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Democrat-led cities across America have a serious violent crime problem. They also have an even bigger homicide problem. While crime has risen to some degree in most locales since 2021, cities with Democrat leadership saw the biggest increases.

The sole exception to the cities with the highest growth in homicide comes from the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas. However Garland’s prosecutor, Dallas County DA John Creuzot, won his last election thanks in large part to a $400,000 contribution from George Soros.

Memphis, New Orleans, Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit are all been run by mayors who despise gun owners while bending over backwards to excuse and coddle criminals. What’s more, they all have Soros-funded prosecutors. In other words, prosecutors who prosecute the law-abiding for fighting back while undercharging or turning loose violent criminals, time after time.

At the same time, the mayors of these hell-hole cities advocate for endless gun control for the little people, working to ensure their most vulnerable citizens are easy pray for predators…while oftentimes ignoring those same laws themselves.

The Epoch Times has the gory details of the burgeoning homicides in Democrat-run strongholds . . .

Cities governed by Democrat mayors have seen the largest increases in homicide rates over the past year as well as registered the highest homicide rate per capita in Q1 out of 45 cities, according to a new report.

Homicide rates in 45 of the most populated American cities rose by approximately 10 percent on average between Q1, 2021 and Q1, 2023, and continue to rise, according to an April 26 report by WalletHub. Blue cities were found to have a higher increase in homicide rates compared to red cities. The report designated a city as red or blue based on the mayor’s political affiliation.

The top five cities that saw the greatest increase in per capita homicide are Richmond, Virginia; Memphis, Tennessee; Durham, North Carolina; Garland, Texas; and Washington, D.C.

Except for Garland, where Mayor Scott LeMay is a Republican, the remaining four cities have mayors who are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The highest homicide rate per capita in the first quarter of 2023 was in Memphis at 14.19 per 100,000 residents. New Orleans, Louisiana, came in second at 12.76, followed by Baltimore, Maryland, with 10.47, St. Louis, Missouri, with 9.91, and Detroit, Michigan, with 8.52…

Political Reason Behind Spiking Homicides
Gregg W. Etter, a professor at the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Missouri, blamed the tendency of politicians to seek “simplistic, one-size-fits-all solutions to complex problems” as a reason behind the spike in homicides across the nation.

Politicians offer such solutions to gain favor with political interest groups during elections, he pointed out. For instance, when faced with the issue of police using force in isolated instances, such politicians might support defunding the police rather than dealing with problematic officers.

This ends up resulting in a less-effective police force, higher response times, lower morale among officers, and an “increasing unwillingness” to engage in proactive policing, he said.  “This has left many police forces in a strictly reactive mode, only responding to crimes that have already occurred…”

In other words, folks, the little people are on their own. It’s up to us to protect ourselves, our families, and our homes from violent predatory criminals.

Tool up, folks. Learn how to use your firearms and the rules of the road for the use of force in self-defense. Also, be prudent. Get yourself some sort of self-defense insurance coverage from US Law Shield, Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network or one of the others.

With decisions come consequences. Ignoring the proven, life-saving benefits of firearm ownership can have disastrous consequences, no matter the size of the town where you live. We’re seeing that play out in real time now and it’s not pretty.


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  1. There has been an ongoing process, not just an attempt, but a process to have a controlled implosion of the American justice system. Some people are glad about it. They think the system is unfair totally corrupt unredeemable. They hate the cops.

    But I have noticed that the people who have such negative feelings about our justice system, they don’t call for the repeal of laws, that are preventing Property Owners from killing criminals dead on sight.

    The case of District Attorney Kim Garner in St Louis Missouri is just one example. What has been going on in her office is quite astounding. She has set her office up in a way to encourage her Deputy DA’s to quit. And she apparently has no plans to replace them. So hundreds of felony cases. “Minor” felonies or felonies involving rape, murder, and other violent crimes are not being prosecuted.

    “Assistant Circuit Attorney at center of latest contempt hearing resigns” video 2 min long

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  2. This nation will not heal until the democratic party is banned from public life. The assets of the dems party need to be seized and placed into a fund to pay reparations for all the damage they have done to people.

    • So you think a one party state is just what we need. Welcome to Russia, china, North Korea to name a couple. Take your pick. And I suppose you think the republicans will make good, benevolent masters. You’re an idiot.

      • Thank you for identifying yourself as a fascist leftist. I never said a one party state. There is one party with a consistent record of abusing civil rights and violating human rights. The democratic party. They are a criminal enterprise more akin to the old school German fascists than anything else.

        Any number of party’s can and do exist here. I think you’ve shown yourself to be the idiot.

      • Doing Great things for my state. No liberal/progressive democrat control and their votes are irrelevant.

    • lotta’ blacks?…lotta’ problems!…why doesn’t someone just say it without the endless excuses?

