.

        • ^^ THIS ^^

          If we keep the W.H. and Senate, all the garbage spewed by the House Dems can be stymied for another four years while conservative judges continue to be appointed.

        • I do not have confidence in Trump to uphold our rights if one of these bills makes it to his desk, that makes me not want to vote for him out of spite. However, there is a bigger picture here when it comes to our rights and SCOTUS. Trump has already put 2 judges on the bench and there are 2 that are so old they can go at any day now. The most radical and fortunately oldest judge Ruth Bader, pretty much has one foot in the grave already, with any luck she will kick the bucket sooner rather than later (just because you never know what will happen during the election, especially voter fraud from the left + all the illegal aliens over the past 4 years).

      • What no one is talking about is the impeachable offense of breaking their oaths ( members of congress ) and passing bills that are unconstitutional . Time for a class action lawsuit demanding resignations of all these traitors to our country.

        • Unfortunately the trash that runs this country will NEVER allow that….
          And time American people seem to be spineless, self centered idiots who only complain when their rights are being slowly eroded (by design). Trying to get these lazy slugs to wipe their own asses is too much to ask of them….. Let alone them actually getting off their asses to protest….
          Hell, even the ghetto trash gets out to protest (after they wake up after noon)…. More than I can say for supposed 2A supporters….
          What a joke Americans are……

    • 100 million? Probably 2 to 3 times that number. Heck my glock came with 3 and I own 20 or so my AR-15 and I consider my self a armature gun collector.

      • @Not Larry from Texas:
        Pray tell, what is a(n) armature gun (of which you are a collector)? And where can I get one of those?

        Oh, now I get it! You are an AMATEUR collector of guns. Guess that spell checker doesn’t catch everything.

  2. Everytown emailed me about this yesterday afternoon.

    I wondered if they’d be the first to tell me about anti-gun stuff, and sure enough they did.

  3. I have a paltry 6 AR15 magazines. My LGS has gen2 Pmags for 8.99 right now. Not counting several “more than 10round” handgun mags. Roadtrip😄

      • That’s a nice deal. DSG generally has good prices on Pmags too.

        Last week I ordered 10 3g PMAGS. I didn’t need them, but I’m going to buy mags every time someone in a jurisdiction I vote in files, or forwards a bill like this. In honor of this move, I’m going to order mags for my P09. My 1911’s unfortunately don’t commonly use mags over ten rounds or I’d buy some of them. Next time I’ll buy Glock mags or something. I don’t own a Glock, but someone I know might.

        I’m thinking AR15 Lowers and 80% receivers in a number of different flavors might show up here too.

        • JustSomeGuy,

          You probably already know this, nonetheless I will say it for the benefit of other readers who have not thought about it:

          The beauty of an 80% lower receiver is that no prosecutor can ever prove when you actually finished it and it became a firearm (assuming that you do not publicly declare when you finished it or have fresh metal shavings in your workshop).

          If a future ban of firearms grandfathers existing firearms prior to that ban, who is to say whether you had finished that 80% lower before or after the ban is in force, as long as you purchased that 80% lower before the ban?

          Caveat: an insanely zealous prosecutor might — MIGHT — order some metallurgist to examine a completed 80% lower receiver and attempt to claim how new it is based on how much oxidation is evident on surfaces that you had to have machined. And in that situation your expert witness could tell the jury how a lower receiver which you machined 10 years ago would only show 3 months of oxidation if you stored it in a sealed, oxygen-free container for the last 9 years and 9 months.

    • I generally reserve the term ‘high capacity’ for drum magazines. Box magazines are ‘standard capacity’, regardless of how many rounds they hold. 😀

  4. Fighting legislation has its place, but I’m still waiting for a gun rights org to organize a massive noncompliance campaign. Civil disobedience is how rights got recognized here in the US, and it’s high time the entirety of gun owners and gun shops send the message that regardless of what congresses or cops opine, we all collectively will not comply with this or any gun law, ever.

    • And they dug and they burned
      And they burned and they dug
      And they killed all our cute little weeds
      Then they drove away
      We just smiled and waved
      Sittin’ there on that sack of seeds!

