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Louisville to host NRA Convention in 2022

The NRA loves Louisville. And Louisville loves the NRA. The two have signed a tentative agreement to bring the 2022 NRA Annual Meeting once again to the fine Kentucky city. Unlike New York City and Chicago, Louisville appreciates the NRA and its gun-toting members.

The lucrative event brings lots of publicity along with 80,000 people, $50 million in economic benefit and lower crime.  What’s not to like?

The 2022 NRA convention will mark the third time Louisville has played host to the convention in recent years. The Derby City hosted the NRA in both 2008 and 2016.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported the deal.

The National Rifle Association plans to return to Louisville for its annual meeting in 2022, a session expected to attract around 80,000 visitors and pour more than $50 million into the local economy.

The NRA convention is one of the most lucrative pieces of tourism-related businesses, officials say.

The group that strongly supports the Second Amendment and is based in Fairfax, Virginia, has signed a memorandum of understanding pledging to meet in Louisville for a third time in recent years – following conventions in two previous presidential election years, 2008 and 2016.

Kentucky knows how to host the event as well. The people there show their southern hospitality and their gun laws allow for open carry without a license. Life is good in the Bluegrass State.

We’ll see you there in 2022.

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    • It was here in May 2009. I’d like to see it back, but it might be “too hot” for some (wimps!). Plus I don’t think our socialist mayor is pushing for it.

  1. All those bourbon distilleries around AND stuff like this. I may have to plan a Kentucky vacation in 2022.

    • I retired from the Army at Fort Knox (just south of Louisville) and stayed. Gun rights friendly, Knob Creek Range Machine Gun Shoot x2 per year, KYGunCo, Bud’s Gun shop, Bourbon Trail, 4 reasonable seasons, jobs, beauty, horses, It’s all here.

      Shhhh don’t tell anyone, the smartest celebrities secretly retire in KY too.

      • Would be more tolerable if not for the all the brain-dead “Univ” of Kentucky (pUKe) and Louisville (aka Hooker U) fans.

        • You can say that again. Why worry about being the 5th poorest state in the US, or having one of the highest unemployment rates when you have basketball though…

        • You sound like a great arbiter for who is tolerable and who isn’t!

          Insert a pre-emptive “your team sucks” here.

      • You sure do make it sound nice. How’s the summer humidity? I’m high-desert born & bred, so that might make or break it for me.

        • Summer humidity is brutal here. You’ve got to work to find places worse than this. I grew up here so it’s not an issue for me but you’ll certainly feel it if you’re from Arizona.

          On the plus side you do get all 4 seasons! After a humid summer there’s nothing more refreshing than the cool days of fall!

        • Dammit. Was afraid of that.

          I appreciate having four gloriously distinct seasons, but even the relatively low summer humidity in WA borders on too much.

          Guess I’ll have to keep my sights set on the Mountain West.

        • “Brutal” humidity? Are you kidding? I suppose anything is more humid than the high desert but Louisville humidity cannot begin to compare to anywhere near the gulf coast.

          I grew up in Southern Arkansas and the humidity there played a factor in my settling here. Louisville has a few a few humid days then a cool front comes down from Canada and it all changes. Then a few days later the wind blows up from the south and it gets humid again. And then it’s fall.

          Go somewhere where you cannot see out your house windows at midnight because of the condensation then speak of humidity.

  2. VERY nice for Louisville, I would like to know when the NRA is going to have it here for the nearly 4 MILLION Gun Owners in New York State.. They want our dues money, they want our letters & support BUT they never do crapola for us. I sick of having to TRAVEL to other States.attend these damn get together’ s.

      • What, you don’t like going to a state where the FOPA is null and void and you can be jailed for having your airline divert you to JFK and return your baggage to you?

    • Well while there are more that a few NRA members who might contribute to a fund to blow NY to hell there a less that would travel to an NRA Convention is hive central and damn sure wouldn’t contribute one damn $ to the state. See also Illinois.

      2016 traffic from the interstate into the fairgrounds was HORRIBLE. 3hr from could see the building to parked.

    • I’m in NY, as well. I would LOVE to have the NRA Convention here – if nothing else, as a big poke in the eye at the anti-2A crowd.

