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A stable shooting platform is a must for accurate shot placement, and the Rapid Shooting Rest from Bog-Pod seeks to provide a quickly-adjustable solution. A shorty aluminum tripod with grippy rubber feet and rapid height adjustment, the RSR looks to be a good companion on the range or in the field. Bog-Pod’s press release follows:

The New Rapid Shooting Rest from Bog-Pod

Bog-Pod® Rapid Shooting Rest
The all new Bog-Pod Rapid Shooting Rest (RSR) is compact, collapsible, and portable, making it the perfect shooting rest for outdoor enthusiasts. The Rapid Shooting Rest features Bog-Pod’s Switcheroo® Ultimate Shooting Rest, giving the shooter a full 360 degrees of target acquisition. Easy to store in a backpack, and quick to set up, this rest will give you the accuracy and range you need to make that big game shot on the fly.

Features Include:
•  Constructed of heavy duty cast aluminum and polymers
•  Easy to deploy Tripod legs with non-marring rubber traction feet
•  Twist lock main elevation adjustment
•  Minimum height of 7 inches with maximum height of 11 inches
•  Collapses to 12.8” in length and weighs only 21.6 ounces

For more information on the Rapid Shooting Rest click here [available at Optics Planet here]

About Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.
Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. is the industry leading manufacturer of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing, gun cleaning supplies, specialty tools and cutlery. We produce innovative, top quality products under: Caldwell® Shooting Supplies; Wheeler® Engineering; Tipton® Gun Cleaning Supplies; Frankford Arsenal® Reloading Tools; Lockdown® Vault Accessories; Hooyman® Premium Tree Saws; Smith & Wesson® Accessories; M&P® Accessories; Thompson/Center Arms™ Accessories; Schrade®, Old Timer®, and Uncle Henry® knives and specialty tools; and Imperial™ knives. For more information about Battenfeld Technologies, Inc.® products, visit

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  1. The pic of that scope sighted muzzleloader reminds me of an internet argument I got into with someone who claimed that you could not hit anything with a black powder rifle, even with a “magnum” load of powder, past 100 yards, because the balls hit the ground after that distance. Sheesh!

    I like this little thing. This would be perfect at the indoor range I use sometimes for sighting in a couple of small caliber rifles. There is a shelf at just about waist height that is extremely awkward to use with bags. Too high to kneel, to low to bend over while standing.

  2. How much?

    And will they send overseas?

    Just what I want for scoped rifle matches with rifles that lack bipods.

  3. I have a competing product from a company called Vanguard
    Looks very similar except on mine the rifle rest is padded
    I like it as I do not have to put bipods on all my rifles
    Rock steady, especially if you put a bean bag under the rear of the stock

  4. I have a camera tripod that looks like that. All I need is a yoke like they have and I am in business. If it can hold the boat anchor that is my Nikon plus lens it should be good enough for my rifle.

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