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The NRA-ILA’s Chris Cox wants our friends at the ATF to know that the House isn’t happy with the proposed M855 ban. Here’s their press release:

Fairfax, Va. – In an overwhelming show of bipartisan opposition, 238 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, opposing the Obama Administration’s attempt to ban commonly used ammunition for the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15.  The National Rifle Association worked closely with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to gather signatures on this critical effort.

 “This letter sends a clear message to President Obama that Congress opposes his attempt to use his pen and phone to thwart the will of the American people,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Obama said he would enact his gun control agenda ‘with or without Congress.’ He is now trying to make good on that promise. The NRA would like to thank Chairman Goodlatte and all who signed the letter for opposing this unconstitutional attack on our Second Amendment freedom.”The NRA is working with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on a similar letter of opposition from the U.S. Senate.

To view the letter, along with the Member signatures, click here.

To view recent op-ed in The Daily Caller by Chris Cox on the proposed ammunition ban, click here.

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    • That’s only 54% of the members of the house. The Republicans alone have more seats and some Democrats signed up.
      Looks like a lot of Republicans wimped out on this one too.

  1. So what? Obama doesn’t care what Congress thinks. And he sure as hell doesn’t care what people like us – who he despises – think. What’s Congress going to do? Cut off funding to the ATF? The Republicans will be demagogued to death. Face it folks, we’re living under a tyranny and there’s not a thing that’s going to be done to change it.

    • Unfortunately I agree with you. Yeah they signed a petition and talked tough, only problem is they don’t have the stones to follow through.

      • Well anything else would require actually doing their jobs, instead of declaring a filibuster and going out for lunch.

    • If we only had a majority in the house and the senate…. Oh yeah. This has worked out so well in stopping so far.

    • Two words to consider: Bundy Ranch.

      Now, I don’t know the long term efficacy of that whole fiasco, but I do know the short term “optics” it presented…that a relatively small group of people CAN stand up to the bureaucracy and instigate a change in policy momentum.

      At least temporarily.

      The thing is, if you string those temporarilies together, they become a ‘constant.’

      One thing is for sure: rolling over and giving up will NEVER get rights restored. Respect is something you earn from the other guy; it’s never given freely.

  2. I won’t matter if both sides of the isle agreed for one minute on anything. Even as Presidrnt the criminal currently occupying the chair in the Oval Office will do what he pleases
    He will get away with it for now. I however wonder what he would be doing from a jail cell where he currently belongs for dido aging his Constitutional responsibilities that he has constantly ignored

    • Sorry for all misspelled stuff. I.cant edit it from my phone. But you all know what I meant I hope.

    • +1. This is what the NRA is good at, leveraging member contributions by the power of its nationwl and 50 state house lobbying, by quiet, smart education and representation of ALL gun owners wishes, indeed ALL Americans 2A rights to personal self defense.

      If you arent part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Bashing the NRA without acknowledging that it punches far above its weight, as a civil rights group, is either ignorant, or anti-gun. Failing to contribute the paltry $35/yr means you are free-riding on everyone else.

    • any center fire rifle ammo will penetrate body armor unless it is frangible. What is next 30/30 hunting ammo, 30/ 06, 338, ?

      • And the hoarders are applying for new credit cards as we speak. Johnny is 10 and can’t spell his name or write a sentence and likely won’t go to college now but by golly daddy got the last case of xm855…. Durn tootin

        • Let’s be realistic: if Johnny is ten years old and can’t spell his name yet, that dumbass wasn’t going to college anyway.

      • No, the rest of the AR & AK stuff first. Everyone knows it’s just common sense.
        Then various handgun rounds.
        The hunting ammo will be last.
        Warm up the water slowly so you put them to sleep.

    • I watched the video this morning. The odd thing was it had been reported to the ATF that subject anno would go through level IIA armor. The ATF has done nothing about that ammo but M855 is evil and something must be done.

      What BS.

  3. Nice. It’s good to see our Congress Folks pushing back on this. Curious to see if this has an effect though, as it seems the Emperor and his crew don’t care about Congress, or the People, or the Constitution. They only care about THEIR extremist agenda – because they are just so sure that THEY are right about everything (regardless of how wrong they are).

    • At the very least this letter from the U.S. House of Representatives seriously bolsters the legitimacy of anyone who goes about manufacturing, purchasing, and/or possessing the ammunition after a ban (assuming the ATF bans the ammunition).

      Additionally, this letter is pure gold if someone files suit in court. At the core of any such lawsuit will be what Congress intended for the law. This letter clearly spells that out.

    • So they signed a letter. They haven’t actually done anything! I don’t believe they will do anything either.

      • Boy some of you poster’s are just as bad as the anti’s sometimes. Why can’t you just say”great job NRA-ILA. it’s really nice to see our contributions at work! ‘ and just leave it at that…

  4. Easy to speak out when nothing you say, or write, will influence the maniacal fascists’ quest for civil disarmament.

  5. Nice. Liking it. This is good. There really is no good reason to ban M855. It’s been on store shelves for 30 years. Is not used to “defeat body armor” and pretty much 100% of it is used for target practice at the rifle range. A non-issue used to antagonize and frustrate gun owners.

