NRA Video Hits Biden, Calling Him a ‘Gun Control Hypocrite’ and Waving Permitless Carry States In His Face

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The NRA video, released Wednesday and exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, shows various members of the prominent gun rights group criticizing Biden for yelling “about taking our guns,” while arguing his “fascism” on Second Amendment rights is “in the minority.”

“While you’ve been busy stocking your fridge with ice cream,” one young girl in the video said before other members chime in, “pro-America legislatures have passed constitutional carry in 27 states with support from the NRA.”

Just days before taking office, Biden pledged via a statement from his transition team to “defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America.” However, since his vow, 11 states have signed constitutional carry legislation into law. …

“The NRA and its millions of members remain unwavering in our commitment to exposing Joe Biden as a gun control hypocrite, persistently striving to dismantle the self-defense rights of law-abiding Americans.” McLaughlin added. 

— Emma Colton in NRA Taunts Biden Over 2020 Pledge to ‘Defeat’ 2A Group, Mocks Him Over Ice Cream




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  1. Biden armed the Taliban, without any background checks. He is not serious about gun violence prevention.

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    • GREAT COMMENT!! Has Biden ever held a pistol or fired one at a range? My guess is he has not. Let us not forget his “advice” while he was playing VP that if one’s house is being broken into he/she should fire a shotgun out a window and that will frighten thugs away.

  2. Again…The only firearm on earth Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe needs to be concerned about is the firearm his son hunter lied on a 4473 to purchase and along with his deceased brother’s wife threw said firearm in a dumpster located close to a school…

    Actually daily Gun Control threats are distractions so the Rats can congregate and figure out a way to steal 24.

  3. He swore an oath to uphold the constitution several times, then actively worked to subvert that which he swore to protect.

    Might ride to the level of seditious conspiracy even. Remember seditious conspiracy is when a group of people (democrat lawmakers) plot to overthrow the government or use force “to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States.”

    • “Might ride to the level of seditious conspiracy even“

      Here’s the real thing…

      “The conviction of Tarrio is especially significant, even though he was not in Washington on January 6. According to the indictment, the Proud Boys leader helped to create a command structure within the Proud Boys in the lead up to January 6.

      Text and Signal messages highlighted in the indictment suggest that Tarrio was preparing for a “revolution,” and reviewed documents that set forth a plan to occupy a few “crucial buildings” in Washington, including House and Senate office buildings around the Capitol.

      Tarrio was arrested on January 4 for bringing high-capacity rifle magazines to DC and ordered to leave the city.

      During the trial, using messages and videos posted by the defendants and other members of the group, prosecutors laid out the case that the Proud Boys, animated by Trump and his election lies after the 2020 defeat, began calling for violence and revolution against the incoming Biden presidency.“

    • How is that screwing “us” over? Seems more like calling slow joe out for being the assclown.
      The nra sure has problems, wlp has got to go but this seems appropriate to me, what did i miss?

      • You may or may not have missed the point that under this administration the FBI and DOJ are in Zidens pocket “or at least the bastards pulling his strings”. Meaning innocent people, not so much those with deep pockets, can get royally fucked over by these alphabet agencies. We can call slow joe whatever we want but the brain dead dementia addled grifter is dangerous until he isn’t anymore.

        • Also Tired,
          The person saying “Come take them” at the end is only going to get a negative response from those wielding the police power at this point in time. We do not have a justice system right now that is equal in any way

        • I thought we were talking about the nra, not exactly one of the alphabet agencies, although I guess sometimes that may be debatable.
          Your right about the two tierd unjustice system, but everyone is equal when theres incoming lead.

      • I am talking about the NRA Tired! Damnit! sometimes I wish that I could converse in person with my fellow POTG!

  4. Wait, you mean the NRA is actually punching back?

    Wonderful news.

    I went to the NRA convention in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago. I attended the general membership meeting. (71,000 Members allegedly in attendance, and maybe 5 or 600 people attended the actual business meeting itself? That is some shameful shit right there.)

    Anyway, I had a conversation with Charles Cotton, and to summarize they are waiting to settle the New York case.

