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Dana Loesch is forced to move due to threats from violent gun control advocates.

As our friend Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit might ask, why are anti-gunners so violent and abusive? Radio show host, The Blaze talking head and NRA spox Dana Loesch gives no quarter in her support for Second Amendment rights. She can regularly be seen across your cable dial doing media hits in support of the right to keep and bear arms and defending the NRA’s stances on issues such as bump fire stocks.

But these days, that kind of outspokenness and visibility comes with a certain amount of blowback. And risk. Last night, Loesch let it be known via her Twitter feed that she’s moving her family “due to repeated threats from gun control advocates.”

Dana Loesch is forced to move due to threats from violent gun control advocates.

In the wake of the revelations about the rampant sexual predation of wanna-be NRA bête noire Harvey Weinstein, a number of women took to twitter using the #metoo hashtag to recount their stories of assault and exploitation.

But Ms. Loesch’s experience differs from the sexual harassment and physical abuse stories most were sharing. Rather than the price for a stepping stone to a promotion or a spot in the next Miramax film, Loesch’s abuse was the result of her political opinions and work she’s done for one of America’s oldest civil rights organizations.

Dana Loesch is forced to move due to threats from violent gun control advocates.

If you’ve followed her at all in recent years, you know that any potential attacker will likely be met with a significant amount of lead sent their way. She’s no shrinking violet and reportedly carries a concealed firearm daily.

Still, someone in her position has to take threats against herself and her family seriously. Will her new location be any less subject to anti-gunner doxxing than her current home? We have our doubts. Still, you have to do what you can. So we wish Ms. Loesch good luck. And we know about 5 million fellow NRA members who would likely be happy to come to her aid should the need arise.



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  1. I read this on Fox earlier this morning, poor Dana…
    But I do wonder if she was planning on moving anyway for other reasons? I’d hate to think threats were the only reason…

    • She is probably heading to the border again to do another one of those Teddy Bear and Soccer Ball illegal immigrant events with Glenn Beck. I wonder how much she got paid for that nonsense. She lost me with that stunt. Don’t talk the tough talk on your show if you cannot walk the tough walk Dana.

  2. Sooooo…. if im reading this correctly, and i like to think i am, progressives only care about women if they think like they do?
    Color me shocked.
    I doubt 90% of the liberal keyboard cowboys/girls would have the guts to look Dana in the eye if they met face to face. The other 10% better watch out. You threaten someones family, you will see a rage that hell itself would back down from.
    Be strong. Protecting you family is #1. And keep doing what you are doing. They are afraid of your strength.

    • Feminism by and large is a white girl movement where women complain about things like equal pay, how women should be CEOs without having to earn it, and free time off for making the personal choice to have kids.

      Notice how all these issues revolve around upper class white women? Modern feminism doesn’t care about conservative women, minority women, equality, etc. They are only concerned with making one section of the population more powerful. They are just as bad as the Alt-Reich in that they are only concerned with an ever shrinking portion of the population at the expense of everyone else.

      • One more thing females and the elitist white women are concerned about, Adam,

        Men touching our breasts after they’ve drugged us. And even when passing us on the street, and sitting next to us on the bus.
        You forgot to mention that.

  3. This is why a friend calls the Democrats “The Party of Peace”, a play on Islam’s claim of being “The Religion of Peace”.

    • They ARE the party(and religion) of peace. Its just that what they leave out is the part about the world being a real peaceful place, but only AFTER they’ve killed everybody…
      In their minds, the planet will be peaceful without humans. They don’t count lions, bears, crocodiles, tornados, hurricanes, etc. as violence. Nature gets a pass, only humans are violent, in their twisted minds. SO… no humans no violence. Simple, just like their minds.

  4. I got your back Dana. Meanwhile in a nearby neighborhood 2 assaults of old white folks-the old lady SEXUALLY. The lamestream media wouldn’t even give the detailed description correctly. “Short hair,medium build30’s and dark clothing. I had to DIG to discover he’s BLACK…

  5. There are legal ways to hide your residential address, or office. Doing so would then require someone stalking the person creating the “shield”. The bad part is that we, any of us, have virtually no way to be certain such threats are real, and are being launched by the individual(s) claiming the threat. Maybe Dana should announce, Molon Labe ! ?

