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From the NRA: “Tracy Scarpulla is a mother of three from Albany, New York. Her husband, Joe, is a U.S. Marine who has always believed in the right to bear arms. Tracy believed, however, that guns were dangerous so their compromise was one gun locked in a safe. It wasn’t until her husband phoned her one night to tell her there was an escaped convict on the loose in their area that she realized, “I have a tool here to defend my family, but I have no idea how to use it.” So she quickly set out to change that and now Tracy is a huge proponent of gun rights.”

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  1. The message is great. The production aspects stink. With all the sound effects and cut aways, looks more like a poorly done commercial than an informative piece. Some of the sound effects are so loud, they drown out the comments made by the wife and husband. Annoying.

  2. It’s like the NRA media mavens have finally started listening to our cries. Now if only they would shell out the dough to plaster every large city with billboards and have an ad on the major tv stations

    • Major cities won’t let them put up billboards, and major TV stations won’t accept their ads.

  3. I think this is a good start, but please do not take this as some bigoted comment.

    They are again showing some folks living in the “backwoods” if you will. This isn’t a family necessarily on the forefront of crime ridden streets. I feel that the anti-gun crowd will still see this as a group of “red necks” crying about their government coming for their guns.

    • I thought about that also. This video has – perish the thought – white people with guns living in the backwoods. The kids wear camo, and the mother wears clothes that look like they were picked out of a thrift shop. The production isn’t stellar. Not a good start for a libtard who feeds on a steady diet of Hollywood content.

      Still, the message is legitimate, factual, and relevant. The police are looking for someone nearby could very well be the sirens you hear down the street. Those sirens could be from a fleeing felon or felons taking refuge in your back yard, which is a particularly bad time to be armed with a scissors when a 15 round 9mm or 30 round AR would be a much better tool for the job.

  4. that’s a good piece. Nothing should scare the people of New York more than being assaulted by multiple perps. Your seven rounds are gonna go real fast.

  5. I’m guessing the wife was on board by the time she gave birth to “Remington.”

  6. I’m dealing with a similar situation with my lady right now. She doesn’t limit me to one gun, and she tolerates my home carrying, but she has no interest whatsoever in learning the ins and outs of my (our) firearms. It’s the fallacy that I will always be there to protect her and the kids, which while I will do everything in my power to fulfill that, it’s not a certainty. I’m thinking a purdy Ruger SP101 with nice wood grips might warm her up though! (If not, I’ve always wanted a purdy SP101 with nice wood grips!)

    • Those are grounds for dismissal in my book. The only reason that my wife isn’t shooting right now is because she is breast feeding.

      • I haven’t given up yet, but it certainly is slow going. I’ve picked up a few new pieces recently so I’m hoping to get her to the range in the next week or two, hopefully that’ll get her in gear. The strange thing is that when I taught her to shoot my 1911 she was as good a shooter as I was, but she didn’t enjoy it.

    • My wife gets scared by people knocking on the door or people she does not know in our yard. We live out in the boonies so she figured out quick that she wants to learn how to operate firearms.

    • When we first got married, my wife (a SF Bay area native and ex-registered-Democrat) merely tolerated my guns. She didn’t begrudge me the purchases and, even after there were a couple of kids in the house, didn’t demand that they all be locked up.

      However, after moving to a somewhat rural part of CO (which, recent silliness notwithstanding, still has some pretty awesome gun laws), she’s even more “on board”. She understands that a 911 call *might* get a Sheriff’s deputy here in 5 minutes. She has no problem with me carrying. She has no problem with the 1911 on my desk. She wants to learn to shoot, and has even expressed an interest in taking the state-mandated course for a CHP.

      Now I need to find a pistol for her. The 1911 is almost certainly out of the question, and I think that even my Glock 27 would be too much. I need to find a good local range where she can try out a few pistols/calibers.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about the glock 27 being too much for your wife. My wife, who wears between a size 2 and 4 (just saying she’s not big), handles my m&p compact in .40 just fine. She is also a pretty good trap shooter with my 12 gauge. I think you might be surprised what your old lady can handle.

        She carries a bersa thunder in 380. that’s only because I, like you, thought she would be more comfortable with a smaller caliber. We will be buying her something with a little more punch when the funds are right.

        • Never had a problem with my wife and guns.she asked to learn when we were dating so we could do things together that I liked ( I really lucked out). Now I have to save up for a 1911 just for her. As far as recoil, she’ll even shoot my deagle but she doesn’t like the huge grip.
          As far as protection, I had a similar incident where a dangerous, armed man was running from the cops in my area. I was at work, so I called her to let her know to get her glock and home carry. The police got the Guy, I had piece of mind, and my wife and daughter were safe until I got home.
          My old lady is a big believer in guns, especially after that

      • [Now I need to find a pistol for her.]
        Nope. Don’t buy her a gun, buy her a gun class. Let her pick out her own darn gun. I average half-a-dozen women a year who’s SO picked out a gun for them. Usually six of them get it wrong.
        Had a father who was dithering between a .38 and a .380 for his dainty daughter. After she took a couple of classes, where I had her shoot a variety of guns, she fell for my Colt Government Model. This petite goth girl bought herself a Kimber .45, and outscored her Marine Corps father in the CHL test. Almost had to pick him up off the deck.
        Oh, and I’ve been teaching 30 years, but if my wife wants a shooting class I know who I’m sending her to. Mama didn’t raise no fool.

  7. I hate the heavy-handed, overly dramatic music in all of these videos. They remind me of the “scare tactic” videos used by the anti’s.

  8. What bloomjerk can’t stop is her talking to other women about how she is not a victim anymore. This is what it takes because of media blacklisting, Randy

  9. This is a great article. Its intent is to show how someone who has no knowledge of guns finally realized that (1) 911 is the governments dial a prayer. (2) Guns are not evil. (3) You as a citizen should take responsibility for your safety and not rely on the government.
    As for those who want to teach your family I would suggest that you have an independent NRA instructor teach them how to shoot. Also please do not think that the family member may be ok with your dream gun. Let them find the gun they are comfortable with. That way they will enjoy shooting it. As their confidence grows let them try your guns. But let them do it at their pace.
    Semper Fi

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