      This ran through my head when I read your comment

  5. Grandfathering, Got it. I’ll just visit my friends over at foscad, snag an inexpensive 3d printer, some zitel filament, a roll of music wire and print my own magazines and spring jigs. Of course these were made before the ban, yes sir.

  6. Well, the judges in Illinois just said banning AR-15’s here is legal. Now what? Time to donate to organizations who have good lawyers on our side.

  7. just out of curiosity, whats to stop companies like magpul from selling the individual parts of a 30 round magazine and leaving the customer to assemble it? Sure it would be illegal on the part of the person who assembled the now functional 30 round magazine but could a company sell just the “shell” of its magazines?

    • Back when the 10-round limit was in effect, what a lot of manufacturers did was put a block inside the mag to take up space. It was not difficult to disassemble a magazine, remove the block, and put the magazine back together.

      Most people obeyed the law, of course. But that’s because most gun owners think the law should be obeyed until we have good cause to misbehave, not because someone with a badge was going house-to-house inspecting magazines.

      • Yup. Here in CA, we have “10/30” AR mags. Full 30-rd capacity mags with a small pin inserted to limit at 10 rounds for compliance. All you have to do is drill off the pin, and viola! it’s a full capacity mag.

        Of course, I participated in “Freedom Week” back in March and have my legit 30-rd mags, but I also have some 10/30s and can buy more. My LGS sells the HexMag 10/30s for $14 each.

    • A while back, I suggested to Magpul that they produce a line of magazines without date code for those in occupied states. I also suggested that they could sell them without warranty. Nothing back from Magpul but crickets. I doubt Magpul would implement your suggestion.

  8. I give this bill a…
    90% chance of passing the house
    50% chance it passes a Senate committee
    25% chance it passes the Senate
    10% chance Trump signs it

    I think we safe until 2020. After that, all bets are off.

  9. Can we rely on Republicans in the Senate to defeat this bill? I certainly hope so. Hopefully, President Trump would veto such a bill if it came to his desk.

  10. I don’t see the Feds prosecuting anyone for building “post-ban” magazines that hold more than ten rounds. They certainly didn’t during the first go-around. I had no problem building “high-capacity” magazines during the AWB by simply cutting magazine bodies and putting them together with JB Weld. They functioned just fine.

    • Given that 3D printers are a thing, making “post ban” magazines is easier than ever. 30 round magazine springs will be available regardless because they are used in “10” round 50 Beowulf and SOCOM magazines. Just grab a print a new magazine body, buy the spring and follower, and you’re in business.

    • I used to do the same with my mags long ago, but studies have shown that the primary cause of spring fatigue isn’t the passage of time for indefinitely compressed springs, but the overall total number of cycles (full/empty) the mag experiences.

      Basically, it’s safe to load a 15-rd Glock mag with 14 rds (or a 30-rd AR with 29 rds) and leave it in a cache box in “ready state”, and it’ll reliably load years later when finally used.

  11. And then we have a few self-proclaimed empires like Kalifornia, where it’s already illegal to buy standard capacity mags.
    We did have “freedom week” a few months back, when a million or so of these were purchased, before the State asked for, and received a hold on it.
    It’s time now for that same righteous judge to once again do away with the restriction, and also obliterate the stupid, costly ammo restrictions.

    • Judge Benitez did the smart thing by issuing the partial stay (2 of the 4 parts of the relevant Penal Code section) because our Atty Gen Becerra appealed to the 9th Circuit for an en banc hearing based upon an “emergency danger” complaint, and Benitez didn’t want to risk having his injunction fully overturned. For now, mere possession is no longer illegal, only sales and importation. So smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  12. STOP with the “grandfather” crap! It is no ex post facto shall be passed, Article1, section 9, clause 3. It’s the law, it is not some political dink doing anybody a “favor”.

    • It’s not an ex post facto law to ban the ownership of a thing citizens already own. If they were to prosecute you for having owned it before the law was passed, that’s an ex post facto law.

      • “If they were to prosecute you for having owned it before the law was passed, that’s an ex post facto law.”

        A lot of people struggle with the difference between “contraband” ad “ex post facto”.

  13. McConnell already declared nothing moves in the Senate until he has assurance from Trump that a bill would be signed.

