NRA Jefe to Mexican Ambassador: Mind Your Own Business

Recently, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States told the Council of Foreign Relations in New York that the National Rifle Association (NRA) should combat U.S. to Mexico gun-running by . . . sounding the alarm. “This would be a win/win for the NRA,” Arturo Sarukhan said. “They [would] ensure they are not being criticized for either complicity, overtly or covertly allowing guns to go into the hands of drug traffickers who then cross them over the border into Mexico.” Sarukhan was right: this is a win/win for the NRA. They’ve used the shout-out to trot-out every anti-government, anti-media grievance on their considerable list. Listening to this “interview,” I was kinda hoping NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre would, at some point, say “Somebody stop me.” No such luck.

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