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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy presides over the state with the highest taxes and worst business climate in all of America. Yes, even worse than Illinois. But instead of working to fix that, he says he wants to use the power of the Garden State purse to punish banks and retailers who refuse to submit to his additional failed gun control measures.

From the New York Times, who refer to this political stunt as a “novel gun control strategy:”

New Jersey intends to stop doing business with gun manufacturers and retailers that fail to adopt policies, like conducting background checks, to stop guns from falling into the wrong hands, becoming the first state to take such stringent action against the firearms industry.

The state will also apply pressure on major financial institutions, seeking information from banks that do business with New Jersey about their relationships and policies involving gun makers and sellers.

The state, which says it pays more than $1 billion in bank fees every year, could use the disclosure requirements to decide whether to continue doing business with financial firms.

New Jersey estimates that it spends more than $70 million per year on firearms, supplies and ammunition for the State Police and other law enforcement agencies.

First off, if the state of New Jersey is really spending $1 billion in bank fees annually, they need to do a better job of negotiating and managing the state’s banking relationships.  Secondly, I’ll offer another way to save New Jersey beleaguered taxpayers an additional $70 million per year: the gun industry should stop selling the state firearms and ammunition.

That’s right. If they’re going to adopt these gangster-style tactics to pressure firms to stop doing business with law-abiding companies that make legal products, why not return the favor and stop selling guns, ammo and spare parts, or servicing firearms owned by state entities?

The New York Times continues:

Several major banks have already taken matters into their own hands, cutting off banking and credit card services to gun retailers and stopping the lending of money to manufacturers who do not abide by age limits and background checks.

Really? Retailers and manufacturers that don’t follow state and federal laws? Name one. We’ll wait.

In a nutshell, the assiduously anti-gun Governor Murphy is trying to leverage his almost-bankrupt state’s meager spending to coerce private, law-abiding companies to adopt policies similar to those the misguided state government has seen fit to implement. Because enforced corporate gun control is a small price to pay for making the entire state of New Jersey (allegedly) crime-free.

How’s that working out so far? From NBC New York:

Two shootings in less than one day has a neighborhood in the Jersey Shore shaken and comes amid new calls to crack down on gun violence.

The incidents took place in Asbury Park, just hours apart, and some residents are saying that they aren’t surprised given the spike in gun violence in the area.

The first of the shootings took place on Mattison and Atkins Avenue, where police confirm shots were fired late Sunday night – right next to a school, according to authorities.

The National Review had this quote from Murphy:

“Taxpayers are the top purchasers of firearms,” reads the order Murphy is expected to sign. “The State should not be purchasing firearms, ammunition or equipment from vendors that place civilians and law enforcement in harm’s way by virtue of not adopting responsible practices related to firearms.”

Governor Murphy thinks taxpayers are the top purchasers of guns? Uh huh.

Once upon a time, perhaps. Maybe among Murphy’s circle of friends. But not among mine. And probably not among yours either.

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  1. So much for tolerance. They tolerate you until you disagree with them, then they do anything and everything they can to destroy you. Sounds like abuse of power to me.

  2. “The first of the shootings took place on Mattison and Atkins Avenue, where police confirm shots were fired late Sunday night – right next to a school, according to authorities.”

    OMG! Next to a building??? A building that was empty due to it being Saturday night??



  3. “Taxpayers are the top purchasers of firearms…”

    Seems like there’s an opportunity here. Weasel word a few things and the cops end up being subject to a mandatory “buy back” to the citizens of NJ.

    …And by “buy back” I mean “give away” in political-speak since the taxpayers own all that shit anyway. Department issued NFA gear, bearcats, MRAPs, NVGs etc for all!

    • How is what they are planning on doing any different than what they are doing now?

      I don’t get it – Manufacturers are already selling to distributors and dealers that follow BATF laws and the retail gun stores already get a BC on each and very gun they sell.

      It’s like they are announcing that murder is now more illegal than it already is.

      What am I missing? Is this just posturing?

      • They’re furthering the Left’s agenda, which has started with the spark in San Francisco and is catching on in New Jersey. Soon our brethren in Los Angeles and Houston will follow. Any mayor worth his salt will see the light and do the same, and our cause will spread across the nation.