    BTW, the people we elect to the House and Senate are supposed to represent the majority of their constituents. If our representatives are working contrary to our desires, then we are not the majority opinion on a matter. This is how things work.

    • People elected dems to the house in 2018 mostly because of the Russian Hoax and the illegal immigration nonsense (they want more of it.) It’s been proven that Mueller’s team knew there was zero coordination with Russia by 2017. They intentionally held this information to help skew the 2018 mid term elections. So yes, it turns out there was some significant election interference, and it came from the people hired to investigate the interference!

      • “They all were supposed to swear a oath to uphold the U S Constitution also, hows that working out???”

        Elected officials represent whoever they think will assure re-election. If they legislate counter to our desires, we are not the majority (however that majority is formed). It’s the way the game is played.

        So, just like the Left in years gone by, we are reduced to relying on the SC to provide what we cannot get from federal legislation. But to have our way requires activist judges (deciding in our favor). And we hate activist judges. Right?

        • Striking down unconstitutional legislation is not “activism”. It’s upholding the oath to “support and defend the Constitution”. Congress would be violating that oath by passing unconstitutional legislation, and the President would be violating it by signing it. The Justices would be simply stepping in and correcting their failures.

        • “Striking down unconstitutional legislation is not “activism”. ”

          Oh, but it is. It requires judges to move out of the comfort zone of permitting circumventions of the constitution that are now “tradition and history”. Look at Scalia in Heller…supposedly an originalist/textualist SC judge, Scalia said he considered 2A to be limited to non-sensitive places, something no where in the constitution, or writings of the framers. Declaring strict adherence to the written words of the constitution can only be done by a person determined to revert jurisprudence to its original purpose (application of the law as written). Such is the very essence of activism in this era.

      • Nope. The primary issue for Dems taking the house was Healthcare. And their gain was a very modest one, historically speaking.

        Its frustrating that Repubs are willing to dick around with stupid nonsense like rescinding PPACA and fucking with abortion rights, especially when gun rights are in the crosshairs by Dems, alongside freedom of speech now.

        To say what is happening with the democratic party right now is extremely dangerous and not an over exaggeration by any means. And I’m telling repubs this as a liberal because they bear significant responsibility for it.

  14. There need to be federal regulations limiting magazine capacity to one round thereby meeting the existing standard of firearms when the constitution was ratified. Our founding forefathers were in agreement that the technology of their day was the very highest mankind would ever achieve so they were never able to envision a world where multiple shot, repeating firearms could exist. Ignorance, combined with lack of imagination on their part is the primary source our current state of divisiveness. A prime example of these men’s ( mysoginists, refusing to allow women to participate in deliberations ) failures in drafting our foundational document concern the first amendment.They completely failed to acknowledge hate speech and bullying along with criticism of government, which naturally compel restrictions on speech, all for the greater good. How can we continue to venerate these drastically flawed men and their warped views? That is why I ask you to join with me in voting for Bernie Sanders for president. As an authoritarian socialist he will immediately, upon election, mandate government interventions supported by the full force of federal and local law enforcement agencies to bring about needed change to safeguard each and every American along with respected others to bring about a new and better day protecting each and everyone of us from ourselves, each other and everything. Vote authoritarian, or else !

      • “Is this Vlad’s latest personality? Today it is Vlad, the “true believer”.”

        It’s ridicule. Or sarc, if you want. So over the top, even the usual suspects wouldn’t write it.

    • I sure hope everyone is able to recognize I wrote this totally absurd nonsense to be sarcasm. And for those who didn’t, I am so sorry for you.

    • “They all were supposed to swear a oath to uphold the U S Constitution also, hows that working out???”

      Depends on what “is” is.

  15. I only have one mag and that is for a gun I don’t even have anymore. *slams door*

    I don’t see how anyone believes these poll numbers at all. Ask on a random call how many people own a Rolex or how much gold they have. I’ll bet no one has either one!

  16. It would be very nice to see our court system have more respect for our constitutional rights and deal with much more pressing issues. Is this the ONLY issue that keeps our courts afloat? Is this the ONLY issue that Democrats have to base their existence on? I can think of hundreds of issues that would serve the court system better to deal with.

