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By Arbalest Group

The antigun mob isn’t reluctant to stoop to the lowest levels to attack the National Rifle Association. With all the scuttlebut about money spent by the NRA on its PR firm, Ackerman McQueen, anti-gun groups are now using internal matters to challenge NRA’s tax exempt status.

See here, here and here for examples.

Clearly they are taking every opportunity to tear down the organization. This is why members should avoid adding to the chatter with additional public opposition to the NRA.

Take your complaints directly to the NRA Board of Directors (email them at [email protected]) and demand they answer your questions.

You can send snail mail to:

(Name of Board Member)
NRA Office of the Secretary
h/t AmmoLand News
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA, 22030

Whatever its faults, this nation needs the efforts of NRA to protect our Second Amendment, and the anti-gun left knows this. That’s why they go to the extreme lengths they do to attack the NRA; conspiring to derive ever new novel ways to destroy the organization.

Antigun groups and the press work in lockstep, attacking both NRA and the President. They are waging a constant, vicious, virulent, and insidious war against our sacred history and heritage; and are doing this in order to break the back of our nation: grounded on the precepts of fundamental, natural rights and liberties; a federal government of limited powers and authority; a nation grounded on the Judeo-Christian moral imperative; and an economic system predicated on the principles of free-market capitalism and private ownership of property.

Public attacks on the NRA by those who support gun rights will only serve to help those who oppose the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Let’s not help them in that effort.


Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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  1. Read more:
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    Would that be the same board that hasn’t listened for 30 years? Perceived?

    All organisms have inter and intra symbiotic relationships. Multicelled organisms have cell to cell communications (signalling). Single celled, such as bacteria use Quoram Sensing. In the case of the gun rights activist it’s Ammoland and other social media venues. If it needs to be talked about; it needs to be talked about, period! Your sit down and shut up approach is how we got here in the first place. It’s how freedom dies under a cloak of darkness every time, without fail.

    As far as the interspecific symbiotic relations go with the Progressives, that is of the Parasitic nature. As parasites they have the ability to attack the “WEAKEST ORGANISM” to death first. Here’s the kicker, it doesn’t matter how large the organism (organization) is either. Only that it is weak and vulnerable.

    When species are attacked by a bacteria, a antibiotic is administered to stop the organism (organization) from continuing is cellular growth and multiplication. There are differing types for gram pos and neg bacterium. Point is, if we stop the disease now, we save the organism, or even better create the new , better organism that can withstand these parasitic attacks.

    The premise of your article sucks…if the NRA has to die for what the parasitic Progressives call “Creative Destruction,” then the sooner the better.

    • As a signage worker, I can tell you that the banner in the lead photo with Wayne and friends, plus the kiosk cost about $42k to make and display. So to fly the smug mugs of the NRA leadership along with the current lie about freedom’s safest place only took the annual dues of 1200 members (who had hoped their hard earned money would have gone towards protecting their 2A rights).

      And that $42k worth of signage is now completely worthless unless the NRA intends to raffle it off at their next fundraiser.

      • Interesting Caynne. About 4 or 5 years ago I got snookered into a leadership role, and one of the things we needed was income to support our cause. We had a gal who acted super gung ho and wanted something to do, so I asked her to find one of those large format printers. The idea hit me that we could become the Constitutional/Libertarian go to people for those banners that stretch across the roads. For a certain discount we would have our customer give us verifiable intel on a Progressive group. We were going to populate a database as fast as possible.

        It turns out she was what they call a fifth column attacker, however it was clear that media has a powerful role in recruitment among other aspects, and yes it’s not cheap.

  2. “Public attacks on the NRA by those who support gun rights will only serve to help those who oppose the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    So “If you kill your enemies, they win”?