      • They also want the manufacturers to “adopt policies” (i.e. lip service) that lean on retailers to stop selling guns to anyone under 21 (never mind that you have to get a permit from the state to buy a gun in the first place), and retailers to refuse to sell “assault weapons” etc al all, much less to anyone under 21. I assume that Glock will be unaffected by these new rules, since they do not sell “assault weapons,” but it may impact the manufacturers of the long guns purchased by NJ police forces.

    • We’re on the same wavelength here. I am a taxpayer, so that means the government’s guns were bought, in some small proportion at least, with MY money.

      In that context, I’m 100% behind the idea of buybacks. Some of those guns were bought with my tax $. Therefore they are rightfully mine…and I want them back.

  4. If that’s what they want gun and ammunition manufacturers and retailers should stand together refuse to sell any firearms and ammunition to all NJ law enforcement.

  5. New Jersey doesn’t have a bad business climate. It’s just that the folks who forget to pay the “cement tax” or kick something up to the boys in waste management are…”unlucky”…

  6. “Shall not be infringed”. Seems like the gov’t is infringing on the business of gun companies/dealers by infinging on their dealings. Someone should file suit against them on that.

    • It’s so far beyond filing suites. Nothing in the legal sense will help. We wish it would, and we want to believe there is still hope… but there is none. They got tired of taking small bits and started taking big chunks, now they want it all, and nothing short of a war will stop it.

  7. EVERY gun and/or ammo company should refuse to sell to these pos Joizy idiot’s. They won’t(Glock?!?). Keep that in mind when you patronize those quislings😫

    • Never heard glock mention anything except glock. As a company they are pretty silent on the 2A. However, admittedly, I ignore glocks (very over-rated).

  8. How is a gun mfg which sells in bulk to a LGS supposed to do a background check on a purchase? Or am i not understanding something here.

    • Was about to say the same thing. That would leave the cops in NJ with no guns, since none of the manufacturers I can think of perform background checks. Sounds like a problem that solved itself!

    • I don’t think the State is being particularly clear about what they want. I figure it’s one of the following two options:

      1) They want gun manufacturers to publicly back “common sense” gun control. That is, gun companies should become politically active and advocate for Leftist positions on guns.

      2) Yes, you’re correct. They want to create an impossible situation and make compliance with the impossible a prerequisite to doing business in NJ. That is, they won’t make guns illegal or make selling guns illegal, they’ll make it so that it’s “legal” if you meet the requirements, which you can’t.

      In that regard it’s similar to some of the “common sense” training proposals from a few years back. Only the mega-rich folks who also just happen to possess a natural talent with a firearm can have one because the training requirements are nearly impossible to meet without massive amounts of time, talent and money. The plan was never to make things safer, it was to make it impossible for 99.99% of people to legally own a firearm.

      • “Only the mega-rich folks who also just happen to possess a natural talent with a firearm can have one because the training requirements are nearly impossible to meet without massive amounts of time, talent and money.”

        There’s an easy work-around on that – The proficiency requirement can be no more difficult than what the local police have to meet.

        And since the cops don’t exactly have a reputation for proficient use of their duty weapons, that shouldn’t be difficult to meet.

        The problem here is this is history repeating its self after emancipation happened after the civil war (1, so far). Sure, Blacks had rights, but for the majority and for the longest time, they weren’t worth very much.

        Literacy ‘tests’ and fees to pay to vote, separate ‘colored only’ bathrooms and water fountains, blacks in the back of the bus, it went on and on and on.

        We need to use the same playbook they used to force ingratiation. We must refuse to sit “in the back of the bus” when it comes to this civil right and demand they respect our rights with the same vigor they demand for the other 9 civil rights…

        • Some of us have been refusing to go to the back of the bus. However, it’s damned hard to drag the rest of the POTG along for the ride. They snowflake out on us and do their own virtue signalling. It seems to be nothing but non-stop juvenile snarks and sayings from many POTG. If they don’t fight with vigor now, they will have to fight with firearms later in a desperate attempt to secure what remains of their liberty. IMHO, they are too myopic to understand.