  17. For all those here who live in the Appalachian Hills – meaning you Hillbillies and Jethro’s, let me explain things to you in plain English (hopefully you all graduated from middle school).

    These “bans” are setting you up for what is coming down the pipe. Whether this ban passes and whether it is actually signed into law is irrelevant – for you white racist/supremacists, that is. President to be Kamala Harris will finish the job. Not through confiscation (yet) but through taxation. Every item that is gun related will be heavily taxed. Ammo, 50 rds of 9mm FMJ will have an additional “safety” tax added of 30%. Gun parts will have a “safety” tax added of 50%. Buying a new AR? Pay an additional 75% in taxes. And on and on and on. Until you Hillbillies and Jethro’s cry out for a gun buy-back program. You’ll have nothing left – nothing. Your guns will be bought back at wholesale prices and there metal fittings melted down to produce “peaceful” products like electric cars and iPhones. Kamala will also tax the firearms industry for every “civilian” weapon they produce. An additional 40% taxation penalty for producing “civilian” focused weapons.

    In the end, you Hillbillies and Jethro’s will have neither the guns nor the money to do anything but get reeducated in our schools or face the penalties of living in a country that is completely controlled by POC, our immigrant partners, and by the indigenous peoples of America and Hawaii. You’ll be in OUR country and if you don’t like it, you can leave. Sweet dreams to all the white racists/supremacists on these forums because our side is winning. Pray that we are as merciful to you as you were to our ancestors who you stole this country from.

    • You will quiver and quake and cower before the awesome power of the SRLF (Sewer Rat Liberation Front). Power to the rat people!

      – The Original Vlad Tepes

    • This has to be sarcasm, right? He has adopted a character to stimulate conversation, right? This cannot be a persons true opinion. Yeah, its satire and done so well it makes me doubt it is. Please be sarcasm, please.

  18. It takes 60 votes to end debate in the Senate. This bill is going nowhere until the Democrats take the Senate and end the filibuster in which case we have bigger problems than magazine capacity or even guns.

  19. Well thank you dumbocraps and rhinos ! Thank you for your continued tyranny and treason !!!!
    And thank you traitor, scum democrap voters for electing this Nazis to rob us even more of our Constitutional rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Tom, while I am happy to throw Republicans under the bus when they deserve it, this was passed out of the Judiciary Committee on a straight party line vote. Blame the Democrats this is their repudiation of their oath of office, may they be treated like the oath breakers they are!

  20. “Like in the Washington Post: “The average gun owner now owns 8 guns — double what it used to be…”

    Something tells me that doesn’t make the average gun owner twice as dangerous.

  21. That turd and any like it will be tabled underneath all the other bullshit the Dems have tried to drop on us since they got the House… If it doesn’t make the floor of the Senate bfore the end of this Congress it dies and they have to start all over again.. This thing is D.O.A. at the Senate door and Nov. 3, 2020 will end it for good when the Republicans regain the House, add Senate seats and hold the White House… Bring it on Nancy/NoNads(ler)/Shitt and company… 13 long guns, 8 hand guns (3 revolvers) 20 mags per rifle includes 4 40 rounders for my Mini-14 and 8 to 10 mags for each handgun most are 10 rounds or less but the 10 mm Glock 29 uses extended (15 to 16) mags from a G20 both 45s Ruger P90 and Rock Island 1911 use 8s and both 9s plus the AMT 22 Automag use 10s and then there is the 6 round 38 special, the 7 round .357 mag and the 1864 Navy Colt 44 black powder (that still shoots just fine…. I just realized I need another long gun to get off that 13 thing, guess I’ll grab another 50 or so mags while I’m at it.. Thanks for bringing it to my attention NoNads(ler), see you in the funny papers (and PLEASE all ya’ll Dems keep shooting yourselves in the foot)

  22. It appears we have more anti gun bills going through since our so called pro 2nd amendment President was sworn in to office than Obama. Have our so called pro 2nd amendment politicians ever heard that a offense is the best defense. Why haven’t we tried to gain anything, such as reciprocity for carry permits in all 50 states? Shakespeare’s saying just got an addendum. The only thing certain in life is death and taxes and now for the addendum “and more gun restrictions.”