    His words, settle the case.

    Once this occurs, he alluded to the fact that Wayne is going to retire. When this happens, I will open up my checkbook and donate heavily.

    • Good news if WLP is indeed going to fade into the sunset. But I’ll wait on the donations until I see who is being groomed as his replacement. Might be another case of the “new boss, same as the old boss”. After all, the NRA leadership has supported him all these years regardless of the controversy and loss of membership revenues.

      • Depends on the size of WLP’s “golden parachute”.

        And there’s still the problem of his entrenched cronies.

    • cotton is part of the problem and he helped wlp get away with things for years.
      his words are about as useful as minor iq or dacian

    • Wonderful news! I have disliked the extravagant spending of Wayne LaPierre for years now and dropped my membership for that reason alone. The sooner he leaves, the sooner the NRA will prosper with dues again. What are the stats of those who left because of him? You and I cannot be the only ones.

  5. The only thing I want to hear about the NRA is the ouster of WLP. That said, poking the bear is never a good idea. Even if the bear deserves it.

  6. mockery of a(n illegitimate) standing prexy is seldom appropriate. the shame of it is that here in this instance it is wholly worthwhile and yet the intended target cannot comprehend the taunts.

    • You’re correct about the intended target not being able to comprehend the taunts but the evil fucking puppet masters certainly do and that outcome isn’t likely to be in our best interests.

  7. theres now something like 42 states
    that have some form
    of legalized
    open and/or concealed carry

  8. What a bunch of malarkey! That isn’t love. When I saw two men kissing each other in the 50s, my Pa turned to me and said, “Joey. That’s what love is.” I’m Professor Biden from Penn. Let me start this over again. I’m thinking of Iraq because that’s where my son died.

  9. I don’t care if the NRA is trying to put lipstick on the pig that they are. Until Wayne and his cronies are gone they’ll never see another cent of my money.

  10. The video is great but to my calculations it must have cost about $16,000,000 to make?
    All those yearly dues flooding in and this video is the only thing to show for it! I like how they take the credit for all these states going 2A as if it wasn’t the FPC and GOA who did all the heavy lifting.

  11. Lies, from the NRA.
    Our President never said he wanted our gunms, he said buy a shotgunm. Buy A Shotgunm. What other president has suggested a firearmn for the civilians of the U.S.? He even said if we the people need f16’s and nukes He would petition Congress so we could fully exercise our second amendment right and acquire those weapons of peace.
    Our President Joseph Robinett Biden is the Greatest President america has ever had no mater what the naysayers have to say. Had our President Biden had the opportunity to have Benidict Arnold as Vice President who knows how far they could have taken america.
    You can slander Mr. President all you want, it will do no good, because He is going to win again no matter what.
    The cream rises to the top.
    JB in 2024
    And screw Wayne LaPierre, LaPierre is a french word and look what they tried to do to america during the revolutionary war. Nope, they cant be trusted and neither can the NRA or any of them other gunm org grifters.

    • Actuallly, he said ‘all you need is a double barrel shotgun” and that we ned to just ‘fire it off into the air’ to scare off criminals.

      “what they tried to do to America” you mean support us with actual troops?

      • Wow, a double barreled shotgunm, President Biden is twice as good as I thought he was.
        France couldn’t support america with troops , they were tied up losing a war in Vietnam.
        Your history is off.

  12. I sure wish people would stop referring to Florida as a permitless carry state. The “concealed carry only” garbage that Desantis recently signed into law IS NOT permitless carry!!! If that is considered CC , it should have a huge asterisk beside it.

  13. Tell that to the USCCA:

    Permitless carry: Permitless carry includes constitutional carry states as well as states where an individual must meet certain qualifications, e.g., no DUIs in the last 10 years, in order to legally carry (Tennessee). Some states are fully unrestricted, meaning no permit is required for open or concealed carry. Others allow the open carry of a firearm/or handgun without a permit but require a permit for concealment.

    Florida (PC-21, as of July 1, 2023) – pc = permitless carry

    And Handgun Law —

    And US Law Shield —


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