    The only thing that helps those who oppose the right of the people is throwing money into the black hole of traitors known as the NRA instead of a useful organization. Having enemies

    I encourage everyone to contact the board, but don’t expect it will work. They couldn’t remove LaPierre after he disobeyed a direct order. If they really need your pushing to exercise their legally obligated duty even after LaPierre admitted to lying to members to pass gun control (Face the Nation interview) and rampant embezzlement the NRA DESERVES to die.

    • This is just more of the manipulated sheep supporting their chosen ‘god’, in this case the NRA. They don’t know, or care, about any of the facts behind the issue. The same as any other religious fundamentalist. The true believer never cares about the truth, only about worshiping his silly ‘god’, whatever that happens to be.
      They always tell the same old tired story; The NRA is our only friend, we would all have lost the Bill of Rights long ago if not for them…etc. The really sad part is where they got that ‘information’ from. Who are they always repeating when they sing that sad refrain? CNN and the other MSM sources, that’s who!
      If you want to see supposedly pro gun men proudly singing the praises of CNN, look no further… And, yes, I’m well aware that I’m preaching to the choir. It sure as hell beats preaching at the sheep, who only know how to make bahhhhhing noises, that in this case only sounds to me like a brainless chant: “N. R. A… Is our way… we bleat all the day…… N. R. A.
      They’re just the cheerleaders. Just eye candy chanting “We’re number one!”, when their actual record might well be 1-15 like the NRA’s has always been.

    • The millennial and Z generation likes transparency and respect. They are tired of the older generations messing things up and hiding their failures. It’s offensive.

      It would be much better if things were out in the open and the older generation took responsibility for their actions. That they acknowledge their failures and change their ways for the better. This improvement will bring in a lot more youth that is desperately needed.

      Right now the older generation and the younger generation are detached. This is the fault of the parents and the grand parents. They are the ones that created the problems in American society whether it was intentional or out of negligence. Maybe before the elders die they can repent and fix the relationship and leave on a positive note.

      • We older folks certainly are responsible for at least one thing. Allowing a generation (the last 2 actually) to come of age as spoiled, entitled, unaccountable young adults.
        An important first or next step would be to better educate the, as you call them/yourself, younger members.
        Yes, new members are vital to the future of NRA or any other organization. To greet a crop of condescending neophytes with bowed heads and apologies for anything, especially circumstances driven as much by political and media driven misinformation as greed or corruption, is to me, a non starter.
        As a Benefactor Life Member of 40+ years, it saddens me to see this organization impacted by the misdeeds of a few. It angers me when sidewalk superintendents chime in from the bleachers and pontificate on the wrongs of others without offering any suggestion of a sound strategy to move forward other than to blame others and offer no solutions.

        • The leadership of the NRA (including the board members) have proven to be corrupt people. They claim to be in it for protecting the rights of Americans whilst they fill their pockets with NRA money and do closed room deals with politicians. They gave Trump a warm welcome after the horrible things he has said and done in regards to the 2nd Amendment. They pretend like Trump is pro 2A and that him throwing out a piece of paper with Obama’s name on it is actually doing something.

          I have been bringing attention to the NRA’s problems for many years. At least ten years I have been pointing out what I consider corruption and a flawed strategy. I have given out many suggestions after my critiques. What I got in return was a bunch of older white men saying bad things to me. I realized that as a younger person I could not criticize the older generation nor would I be accepted for who I am.

          I find it disconcerting that I, as a younger person, must give advice to the older generation on how to fix their problems. Most of the members at the meeting appeared to be twice my age. Would they want to follow someone many years younger than them?

        • No, they wouldn’t. To fat old men the youth of the society are only to be taken advantage of. That’s what a military draft is, the old men forcing the young to do their dirty work. They’d never follow the young. Not until the young too, become old and exploitive enough.
          To most evil men(or simply; most human beings), the only reason other people exist is to take advantage of them. Steal from them, threaten them into doing your bidding, rape and pillage, hey, all’s fair in love and war… And EVERYTHING is a war! According to the citidiots in charge, anyways.