  6. That is one of the best things I have ever seen come out of the House of Representatives in a very, very long time.

    Chris Cox and Bob Goodlatte are rock stars. If only the rest of our government could operate with such integrity.

  7. Read the national head of the Fraternal Order of Police has come out against the ban, says the ammo has not been a “threat” to police. That might help.

      • The problem is that there are 245 Republicans in the House and there are a few Democrats that signed that letter. So there are some Republicans that didn’t sign it.

    • Besides the show of support, one way this letter is useful is that if a Congressional representative’s signature is not on it, you know they’re a 2nd Amendment-hating snake.

  8. When I see “bipartisan support” for a bill it’s typicall all of one party and one from the other. Aparently having a token Democrat or two (or token Republican, depending) makes it bipartisan.

  9. So basically, NRA-ILA is paying their guy on capitol hill to go office to office and sign representatives up to a letter. The letter tells BATFE “We don’t like what you’re doing, but we’re not going to do anything about it”.

    What do they expect BATFE to do? Because after all, CONGRESS GAVE THEM THIS AUTHORITY.

    Instead of doing this shell game, why isn’t NRA-ILA’s lobbyist on capitol hill shopping for co-sponsors to repeal the offending 1986 law and the entire sporting purposes language that BATFE has used to beat our heads with several times since the late 90’s?

    You want to do something for gun rights, right here is your chance. SAF, NRA-ILA, GOA, NAGR love to make noise about federal issues, where’s our bill to repeal this law? Where’s the bill to get rid of sporting purposes restrictions? More importantly, where are all these groups at ? Why aren’t these bills already out of committee and on the way to passage? Why aren’t these groups who are so forward about asking for our money stepping up and using that money to effect some actual positive change?

    • I agree 100%. I am tried of these meaninless, empty gentures that our elected officials put forth to create the illusion that they are doing something for their constituents.

    • Much like the NAACP, the pro 2a groups don’t want much meaningful change. If they actually succeed in returning the chipped 2a back to it’s original state, they become irrelevant. It isn’t in their interests to do what they can. It’s all about the money.

  10. Its pretty clear the ATF activity is yet one more un-necessary Executive Action for “public safety” that has only one practical purpose, to hinder all citizens 2A rights, as yet another under-the-radar abuse of DOJ and Federal Law Enforcements power.

    Not only does his damage the reputation of the Democratic Party, as apart to another ChigoThugz bit of corruption, but creates more distrust by the citizens for all Fed LEOs, when top mgmt violates their oaths, in order to be a party, once again, to political schemes, that are anti-freedom, and impugn the very sanctity of the rule of law.

  11. The esteemed Gentleman, from Virginia Senator Kaine, finally replied to my email about the ammo issue. His office started the email using the phrase “armor piercing ammunition” as well as “law enforcement lives”. I didn’t bother to read past the second paragraph. I’m not sure why I bother with what NOVA and the I-95 corridor elect into office.

  12. Kudos to the NRA for fighting the good fight. The Second Amendment is too big of an issue for any in Congress to turn their backs on. Now all we have to worry about is POTUS…

  13. This entire debate has me confused. When you look at the words (below):

    (ii) a full jacketed projectile larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.”

    Ignore the handgun part. “larger than .22 caliber”. This ammo is not “larger” than .22 caliber, it is .22 caliber so the rest of the definition doesn’t even matter. Am I missing something?

    • They aren’t trying to use that definition. They are trying to use the other one.

      (i) a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium

      The problem is that M855 doesn’t fit that definition either and they are trying to pretend “constructed entirely” isn’t in there. M855 never needed the exception it was given back in 1986 because it isn’t a steel core round, it is a lead core round with a steel tip and thus the core is not constructed entirely from the materials listed in the law. They can’t even argue the “traces of other substances” because the lead makes up something like 80% of the projectile weight.

      If the ATF doesn’t back down, you can bet your ass there will be a lawsuit over this.

      • “…it isn’t a steel core round, it is a lead core round with a steel tip…”

        Thank you for clearing that up for me. I thought the steel bit WAS considered a core. It has been bothering the hell out of me every time someone spelled out the wording of the law. I sat here shouting at my laptop, “But the core IS steel!” Apparently I was not as correct as I could have been. Carry on… or carry one, as the case may be.

  14. H.R. 1180 ( Rooney ) Fla. may be a good start. I needs additional language above any “Sporting Use ” component , as well as fines, penalties and defunding for a.t.f. continued abuse.
    DEMAND your reps vote not just NO but HELL NO on Holders replacement Loretta Lynch.
    —– WE Can Get A Much Better Deal !!! Hold The Line !!

    • Because 7N6 actually fits the legal definition of armor piercing that is listed in the US Code when used in a handgun because it has a steel core and only trace amounts of lead. M855 doesn’t. If you want be mad at someone over that, be mad at the people that were building 5.45 handguns while going “hurr-durr, ATF ain’t gonna do anything”.

  15. My representative, a Republican, is not a signatory of the letter to BATFE Director Jones. I will contact him and ask why, after posting to local boards and making it clear he did not sign.

  16. It’s never actually about what they say it’s for, as in protecting officers,after all this bunch thinks all cops are racists! Do they really care about our officers??
    This is the beginning of banning ALL ammo. This is more important to them then there F£€kin global warming


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