    • Obama didn’t get any anti gun shit done because he blew his time with a majority in the House and Senate on his bullshit lyin ass Obamacare and when he lost the House and the Senate his ass was done… The only reason all this crap is coming out of the House now is because a bunch of low information voters believed the shit they heard on CNN and MSNBC about the destruction of this country at the hands of the POTUS and turned the House over to the Dems… What has Trump done that has restricted your 2nd amendment rights, I’ve freely purchased firearms, parts and accessories, ammo, mags up to 40 round capacity and had my CC permit renewed with no problems and carry concealed everywhere I go everyday…. If you are butt hurt over bump stocks then evey bump stock owner should get together and file a class action law suit if red flag is your issue just don’t threaten to kill someone or shoot up a Walmart in public or on some dumbass social media bullshit… 50 state reciprocity has been attempted but has lacked the REQUIRED majority for passage, vote more Republicans to the Senate 60 votes gets it done.

  23. I learned my lesson from 94. I have a pile, I’ve even got mags for shit I don’t even own. Funny story, during the “ban” I traded 4 g17 mags for my wife’s stainless polished rossi .38. She carrys it every day still. Think you won’t see g17 mags for $70 think again.

  24. This is pure posturing for votes! Look at this bill honestly in today’s climate. It hasn’t a chance to pass Senate. It won’t pass a court review. It only aids the Dems no matter the results. It’s just another knee jerk do nothing bill. Quit screaming the sky is falling when a Sparrow shits on you.

    This bill, when it fails, is just a stump for the Dems candidate to stand on and rally their base with. Should by some miracle it pass they can crow about doing something. This is just theater! Take a deep breath and calm yourselves, this ain’t 1994 stop comparing the two and quit panic buying every time some Dem develops verbal diarrhea on gun control.

  25. It would be interesting to see how many Dems hold stock in some of these companies that manufacture guns, magazines, ammo or possibly just supply the raw materials required in their manufacture.

  26. Have many more magazines than I can find the time to take out of the packaging.

    Besides, this is routine noise. A bill passed out of a committee. Big Fat Hairy Deal, countless bills get thru a step or two and never make it into law.

  27. The house will also pass a ban of all semi-auto’s with mandatory buyback. At this rate I would not be surprised if the house passed a bill outlawing gun ownership entirely with a special task force being set up to go door to door warranties confiscating all guns by force and all who oppose are executed with a clause justifying using the full force of the military including the nuclear arsenal to uphold it. being an NRA member will make you a terrorist, the NRA raided, the membership list seized and another special task force for the purpose of finding NRA members on that with explicit orders to execute them without trial. It means nothing to me now that this will pass the house. A democrat could write a bill simply saying “all guns and private gun ownership is outlawed and punishable by execution without trial” and the dems would vote for it.

    These people want ALL of us dead. These people want to exterminate at minimum 5 million NRA member but moreso every gun owner; 1/3rd of the total population of the United Stated and if others not in that 1/3rd oppose that kill all of them too. Swalwell just said openly what many leftist think: ban all the guns, confiscate all guns by force and if the people resist kill all who resist even if it means exterminating 100 million people via nuclear holocaust.

  28. About a year after the Parkland High school shooting in Florida, the news was quietly released that the madman killer with the long police contact record and school expulsion history used FIVE ROUND MAGAZINES for his attack. He could not get “high capacity” mags only because they were sold out everywhere he went. THE PARKLAND MASSACRE WAS DONE WITH FIVE ROUND MAGAZINES! We never saw a headline about THAT…………………………….elsullo

    • Belt fed is a hassel, a law requires you to be too visible for too long, I can make a claymore and a trip flare as well as other remotely triggered devices, grenades, Molotov’s etc.. so, appreciate the thought but pass…

  29. It will never pass the Senate, the House is primarily Democrat. It will of course pass that as it did, with the Senate being Rebublican it will never pass there.

  30. It is unfair for the Democratic party to put bands on a high-capacity magazines. Criminals will get their hands on them regardless. That makes it an unfair advantage to the citizens who are allowed to have firearms to defend themselves… so why would you endanger the lives of the good American citizens?