        • As a 40+ year benefactor life member, did you object to giving the traitor Ollie north the presidency of the NRA? Oliver north, at the behest of Ronald Reagan, sold hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to the terrorist state of Iran, then lied about it. To see Oliver north as the president of the NRA is to see a traitor sitting in the senior management of the NRA. Isn’t it interesting that Obama is accused of being a secret Moslem, when in reality it was Ronald Reagan selling hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to the Iranian ayatollahs. And the man who created that plan was the president of the NRA. Makes their whole Russian connection look pretty suspicious as well.

        • Obumer is muslim.

          This site (and thread) sure has attracted a lot of 5th column troll bots recently. Very apparent that the progs have a new project attempting to destroy the NRA from within. Fortunately, these millennial snowflakes vastly over estimate the “power” of their social disease/media fad.

          Soros and Blimpberg can put ALL their $ into overthrowing America but is not going to change human nature to their advantage. FOD.

        • Minor2049er;
          I always objected to Oliver North. I objected way before that, to Foxnews hiring him at a huge retainer, and the funding he got to run for whatever it was(Governor or Congress, if memory serves), the very day he got out of the federal slammer. But, that was his payoff for taking the blame for GHWBush in IranContra. Just as the IMF ‘loan’ to Equador was the President’s payoff for selling Assange to the US. I’ll bet Assange thought they wouldn’t sell him out if the price went high enough.
          I’ve got news; For 652 million Federal Reserve Notes(note: NOT dollars!) most people would sell their own mothers, and a politician will sell both nuts a lot cheaper than that! After all, they never did use them anyway…

    • As a life member, I have a vote. If I want to change anything, I need to speak to the other NRA voters, not just send my concerns to unresponsive leadership.

      I’m sure that the Arbalest group does good work, but the idea that NRA voters should not communicate their concerns to each other in any forum we choose, but instead send them to the board to be thrown in the trash strains credibility. Just how do they think a functioning democratic organization works?

      • “…the idea that NRA voters should not communicate their concerns to each other in any forum we choose, but instead send them to the board to be thrown in the trash strains credibility. Just how do they think a functioning democratic organization works?”

        No one is advocating this, as the trashing (er, “discussion”) continues ad nauseum around here, Ammoland and other forums.

        What is not proper is to air the discussion in open public forum with instant and live, real time media coverage to the entire world rather than keep it in a closed-to-public but open-to-members forum, which would have been impossible yesterday at the Annual Member’s (got that?) Meeting. Yesterday’s session was not an NRA Board meeting where an executive session could have been entered into and then have the same disgruntled members come in to present their gripes or testimony.

        Seriously, what the Kraut people appeared to want yesterday was a bully-type shout-fest with little order or decorum. Most of those supporting the takeover on the floor couldn’t even follow the direction of the motions, discussion and voting going on- they’d have to often shout and scream for clarification because they had no idea what was being voted on. (I was seated 2 rows directly ahead og Mics 1A/1B.) The gang gathered there were an embarrassment with little grasp of decorum, let alone Robert’s Rules of Order, which is a necessity in any gathering of more than 5 people unless one happens to be in an Eastern Bloc country or Banana Republic. Not the kind of people I’d like to have in charge of NRA. They could run membership down to say, half a million over night and then down to about 20K when regular membership figured them out. They’d also eventually scare the US population into abandoning the 2nd Amendment altogether in about 3 years if they became the “voice” of the privately-owned firearms people. Can’t do that? Go to Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution… (

        The anti-Wayne/anti-NRA folks got a good and fair hearing of their grievances yesterday- they wanted to bring their case to the members and board and after more than an hour of “discussion” back and forth as provided for under the rules of the meeting, were resoundingly turned away by a vote of those in attendance, all of whom were NRA members. I’d suggest that should these protesters wish to continue their argument/discussion/reading of charges/whatever, they should book another night and attend the NRA Board Meeting on Monday, April 29. At that point the Board will be able to enter executive session as was being demanded at the Meeting of the Members. (Of course, that would also require only one of them at a time to appear before the Board in a closed session, which I’m certain the protesters wouldn’t accept.) I’m betting there will be no takers on Monday, however, because there will be no media, live TV cameras, allowance of mob rule, nor any other public outlet beyond the actual NRA membership at the Board meeting.