        • Agree. Getting louder. Sending lots of postal mail letters; going to the rally in our state capitol, Harrisburg. Sending money to GOA and 2AF. Talking to local politicians when I can. Feels like it is not enough.

        • That workaround isn’t as easy as you might think. Exactly what you said was the counter proposal out on the interwebz ~2015.

          It was in turn countered by the following: 1) Cops are a necessary part of society. (Basically an argument that they’re the purveyor of the “public good” of safety). Ergo, necessary evils are required to make sure we have enough cops because just their presence suppresses crime. 2) Cops are public employees that are effectively licensed by the “public oversight” that comes with being a cop, and they’re “training” every year. As such they’re different that someone who just wants a gun(s) and has little to no oversight, therefore a higher bar for the latter person, asking to have the *same* firearms but without the oversight can and should have to meet higher initial requirements.

          Ultimately this “training” thing isn’t a road we want to go down. Because then we’ve submitted to the concept that *someone* gets to make the decision on who is and who is not “qualified” to own/carry a gun down to very specific criteria. Once we yield that ground we’ll never get it back and due to government’s nature of growing and the fact that such a proposal literally cannot work to affect crime involving guns, the regs will get tightened over time until they exclude nearly everyone. That’s pretty much a given.

          As I said yesterday, your the latter part of what you say here is the correct way to go. Take a page from the playbooks we know damn right well to work. It’s worked for every minority that’s tried it. Blacks, Irish, gays, Asians, Catholics etc. Tried and true.

          Much as I hate the way it interfaces with “machine politics” I cannot deny the effectiveness of the tactic and I cannot suggest a better route because, honestly, there isn’t one.

        • Last night’s Laura Ingraham (9/10/19) had a gun control segment with Katie Pavlich. The take away from that segment… Women, especially suburban women are driving gun control in the U.S..

          POTG need to enlist their women to talk to these other women. Because of the political climate they will not listen to men.

          You can watch the show here (45:01) until youtube finds it;

        • @LifeSavor says “Talking to local politicians when I can. Feels like it is not enough.”

          Sun Tzu said we must know our “enemy”. Your efforts are downhill of the genesis of the Dem’s power, women. Women are the drivers of the Democratic party, especially college educated urban, and suburban women. Only other women, conservative women, can talk to the swing voters among them.

    • Jersey shore, ski-ball, come. I get it. Was the night manager for a restaurant in Normandy Beach. That is how I paid for college and grad school. During the summer, we’d finally finish cleaning by 2 AM. Then, we’d load the car with pizza and hoagies and drive up Route 34 to the bar that has just closed. Those bartenders opened the doors pretty quickly for us.

  9. Excluding people from bidding on services to govt is corrupt n illegal. Bigly.

    One hopes that The feds are looking at going after that. Restraint of trade exclusion from contracts is a long-honored hack for corrupt-o-crats to reward their clients, n bigots to suppress “those people” on the sly-ish.

    Conieniently, The Orange Crush is opportunistic, vindictive, n categorical: he’ll poke back at poseur hacks who come at “his people”, doubly if it’ll shift votes.

    I anticipate a hat trick of admin posturing, DoJ action, n The Next Supreme off this come election time.

  10. New Jersey should seceed from the US. As an ex-truck driver among many other careers, a halt to all deliveries of a few items to that state would put them back on the straight and narrow, along with avoiding all their toll roads. I have to check something out, maybe someone here knows for sure? Can $2 bills still be got from banks? Might just be time for everyone interested in keeping our Constitution alive and well to start paying for everything with them. Let our merchants know where the majority of their profits are coming from. Regardless of how it seems, we are in the majority.

  11. PLZ use ur voice to say NO to GUN CONTROL! with a few clicks! Contact Congress 202-225-3121

    To implement universal background checks, you have to create & maintain a database that would record every purchase & sale with the serial number of the firearm and the name and address of the buyer the definition of a gun registry barred by 18 USC 926(a) & illegal under the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act

    America’s Founders understood clearly that private property is the foundation not only of prosperity but of freedom itself. Thus, through the common law, state law,Constitution, they protected property rights the rights of people to acquire, use, and dispose of property freely.