  31. Spent a few hundred on extra mags for all my guns 6 months ago so I’m good right now.
    Jerry can do whatever he fucking wants.

  32. While many of you talk about 10 mags per gun, many of us that own them for personal protection(we can’t get a CCW here) might only have 1 or 3 mags per gun. I would like more, but I realize that 100 rds would be my limit anyway, I would be shot dead by then(I am not young and fit). Now, the rest of my family……… starting with the wife…….

  33. So the law abiding citizen is punished for criminals who will not obey this anyway?
    We law abiding citizens will now be defenseless against a tyrannical government who will have fully automatic M16’s with 30 – 50 – 100 round magazines or belt fed fully automatic weapons.
    Seems to me this leftist communist government has cynical plans after disarming and leaving us citizens defenseless

  34. This is what happens when you don’t show up to vote during the mid-terms. The nutters take over the asylum. Thanks everyone who sat at home, or were too lazy to mail in their ballots.

  35. It took a few to read though the comments, so now I’m curious as to what part of any constitutional amendment expressly garuntees the right to ANY capacity of a magazine. A lot of deplorables bitchin about the second amendment rights to have a firearm being troden upon. Is there a constitutional right to have a floating forward grip ? How about a sling ? Or a bi-pod? Wait, wait ..iron sites…. Maybe extended slide releases, ummm…a wooden stock ????

    • “…so now I’m curious as to what part of any constitutional amendment expressly garuntees the right to ANY capacity of a magazine.”

      Really? Are you serious?

      The constitution and BOR grant no rights to the people. The government is granted limited powers, as the superior, sovereign States may permit, or remove. The Second Amendment tells government what it may do regards the armed citizenry. That is….nothing. The Second Amendment restricts the power of the government to interfere, in any manner, with the weaponry possessed, whenever and however, but the people of the nation.

      If you have any knowledge of the Constitution and BOR, you must read both the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Therein you find that the Constitution and BOR are not exhaustive descriptions of the powers over the central government that are retained by the States. That is, the central government is the servant of the States, thus having no ability to demand, nor expect, a complete listing of the powers that the government may not have, or exercise. The servant (or Agent, if you wish), does not demand of the principle (the States) to know which powers of sovereignty are retained, that are outside the reach of the servant (agent/central government).

      Now that you are informed, the States retain the right to arm themselves to the same level as the standing army created by the central government. That’s right, the same weaponry so that the standing army (and the central government behind it) can be fended off when attempts are made to use the standing army to suppress and subordinate the States.

      • The Second Amendment was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms so the Founding Fathers could if necessary control the people by restricting arms. Constitutional Scholars have long debated the true meeting of the Second Amendment and their conclusions have been that it was written to deceive and let the the government rule either way on the right to own arms by its citizens.

        The Founding Fathers originally set up the new government by denying the vote to the people and reserving the right to vote only for the rich and powerful. Later both Gerrymandering and the corrupt Electoral College were adopted so the rich and powerful could control the country and ignore the will of the people, making a total mockery of any semblance of Democracy. The Founding Father’s original writings showed a fear of democracy and they labeled it “mob rule”.

        The courts have for the most part have totally ignored the Second Amendment down through its history and even the much misunderstood Scalia decision states that the courts had the right to “regulate firearms” (double speak for the power to ban weapons at will). In the last 2 years not one court has overturned the various State Assault Rifle and magazine bans and restrictions and the Supreme Court has a long history of ducking any decision on the Second Amendment leaving the lower courts to take the heat when they uphold anti-gun bans. The Supreme Court has even reversed itself from the 1930’s ruling that said only “military arms” were protected. Now it has seemed to imply any arms can be banned including sporting arms if the court rules them a danger to the public.

        It must also be remembered that the Court often rules with public opinion which plays heavily into gun bans. The Dred Scot Decision stated that even though Mr. Scot was born in the U.S. he was not considered a citizen simply because he was black. Other rulings also reflected public opinion such as voter restriction laws, laws that prohibited interracial marriage and laws that restricted Black people to using black only fountains and restaurants as well as being requited to sit at the back of a bus. Today we still have laws discriminating against LGBT people as well as protecting racist and religious people that continue to discriminate against LGBT people by denying them marriage licenses, tax breaks, and the right to employment or even buying a birthday cake. The New York “Sullivan Law” was originally written as an anti-gun law written against all immigrants and minorities and later extended against all of New York’s citizens. Again the anti-gun power mad corrupt courts ruled it constitutional and it remains so to this very day.