      • That’s an easy question. They think democracy means; “everybody shut the hell up and do as I say.” That’s what EVERY word means to evil men. They want to bark orders and kill with impunity. Nothing else will satisfy their bloodlust. Thus every word ever spoken by anybody means the exact same thing to these ones. It means; “I need to think up a good enough story to tell these stupid sheep…”.
        Just FYI, for those who may not have noticed, they aren’t good, or even plausible lies any more. Not even up to a first grader’s “The dog ate my homework”, level of excuses.
        Note that DC now annointes an unknown CIA protege as the “democratically”(despite the fact that the man was never elected to any position, ever) elected interim President, of a Sovereign nation they have no part in governing.
        As I said, not even a plausible story. Just “This is what we decree”. And here we thought we had put the inquisition and “off with their heads”, and all the related barbarity, behind us?
        Ha. Think again…

  3. I hope the NRA is not beyond repair. This infighting is showing that the members are craving a change of leadership. Out with the Fudds and in with new demographic.

    • 1911 > Glock > CZ

      We are passed the Glock generation. No doubt the 1911 generation is archaic.

    • “This infighting is showing that the members are craving a change of leadership.”

      Uh- No, it didn’t. The attending membership voted these people out of order in a resounding fashion. I was there. Were you?

    • So you haven’t noticed the NRA posts that started about a week or two ago?

      I don’t blame them for making money if they still criticize the NRA openly. Once they become just an extension of the dark order (like other sites) then I will call them out.

  4. You say the anti’s are trying to tear down the NRA….Seems the insiders are doing a fine job themselves….Just like the insiders (elected democraps) are doing to this country!!!!

    Without a complete overhaul both will fall.

    • Or perhaps it’s the La Pierre and his merry band of miscreants. They seem more interested in their wine and cigar club than the protection of the 2 nd. amendment.

      The prior tag line to “Freedoms Safest Place” was “Stand and Fight” when all Negotiating Rights Away has been accomplishing is “Kneeling and Capitulating” the members and Americans rights.
      Negotiating Rights Away wanted stand and fight, well it’s members are standing and fighting the Kneeling and Capitulating of La Pierre and his mismanagement of the organization for more than the past thirty years.

  5. What a giant load of BS. They want to hide their bad behavior from all eyes outside their inner circle.

    I would like to own some property known as a “machine gun” by Trump. I would love to have my human rights respected by law enforcement seeing that they swear to uphold the Bill of Rights. It would be nice if the NRA didn’t call for gun confiscation powers for the Democrat controlled areas to abuse.

    By the way, the U.S. was not founded on Christianity nor Judaism. Church and state are to be separate and all religions respected. Modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam are not compatible with each other. Yup, Christianity and Judaism is as compatible as Christianity and Islam. Most young people do not practice a religion (outside of worshiping the State) because “religious” people have made it unappealing.

    • “Christianity and Judaism is as compatible as Christianity and Islam.”

      Don’t tell that to the Messianic Jews or the early Christian church. 😉

      Otherwise, I agree with your comment.

    • Boy you’re stupid about faith in the U.S.
      You must have graduated from a US university indoctrination camp.
      Go find out what is inscribed into the Liberty Bell.

      Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams suggested that the Great Seal of the United States should include an image of Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea.

      All of the founding fathers (except maybe for one…T. Paine?) all believed in a higher power.

      • I didn’t say the founder weren’t religious. I said the U.S. isn’t supposed to be a Christian state. The U.S. would have been more restricted if it was founded on such a religion.

        Look into freemasonry.

        • If you don’t understand that the United States achieved it’s prominence due to it’s unique blend of Judeo-Christianity value system of it’s citizens then you are just a mindless Leftist drone.

