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NRA "sufferer" (courtesy

The video below, posted by a Dutch comedy program and spread by a sympathetic mainstream media and Facebook, has garnered some 2.5 million views as of this writing. The sketch warns of “Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.” Are you a sufferer?

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    • i forced myself to sit through the whole thing. i may need to go bludgeon myself into a comatose state. i know ill never get those 195 seconds back, and just wish i didn’t remember using them on that. I actually felt my IQ dropping

      • So heres a little secret ferya… uneducated folks naively talk about IQ as if it tells us something meaningful about anyones intellectual capacity, while educated folks only ever discuss IQ in terms of its cultrual biases, its history rooted in eugenics, the inherent difficulty of trying to measure something as nebulous as intelligence etc. Dunces (like you : D) bray about their IQ to indicate how intelligent they are whereas interesting folks (like moi : D) demonstrate their erudition (see above donkey)

        Or to riff off Schooley D, Your IQ is so low… its so low it had to climb up on the curb to sawk the dick of a little maggot! OOHHH!! forget about it!!! : D

  1. I don’t suffer from anything NRA.

    MSM fake news / Assbook ARE THE PROBLEM. The need containment. They are directly responsible for the deaths of people from their reiteration of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lies and bs. F them and theirs.


    • Thats your ignorant intolerant attitude generally, if you dont expect it to validate your childish bigoted delusions then you stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la

    • Brilliant post except for two teeny weeny things(in addition to your tiny balls : O)…
      1.) It was not individual gun-owners of course but the government/military’s guns that fought the Germans.
      2.) It was not the US military but the Russians who defeated the German juggernaut, the US military only entered the fight during the mopping up stage.
      But hey otherwise stellar observation, you have a real keen insight into the war genius : D

  2. I wonder what the condition is called when an evil nazi regime invades your homeland and stomps a mudhole in your ass because you have a wholly disarmed populace and lack the backbone to effectively resist. Oh yeah, it’s called “The Netherlands.”

    Those who made that “Suffer from NRA” video must be from Europe’s nether-regions.

  3. Ah, nothing like being lectured by self righteous Europeans. After all they did such a good job of protecting their own citizens from threats from Germany and the old USSR. Even now the threat from Islam is looming, but go ahead and make fun of us.

  4. Actually, I thought it was pretty funny…
    ( I’m old, my two safes have overflowed, I live in Texas. I have several NFA items and we’ve been through this so many times. Stay alert and be ready.)
    If you need a Dutchman to admire, Max Verstappen in F1 is worth rooting for.

  5. I won’t begrudge the Europeans their ignorant comedy. I feel very sorry for Europe. In thirty years, there will be a white European refugee crisis. It will be heartbreaking.

    • Mexicans and Muslims both come from societies that hate individual gun ownership.
      The white Europeans are the same way. Why should they or anyone be allowed to come here if they don’t support the American way of life???

      Poland, the Hungarians and Czechoslovakia I think they’ll be okay. They want to defend their borders. The other open border suicidal Europeans should not be allowed to come here.

  6. As a Californian who was not old enough to vote when 90% of our worst legislation was passed, yes, I do suffer from NRA, or their lack of commitment to my rights. But hey, keep throwing those banquets, patting yourselves on the back, and bargaining away gun rights to protect the industry giants that pay for all those banquets.

    • If only they could manufacture several million pro-gun voters out of thin air, California might not be in the shape it’s in for much longer. Until that day comes, there isn’t a whole lot they can do.

  7. Lighten up people, it’s called comedy, satire. Check out Jim Jeffries on Gun Control, it’s hilarious. He sums it up best. We gun owners have one argument and one only…….Fuck Off, I like Guns! He is a Comedian, he’s funny. Don’t think the Video is trying to send any political message, just trying to make people laugh.

    • Except it isn’t. He panders solely to the left who would find such a statement funny.

      The fact he says there is only one argument and a stupid one as that shows he is either ignorant or knows better but is a good, little useful idiot.

      The problem is most people worldwide see the Dutch stunt not as comedy but “fact”. That is why most of the world is full of useful idiot peasants who love slavery and government despotism. They despise us because they are so insecure that a society not like theirs which embraces individualism can become the most powerful on Earth and in such a short amount of time no less.

      • He made a joke, it was to make people laugh. He has explianed this on TV when he gets challenged after his stand up. He is there to make people laugh not make political statements. People take things so literally. The more gun owners who rise to bait like this make things worse. You are feeding the left. 400 million guns and counting. Do you honestly think that the Government have a snowballs chance in hell of confiscating them? If they can’t figure out how to get the guns off the streets in Chicago, how do you think they will fair on a State wide program? The cost and the logistics would be a nightmare. Absolutely protect the 2a, but take time to educate the people who do not know anything about guns or why people enjoying shooting as a sport. We regularly laugh on here when some ‘Expert’ comes up with some plan on how to control guns. Always a laugh when the quote Australia as an example. I ask, if Australia is so safe because you took all the guns away, why then do all your cops carry guns?

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