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The National Rifle Association has published the following announcement at americanrifleman.org.

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President/CEO Wayne LaPierre was re-elected unanimously and unopposed by the NRA Board of Directors at their meeting in Indianapolis, Ind., April 29, 2019.

Carolyn Meadows was elected NRA President; Charles L. Cotton, First Vice President; and Willes Lee, Second Vice President.

Also retaining their offices are NRA Secretary/General Counsel John Frazer; and Craig Spray, Treasurer.

Chris W. Cox was re-appointed as Executive Director for the Institute for Legislative Action; and Joseph De Bergalis, Jr., Executive Director, General Operations.​

All NRA officers were elected unanimously and unopposed.

Richard Childress has resigned from the board.

Update: the information we got that Richard Childress has resigned from the board appears to have been inaccurate.

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      • Same here, my membership is coming due so SAF gets $45 extra this year.
        I dropped to paying yearly so I could drop out if need be and it looks like the need is there.

      • It’s best we move onto the local level instead of relying on the Trojan horse that is the NRA. Those profiteers are a bunch of “Kiwis.”

        I am not some European subject. I don’t want the good old boys making me one.

      • It’s official Not Another Penny !
        Until Negotiating Rights Away is gutted of it’s swamp scum and that includes the BOD,including it’s newest 76 director,that as soon as he was appointed went swimming with the rest of the scum.

        • When the revenue drops lets see if we are NPC’s
          $0 will go to the NRA from me this year. My membership fee is due in Early June.
          Instead it was just mailed as an additional contribution to SAF and I also sent $20 each as a contribution to Florida Carry and GOA. I have never dealt with either but from what I’ve seen both are worthwhile organizations.

          If they do not start the constant request for money I’ll also join FC and GOA.
          SAF at first was calling constantly until I told them either stop the calling or consider me gone. They honored my request. I do not mind mail as they do not really send that much . The NRA has been flooding me with request both by mail and calls. I do not see the calls, only people in my phone book get through. All others go to voice mail which I can delete instead of listening to . Luckily I never gave them my email address.

          If the NRA gets its act together or NRA 2.0 arises in their place I’ll rejoin. Only bad thing is I’ll have to wait 5 years again to vote. Since my vote does not matter at this time that is not really a problem.

        • In case you are wondering how the SAF could call me if I can block calls I made the mistake of giving them the our home number instead of the cell phones. The NRA has the cell number
          I sure miss the old edit ability since I keep forgetting to check the boxes

      • GOA talks crap but has never accomplished a single thing. Might as well light your money on fire as waste it on the Pratt family’s scam.

    • The question you should ask your club, is why do they require NRA membership? Is it because the NRA pays them to, or requires it in exchange for training certs? I’ve long wondered if there is some sort of kickbackery going on in these arrangements.

      • It’s NRA grants. They give back to the local clubs and ranges much more than gets donated to the NRA. A club I was affiliated with donated approx 20k to the NRA after “Friends of NRA dinner”. Grants coming back to the club ended up being in excess of 80k. That happened several times over the years. The NRA has some problems but is a very beneficial organization. A lot of people don’t know the whole story.

        • Christ on sale; I had no idea it was at even that sort of scale, I figured it was like “we’ll give you a free seminar if you require membership.” Gee, I wonder who decides which clubs get the kickbacks & why? Yet another opportunity for kickbacks & influence peddling. Should’ve known; we already know that similar arrangements with “gun rights” groups exist, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

          I swear, every time a charity moves money around it’s a front for corruption. When they get money flowing in from enough sources they turn into money-launderers flowing it back out to whoever gives them a cut of the grease.

        • Fascinating.

          Perhaps that’s where the Russian government funds are going, they believe supporting the fellow travelers is to their advantage.

          There was a day when patriotic Americans would disavow the NRA for their secret meetings with the Russian ambassador and and other Russian officials.

          I reckon Putin’s self-hating homophobia, racism and sham christianity is more congruent with their worldview.

        • Thanks Rachael Maddow for that informative Russian Collusion piece. Keep up the good fight

        • Yes certain clubs are very good at playing the “Friends of NRA” game. Apparently it is somewhat of a secret art as they seem to be reluctant to share that information with other clubs that would be interested in some of that grant money.

