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The Des Moines Register is reporting that two Iowa legislators are backing a new law that would protect the privacy of persons who hold Iowa licenses to carry firearms and also make it legal for Iowans to use suppressors for their firearms. Senator Steve Sodders, a Democrat and chairman of the Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee, and Representative Matt Windschitl, a Republican, are working on proposed legislation that would “make personally identifiable information on gun permits, such as names, addresses, and dates of birth, confidential. Under current Iowa law, permits to carry weapons are open records that can be requested and disclosed to the public.” In addition . . .

One of the proposal’s other provisions would permit Iowans to use suppressors on their firearms. …

Sodders said he is also working with the National Rifle Association to help develop the legislation. Although the bill would prevent the release of personal identifying data about people who have gun permits, government agencies could release general statistical information, he said….

Sodders, who is [also] a Marshall County deputy sheriff, said it’s nobody’s business if he has a gun in his house. He also suggested that knowledge of who has gun permits could lead to break-ins at the homes of people who don’t hold gun permits.

“So the discussion is: What is really needed for public knowledge? That is more like the stats. How many people got them this month? Male? Female? What are the percentages? What are the ages? All of that will still be open to the public,” Sodders said….

Windschitl, a professional gunsmith who assists in his family’s gun shop in Missouri Valley, said average Iowans cannot currently own, sell or transport a firearms suppressor. The only people who can are licensed by the federal government, and he said they have a specific exemption.

Although the text of the bill is not finished, and therefore not available for review yet, it is heartwarming to see a bit of bipartisan cooperation on what appears to be progressive (with a lowercase “p”) legislation on firearms in America’s heartland. It is also good to see Senator Sodders step up and fix a mistake that was clearly made by his party in the previous session.

The privacy protection is the most important part of this bill. Yes, the bit about suppressors is nice, and as a matter of principle I am glad it is being included, but the data privacy provision is something that everyone has a vital interest in.

Why? Because making public the data about firearms licensees can only help persons who want to roll back the civil right to keep and bear arms (as well as other rights), not to mention criminals. There is no other purpose to make this information public. It’s no business of mine whether my neighbor has a few firearms tucked away in a closet somewhere, any more than what my neighbors do in their bedroom is my business. People arguing in favor of making this data public are either looking for clickbait to sell more newspaper ads, or they want to try their own McCarthyite game of shaming.

Sodders and Windschitl should be applauded for these efforts.

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  1. ‘He also suggested that knowledge of who has gun permits could lead to break-ins at the homes of people who don’t hold gun permits.’

    Using a list of weapons carry permit holders would be a poor way for a criminal to figure out who has firearms in their house. Iowa also has a permit to purchase a handgun, but they’re only good for one year and handguns tend to last much longer. And there’s no way to know if someone has a shotgun in the house.

    The senate’s still split 50/50 and the governor is a RINO who at least used to oppose shall issue (which was passed by the Democrats in a vain attempt to placate the population and stay in power). So I’ll take a ‘we’ll see’ approach.

    • Thought perhaps I was the only person that listed ole Terry in the hard core RINO camp (and his sock puppet LtGov Reynolds).

      I’ll believe it when I see any of this. Silencers/suppressors are red tofu for libtards.

      • If there’s a defense for Branstad, when he was governor the first time may issue was the norm. He may (or may not) have shifted his opinion or he may submit to pressure from his own party, but I don’t see him as a rubber stamp on pro-gun legislation.

        As far as his RINO status, I don’t think it’s any secret that he’s usually happy to raise our taxes. Still better than the Dems though.

  2. I think I see a HUGE gap in the scheme of public safety; one that State legislators should seriously debate.
    Every day, young children go to one another’s homes for “play dates”. How is a mother to know whether the playmate’s parents are pledged to keep no guns in their home? It’s just impossible. A mother could ask the mother of the other child; however, the answer might be untrue. Who is to know?
    The State should have a registry where the head-of-household could post her name and address. The registry would constitute a warranty that there are no guns in her home. Friends and relatives of household heads could report dishonest household heads who falsely represent their gun-free status.
    All purely voluntary, of course.
    If hypocrites refuse to register then we know that they don’t really believe their own anti-gun rhetoric.
    If burglars and home invaders use the registry to find home that are safe to break into; well, all the better. At least they aren’t accessing guns in gun-owners’ homes.
    Remember, it’s for the children! Anything we can do to keep criminals away from gun-owners’ homes might just safe a child’s life.

  3. Could someone explain to me the relevance of the map with all the red dots at the top of the story? The story is about a bill in Iowa, and the map appears to be just North of New York City…

    • Map is of libtard island. Same scenario as in Iowa where CCW is “public info” and the local #2 libtard newpaper (Cedar Rapids Gazette) regularily prints the names of new/renewal CCW holders.

      In my county, a call to local 911 center triggers an address based popup if a CCW at the address. County Dem Sheriff didn’t know it and there are so many that the 911 operator ignores it. As a FF I’d assume EVERY Iowa residence has firearms (and would not be far wrong) and who cares. If a cop assumes otherwise he’s a fool.

    • 4% unemployment and self-sufficient in food.

      If you have a useful skill, such as welding or CNC operator, you can find 10 job offers tomorrow.

      • Not necessarily true about the job market. I’m a manufacturing engineer that’s been looking for a job for a year without any luck. I’m also in my 60’s which means no one will touch me when there’s a horde of 20 somethings going for the same job.

  4. Of course what no one in the gubernmint seems to realize is that the easiest way to solve the records privacy issue would be to enact constitutional carry and abolish the permitting system altogether…

  5. Why? Because making public the data about firearms licensees can only help persons who want to roll back the civil right to keep and bear arms (as well as other rights), not to mention criminals. There is no other purpose to make this information public.

    While I agree that firearms licensee info should be private, your final statement is not totally correct.

    In certain jurisdictions (cough)NYC(cough), publicizing those who are corrupt/connected enough to carry a handgun (when the same Stasi-grade elites deny proles the same privilege) may be useful. In the upside-down world of the Big Apple, war = peace, love = hate…

  6. Sounds like a good initiative based on the info in the article.

    Anybody got any additional info on the legislative proposal in Iowa?

    • In addition legalizing suppressors in Iowa HSB201 would also:
      -Update Iowa’s concealed carry law to move the retraining requirement to every 10 years instead of every 5.
      -Simplify the concealed carry permit renewal process and allow a 60 day window to renew.
      -Exempt military veterans from having to get training before applying for a Permit to Carry
      -Remove the “permit to acquire” mandate for handgun purchases (FBI NICS program would still be used for purchases).
      -Clarifies that online training is acceptable for a concealed carry permit.
      -Remove the age restriction on minors shooting while supervised by a parent or guardian.
      -Make it illegal to share any identifying information about any of Iowa’s concealed carry permit holders.
      -Make all permits across Iowa uniform in appearance.


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