  6. I hope Dana lives in a free state. When the government orders the police to stand down, and civilians sympathetic to the government threaten and even attack you, then you will understand why the founders wrote the word “arms” in the second amendment, Liberals.
    I hope she has gun fighter insurance.

  7. Dana lives in Texas.

    I would say these leftist fascists are merely making threats. But after that Hodgekisson guy (sp) who tried to assassinate a bunch of Republicans, I don’t know.

    • The doxing – Publicizing her home address and other personal info – is particularly dangerous. The doxer may not be willing to actually attack her but someone else will be.

  8. I heard her on her show on the Blaze the other day discussing the irony of people trying to convince her to give up her guns by threatening violence against her.

    The dude who threatened to shoot her on her front yard must have a lot of faith in Kel-Tec’s reputation.

    • I think she should publicly name every fukker the threatened her…. Facebook pages, Twitter names, phone numbers, etc…. ALL of it… Shine the light on those fucking cockroaches…

  9. Par for the course these days if you are public and outspoken on the Right. The big problem is that the private corporations that hold everyone’s information are riddled with leftists who leak information to their criminal buddies. If the military, NSA, and other federal agencies can’t stop the activist leakers and even outright traitors what hope does the average private citizen have? This kind of thing is going to get worse before it gets better. ABC, always be carrying.

  10. Sure Dana, sure. Maybe don’t go out there and deliberately inflame tensions and call people things like “godless” and maybe people won’t be angry with you?

    I have doubts about this. Too convenient to spin, and all of you are automatically crying “liberals” when it’s likely some idiot on 4chan doing this.

        • You probably believe that Aunt Nancy and Uncle Harry aren’t atheists, don’t you.

          If you advocate for an authoritarian state and against individual liberty and religious freedom you are a godless atheist. No sense in whitewashing it.

    • So Jim, what you’re saying is, don’t exercise your First Amendment rights and you won’t become a target.

      That about right?

    • When you’re not trolling TTAG do you spend your time blaming rape victims for wearing clothes that we’re “asking for it”?

      • Interesting point, hookers on the street typically wear clothes that are BEGGING for it, and they still have to troll for customers.

    • So we should all shut up and stop voicing our opinions if they are likely to “trigger” some leftist fanatic fascist?

      Fuck that.

      • If your job is to troll, like hers apparently is, you can’t be surprised when people take issue with what you say. You can say whatever you want, you just also have to accept the consequences.

        • You’re aware that threatening bodily harm to another person is a crime, right?

          Yeah, consequences for your actions are real. People voicing displeasure with you and using salty language is par for the course. However, when your free speech, used to defend another inalienable right, results in crimes being committed against you that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

        • I hardly think that rape, murder, and targeting kids is typical consequences. Vowing to call for a boycott of sponsors is a typical consequence, but the other is totally unconscionable.

    • All liberals could be jailed on the fact that they are all predisposed rapists, serial killers, and mass shooters. Look at the mentality of all rapists. They support liberalism.

        • Word.

          I’d cry bullshit, ’cause I know it’s more like 97%, but you did a good job with most of your calculations, and you showed all of your work, so +.

    • “Godless” is a nice way to describe democrats. Truth is, it’s a party of pure straight up evil. Everything that is wrong with society, and the world at large has been championed by the left.

    • She said she’s moving not bulldozing the house. Probably doesn’t want the new owners shot on their front lawn.

      • Ok gov. But what if a bunch of leftys move in. What is your wish for them? Aftet there is no shortage of violent threats against leftys in this forum.

        • Horacemann,

          People on the right want to be left alone and only consider a violent response toward people who refuse to leave them alone.

          People on the left want to force others to bend to their will and consider a violent response toward people who refuse to comply.

          Does that make it clear enough?

          Which group has a righteous basis for a violent response and which does not?

        • What u_s said.