      • barnbwt, the Friends of NRA committee members decide who gets the money when they have their annual state meeting. How do I know this? I was a committee member here in North Dakota for many years. Sorry to burst your NRA hating bubble but there’s no “kick backs” or shady shit that went on when we vote on where the grant money went. Although I knew of some people that applied for grants but talked sh!t about the NRA like you always do so I was voted NO to giving those a$$holes any money.

        • Excuse me, you don’t think the nastiness you just confessed to on your own account amounts to the kind of shady shit the NRA is being condemned for, here? If you do it, it’s OK? What you just described should get you jail time.

    • We NEED the NRA. The anti-gunners focus on it as it is THE organization that stands up nationally for the second amendment. They have in the past, been very conservative in what fights they take up and now we find out that it should have been much more active. Somehow the structure allows the board, to NOT be in charge and for the paid staff to go unrestrained. We the members of the NRA, need to get more political with regard to OUR organization and rain in the corruption that seams to have infected what was a great organization. As an NRA instructor for over 35 years, I have supported the NRA’s mission and as a result we have fewer accidents with firearms. It is time for a turn over of the leadership and next year, I will support those who run for the board who will stand up to the paid staff.

      • The only way to win this is to starve the beast into submission.
        If dues stop coming in they will figure out they need to do something.
        Until then, the money is flowing in so why rock the boat.
        And if not maybe GOA or SAF with additional funding can do some good.

      • “You NEED us!” has been the cry of every abusive individual or entity since caveman times using fear to manipulate victims.

        How about the NRA proves it for a change? Either by earning victory without pissing down our backs, or by dying out & letting gun control sweep the nation.

        The latter is impossible, because we all know it isn’t some bullshit letterhead that scares politicians, it’s losing elections. 5.5-100 million voters aren’t going to be ignored under any circumstances, and they can only be tricked so long. If there was a time when NRA finagling truly did decide congressional votes & presidential policy, it was long ago (like back in the mid 1930s *hint-hint*) and we have long since outgrown them. That is way too many people for some ass-douche Council of 76 to be deciding policy for without real accountability.

  1. I’m most disappointed in Colandro.

    If the NRA will not be cleansed voluntarily by the board, it will be cleansed in fire by New York’s legal system.

    • It won’t be pretty. NY is trying to blow up the NRA but it isn’t because of its poor leadership, it’s because NY wants to make sure pro-2nd organizations get squashed while anti-2nd organizations get to claim all the tax exempt statuses they want.

      • That’s correct my friend I’ve been an NRA member since the late 50s I’m currently a benefactor member .a former marine and retired police officer . Andy boy is the pits if he wasn’t a silver spoon nyc punk he’d be a little

      • It’d be a *very* Pyrrhic victory. Think about it; what’s the very first thing you’d do tomorrow if the NRA were shut down by Democrats? Cry and turn in your guns…or get angry, and decide to hook up with other angry guys willing to fight back such naked partisanship? Whatever comes after the NRA (even the actual NRA at this point) it is guaranteed to be much more distilled, motivated, and focused than it is today. The slow slide into irrelevance is what we should fear, since that what keeps people from becoming aware & motivated. Bloomberg has to rebrand his astroturf groups every few years after scandal & embarrassment, and it doesn’t make the new orgs weaker. We shouldn’t be afraid to cast off what’s no longer working (which is either the NRA leadership or the whole damn national org at this point), so long as we remain intent on redoubling our efforts.

        • What we need to fear is voter apathy and the “it doesn’t affect me” crowd. Voter turnout in the last two elections has been nothing short of pathetic. We need to find a way to get conservative voters to come out en masse, something the Democrats fear with good reason. Had that happened here in Commiefornia we wouldn’t have a rubber-stamp-for-gun-control governor. Far too many figure that there’s no chance of their choice winning so why bother voting anyway.

          Another major issue is those who shrug their shoulders at things like the bump stock ban or AW bans/restrictions. Instead they figure these “minor” encroachments are no big deal because they don’t own (or approve of) AW’s or bump stocks. What they don’t realize or choose to ignore is that this is just the thing the antis hope for, for us to allow them to gradually erode the 2A by taking small nibble after small nibble until one day there is nothing left. Then those “doesn’t affect me” types will turn to the rest of us and ask “how did you let this happen?”

          History is full of examples of what both apathy and “doesn’t affect me” lead to, and it’s never pretty.