        It must be remembered that the reality of life in the U.S. is that the Constitution does not grant you any rights rather it is the legislature and the courts that dole out what little rights you do have including the right to privacy which was so shockingly violated and revealed in the “Deep State” illegal spying activities on U.S. citizens revealed by Edward Snowden. Even President Jimmy Carter was being spied upon by his own government and he knew it but said he was powerless to do anything against “The Deep State”. Despite all the furor not much as changed as the U.S. Government continues to spy and monitor illegally the activities and private phone calls of all of its citizens.
        Edward Snowden has volunteered to come to the U.S. to stand trial if a public trial were held so all Americans could see it. Naturally “The Deep State” has refused his request as they are terrified the truth about their illegal actives against the American people would be revealed.

        In conclusion the right to own firearms seems to be a waning one in the U.S. as the courts have been ruling with public opinion which has of late been verging on near hysteria and totally anti gun when the subject of banning semi-auto weapons is discussed at the political level. The future does indeed look dark for all gun owners as they feel the noose slowly tightening around their necks by “The Deep State” who through the use of surveillance cameras and electronic listening devices as well as computer tracking monitor everyone’s activities 24 hours around the clock and 365 days a year. There is nothing the “Deep State” does not know about you including where you are at this very moment, if you own a gun, are in debt, play golf or dislike eating vegetables, the “Deep State” knows it.

  36. “If you strike at the king, you must kill him.”

    All these “symbolic measures” tell us one thing, and that’s the real and persistent intent of the progressive statists. Do not forget, and do not let them forget that we know.

  37. A magazine ban is coming. If they are temporarily grandfathered the confiscation will come later but come it will that is guaranteed. Will it work? You bet it will because if the penalties are severe enough the majority of them will indeed be turned in. Lets face facts what good would it do to keep them. You could never use sell them or use them not even in a defensive situation and being caught would result in jail, fines , and loss of your job.

    And the courts would never dare overturn the law with the overwhelming support there is for magazine bans. Courts rule with public opinion and its always been that way. Remember back when Dred Scot was classified as not a citizen even though he was born here. Soon gun owners will be classified as having no rights to any firearms or devices the courts want to ban. Remember the disingenuous Judge Scalia when he ruled “the court has the right to regulate firearms” double talk for we have absolute power over you,and fk the Constitution and what we say is law so gun owners go fk yourselves.

    • The New Jersey ban on so-called high-capacity magazines went into effect in December of last year, but so far gun owners have ignored the government-mandated ban. Punishment for owning one of the magazines includes 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine and in spite of that exactly none, zero, zip, nada not a single one has been turned in… Beto has declared all out war on gun owners and if you think we will just roll over for these ass clowns you are just one more delusional weak minded chicken shit fool like the rest of the wanna-be dictators vying for the big chair in D.C.

      • A few Waco style liquidations will start a flood of turn ins by the Proletariat. Comrade Putin could teach U.S. Law enforcement how to do it rather quickly.

        • Vlad, you really need to get some new material… this rehash of the same old shit from you is really getting boring……

    • If you were a cross-eyed slack-jawed drooling moron like me you would understand that I know all about how the Judicial branch of the US government works. I can forecast any court ruling by sitting still for five minutes and drooling on the floor. Trust me the patterns in my spittle are 100 per cent accurate all the time.

      – The Original Vlad Tepes

  38. Nothing to worry, yet. If a massive mass shooting happens, the dems may fast track garbage like this and hope Trump is weak enough to sign it.

  39. WTF is a high capacity magazine? They’re standard capacity mags. Gonna pull the same shit that Clinton did and didn’t make a difference in crime? Sounds like there’s too many low capacity brain cells trying to infringe yet again. But we knew that.

  40. Fully stocked.

    When I really want to stop a threat, I depend on an 8-round enbloc clip anyway. It’s not a magazine.😊

    Good enough for the Greatest Generation and to defeat the last round if tyrants, good enough for me.