  3. “Judge calls Kim Gardner’s office ‘rudderless ship of chaos'” video 2 min long

      • It’s just amazing to see the chaos going on in these Democrat controlled cities with these Democrat district attorneys. And I know the chaos does not concern the democrats. These cities can all become Detroit Michigan from the 1990s. But as long as the Democrats are still in charge, they’re quite content with the complete destruction of their City’s tax base.

        Say what you want about the Creator producer of the documentary film “Roger and Me”. These democrat-controlled cities are going to look just like Flint Michigan. If not worse. Only you won’t be able to blame a car company. It will be the voters who keep electing to office corrupt, immoral, and degenerate politicians.

        • sometimes I think we might be better off if someone would just nuke these cities…might be doing us a favor…and the way we’re going it just might happen…….

        • I didn’t see that coming. They seemed to be untouchable. No one ever pays or gets fired.

  4. Apparently the district attorney of St Louis MO. Kim and Garner, has been attending “nursing school” since sometime in 2021. Apparently her interest in Prosecuting crime no longer exists. But she still holds the position of DA including drawing a salary for it.

    “Missouri Attorney General gives update on case against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner” video 11 min long

  5. This is they way they want it. This is the way they get it.
    I sincerely hope they get much, much, much more of what they want.

    Oh, it’s obviously the fault red states and red governors.
    Failing that it’s Trumps fault.
    Failing that it’s Putins fault.
    Failing even that it’s Eastasias fault.

    If it weren’t for all those other things, real or fictional, their utopia would definitely exist. Definitely.

    • This is correct. In a system such as ours, where we are governed by our consent, it is We the People of each jurisdiction to decide how we will be governed.

      There is no more important office than that of the DA. These are all elected. We choose our DAs. If the DA candidate’s policy is to be lenient with serious offenses and to be harsh on gun possession by the peaceable, then we voters will get what we vote for.

      These polities where the Soros DAs are elected are those with the highest crime rates and the harshest punishments for peaceful gun users.

      These polities seem to have withdrawn their support from the Defund the Police movement. The Democrats are no longer pushing Defunding. However, they have not yet rebelled against their Democrat “masters” in withdrawing support of official tolerance of lawlessness. And so, it is these voters who will continue to suffer. We can’t help them. They have to learn for themselves.

      So long as they continue to support the Democrat Party loyally, they will continue to get what the leaders of that Party decide to impose upon them. They know what they are getting from the Democrats, but they decline to react. They continue to vote to support the same policies.

      Perhaps the significant movement toward private gun ownership and carry will lead the way. When a citizen chooses to take her self-defence into her own hands, she is making a shift in her orientation away from depending on government and toward self-reliance.

      That will lead to a change in attitude toward policing, prosecution and adjudication of various kinds of crime. And change in attitude toward the expenditure of public funds; and dispensing of education resources.

    • Has lil’d put up a TLDR diatribe yet blaming those lax gun laws in other states making an iron pipeline to disrupt the ut0pian agendas of the democrat run cities?

      • He’s too stupid to realize that his ‘iron pipeline’ diatribe paints the residents of blue cities as uncontrollable savages who just want to murder, rape and rob.

        But then he is too stupid to realize he’s a fascist and a racist.

  6. I live close to Garland, shocked they have a Republican mayor. The Soros DA problem is scary as hell. Criminals get a pass, law abiding citizens get the book thrown at them.

    And not enough people care and/or cheer this on.

    • People never used to pay attention to the DAs. It was smart for Soros to focus on that. Where’s the right wing counter? I don’t think it exists.

  7. Just out of curiosity, what would be the largest “red” American cities? Top 5?

    I know that in states with conservative majorities like Iowa, or North and South Dakota, the large cities and mayors can still tend to be a bit on the progressive side. Yet Des Moines metro, Cedar Rapids, Sioux Falls, Fargo and Bismarck are hardly in the same size class with Baltimore, St Louis, Memphis and the like.

    Personally, I believe the real problem lies more in the ethnic makeup of the large, inner city core. This leads the principle-less politicians to attempt to buy them off and placate them, with the results always being the same: An endless caste system of majority “minorities” who have lived off of various forms of government relief for 5 or 6 generations, and no where else to turn. (Damn hard to try not to sound like some sort of racist today, but I am, after all, an OWG by birth, so regardless of what I’ve done I’ll have to wear the label, anyway.)