    • Negotiating Rights Away since 1934 BOD have a fiduciary duty to the NYS and it’s members,when the state of NY gets through with them they will have wished that they had jettisoned Wayne La Pee and his fellow miscreants,if the NRA survives.

  2. And just like that… I permanently abandoned the NRA. If they can’t even clean their own damn house, then they don’t deserve our support. Double so when you real think about just how little the NRA has been involved in the grunt work of defending the 2A compared to grounds like the SAF.

    • The GOA and the 2AF do much more legally and proactively than the NRA, in some cases the NRA has taken credit for much of the GOA and 2AF’s gains in the legal system even though the NRA didn’t contribute even a red cent for the battle. That’s why my answer when someone asks if they should join the NRA is always “No” if you want to support a Gun Rights Group that actually wants you to keep what you have join the GOA and the 2AF!

      • Don’t let the schadenfreude spoil a good argument; the GOA is still largely unproven in the ‘results’ sense, because they simply haven’t had the numbers to do anything besides glom onto others’ causes until this bump stock fiasco KO’ed the NRA (I think we can safely say that now). SAF & Gottlieb have along track record of impressive wins (and a few minor but very real blemishes) despite relatively modest resources, and now we get to see if GOA can similarly rise to the challenge. They have a few lawsuits out, but that’s all, and at present I believe they are mostly giving publicity to the efforts of SAF, FPC, and of course the NRA –which ain’t nothing, especially considering how bad all of these groups are at giving each other credit where it is due.

        • We shouldn’t rely on a single savior.

          I don’t understand why Americans keep waiting for a single person or group to save them. If you want it done right you got to do it yourself. The women dressed in red know where they can be effective and they focus their attacks where it counts: locally.

        • USER1, I agree. We should have a multi-facited approach to fighting for and maintaining our 2A rights. Who can best represent us at a national level? It cannot be divided we stand?

  3. After following all that is NRA , this is that cold water splash in the face the proverbial swept under the rug all is well here it’s Like Ollie was used to be the bad guy then fuck off. It seems he’s a professional scapegoat minus the ANYTHING BAD PART OF IT!

    • Good point. “Okay, we need a volunteer to be cast out of the org and distract from the mounting scandals, giving us the justification to do nothing; volunteers?”
      North: “Pick me! Pick me! I’m great at this stuff!”

  4. When are they getting around to renaming the NRA to Wayne’s World? Never thought I would see this day. I am hanging my head in shame. Saving the 2A from the leftists has just become very, very much more uphill…

  5. OK, looks like it’s time for “Plan B”.

    What is “Plan B” anyways?

        • Nah, their moniker is appropriate in a grisly sort of way.

          You didn’t plan to be a parent so you have an abortion and are not a parent. If you have the kid, you had nine months to think about it and decided to have the kid so, you’re a parent who planned to be one. You don’t go to “Planned Parenthood” because you’re planning on having a kid, you go there because you’re planning on not having the kid. (Unless you’re going to a breathing class or something, which they used to offer, dunno if they still do.)

    • Plan B is a revision of Plan A. In gun/internet circles sometimes said to be not getting hit by multiple .338 Lapua rounds.

      I’d say that, depending on your point of view, the analogy holds here.

  6. As a life member of NRA, Plan B is supporting GOA & the 2A Foundation… and anything else that looks good.

  7. After reading all the comments on this site as well as plenty of others I’m going to have to call BS on a no opposition story.

    • No opposition in terms of candidates. It’s like when only one person runs for dogcatcher… there’s a good chance he won’t be very responsive to citizens because he has no real reason to be.

      • A two party system allows both to conspire to pass the power amongst themselves for their benefit. A single party system rules with an iron fist.

        The NRA won’t be fixed from within, they seek to destroy. Only revolution is the solution. The members must stand and fight those that tell them to sit down and shut up.

        The NRA has done a fine job keeping the American people lazy and apathetic. The NRA reeks of controlled opposition. They are so arrogant they invited Trump and gave him a warm welcome.

      • Indeed; they’d already shut out upstarts via the bylaw changes last year, we shouldn’t be surprised when there’s nothing left but incumbents to congratulate each other now (btw, a lot of the same guys decrying all the ‘disloyalty’ today are the same ones who were also making excuses for the bylaw changes)

        That doesn’t mean the meeting wasn’t heated, I rather expect there was a lot of harumpfing and “Gentlemen, Gentlemen! We gotta protect our phony-baloney jobs, here!”