  41. Oh I believe that the Commies in the house will pass this no doubt, I however do not see this passing the Senate nor getting a signature from Pres. Trump. Any gun bill getting the Presidential ok will harm his chances with his core constituents. This being the ramp up to the election year, I do not see it becoming law.

  42. Like the old Carnegie Hall joke, ” How do I get to Carnegi Hall”? Practice, practice, practice. When they outlaw high capacity magazines (30+ rounds) for your AR or AK, and all you can buy are 10 round mags for your sporting rifle. All you have to do is practice, practice and practice with the 10 rounders and soon you’ll never notice the difference. There are videos all over YouTube demonstrating how to do so.

  43. I have 561 magazines each for 932 firearms. Each magazine holds 466 rounds, except for my Derringer, it only holds eight. Geesh. The only people who care what I got is , the government, and me. And I just told them what I got, so it will be easy for them to come get mine. Btw after buying all the above I don’t have any money left to buy bread or bullets. All gun owners need to start paying their bills and purchases with two dollar bills. Let 145 ceo’s know who’s filling their Christmas socks and jocks.

  44. Well I’m on my way to all the local gun stores as we speak buying all the 30 and 40 PMAGS I can lay my hands on. Just like the last time the Criminals in DC tried to ban them. LMFAO, & P.S. Fuck you swamp dwellers in Washington DC.

  45. Start worrying when they start banning certain types of ammunition which is exactly what Wal-Mart’s basically did last week. A mag ban is just posturing on the part of the Liberal/Socialist Democrats. It’s just a lazy attempt on their parts to not actually do anything yet appear to do something. I have said in the past, and I’ll repeat now. The way to actually accomplish anything in regards to gun banning is to ban ammunition sales in this country. That alone would turn most sporting rifles into attractive “wall hangers” and “door stops”. BUY AMMO, DON’T WORRY ABOUT MAGIZINES!!!

  46. Lol you white trash psychos dont need assault rifles anyways, hopefully extended mags for handguns become legal but that’s all I’m hoping for 🤣 bye bye gun freaks

  47. Gun-haters actually think a ban on “high capacity” magazines will accomplish something.
    First, they forget that the Parkland, Florida school shooter purposely chose to use 10-round magazines, when he could have used 30-round magazines, because it was easier to fit the 10-round magazines in his pockets, and he knew that it only takes a half second to reload (something gun haters don’t realize. They somehow think that a reload takes so long that someone could tackle the shooter while he’s inserting a new mag!)

    Second, they’re too ignorant to realize that if the ban on standard capacity magazines passes, even if all the standard-capacity magazines disappeared with the wave of their magic wand, any mass shooter could turn 10-round magazines into 20-round magazines without any tools. There are many ways to do it, but the simplest is probably the following:
    a) Buy some .450 Bushmaster 10-round magazines, and
    b) Buy an equal number of 5.56 mm followers to put into those magazines.
    Why? Because a 10-round magazine .450 Bushmaster will hold 20 rounds of 5.56 mm, which means with no tools (other than a ballpoint pen), anyone can take any 10-round magazine for a .450 Bushmaster, insert a 5.56 mm follower, and presto, they can create a 20-round magazine for 5.56 mm! It’s not rocket science.

    I’m not suggesting that anyone do this if they live in a state behind the iron curtain, because to do so would be illegal in states that don’t respect the U.S. Constitution.

    I’m also not suggesting that anyone stock up on .450 Bushmaster magazines and 5.56 mm followers, because right now it’s just cheaper to buy 20-round or 30-round magazines (in states that still respect the Constitution).

    I’m just pointing out how ineffective and useless any ban on “high capacity” magazines would be!

    • “I’m just pointing out how ineffective and useless any ban on “high capacity” magazines would be!”

      The effectiveness of any gun control law is irrelevant. Gun-grabbers are whistling through the dark grave yard in pursuit of a feeling that the world is a safe place, except for legal gun owners. The scary monster (guns) thus is no longer under the bed, but confined to “bad places”, where “bad people” life. Places “good people” like the anti-gun mob never go, thus remaining safe in their imagination.


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