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The New York lawsuit follows similar action the NRA took in Northern California, where it sued several cities including San Jose for ordering gun stores to close.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, said before the lawsuit was filed that she’d defend the state’s decision.

New York’s take on what’s essential is at odds with the Trump administration, according to the complaint. On March 28, the Department of Homeland Security issued a list of critical infrastructure, including: “Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges,” the NRA said. The gun-rights organization also says that law enforcement may not be sufficient to protect citizens during the crisis.

New Yorkers “have read about the release of thousands of prisoners by state officials, and they are concerned about the ability of police forces to maintain order when officers fear contact with COVID-19 or have fallen ill themselves,” the complaint says.

– Erik Larson in NRA Sues New York State Governor Over Closure of Gun Stores

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    • Absolutely. The guy is the most anti-freedom elected official I’ve ever seen, and that includes a LOT of leftists who are pretty dang anti-freedom. he a mobster who needs to be shown the door. FUAC.

      • Most people dont realize that the tiny spec of area called NYC controls the entire state, 57 of 62 counties rabidly opposed his un- safe act. There are millions of conservative gun owning patriots in NY that despise this person known as monkey face.

      • Because smeared with honey and staked out naked over a fire ant mound in the summer heat is considered cruelty to fire ants?

  1. What you’d expect from a dumbazz democrat who said, “You don’t need 10 rounds to kill a deeaaarrr.” This kind of mindset is not capable of leadership especially in a crisis situation.
    Only a useful idiot would support a self serving ratbassturd who has armed security and tramples the Second Amendment by closing gun stores to citizens.

    • You’re forgetting some of his other classic quotes. I can’t remember them verbatim but I’ll paraphrase as best as I can:

      “Registration and confiscation (of ‘assault weapons’) is always an option”

      “These pro traditional marriage, pro assault rifle, pro right to life extreme conservatives have no place in New York”

      “New York City is the capitol of the world”

      “We’re not gonna make American great again. It was never that great”

      • Personally, I *loved* “registration and confiscation”, as a complete confirmation of the real purpose of registration, which everybody knows but the left thinks they are being really sly about. The *ONLY* purpose of registration is confiscation. And always has been, regardless of the lies.

    • He would be an excellent replacement, electoral wise. Joe Biden might as well be dead for all we know- cuomo is a master of putting on a windbreaker and pretending to lead in a crisis.

      Of course the reality is that the crisis is largely of his own making because he was as late to the party as Trump was in preparing, but people forget that…

  2. In Massachusetts they also closed all shooting ranges closed in addition to gun stores, get this — for the safety of police and first responders and domestic violence victims. Such an unbelievably insulting statement against law-abiding Americans is par for the course in Massachusetts. Closing shooting ranges including open-air outdoor ranges but leaving the pot dispensaries and liquor stores open, for public safety…

    The state has also declined to extend FIDs/LTCs by 90 days, despite extending other types of licenses. Many towns are also declining to process renewals of expiring licenses. But the state requires you to have a valid non-expired permit to own firearms or risk being a felon.
    So the state can decline to extend your license, decline to renew it, but still require you to have a non-expired FID under penalty of law!
    Paul Revere may as well have stayed in bed. King George ain’t got nothing on the Bay State’s modern tyrants.

    • This is an interesting fact ^^^. Many times when pro gunner point out how regulations could be used to eliminate a person’s second amendment rights the antis clam ” Oh that would never happen”. This is going to provide evidence that yes it can and will happen. Even better the jurisdictions that keep changing there minds, shows a pattern of doing so.

      It could have an effect on future lawsuits. Depending on the judge of course.

    • Meta-In Paul Reveres day they shot the corrupt government employees, who meant the patriots harm, you guys willingly comply to tyranny. The enforcers of tyranny in your state, are exactly who the 2nd Amendment is meant to be used upon, and that hasn’t changed since the British enforcers got dropped at Lexington and Concord.

      • Massachusetts sounds suck-ass in the extreme. I knew NJ, NY, CA were bad but Mass wasn’t on my radar as being so bad. Guess I won’t buy a vacation house there.

        That said, the laws at the federal level are unbelievably onerous as well when you dive into them, import/export, NFA, etc. It’s easy for us in “free states” to assign blame to residents in places like Massachusetts but we comply with some heavy regulations as well, at the federal level if nothing else, and thank our lucky stars that our states, at the moment, don’t treat us like trash.

    • Yep, that was our rabid gun-hating woman (?) AG who tweeted out that every gun owner is a danger to first responders and likely beat their wives/girlfriends. She really thinks that all 400,000 or so licensed and severely vetted gun owners in this state are dangerous people ready to snap at any time and go on a shooting rampage.
      This is what we have to deal with here along with having a sackless RINO governor who does whatever he’s told by the 99% DemoRAT legislature. That way they can say their decisions are “bipartisan”. It’s a total joke.
      We have a case pending at SCOTUS against the AG’s edict on “copycat assault weapons”. We’re praying that it gets heard.

      • That’s about the size of it. Maura wants to be the next governor. I’m glad I was already tooled up.

  3. NRA? Weren’t they left 4 dead just a few months ago? Hell yes I’m a lifetime member and proud of it, proud of the GOA also and a life member there too !!!! We’re kicking ass boys

  4. My range in NH closed. I’m pretty posses as I’m now not going to the office and have more time to shoot.

    Oh well. Considering the vast majority of the clubs members are diabetic, geriatric, Fudds I suppose it makes sense to them.

    • If you’re super jaded and cynical you can look at this as a good thing for clearing out space at the range.