  8. Meanwhile, the Alans over at 2AF aren’t fighting over who can mismanage money the fastest… I’ll keep donating to them while I watch the NRA fade away into nothingness.

  9. Oh man!! Please let the dust settle before you jump to any conclusions. If you don’t like them then don’t join. Simple as that. I am a life member. I will not give up on them just yet. Just saying.

    • No life member should, well, not unless they try to take away your voting rights if you don’t keep paying. Who knows, maybe with such a huge drop in donations, the rats will flee the ship and you lifers can finally man the sails & get things back on course (making sure to beat the rats with oars when then inevitably try to get back on the boat). I’d be honored to come aboard at that point & lend a hand; that’s where I’ve been since before last year, when I said I’d join at Life if *any* of the following occurred;

      1) Departure of LaPierre by any means
      2) Active firing of Marion Hammer, and probably also the Chief Operations Officer at this point
      3) Independent auditing of the Board of Directors ballot
      4) Election of Adam Kraut (or *any* ‘new blood’ guys once labeled “the enemy within” by Hammer)

      These seemed like simple enough requests to me, to illustrate a good faith commitment to reforming the org. I remain unsatisfied, and I expect I will remain unsatisfied (at least until Wayne kicks the bucket or goes to jail I guess)

  10. NRA members need to stay in and VOTE for a Board that is reponsive to the members. You can’t change anything from the outside. Agreed Wayne needs to go, but irregardless of NRA’s mistakes, they’re still the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. I support GOA and others too, but I’ll stay in the NRA and vote for only the Board nominees that are nominated by petition, not the hand selected ones from the Nominating Committee. If 1 million of the 5 million NRA members would actually vote, the Board could be changed ODQ !

    • Change from the membership has happened before, but it’s been a while. I have only rarely voted for a Nominating Committee candidate, but there have been very few of late. And there is a vulnerability in that strategy as well.

      “the people can not be all, & always, well informed. [. . .] if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. [. . .] the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.”
      Thomas Jefferson
      letter to William Stephens Smith
      Paris Nov. 13. 1787.

      • Should have said: “…but there have been very few *petition* candidates of late.”

        Can’t get the comment editor to load…

        • You think that had anything to do with the BoD changing the bylaws on petition candidates last year, lol?

      • That is why they wanted to close the member meeting quickly instead of go into executive session where the public will be informed of the situation.

        They must hide the truth… In darkness they operate. Secrecy is their strength. Far from the light they most go. Never toward the light, only towards darkness.

        See no evil, speak no evil. Ignorance is bliss. When the sun sets the darkness arrives to shut the mind down. They will sleep soundly for they shall never fear what lurks in the shadows. If they dare wake their eyes will be plucked from them — they will never be able to see again.

        For this is how their power survives.

  11. It’s “OFFICIAL” this Lifetime Member shall continue to withhold any further donations to the NRA until such a time that it is cleaned out from top to bottom. As a matter of fact I’m thinking it’s time to return my membership card and ‘officially” leave the organization that has done nothing for Pro 2A law abiding citizens in my state in many years. GOA, SAF, and the local Pro 2A state organizations are a much better place for me to donate.

  12. Obama got me to join the NRA. Wayne and Chris got me to quit.
    No more money to NRA while they are in there. Too much money and no unaccountably – Just like the three-letter agencies.

  13. You know, we really need the NRA right now and the idiots on the board are turning a blind eye to the rot and hurting all of us in the process. I have stood up for them for years and argued that we need them to all the people who were angry enough to quit being members, and this is what happens. They are playing right into the anti’s hands. The Liberal media is going to have a field day with this.

  14. The politburo has spoken with an unanimous and unopposed vote. NRA members asked for accountability and transparency, and got a Soviet style response. NRA members will respond accordingly.

    • Remember the Soviet style election process…
      Does Wayne still pick the nominating committee that picks the board members that pick Wayne?

  15. “…re-elected without opposition…”

    So opposition by the general membership doesn’t count eh?

    NRA hasn’t received a penny from me for 3 years now…guess that streak continues.

  16. I’ll maintain my membership just so I can vote against every current BOD member and get rid of that feckless bunch. Then maybe we’ll get some responsible leadership. Donate my “hard-earned”? That’ll be a cold day in Hell! I’ll send what spare cash I can to the Second Amendment Foundation.