          The importance of Judeo-Christianity to the United States is demonstrated by the fact that the Left’s primary goal has been trying to diminish it’s influence for the past 100+ years.

        • A value system does not equate to a belief in invisible space aliens who are all-powerful.

        • Just ignore the bleating sheep already. A sheep’s opinions are irrelevant to anything real, since they haven’t the slighist idea how anything works, so all their opinions are just mindless repetitions of ‘something’ that they “heard”… ‘somewhere’. And mostly they don’t even remember where they heard the BS from.
          Someone here might repeat the word: “JudeaoChristian” as many times as he feels he needs to bleat it out, but he has no idea what it even means. With no idea of what either Judaism or Christianity even are, he can have little understanding about how they differ.
          But that doesn’t mean he will stop bleating. Sheep LOVE their own voices…
          “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” -Plato

    • Have you ever read the Federalist Papers, if you had the nonsense you wrote would become apparent to even your dim eyes. Judeo Christian religion and ideals have not changed, only the people who think they are better than the religion and the civilizations that were founded on it over the past 2 THOUSAND years. Islam is not a religion that build, it destroys and takes from those that do. So your whole argument is garbage. Go read something that wasn’t approved by a Gender Studies Professor because I suspect you are a Liberal Atheist, and before you say it I am an Atheist and have a better understanding of the role of religion in society than todays so called “atheists”.

      • Look into the religion of the Jewish people. Listen to their teachings. Then come back and tell me what you found. I would be surprised if you don’t change your mind.

        Don’t forget the old testament…

        • Or even better; read the Talmud. That document clearly explains the thinking. But that would require some effort. Sheep aren’t good at that. They are really good at running around aimlessly though.
          It would appear that the only way they can muster up the effort to do anything is by diverting all power to the engines, leaving the navigation console completely unattended. Maybe that’s why they spend most of their time either aground, or manipulated and propagandized by those who can still think AND chew gum at the same time.

        • Yeah! Take that! So there! Obvious prescription for someone who has spent years thinking the question through and has come to the (obvious) conclusion that *all* religions are based on nonsensical lies from thousands of years ago: “You should spend years reading mind numbing nonsense written by MEN, not gods, force feeding yourself pure propaganda until you convince yourself that the world is flat and up is down.” Thank you just so much for your wise counsel.

      • Judeo Christian religion and ideals have not changed, only the people who think they are better than the religion and the civilizations that were founded on it over the past 2 THOUSAND years.

        Correct. The avergae idiot Leftist leaving the university today has the intensely narcissistic belief that they are a better, finer, and more wise person than anybody before them and certainly better than those slave-owning founding fathers. Makes me heave.

        • “intensely narcissistic belief that they are a better, finer, and more wise person than anybody before them”
          So, just like you then?

    • I don’t see Christians and Jews having a problem with each other at all. Islam is only compatible with more Islam, however.

  6. I am an NRA Endowment member. After the bump-stock fiasco, I contacted the NRA and individually e-mailed each NRA Board of Directors member to express my opinion. To date the only response I’ve ever received from NRA is an auto-reply. If you don’t want these discussions happening in public, maybe you should be more communicative and transparent with the people giving you their hard-earned money,

    • This^^^^ Like our politicians they just want you to be quiet and give them more money every time they ask. And after giving them money be quiet and do not dare ask for any accountability, etc.

    • You forgot to mention that the auto-reply always includes requests for money, that is “requests”, plural, since they will continue sending several a week to any address you give them, apparently forever. I have been a Benefactor Life Member since before all the automated onslaught began, or I probably would not be. And lest people think this is a criticism of NRA, be advised that GOA and SAF both do EXACTLY the same thing, I think it’s a function of modern marketing graduates, and judging the success or failure of simply everything by how much money is raised the first day, the first week, whatever. Really stupid.