    Ur Guns,hammers,shovels are private property not requiring govt permission to buy,own or sell! So UBCs are illegal & if passed would be overturned.

    • No one wants to stay in new Jersey! That’s why they’re coming to Florida and ruining it for us… they vote like their in NJ, the place they left because they hated it. Making it a $hithole here. NYers too!

    • I got out by marrying a girl from PA. Moved to Allentown and never looked back. Well, my brother and 4 sisters live in NJ, but the don’t like Trump supporters so I don’t have to visit very often. 🙂

      • And now, Allentown and even Hazelton are being overrun by the invasion from our Southern Border, committing violent crime and welfare exploitation.
        It’s pathetic.

  12. “If they’re going to adopt these gangster-style tactics to pressure firms to stop doing business with law-abiding companies that make legal products, why not return the favor and stop selling guns, ammo and spare parts, or servicing firearms owned by state entities?”

    On this, we agree.

  13. If they push hard enough all purchases will be cash with no background checks.

    There’s enough firearms for everyone in circulation.

  14. Murphy is yet another in the long line of idiotic Democrats. A legal suit brought against this measure would end it once and for all. If New Jersey has a recall mechanism in its laws, now would be good time to use it and remove vermin like Murphy from office.

    • A recall in NJ is nearly impossible even if the electorate is 100% behind it. You pretty much need the senate, assembly, and all the voters behind it. And then you have to wait for it to appear on the ballot.

  15. Here is a NOVEL concept why not punish the shooter who broke the law? (I should say several laws) instead of innocent people? Oh I forgot that would require work from the City employees (police, lawyers judges and citizens) who really do not care that much. It easier to whine and complain than helping fix the problem.
    Lastly would someone look in the dictionary or firearms dictionary and real what an “Assault Rifle” is, because you are currently trying to blow smoke up our arses with your IGNORANCE!
    If I upset you grow up or go find your safe room, because you are not mature enough for this conversation.

    No doubt this comment will be in the circular file as soon as it is read.

  16. I wonder if everybody……everybody stopped paying taxes would they change their minds?

    They can’t shoot us all..or jail us all!

    New Jersey Tea Party Time!

    Taxation is theft!

    Get off the grid & get a Allodial title & live off the land….

  17. You know how many friends and other people I know that are nj residents, just waiting to retire….SO THEY CAN MOVE THE HELL OUTTA OF nj?,,,,I stopped counting! Not just b/c of gun control, but the entire state of ignorance from the idiotic governor and the other powers that be. Hey, but he knows this, or some power that be does, b/c there is an EXIT TAX for residents who leave the great state….pay to live there and pay to leave, holy crap!!

    • Please educate me on this one. How the hell can the tax yo for leaving? How would they penalize you for not paying it when you’ve left?

      • The can and they do. When you sell the house they are at the closing table with their hand out.

        Renters avoid this so if you have to leave NJ sell your house and rent for a month. Then flee in the middle of the night.

  18. Born and raised in Long Branch. Moved to Fl. In the 70’s best move I ever made. Now residing in NC. You can conceal carry or open carry. If you care about freedoms, love your 2nd. rights get out of NJ. Come on down to NC, you’ll be happy you did.

    Or, You can stay in NJ and have the state confiscate the rest of your income through more taxes….

    From a Shore Boy

  19. “The state, which says it pays more than $1 billion in bank fees every year, could use the disclosure requirements to decide whether to continue doing business with financial firms.”

    I’d really like to know how they plan on doing this since they can’t force a bank to tell them information about other customers the bank might have, short of a warrant for an actual crime/investigation. This is protected information.