    • A year or two ago the idealistic NRA members tried to change the board for the better. That was shut down and they were chastised for their attempts by the establishment. This year some of those people stood at the mic ready to pounce on those who seek to fix the NRA and remove them from power. The corrupt and inept forced the meeting to go badly so they can move it into secrecy where they would conspire to continue the con on the American people.

      This has been repeatedly happening for an extremely long time.

    • Those whom would regret will be dead from old age before they have the chance.

      The Fudd boomers are such horrible Americans and worse humans. They are why the youth won’t have nice things. Straight Kiwi for life, they are.

  17. I smell the stink of Soros / Blumberg rotten money. “Unanimous”, “Unopposed” my arse! More likely any opposition was quelled by threat or by being bought-off. LaPierre / Cox *HAVE* to be anti-2A moles within the NRA.

    • More like Ackerman McQueen. I should think that’s obvious by now. Wayne hooked up with those political hacks to funnel himself NRA donor money, and in time they turned Puss in Boots & tried to gobble him up, bones and all.

    • Had a feeling you were merely a meme…how does joining some stupid vidja game thing effect the political makeup of our society again?

      • It’s a joke. When your world is burning humor is all you got. Dark comedy helps keep your sanity in bad times.

        I guess you could say I am a member of the “meme” generation. One of the earliest. It”s one of our super powers.

  18. Wayne is the rock around the neck of the NRA. His, and the Boards arrogant refusal to listen to the membership is a disgrace.
    Membership will drop, renewals will drop, Legislative muscle is diminished, Libs are being handed a gift.
    Training programs and instructors will suffer financially. Fewer people will take NRA courses, we will drop our prices and train fewer shooters and 2A supporters and enthusiasts.
    Public perception will take an even bigger hit than it already has.
    But Wayne and Co. will keep on keepin on.

    • Huntington guy, you’re a proud Mountaineer I’m assuming. So why would you support an organization that has a Muslim sympathizer as their president in Ollie north. He wasn’t forced out because of his love for the ayatollahs of Iran, but for some sort of infighting.

      His real purpose was to continue his work for the military industrial complex, shipping weapons all across the world, weapons paid for by your tax dollars. The facts reveal that both Ollie north and the entire Reagan administration were supplying hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to the Muslim fundamentalists in Iran. So how do you justify membership in an organization run by those who are supplying our enemies with the weapons they are using to attack us?

      That’s not patriotism, that’s treason.

  19. So never mind that people have been calling for the removal of Wayne for over 10 years and even members of the board have said they would like to see someone else and he gets elected unanimously? Yeah no corruption there.

  20. Gave up on the NRA back in the ’90s. Got tired of the phone calls, the china made give away crap and the phone calls. How much was wasted an china crap and phone calls? The $$ could have been spent on actual legal action instead of china crap and PHONE CALLS!

  21. I just found out Pete Brownell is a board member, not just former president. That’s disappointing. I’ll have to remember this every time I see a deal on Brownells.

    • Didn’t Brownell setup a meeting in Russia with Russian agents and when he got back to America his company put out Communistic looking marketing propaganda?

      • I don’t know about that, but he’s a rather arch-typical Fudd. Russia’s a significant civilian gun market (believe it or not) so I’m not surprised he’s shaking hands over there, in case we ever drop the sanctions on them. What is improper is if he truly dragged the NRA along for the ride, and if any deals were made by them. We don’t know nearly enough to make a judgement –and that’s coming from someone very judgmental of the NRA right now.

        “Communist-looking” is called Russian. Describing themed gun ads as “marketing propaganda” is…an interesting choice of words. So Pete Brownell went to Russia on a marketing trip & asked his marketing guys to whip up some Soviet-looking adverts when he got back; my gawd, the collusion! Are Red Oktober and Kalshbash also tools of the neo-Soviet manipulators? Why, there’s actual Russians at those things, it’s gotta be!

        • They setup a NRA meeting in Russia for some phony gun rights organization that didn’t exist. They drank with the Russians like Bernie did; it was a great time. I think one of those Russians was close with Putin. Wayne told them not to go because it will look bad and it could damage the NRA. Then Brownell was replaced with North. Now North was kicked out after calling out Wayne in private.