  8. The rising murder rate in Garland all stemmed from a single incident where a teenage boy killed multiple people and it’s also safe to say that the people doing the killings in Garland were they old enough to vote definitely wouldn’t be voting for republicans. John Creuzot is a man that I met for the first time in the late ’80s where he was second chair to an attorney named Mark Troy and he was representing a young man named Colin Tucker who had killed a prostitute. Iobserved him through the entire trial and found him to be an extremely competent attorney and later he was an extremely competent judge who at one point was a Republican. were I charged with a crime and he was representing me I would never feel like the deck was stacked against me. Were I in his courtroom charged with a crime and he was the judge I would have never thought that he would be unfair in his rulings. In other words I trusted the man explicitly. Then he got elected as the Dallas district attorney and the wheels fell right off of his car and he lost his mind. I don’t know what happened. He is no longer the man that I knew and trusted for many years.

  9. “Why, why were they shot in the chest???” Why not in some less lethal area instead?”

    Apparently San Francisco has gotten to that threshold. Where the people in charge are now incapable of lying to themselves anymore. They have been forced now to face the truth. Which is why, they finally have a new prosecutor. Who at least for now seems to be doing her job. And part of her job is to NOT PROSECUTE gun owners when they act within the law.

    With mass numbers of people urinating and defecating in public in San Francisco. The smell in the air and the increase in crime, seems to be what has motivated San Francisco to start to change. Perhaps the same needs to start happening in places like Chiraq or Baltimore or Seattle. The more urinating and defecating in public, the faster things will change for the better. Is this the new non-violent way to force a change. A new addition to the definition of the non-aggression principle???

    “DA explains why security guard was not charged in deadly shooting” video 3 min long

    • “Why, why were they shot in the chest???” Why not in some less lethal area instead?”

      shes delusional in her own little world, doesn’t have the slightest understanding.

    • these days it’s not “my heart”…but my wallet…that gets “left in San Francisco”…..

  10. All the people committing all the crime voted against President Biden . Its something you’ll never hear from the media, but its true.

  11. The explanation is exceedingly simple:

    Demographics who practice traditional Judeo-Christian values have a vanishingly small murder rate.

    Demographics who are healthy stable families and who raise their children to value themselves and others have a vanishingly small murder rate.

    Any guesses whether or not the above two characteristics are severely lacking (non-existent?) in our nation’s urban Hellscapes?

  12. The witch is gone!!!
    It seems when you’re going to be forced to testify under oath, about how you conducted your running of the District Attorney’s office, it was too much truth for her. But now she can go blame racizzzmm and collect a nice fat book royalty. Look for her to be on MSNDNC channel.

    “St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner resigning from office June 1” video 6 min long

  13. Take most creatures and have too many crowded into too small an area and they can and in many cases begin to try to kill each other. Dogs, monkeys, rats, and many other mammals will begin attacking each other or separate groups will form and either move out to another area, or fight for territorial control.
    Humans do much the same. Too many in a limited space, or with limited resources will go to war for that space or those resources. Toss in drugs, gangs or other criminal enterprises and you get the violence we see.
    Now, get government policies that may sound good to some group, or cater to the desires of some activist group that encourage bad behavior, or don’t at least hold people accountable for such, and now you have the problems many of the cities are now experiencing.
    There is no 1 size fits all solution. But, demanding the police actually arrest those committing violent crime, and demanding the local DA’s prosecute and convict, and the courts hand out appropriate sentences and demand the convicted actually serve the full sentence, would be a start.
    The next part would be education. And holding parents of minors accountable for their children. Little brat isn’t in school. find out why and if needs be charge or fine the parents. Mommy or Daddy gets a $100.00 fine because the 15 year old is skipping school, or gets a weekend in lock up and they may actually get involved in their kids schooling. Allow schools to enforce discipline again. Not that long ago kids were taught from an early age to behave in school or there would be consequences. And demand accountability from the schools as well.
    Next, cough up the funds to actually train police instead of getting by on bare minimums. While I support the police in most cases, militarizing and not giving the police less lethal options, nor teaching them to deal with people as people and not the enemy has not been working. I get the us versus them mindset. But it is not conducive to public relations or perceptions.
    Last Stop electing Progressive/Socialist/Marxist politicians. Those socio-economic systems have and will always fail every time people are dumb enough to try them.

    • To oldmaninAl,
      That was way too long.
      I did not read it.
      I’m certain no one else did.

      • You’d be wrong. In the time it took you to write and post your drivel, I read the entire post. He makes several common-sense points.

      • You’d be wrong then. I read it and agree with most if not all of his post .
        Posts don’t have to be tweet size.

  14. While this is all true, the left leaning mainstream media will NEVER talk about this. People like us that talk about these problems are called, “racist”, “homophobe”, “Fascists”, “Nazis”, etc.

  15. Cite your sources! You do realize Democrats are claiming the exact opposite…and so far no one has cited the sources of their data or analysis. Those of us interested in the truth are unimpressed.

    Also, be careful when comparing crimes. One locality (for political and other reasons) May have a bias that categorizes crimes differently. Such as homicides categorized as manslaughter, murder, or suicides.

  16. How much are you paid to be an anti-American, murder glorifying moron?

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