  7. All the NRAs problems are self inflicted and falls directly at the feet of Wayne LaPierre!! I know we need them and as much as it pained me I still sent them my dues this year. I also joined Gun Owners Of America. If the NRA cannot get thier act together and get rid of the people who put greed ahead of all else then they get what they deserve. That’s the main problem with this whole damn country right now. The people with the money and power only want more in fact they want as much as they can possibly get!!

  8. The Globalist Elite are DESPERATE to disarm us.

    Just look at what they have done in their ‘Safe Haven’ of New Zealand. Many have built extensive underground complexes there and plan to exit wherever they are and hide in NZ until it is ‘safe’ for them again after whatever cataclysm they have caused.

    For about the last decade they have invested $billions in the NZ economy and purchased the Govt officials. This latest ‘False Flag’ perpetrated by supposed ‘White Supremacists’ was designed to cause a Govt confiscation of civilian arms to finish making NZ citizens more ‘controllable’.

    • Was curious how fast that gun control was rammed through like they were waiting for the tragedy. Not saying it was staged, but the idea doesn’t seem as far fetched as it should be.

    • Oh yes, the globally-significant asset known as New Zealand. What are those oligarchs planning to do with a bunch of enslaved sheep, potheads, and tourists? And I sure hope your cabal conspiracy involves China, because they’re the only ones buying up governments in Aus/NZ

      You might want to poke some air holes in that tin-foil hat.

  9. The former and current NRA Cronies infiltrated the lines and took to the Common Folk Audience NRA Member mics @ the member meeting and adjourned the meeting as things heated up… with the old ass fudds voting in the affirmative to shut it down.. cuz secrets they say….Votes to take it Executive Session Failed several times! SOS! Its like fighting Congress that are TOO ELITE!!

  10. “Oliver North to Leave as NRA President”
    This is currently the lead story at the Wall Street Journal. It seems like they’re bringing plenty of attention to themselves as it is. TTAG not wanting us to discuss certain topics = censorship, just like YouTube.

  11. “Whatever its faults, this nation needs the efforts of NRA to protect our Second Amendment, and the anti-gun left knows this.”

    “Public attacks on the NRA by those who support gun rights will only serve to help those who oppose the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

    The NRA supports privileges in place of rights. Its statements have hurt people in court, politics, and media. It is a Fudd factory that is complicit in infringement upon the RKBA. The left would shit itself to death if it came up against an organization that staunchly supported the actual unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. Negotiating Rights Away ain’t that organization. The NRA has been, and continues to be, a danger to liberty.

    The NRA will get a penny from me when it pries it from my cold, dead hands. I’ve said it for years and I say it now; fuck the NRA.

  12. From the WSJ
    “Mr. North previously told the executive committee of the NRA’s board about new allegations involving Mr. LaPierre personally, including a claim that the NRA chief had charged more than $200,000 of wardrobe expenses to an NRA vendor.”
    “William Brewer and an NRA board member have said the NRA board previously investigated many of the issues raised by Mr. North, and that Mr. LaPierre’s wardrobe expenses were justified given his public appearances.”

    It’s justified because he needed it?
    1. Let’s see a show of hands: how many people that don’t wear uniforms had their employer buy their clothes?
    2. How many people here would need their employer to buy their clothes if they made $1.4++++million per year??
    3. How many people here could ever imagine in their wildest dreams spending over $200k in their entire lifetime on clothes?!?

    These people think they are royalty and they will suck you dry laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Hell, I’ll go you one better! I’m going on 73, and I doubt I have spent $200,000 on clothes and automobiles (including motorcycles) combined. Maybe if we include boats. That’s quite a racket he’s got there.

  13. We don’t need egos but effort, logically sensible effort. One question I never see the left get asked for which I have yet to get an answer is a philosophical reason to disarm law keeping citizens. If they can’t give a philosophical reason there is no practical reason they can present either.

  14. Support Gun Owners Of America; they have the will and the integrity to fight for us.

    I dropped the NRA a long time ago – especially glad when I see Mr. LaPierre spending $200K of donor money to buy clothes for himself – that smells like stealing to me.