          Wayne is trying to distance himself from any connection with Ackerman McQueen and the negativity by pretending he was betrayed and didn’t know anything — that people are trying to blackmail him and destroy the NRA through division.

          On Friday one of the Russian agents who setup the meeting with the NRA’s President in Russia was sentenced to 18 months prison time and banned from the U.S. for 10 years. Putin is not happy with the situation.


          Don’t tell the hardcore NRA fanboys the NRA is seriously messed up. Let’s keep it between us. I don’t want to let out at all the “secrets” yet.

    • Pete is still on the board that’s correct. He has also be interviewed that the biard has no power, so much so that they couldn’t ever change the color of the stationary.

  22. ROFL

    Why would Richard Childress resign? No, no, no! We got a good thing, brother! Stay and get paid no matter your grade. Live to see another day.

  23. Sad that the BoD sold out. Within 3 years NRA membership be 25% smaller than today and their donations will shrink by a third, and Wayne will still have a stranglehold on them. I will be part of that 25% and I am already diverting my donations to GOA.

  24. GOOD. All you paid for 5th column trolls can GTH.

    If you’re not a member but claim to be pro 2nd your whining opinions are LESS relevant than those of Barry Obama.

    Did you actually send the $ you’re saving on BRA membership to GOA or are you just talking out of your ass.

  25. The NRA needs to split into two separately chartered organizations with a firewall in between.

    The NRA itself should support shooting sports, safety, and training per the original 1871 charter.

    The NRA-ILA/PVF should be the legislative and political action entity.

    The NRA’s lawyers may or should have thought of this already. Now’s the time to act to protect the original entity.

    I’m more than willing to support the shooting sports entity but wouldn’t support the the legislative and political entity unless/until they are more absolutist about 2nd Amendment issues (and do some serious litigation against the bump stock ban).

    I’ve given quite a bit to the NRA in the past as a Benefactor Life Member but will be limiting my donations to Friends of NRA and GOA/SAF until the legislative and political action part of the NRA changes.

  26. Got a call just yesterday offering upgrade to whatever is above lifetime member for $250. Asked if I could trade my membership in.

  27. NRA is not just crooked , they are compromised from within by anti-gun swamp loyalists.

    Their long track record of FAVORING more laws and restrictions proves it.

  28. Recognizing my comments here are inconsequential at best, I also recognizance that every other comment shares the same classification. I am renewing my membership in the NRA enthusiastically, mostly so I can thoroughly piss off the anti 2A trolls posting here that actually thinks their comments matter. All of us, and especially the trolls, are as significant as ant shit.

    Be sure to enjoy those one and two man operations you are supporting, while all they do is bitch about the NRA. Nothing else. Just bitch.

    • The anti 2nd Amendment orgs are small and very successful. They actually use their money to get things done and they show up everywhere. They focus on local politics because that is where they change the culture of the entire country.

      The NRA spends very little of their money on defending the 2A. I forget the numbers… It’s very low. Shockingly low. To make things much worse, their members are not very active. This apathy allows the NRA to spend most of the money on themselves and political friends.

    • The NRA spends more money on Wayne LaPierre’s salary than on 2A lawsuits. If you don’t believe me, google the NRA’s 990 tax form for Wayne LaPierre’s salary and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund’s 990 tax form for their expenses on lawsuits.

      Remember, the money you give to the NRA today will primarily be used to recover its $60M debt, cover NRA employee pensions and retirement liabilities (e.g., LaPierre’s golden parachute – $1.2M/year until he dies), cover lavish salaries, pay lawyers, pay the inevitable settlement with Ackerman McQueen, and pay potential fines to New York State.

    • So that the best you can do, Lugnuts, is to engage
      in name calling of those whom are critical of your
      fine pro firearm organization?

      Trollers, usually do not bother with bottom feeders.

  29. Preaching to the choir. I hate NRA, not one more penny, blah, blah blah. Preach away haters. Like libs, you seek to destroy things instead of working to make them better.

    • People have been trying to make the NRA better for decades, but the older generation is hard of hearing. If you refuse to listen, people will move to using other tactics. Don’t blame them for your failures.

  30. Give up the NRA. I did years ago. Gun Owners of America is the only true, no-compromise gun organization around. They don’t pump out American Rifleman filler, they just stick to the basics: Fighting for every inch of the Second Amendment to the death.