      In poorly managed diabetics and the obese the stats in the US would seem to indicate that this is lethal somewhere on the order of 700% more often than it is in healthy populations.

  5. Here in New Mexico, there is in fact a loophole. (First real one I’ve ever come across re gun purchases.)

    Gun stores cannot be open for retail traffic. They can, however, make appointments for you to come in and do the transfer for a gun you ordered online. So if the store has its own web presence, you can still buy a gun. Just call the store first to find out whether the one you want is in stock or needs to ship from a distributor.

    On the minus side, since we’re now a land of universal background checks as well as Enchantment, the gun store closure also makes it effectively impossible to privately sell, loan, etc. guns legally, since the bgc needs to be done through an FFL.

  6. Glad to see this but I won’t be giving more money until the current leadership gets out. I think lapierre did a decent job until the executive suite got to comfortable. Time for new leaders. If that happens I will gladly open the pocketbook again. Oh yeah I’m a life member.

  7. Haven’t seen much of the NRA in all this, took them long enough.
    I guess with all the suit shops closed , Wayne got bored and decided he might as well do some actual work.

    • NRA is hoping to gain new memberships from all the new gunowners that just bought the past month.

    • Negotiating Rights Away hasn’t dealt with the fact that they are toast unless they shed themselves of Wayne La Pew Pew and his entire sycophant board of directors.

  8. Great.
    Except I can’t add or remove a pistol from my NY permit until the Clerk opens up again.
    So this is functionally useless for me to be able to buy a gun I can’t take receipt of.

    And yes I know “yOu DoNt HaVe To ReGiStEr LoNg GuNs.”
    I don’t buy long guns at retail outlets. 80% lower or 3d print it.

  9. NRA? Late to the party. Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation has already fixed NJ and others. He’s the one to fix NY, and show the NRA how to get things done. Lots fewer money-grubbing requests too.

    • Wayne is to busy picking out his newest suit and didling the mistress to sue any state, he lets Alen,GOA and FPC do the heavy lifting and then claims credit. That’s Negating Rights Away standing up for members rights, let others do the work.

  10. NYC has the biggest police department in the country, and in my opinion, the best. But even the best cops are utterly useless when they’re home in bed with a fever or are carrying a potentially deadly disease. The citizens of New York State, always deprived of the means of self defense, will be deprived of its peace officers as well. The result could be a return to mid-1990s levels of crime.

    Warren Wilhelm, er, Bill De Blasio is a communist and Shamiqua or Letitia or whatever her name is a total dunce. Cuomo always has an agenda, and it’s not the public welfare. So while New York has a lot of good cops, it also has the worst governance imaginable. All the ventilators in the world can’t fix that.

    • You’re confusing NYC with the rest of the state. Lots and lots of concealed carry permits outside of NYC. The rules are different there. Not that that helps people who don’t own a firearm now and need to buy one.

  11. As a former New Yorker, one conclusion comes to me, as follows.

    The governing apparatus in N.Y.C., where I grew up and lived for a while, and in the state too somehow got the idea that The Second Amendment can be disregarded as desired. By the way, the courts are culpable too.

  12. More examples of NY authoritarianism:

    Cuomo orders shift in ventilators to overwhelmed hospitals
    – He’s seizing unused ventilators from private hospitals
    – Further into the article, you’ll see NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio calling for mandatory roundup of doctors for deployment wherever they’re needed:

    • Goebbels would be proud. And folks have wondered how could Germany become what it became, how could they let that happen. Well look at NY, MA, CA, NJ, IL, etc.

    • Yeah, I saw Cuomo threatened the citizens that if they continued to violate “social distancing” guidelines he would make it a law. Fascinating. You guys don’t have a legislature or any such thing? Just a governor/dictator who can “make” something a law? No wonder the state is so screwed up. Like Pelosi states she is going to crank up some new impeachment attempt which actually requires congressional action, while congress is adjourned. She really believes she is some manner of queen.

  13. The ultimate goal in Massachusetts is to put the gun shops out of business. 2nd Amendment, Ha! I’m sure Baker, Healey, Cuomo and others are gleeful about this opportunity. Never let a crisis go to waste.
    Order online whatever you can from your local provider of protection.

  14. The county buildings are closed so you couldn’t buy a pistol if you wanted too. No AR’s or cool semi auto’s so all you have is a lever gun and a shotty anyways. Sullivan act and SAFE act should have been tackled years ago. The NRA was silent.

  15. The county buildings are closed so you couldn’t buy a pistol if you wanted too. No AR’s or cool semi auto’s so all you have is a lever gun and a shotty anyways. Sullivan act and SAFE act should have been tackled years ago. The NRA was

    • “No AR’s or cool semi auto’s so all you have is a lever gun and a shotty anyways”

      NY’s gun laws are horrible and the SAFE Act is particularly horrible, but what you are saying here is demonstrably false. AR-15’s are still readily available in NY along with a host of other semi-auto firearms, none of which have to be registered, even under the SAFE Act.

      • Some gun with a non detachable magazine is worthless. So no you don’t have AR-15’s unless you build one illegally. Some people don’t want to go too prison. The NRA and all the internet blow hards won’t be there to pay your bills or court fee’s.

  16. The problem isn’t the politicians, it’s the idiots that put them in office. And the biggest problem is the gun owners and hunters who don’t vote. The gun owning voters out weigh the other voters! I’m sick and tired of the excuse that “my one vote don’t count”! Hunters and gun owners are a bunch of lazy asses!!!!! There are 10.4 million voters in New York and over 6 million own guns – if you can’t figure this out your just plain stupid!!!!!

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