          Plus, I wish ill on no one. However, I do find a sense of schadenfreudic satisfaction when people of ill will get what they deserve. In this particular case, if someone shows up at the new (liberal) home owner’s house looking to kill Dana Loesch on her front lawn, they probably deserve to lay in a pool of their own blood for 20 minutes reexamining their life choices before receiving God’s mercy. Regardless of the new homeowner’s political leanings.

  11. Worthless, spineless cowards!

    It’s frustrating that individuals are able to remain anonymous. They’re like thieves, stalking about.

    These threats need to be reported. Just in case Manager. Loesch is forced to defend herself and her family.

    A digital or paper trail may be helpful.

    I wish evil karma to roost upon those who engage in unlawful threatening behavior.

  12. For all her claims of harassment, you’d think she would be posting screenshots or videos of these alleged hate messages. People are terrible when given anonymity, but I have my doubts.

    • No kidding. She’s probably moving into a bigger house with all that NRA shield nonsense money. Dana: go do another Teddy Bears and Soccer Balls stunt with your weird buddy Glenn Beck. And Ted Cruz.

  13. I dunno, but if someone wanted to bump me off, I don’t think they’d call ahead of time to give me a heads up or to make an appointment.

    And if somebody did threaten me, I think I’d invite them over for whisky with a lead chaser.

    • It’s not the cowardly, threatening libtards she has to worry about. It’s the anonymous dude who learns where she lives from the cowardly libtards, then decides to become the next James Hodgkinson.

      • This. There are well funded leftists groups, the SPLC for example, who dox conservatives then wait for extreme activists to act. Here is an FBI interrogation tape of a leftist terrorist who attempted a mass shooting at the Family Research Council admitting this exact scenario.

  14. The Irony is thick in this one.

    You shouldn’t have access to weapons and I will maim/assault/kill you to prove.

    Pretty messed up – is the left.

  15. “Par for the course these days if you are public and outspoken on the Right.”

    “This kind of thing is going to get worse before it gets better.”

    “The big problem is that the private corporations that hold everyone’s information are riddled with leftists …”

    I have almost the exact same thought with two corrections:
    (1) I don’t see this kind of thing ever getting better.
    (2) I don’t see this kind of thing being limited to publicly outspoken conservatives or people on the right.

    It is exceedingly inexpensive and easy these days to build, maintain, access, and transfer databases with millions of records. Sooner or later, Progressive neighbors and co-workers will be discretely reporting you to such databases if you express “wrong views” that betray you as an enemy of Progressive utopia. Once you are in the database, they can unleash all manner of ugliness on you. And that ugliness can range anywhere from refusing to do business with you, firing you, refusing to hire you, vandalism, even brutal physical assault and attempted murder.

    I see no way to stop this.

      • Careful Jim, according to the “logic” in your comment above your snarky attitude might make people angry, and then it’s your fault if they murder you.

        • Substituting a word in an attempt to justify bad behavior and then getting technical about what word you used as a bit of a metaphor isn’t really a form of argument.

          It’s a form of deflection masquerading as a piss poor attempt at metonymy.

      • Newsflash Jim:

        It is already happening. Google and FaceBook are already discriminating against higher profile people and businesses who have the “wrong” politics. The television and movie industry blackballs writers, directors, actors, and actresses who openly promote anti-Progressive values. Universities have blackballed professors who have the “wrong” politics and in the most extreme instances have even attempted to revoke their PhDs. Small firearm manufacturers are having trouble finding financial institutions that will provide banking services for them. And Progressives have tried to shut down small mom-and-pop businesses (especially restaurants) who express the “wrong” politics.

        The trend is clear: Progressives are openly using coercion more and more to silence/suppress/eliminate their political enemies. This will not end well for either side.

    • “(1) I don’t see this kind of thing ever getting better.”

      It will begin to get better shortly after a few of these leftists and antifas get a personal lesson in the definition of “Mozambique”.

      They will either slink back to Mom’s basement or arm up and show themselves for the fascists they really are, which will just make them better targets.

      • “It will begin to get better shortly after a few of these leftists and antifas get a personal lesson in the definition of ‘Mozambique’.”

        I would not count on it. Progressive adherents are seriously over-represented in Education, government, Journalism, movie/television, and Technology (especially social media, search engine, and software application) sectors. We are talking several million people with an integral/controlling role in those sectors.