    The NRA has always been a compromising organization. Go look it up. They started in the 1930s, the 1960s, the so-called assault weapon ban and now Red Flag Laws. And LaPierre is as rotten as they come!

  31. retired gunsmith,hunter safety instructor here. worked in firearms manufacture, warranty and private shops.
    i quit the nra in 1982 because of them bilking me out of $250. the nra used to preach gun safety and help out in the civilian marksmanship program that i also did volunteer work for. this is no longer the case.they are a marketing group for the gun industry.period!
    i recently quit teaching hunter safety after they took control over the florida hunter safety course.it used to be a free course now that the nra is in control there is a $10 fee for the course.
    i was pressured into being certified by the nra at my own expense.$35, if i wanted to continue teaching.
    i was not allowed to join several gun ranges because i refused to reup my membership.
    the nra wants to control every minute and dollar of your shooting sport time and money.
    no thanks and good riddance!!!

    • Gunsmith, thank you for the most important
      details! The NRA sure did not do the right thing
      for a firearm supporter like you.

      Shame on them. I am very glad we went with the

  32. I kinda wondered what, if anything,Ted Nugent might have to say about this whole mess; since he seems to be more outspoken on the 2nd than many of the others on the BoD. So, I punched in his name and pulled up his web site.

    If you scroll down, there is a section where it says something like ” The NRA has some explaining to do “…..or a somewhat similar phrase.

    I guess what he says, or doesn’t say , is one of the reasons the NRA is in it’s current condition.

  33. From what I can tell, a bunch of folks that have pretty much never sent a dime to the NRA are now for sure never going to send any money to the NRA. And they profess to be mad – really mad. Can’t really say why – but they are pissed.

    It appears they are pissed because someone makes more than they do. Which means they have been perpetually pissed.

    A whole bunch of them are dim-witted anti 2a democrats that want to sew anger and dissension so that their dream of a world with no 2A can finally be realized.

    Then there are those that know that if they were in charge, they could just tell everyone to kiss their ass and all would simply fall in line.

    It looks like a clusterfuck to me.

    • “From what I can tell, a bunch of folks that have pretty much never sent a dime to the NRA are now for sure never going to send any money to the NRA. And they profess to be mad – really mad. Can’t really say why – but they are pissed. ”

      “A whole bunch of them are dim-witted anti 2a democrats that want to sew anger and dissension so that their dream of a world with no 2A can finally be realized.”

      Lugnuts, I am sure that many of us had at one point
      considered joining the NRA. I certainly did. But after a final
      review of their actions over the years, decided there were simply
      better pro-2nd Amendment organization. Your leader, Pierre, has
      had this finger in the pie for over 40 years and thus we get ignorant
      statements such as yours because you do not like the criticism.

      BTW, our family, both my wife and I are proud lifetime members of the GOA.
      Sure they are not perfect but neither do they have 1/3 billion dollars
      in revenue each year like the NRA. And we shall gladly accept constructive
      criticism of them.

      Spend your money anyway you wish, but your condemnation of others as
      “anti-2nd Amendment” or so called “Democrats” is beyond the pale.

      I have little time for folks whom wish to shutdown debate because they
      do not accept their dogma.

  34. As a Democrat who does not believe in private gun ownerships, I applaud all of you who are angered withh the NRA. Many of you have come to your senses and we hope you carry this anger into the 2020 elections. Let’s put all this bloodshed to a final resting place and vote Democrat in 2020.

  35. well comrad John, I guess private gun ownership is really bad because we are not a sewer like Venezualla or England with their higher than ever murder rates that even surpass that of New York City. with knife crimes and the need to ban all knives and certain household cleaners because not having guns is so much better. and of course it allows the governments to walk all over there people like they were always meant to. so you are right, having high crime, a government that kills there own people and totally controls them and having a certain “elete” few that keep being taking care of by that government while others starve and get killed is way better than what we have.give me your address so I can send you one way tickets to a communist country of your choice.

  36. Life member, but they get no further donations from me. GOA, RMGO and other 2nd Amendment advocacy groups get my extra dollars. There’s some serious accusations made, and they haven’t been adequetely addressed nor answered.

  37. Did you ever have one of those tenacious boogers that just keeps sticking to the tip of your finger and you can’t flick it off ? you know a LaPierre.


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