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Patriot Ordnance Factory has collaborated with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training to create a limited edition rifle based on their relatively new direct impingement lineup. Taking features from the Renegade+ and the Wonder, this 5.56 NATO brings a lot to the table.

Perhaps the most notable features are built into the billet lower receiver: ambidextrous magazine releases, bolt releases, bolt catches, and safety levers. That’s awesome. You’ll also find POF’s 3.5-lb flat trigger with KNS anti-walk pins.

Up top is a forged upper filled with POF’s roller cam pin-equipped, nitrided BCG. That mates into a 16.5-inch nitrided barrel capped off with a POF Micro B muzzle brake and covered by a 14.5-inch handguard. Under that handguard you’ll also find POF’s 9-position mid-length adjustable “Dictator” gas block. Stock and grip are from Mission First Tactical.

The whole shebang is Cerakoted Tungsten Gray and weighs in at 6.3 lbs.

Only 50 will be available, and Rob seems fairly attached to this one so maybe it’ll be 49. That’s still infinitely more than the number of PD-10s available. Price of entry is $1,649.99.



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    • I know! I’m am tired of AR variants and more ARs.

      America apparently doesn’t have any good gun/mechanical engineers that can produce a firearm that isn’t based on someone else’s design. America will be stuck with the AR and 5.56 until some foreigners make something that Americans can’t refuse.

      I’m surprised that some companies still price their AR variants over $1,800. How much demand is out there for another AR type of gun? I would think by now most gun people have multiple ARs.

      • Two Dozen AR-15’s lol around the properties. Now we’re doing AR-10’s. The whole point is the standardized equipment. Each one of the 15’s mags fit the other, even one in New Zealand. Same with -10’s. Sometimes I experiment and find something that works great in design, but in reality, it’s too bulky or heavy (the new Magpul 60 or 100 rnd drums are not really practical for my wife to haul around. While the 250 rnd drum in Iraq worked well, but she struggled to get out of the jeep in rapid egress with it. Anyway, now she want’s one with pink camo .. just saying … trial and error experimenting while the basic functions are maintained is fun, sometimes expensive. Sit back, maintain your supply + extra parts, and enjoy the show.

        • The MAGPUL D60 is perfect for me. Fits nice in the middle of the gun and doesn’t interfere with anything including my shooting or my Lead Sled Solo.

          I see pix all the time of women in 3-Gun using them.

        • OMG, the fat dude in the left of the top picture! Is that the face of gun owners today? Or is it the guy on the right? Holy smokes. I’d love to see random shots of the crowd at the NRA show. Quick, someone call a PR firm. We need some serious member rebranding!

        • Snob, I’m pretty sure that’s the owner of POF; he’s a cool guy and is obviously having a good time.

        • ETA – “First picture” okay, not Frank, but a real big biggo. I sure hope there’s some camera angle lensing going on…or that guy should see his endocrinologist asap.

          I’m honestly surprised there were neither handcarts nor scooters visible; NRA show is lousy with that stuff.

      • The AR-15 platform is very hard to bypass in terms of weight, reliability, compactness, modularity, accuracy, availability, history, parts availability, armorer knowledge, and most of all affordability.
        The platform is so matured, incrementally perfected, and ubiquitous, that it should be the choice of freedom fighters in the US. Hands down.
        When the Zombie Apocalypse or (insert your paranoid disaster here) occurs…
        You don’t want to be stuck with some obscure eurotrash rifle that will not accept Magpuls, and parts are unobtainium.

        God Bless Eugene Stoner πŸ™‚

      • And yet, it’s not an AR15, since there’s probably about three springs in common with an M4 in that gun…there’s just no pleasing some people. This thing is basically an HK416 on the (relatively) cheap.

        I assume you guys complaining about boring ARs all bought Beretta ARXs, right? Oh wait, the demand was so low for those they’ve been discontinued! There’s plenty of RDBs at good prices right now, if you’re truly curious and not simply demanding entertainment from companies that spend millions of dollars & years of their lives to bring new products to market…

        • Not like an HK 416 at all given the latter is external piston and this one is internal piston (aka direct impingement).

      • Well the problem is, nobody likes change. I get the “if it ain’t broke dont fix it” thing, but when someone does come out with something new an improved or innovative it gets shot down instantly. In my opinion the Scar is a step above the current rifles on the market. By design it’s more reliable, fact. The hard part is to get the price down, but your paying for lack of maintenance, reliability and R&D. You just need to get people to remove their blinders.

        • I’m curious how you get the SCAR is better? Been issued one. Other than a folding stock. It’s a pretty meh gun. SOCOMs own evaluation showed the 16s didn’t outperform the M4A1s and MK18s

    • Me too!

      POF makes really good stuff. Well conceived and well engineered.

      Pincus, not so much. In the same class with Larry Vickers and his crap.

  1. just another version of the best looking rifle in the world:

    ar pattern
    16 inch barrel
    15 inch mlok rail
    collapsible stock
    lpvo with cantilever mount
    all black

  2. Frank is terrible on camera. I don’t know if he’s ad arrogant as he seems to be on camera, but he seems a little weird as well.

  3. As I recall, a Rifle was a shoulder fired personal weapon with a barrel length not less than 24″. Carbines came with shorter barrels. Additionally, without regard to however many might be produced, for $1600, I would expect proper Iron Sights on either a rifle or a carbine, the rear sight being adjustable for windage and elevation. Attachment arrangements for optical sights are fine, though they do not replace proper Iron Sights.

    In case anyone happens to wonder, my first “target rifle” was a Winchester made Garand that I used out to 1000 yards.

  4. 1600 dollars? I can buy 3 decent AR’s for that kind of money and have extra for MORE AMMO. You can never have to many firearms or enough ammo. Just say-in.

  5. Make it select fire, equip it with a 150 round drum, temporarily reassign I.C.E. agents to the border with orders to shoot on sight Coyotes, Cartel human traffickers, and drug smugglers, and back our forces up with Apache attack helicopters, Black Hawk Gunships, fully armed predator, and reaper drones, and military snipers, all with the same RoE’s – Shoot to kill Traffickers, drug smugglers, and cartel thugs on sight, and maybe, just maybe we can make a dent in, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and the opioid epidemic.

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