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As egregious as California’s civil rights infringing gun laws are, it’s home to over 39 million people, which still translates to millions of actual and potential gun owners. That’s a market that’s hard to ignore. And apparently lucrative enough to justify the design and marketing costs of producing Cali-specific models. Hence FN’s announcement today that they’re offering two new Golden State-intended long guns. Here’s their press release.


New Rifles with Featureless Stock Offer Same Performance in California-Legal Package

(McLean, VA – August 1, 2017) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of two new FN 15® series rifles that meet requirements for sale in California. The FN 15 Tactical Carbine II CA and FN 15 DMR II CA have been outfitted with the featureless Hera CQR stock and 10-round Magpul PMAG to be compliant with the new 2017 California legislation.

FN 15 Tactical Carbine II CA

“Many of California’s pro-gun residents have had very limited options in terms of what they could purchase because of the state-imposed regulations on firearms,” said John Keppeler, vice president of sales and marketing for FN America, LLC. “FN saw California’s market as an opportunity to expand the FN 15 line. This addition will finally offer a quality-built FN rifle to gun buyers who have limited compliant options. We hope to earn a few new FN fans along the way and further expand our compliant series to other heavily restricted states.”

The fixed and featureless Hera CQR stock meets all California requirements in one solution by removing the pistol grip or thumb hole commonly found on most rifle stocks. The FN 15 Tactical Carbine II CA is currently shipping to FN’s distributors and is priced at $1,799 (MSRP). The FN 15 DMR II CA is expected to ship within the next few weeks and will be priced at $2,099 (MSRP).

To learn more about the new California-compliant rifles or other FN products, please visit or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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THE WORLD’S MOST BATTLE-PROVEN FIREARMS.® | FN America, LLC, is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal, S.A., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality, reliable firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia with manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina, FN America is passionately committed to providing its customers with a portfolio of products, training and support services under the FN brand name that enhance their performance and safeguard their lives. For more information, visit us at or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. I don’t know what’s worse – How ugly that thing looks, or the fact that as ugly as it is, it’s still too assaulty to be legal in CT.

    • “…it’s still too assaulty to be legal in CT.”

      Imagine a law that would make it illegal for the states to ban anything legal at the Federal level concerning guns.

      Firearm types, magazine capacities, et cetera.

      Imagine! 🙂

      (A news tip concerning that earlier submitted to TTAG…)

        • Not in LA–unless you are in a movie. Openly carried fixed blade knives banned (though legal under state law as long as not concealed). Very strict folding knife laws too, from what I’ve heard. they used to have a very broad definition of “gravity knife,” which allowed them to bring officers who had the strength in their writs flip to open most folders–which was enforced until the court of Appeal bitch slapped them.

  2. Notice too that it has a muzzle brake and not a “flash hider”, the former being legal, the latter not.

    The good things about the Hera stock (or the fin grips) are that you can build or buy a rifle without a Bullet button or a locked mag and it is not subject to registration as an “assault weapon.” (Yes, it is a registered firearm in our UBC state, but there are severe restrictions on where you can take an AW and such firearms are not transferable.) [but since the purpose of the new law designating BB equipped rifles as “assault weapons,” and requiring everyone to have locked magazines to slow down reloading, we can expect that the Legislature will pass yet another law to close this “loop hole” once they realize how stupid this new law really is.]

    The bad things about the Hera are that it is ugly and the grip, which only allows your thumb to stay on the same side of the stock as your other fingers, feel really really weird.

    I think we can all agree that these rifles are hideously overpriced as well. They are not all that special, and I am sure that the military spec versions sell to the gov for significantly less.

    • Everything is Cali is overpriced because it’s Cali.

      I have no sympathy for them. I just don’t want them to continue moving to Colorado and I wish the people from Cali that have moved here would move back to Cali.

      • Agreed. I’m in Southwest Colorado, and LEO’s here refuse to enforce our stupid laws (there’s a popular store here that sells cases of 30rd mags, and has for years). But yeah, those morons in the front range love bringing their failed politics with them.

        • The most gun-friendly place I’ve ever lived was in the San Luis Valley, and the Big R in Alamosa always had a good selection of milsurps. Spent a lot of time around Durango too; until the transplants started changing things, and the transients stayed put.

      • I keep telling all the libs from Berkeley and San Fran to move to Colorado. Cheaper to live and they can corrupt a fly over state full of bitter clingers.

        • A fly over state….. Fuck you…. Colorado is far superior to California in every way shape and form… Cali is a shithole that needs to fall into the ocean with most of its residents in it..

        • You got triggered, James. Go to your safe place. And that whole “far superior” thing is a large part of my sales pitch to the proggies.

          “Colorado. The next California.”

        • The only safe space I need is watching that garbage state full of shitty people float off into the ocean as far away from the rest of the country as possible.