  20. It would be great to see companies cut these states off. I don’t care much how… because nobody else is getting anything done, and they have the power to prove a point by doing it. Next, we can get all the 2a states packed full of gun owners and watch the anti 2a states economies slowly die once other people start realizing that an unarmed citizenry has no power and they can’t afford to live there anymore because taxes jump 400% and all these new privacy invasive laws start coming out so they can monitor and prevent crimes… I would love to see it. I would love to see the left get everything they deserve. We’d have like 28 venezuela’s, and all those refugee’s would get denied entry to the pro 2a states. It would be GREAT! I don’t believe in rubbing an animals nose in their mistakes, but when it comes to the left side of humanity, throw that shit in their face.

  21. Been saying for years that the the gun industry should stop selling to the LEO’s and government officials of any state gov that restricts gun ownership to its citizens. Whatever the cops get, the citizens should get, no exceptions.

    Sadly, no way will Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig, or Beretta sign on to anything that affects their cashflow.

    Well, maybe Beretta.

    Glock, S&W, or Sig? Snowballs chance in hell…maybe not that good.

    • Just wondering… just what is stopping consumers from demanding that firearms companies stop doing business with governments like NJ with the threat of boycott?

      Sure, Glock might shrug and say they don’t care. But we non government types sure do buy a lot of Glocks. At some point, that’s going to hurt. We gun owners have the most direct impact on actual gun and ammo companies. Why are we not using that economic power?

      For that matter, why aren’t we applying pressure to the free state governments to copy the tactics of the Left here? If 2A friendly departments started asking whether a manufacturer supplies San Francisco and NJ in deciding to do business with that manufacturer, would that not have significant impact?

  22. Vendors should not do business with a state in such dire financial straits who feel like virtue signaling is more important than sound decisions.

  23. Not sure if anyone else suggested this, but the gun and ammo manufacturers should simply retaliate by refusing to do business with any NJ agency. If they want to be punitive, they can find some other way to police their state.

  24. I think that all distributors and manufacturers of ammo and guns should stop doing business with NJ, it will be a hard and fast way to show them you can’t just step on peoples rights without feeling some consequence in doing so. NJ is being totally heavy handed in doing these things, but it is something I would come to expect from them being a former resident. The state I live in now is seemingly trying to catch up, but the gun owners in DE actually stand up for there rights and demonstrate that we will not allow our rights to be stripped from us. Honestly we need to teach the gov’t as a whole a lesson, and we should all take a tax holiday and not provide the gov’t the money it requires to work. If the gov’t doesn’t have money it can’t operate, and WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that provide that money, WE THE PEOPLE need to take it away and take back the power!

  25. If its economics that they are hiding behind then MOVE ALL BANKING involved with firearms out of NJ into States that would welcome them such as Wyoming, where I live. They LOVE GUNS and Banks……Let NJ go into the ash heap of history like all socialist governments, let them suffer the consequences like the little emotional girls that they are( CALL THEIR BLUFF, because thats what career politicians do, they dodge weave scheme and bluff)

  26. Apparently the dumbass governor of that cesspool of a state doesn’t know
    it’s illegal for any government or in this case a state to threaten a FDIC bank to threaten a legally run business. America had better wake up and start demanding that these cronies be prosecuted when they step over the boundaries. Same goes for the 535 filthy creatures in Washington. It may already be too late to avert a full blown conflict against them!

  27. “Taxpayers are the top purchasers of firearms,” reads the order Murphy is expected to sign. “The State should not be purchasing firearms, ammunition or equipment from vendors that place civilians and law enforcement in harm’s way by virtue of not adopting responsible practices related to firearms.”

    Obviously Governor Murphy has no clue as to the meaning of the word “taxpayers.”
    He’s confusing taxpayers with tax RECIPIENTS.
    State agencies are not taxpayers. State agencies are tax RECIPIENTS!
    Yes, taxpayers are the top purchaser of firearms, but taxpayers are you, me, and other ordinary hardworking citizens who buy guns for our own household, not the tax RECIPIENTS wearing state badges.

  28. If the commie state of NJ wants to go ahead with this, then the gun and ammo companies should do what Barrett Firearms did to Commifornia. When CA banned the .50 cal rifles, Barrett refused to sell or service any of their firearms that CA police depts had purchased. So, all firearms and ammo manufacturers should stop doing business with any and all NJ law enforcement. I’m glad I moved out of NJ over 30 years ago and now live in a free state.


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