    • Why go where 90% of the displays would be prohibited? CA, NY, NJ, CT, MD, DC, etc have all eliminated themselves.

  3. Kentucky’s gun laws are very favorable. G&A rates Kentucky #5 among pro-gun states, ahead of Texas and Florida but behind #1 Arizona. And Kentucky has better bourbon.

    • As far as I’m concerned if it’s not from KY it’s not bourbon period. Yeah, I know, 51% corn and all but we’re laying claim to it.

  4. I’d love to attend one of these things as well but I can’t get past the Gauntlet of MA CT NY NJ and I ain’t leaving home without 3 or 4 of my “friends”.

  5. Wow. So, when you fail to prohibit a fun, beneficial, long-standing, and ultimately virtuous interest practiced by 10’s of million of peaceful Americans, people have fun, you get good PR, and make $millions in tourist revenue. Who knew?

    The game is to make an assertion that helps “our” cause, that “their” attempts to refute only hurt their agenda. Corollary, never, never, never, never, never accept their wording or their framing of the issue. It’s not “gun violence”, “gun safety”, or whatever their PR reframing of the moment is. It’s a bunch of good people’s hobby.

    “So, when you fail to prohibit…” <– Frame the issue. It's a thing people do, they want to prohibit.

    “… a fun, beneficial, long-standing, and ultimately virtuous” <– Characterize the practice they want to eliminate. All true, but more important, by making the assertion *they* have to make the case, not fun, not beneficial, etc. Or that taking away the benefit is worth it.

    “Interest” <– Similarly, claims what it is, forcing them to make the case otherwise. "It's not an interest, it's an obsession." "How do you get that?" I do wonder, what in their coal-black, twisted little hearts, do the anti's think gun owners' hobby is in fact? I mean, besides people doing something they've chosen themselves, which is Bad Wrong and Evil(tm). "Everything not compulsory is forbidden!"

    “…practiced by 10’s of million of Americans…” <– This is how many people you're going to impact. Take away their interest / hobby, fun & benefits. By going conservative with the # estimate, you set them up.

    They either have to accept the #, or you slam them. "Actually, it's near certainly more that that, but I want to make sure I can support my claims." If they don't take the bait, you can bring up the conservative estimate yourself later.

    Or worse, they deny the number. "Really, you don't know any gun owners. Well, you should get out more. Or maybe you do, they just won't tell you."

    …$millions in tourist revenue…,/i> <– Real consequences. Even if those gun people are Bad , Wrong, and Evil(tm), or just Deplorable, and Irredeemable, this policy has consequences on right thinking folk.

    • That’s the way to do it, all right.

      In addition, it helps when you use the word “liberal” correctly — as a corollary of liberty and freedom. For instance, states that enact shall-issue concealed-carry permitting and (even better) eliminate the need for permits entirely have truly liberalized their gun laws.

      The people who currently call themselves liberals are most definitely not. The framers of our constitution were liberal. When referring to people in the Democrat camp, I call them so-called liberals. Or leftists. Or socialists. Or meddling busybodies.

      These more accurate labels deny them the undeserved high ground they seek, and introduce the possibility that their ideas are not liberal, liberating, or conducive to freedom in any way.

  6. Come back to St. Louis. We need more armed folks downtown to hold the crime rate down! LOL!

  7. Living in Indiana I was glad to hear that Indy will be hosting it in ’18 and ’23. But Louisville is just a little over a hour for me and they put on a good show when it was there so I am glad to hear it will be back.

  8. Thanks.

    Yr right about the word “liberal.”

    Sorry for the edit bobble. Here I was so proud, I got that all edited right.

  9. Once nice thing is the daggone bridge construction is finally done, so traffic will be more normal this time. Last time if you weren’t from here and knew how to get around you were likely to get caught up in some nasty snarls certain times of the day.

    Louisville is a friendly place, a foodie town and, well, bourbon. Please keep to the good stuff for sippin, and please please, if you are mixing coke with it, keep to the cheap stuff so as not to waste the good stuff..

    Welcome back NRA – another excuse for us to “socialize” 🙂

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