        This is the inevitable outcome when large swaths of society reject the notion of a Creator and associated standards of conduct.

    • Buck up, little camper. The left is lashing out like this because they’re losing. The Japanese didn’t deploy kamikazes while they were winning, now did they?

  16. I doubt much of it is serious. I’ve had people threaten to find/kill me on message boards before.

    That said, you never know how crazy they might actually be.

    Personally I assume the interwebz threats to be bluster. It’s the ones that don’t say anything that I think you need to worry about. Of course, getting doxxed with pics of your house and your address posted online would suck. That shit is catnip for crazies.

    • “I doubt much of it is serious. I’ve had people threaten to find/kill me on message boards before.”

      And was your actual photo, name, and employer immediately obvious and available to the audience on that message board?

      It is one thing to be an anonymous voice and get threats. It is a totally different ball game when your face and name are wide open.

      • As I said, getting doxxed would suck.

        It was attempted on me. It failed. Partly due to the fact that at the time I moved around so much that I had about a zillion addresses attached to my name. Around that time I did an SF86 which had two additional pages of addresses attached to it. They never had any information on my employment and never obtained a photo of me, at least not to my knowledge. (Not having any social media accounts makes it hard for the lazy folks to screw with you.)

        Ask me why I FUCKING HATE moving.

  17. There are idiots on all sides of the 2nd Amendment issue. Illegal is illegal.

    I bet the outspoken anti 2nd Amendment celebrities get their share of threats too. Cowardice knows no political boundaries. Anyone who participates in threats should be held accountable.

  18. Did Shannon Watts move when she got death threats? Lots of people get death threats. I don’t think I’d tell someone ahead of time that I was going to kill them. Why tell them if you actually intend to do it? That makes it a lot more difficult and dangerous. I’d bet that they were lying or incompetent. Yes, I mean I’d bet my life that they were lying or incompetent. If they aren’t, they’ll be able to find her (or anyone) even if she does move unless she quits her job and really hides. Moving will only gratify the threatener(s) (is that a word?).

    • “Why tell them if you actually intend to do it?”

      Because terrorism depends mostly on the TERROR part. The point is to intimidate people into stopping their opposition to your agenda. If this can be accomplished simply by using threats of physical harm to them or their loved ones, even if you haven’t the means or the balls to follow through, mission accomplished.

      • Telling them someone that you are going to kill them in order to frighten them is one thing. Killing them is another. Doing both is crazy, IMO. I would imagine that they are rarely done by the same person, but then again, I ain’t exactly a criminologist.

  19. Come live with me Dana. My wife will probably be upset, but she’ll just have to get used to it. I have two safes full of guns and a 185 pound Mastiff. I have a truck for your stuff too. Let me know when and I’ll come get you.

  20. Hey guys, instead of offering armed assistance, why don’t WE doxx these a-holes? It really can’t be all that hard can it? Maybe they wouldn’t like their own info shared as they do to others… just sayin…

  21. In case they haven’t made our case for us well enough, they start threatening people and their kids with rape, murder, and assorted assaults.

    “Why do you think you need a gun for self-defense?”

    “Um, look at my timeline?”

  22. She doesn’t deserve this crap. Nothing she has said or done constitutes a crime or even a tort. She’s communicating ideas. The antidote for bad ideas, if that’s how you find them, is more ideas, more speech, and vigorous engagement, not violence or threats.

  23. My gut response to things like this is “bring it”. You step 1 foot onto my property and you get one warning to leave. After that all bets are off.

    But I don’t have kids. That changes things.

    At some point these people are gonna mess with the wrong person on the wrong day. I hope there is video.

  24. I have the utmost respect for this woman. Dana, you’re welcome to sit by my fire anytime, anywhere, stay strong, you and your family stay safe. Haters gonna hate, karma is a bitch, they will get theirs for making such hateful threats. I hope their identities are revealed and they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  25. Turn around and publicly expose these perverts, Names Addresses, where they work , live, # of dependents, etc
    I’ll bet they tone down when information is public, and their facade comes tumbling down. Momma Bears usually pull out the stops when protecting their cubs.

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