    In my opinion, the NRA has gotten corrupt and ineffectual – don’t waste your money on them.

    • I don’t know, GOA seems flaky as well. When the magazine ban in California was briefly overturned did GOA run a headline championing this? Nope. Probably because it would draw attention to a competitor organization.
      When the bump stock injunction was granted to members of FPF, did they say anything? Nope, if you had paid attention only to them you would have never known.

      • I remember hearing them mention the various organizations that were fighting the bump fire stock issue. The GOA mentioned they were taking a different approach than the others.

        Regardless of the group, the people must stay vigilant rather than complacent and lazy.

      • It’s not unreasonable for an org to not promote competing orgs. The only reason the NRA does it is because it usually had fundraising alliances with state/local groups, and otherwise it pretty much pretends it’s the only group doing anything (which is a big part of the reason apathetic NRA members so frequently assume they’re the only ones doing anything). IIRC the GOA doesn’t have nearly as bad a habit of flat-out lying about their role in other groups’ wins as the NRA, though.

        This is all petty highschool bullshit, though; it really doesn’t matter if a group is taking false credit or ignoring the efforts of others, so long as they are getting actual results themselves. We have the internet, and gun owners are free to learn the truth about what’s getting done (and fairly easily too via compiler blogs like TTAG). The NRA is failing to get results AND failing to even fight battles at this point. GOA hasn’t yet had major victories, but they are laying the groundwork for them with serious lawsuit and voter-drive activities; that’s how the NRA started out when they began doing advocacy, and at the rate the GOA is growing & the NRA is collapsing, there’ll be another big gorilla throwing its weight around before long.

        • I feel like it is evidence that the cause isn’t their mission, not saying they aren’t doing good things, but is GOA just a thing for the Pratts to do, or is the rkba their sole focus.

        • I agree with Mike V., this ALL sounds more like a business than an exercise of legitimate convictions. And since I am not a part of the business, it seems I am more like a customer (sucker) than a “member”. Including SAF, which does not seem to be mentioned often in this thread. I like their work, but get several appeals for money every week, I imagine all of the rulers of SAF are pretty rich by now.

      • GOA is not a member directed corporation. If you give them money and they spend it all on whores, you have zero recompense. You are basically giving money directly to Larry or Erich Pratt and trusting them to use it well. If you are comfortable with that, then go ahead.

        For all of its faults, and they are legion, NRA members still get to determine how the NRA is run. It is an an arcane, backward process that is difficult to enforce; but you have some power. If the Pratts want to buy a Ferrari with your donations, you’ve got zero options to protest that.

        So, it all boils down to do you trust the Pratts or not? By the way, all of this is also true for the Second Amendment Foundation, which is solely controlled by Alan Gottlieb. Despite a lot of goid work before and since, Gottlieb tried to sell us out with Schumer-Toomey-Manchin after Newtown (I’m a SAF Life Member as well).

        My advice, based on my experience, would be to never give a dime to any organization that is not member-directed. That means NRA is the only available option. And currently, you shouldn’t give them a dime either because they are corrupt and self-dealing; but you have a legal basis to change NRA.

        • Wayne blew 200 G’s on clothes for himself in addition to a huge salary; I’d say the NRA is buying plenty of Ferrari’s with the donation money already. I keep hearing that claim about the Pratts misusing GOA money, and yet I’ve only seen evidence that a reasonable (couple hundred grand) salary is the norm among the org’s owners and chief operators. Would it be nice for GOA to become more transparent & member driven as a way to enforce competence & focus into the future? Yes. Are they abusing the donations of their contributors? There’s a hell of a lot less evidence of that than there is of active malfeasance at the NRA HQ.

          It’s also worth mentioning that clearly the “member oriented measures” of the NRA aren’t doing jack shit to reign in the abuses of the leadership, nor does it appear they ever will. There’s just too much apathy from the base and influence from the higher-ups to ever dislodge them.

    • I joined GOA and the 1st piece of mail I got was asking for more money. SAF is doing good work, as is GSL. I’ll put my money there.

  15. “Clearly they are taking every opportunity to tear down the organization. This is why members should avoid adding to the chatter with additional public opposition to the NRA.”

    How about “fuck you,” Arbalast Group. As best I can tell, you’re just another worthless NYC-based media company sucking the NRA dry just like Ackerman McQueen. It sure sounds like “the lady doth protest too much” and this Arbalast outfit also has some stake in ensuring these corrupt relationships remain buried.

  16. I’ve emailed them many many times over the last seven years. I guess the lack of response proves how much they value the opinion of life members. Since they ignore the members, we need a process to remove them.

  17. If the N.R.A can dick around selling ” Wine Club ” memberships …. I can sure as Hell talk very PUBLICLY about their graft and corruption on top of their general tone deaf clueless out of touch attitude.

    GOA will soon replace them

  18. Oh look ANOTHER article by TTAG defending the NRA and telling members to shut up and hand over your money since smarter people know what they are doing. I heard this same BS in 1994 when they were putting together the Assault Weapon Ban. The NRA raised a TON of money off that claiming they were going to stop it and assured the base that it would never pass. Of course they did LITTLE TO NOTHING except talk and it of course was on the books for over 10 years. Give them your money if you want, I wised up and kept my where it does the most good, in my wallet. When I see even ONE major gun restriction removed thanks to the NRA then I would consider joining again, but the odds of that happening are SLIME to NONE.

    • Shoot, I had forgotten that! I was paying no attention to AWB, assured it could never pass, right up until the day Clinton signed it. The next morning I was at my LGS before it opened, first in the door to buy my first AR-15.

  19. In defense of the editors of TTAG they have posted plenty of stuff thrashing on the NRA and Wayne. I’m presuming because this doesn’t say it’s a paid advert that they’re giving someone from the opposition a chance to speak.

    That said, the NRA seems kinda sketchy. The TV thing is a debacle, they’ve hitched their wagon to other policy than guns and they don’t even do guns that well truthfully. There’s been no advancement of the ball down field even with 2 years of a Republican Congress and presidency which was the excuse before. What happened to the HPA, why were the bumpstock bans even considered sane and why would the NRA endorse violation of due process rights that would lead to the violation of 2A rights?

    Where Ollie loses me is that he wanted the sweet heart deal in taking Wayne’s spot after he left. That’s cringe worthy in my book as it makes him look as if he wanted personal gain not what’s right for the organization. If the dirt he had was so bad, why doesn’t he release it? Air that dirty laundry out, NY State’s going to get it anyways when they go to court. If people don’t think it’s not gonna get leaked then they’re insane.

    • “Wayne’s spot” should be cycled through people who have been Life members over 20 years and will do it for $100,000 or less. I have not seen 1.4 million worth from Wayne in all the years he has manipulated the NRA combined.

  20. Does this mean Waynes new Gulfstream gets the gold accented fixtures, or not?

    I gots to know!

  21. The NRA is ruled by a cabal of FUDD TYRANTS.
    When the six and seven figure income, so called leadership is expunged, than maybe I’ll rejoin and funnel my hard earned monies to the “NEW NRA”. Kick rocks Wayne and Chris!

  22. How long has this troll User1 been coming here with his drivel? I suspect Soros/Blimpberg paid 5th column troll. Evidently paid per word as a prolific spewer on the left’s new anti NRA pogrom.

  23. Sotomayor and Kagan appointed to the Supreme Court without a peep from the NRA . This and the endless credit card offers , nra logo’d items , and pleas for money did it for me, after being a 20 year member I let my membership lapse . The organization wastes boatloads of money . Where have they been on the “red flag” laws being passed ? Remember the article praising Harry Reid over some shooting range in Nevada , ? That was a real peach too . No thanks …

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