        • And you dream each and every night of having Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the other “pantheon” of scumbag communist dictators pat you on the back for machine-gunning “reactionary kulaks” into mass graves…

    • None of these grips allow you to grip with you thumb or use the safety properly. The Thordsen is the ugliest of them all ( the “gooseneck”) but at least you can grip the rifle and run it like you’re s’posed ta.

      Hello from Noo Yawk.

      • They have a new one out about a month and a half ago that is much better looking. and it is $10 cheaper than the old one too.

    • That loader is pretty slick, a stripper clip loading through the ejection port. But $40 each is a bit too much for me, since you’d basically want one for every magazine you would use normally.

    • That certainly is a viable option. Another is the newest Thordsen stock which allows a full grip but places the web between the thumb and forefinger above the top of the trigger, thus meeting spec. I haven’t gone that route yet since it is a $125 stock, and money being tight, I did the conversion to “featureless” for $25 for a thread protector and a fin grip. Making the collapsible stock into a fixed stock is really simple (and very cheap)..

  3. when will we learn that the ” Demokratic” party is really the Communist party and stop voting for them? you look at what a commie country says they will or do for there people ( and not all the people only and elite few) and listen to what the “demo’s” say and you will see it is the same. and they are the ones with the special interest groups.

    • That exists, as SCR rifle made by FightLite (former Ares). Obviously it has to have its own lower and the bolt group.

      • The buffer is in the stock, so the bolt group has a rat tail that goes down through the grip to push hit the buffer. It does accept any one else’s uppers.

  4. Du’oh¡! (Face palm)

    Why hasn’t any manufacturer simply blended a standard wooden rifle butt stock with a std. AR receiver??
    Oh, wait…


    OMG, are shooters (even in Californistan) so hung up on the idea of a pistol grip on an AR style rifle as a must have?
    Crimini is that thing ugly.

    If I was forced to live in a non-free state, it would be with Ruger Mini’s…

  5. You know, cut a thumb hole and change both the grip contour & angle slightly and I would bet that the stock would look pretty cool on a 12″ SBR.


    Notice that the press release transposed the letter “a” and the letter “i” in the bold section that I highlighted above. Freudian slip perhaps?

  7. Next Kommiefornistan will just ban ALL semi auto rifles, leaving only bolt action as legal.
    I hope the pols don’t read this, I wouldn’t want to give them any ideas.

      • That law never made it out of committee because it upstaged Senator De Leon’s bill (that was upstaged by Lt. Gov. Newsome’s ballot initiative). I think too that they worried for a minute or two that the effect of such a law would be to ban Garands, M1As, M1 Carbines, Ruger Minis, Ruger 10/22s, and a bunch of other curio and relic firearms, many of which were are pre-registration. the back lash from veterans would be huge, and a lawsuit inevitable. moreover, no matter what the 4th Circuit (Maryland) thinks, any such ban would contradict U.S. v. Miller that talks about arms useful for the military as being within the scope of the 2A..

    • That would actually make a lot more sense than the law as-is. Not that I’m for it, but a law that basically outlawed semi-automatic rifles would theoretically dry up the market of them as opposed to this law which just… makes them look weird and be less accessible physically (i.e. can’t adjust the stock, can’t use a pistol grip if you have arthritis in your hands, etc)

    • I went featureless about 2 years ago with a Thordsen stock. My intention was to get away from the bullet button BS. Many people say that it is ugly but when I shoulder the rifle it looks the same in my field of view. As for the semi-auto ban…..all you need is a side charging upper and flip the gas block sans gas tube. What I’m worried about is when they ban the color black. But then there is always a rattle can to solve that problem.

  8. Henry Ford has come back to life and now he runs every single firearms manufacturer.

    “You can have any rifle you’d like, as long as it’s an AR.”

  9. I have known for a long time that the AR-15 platform has a buffer tube that is inline with the barrel and goes straight back from the upper receiver. What I just realized is that that design does not allow someone to use a traditional stock with an AR-15 platform because the buffer tube doesn’t allow a traditional stock to dip behind the upper receiver. And since a stock cannot dip behind the upper receiver, there is no place to put your thumb when a state bans pistol grips and thumbhole stocks. If there is no place to put your thumb, you cannot properly grip/control the rifle.

    That HAS to be grounds for the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down bans on pistol grip and thumbhole stocks on firearm platforms with straight buffer tubes. States cannot demonstrate why pistol grips or thumbholes make a rifle statistically more lethal than an equivalent rifle with a traditional stock. Therefore, since there is no demonstrable reason to ban pistol grips and thumbhole stocks, and since banning such stocks makes it impossible to properly hold/control an AR-15 platform rifle, such bans must be struck down.

    • Good point, though I fear you’re assuming the courts will use logic. You’ll be disappointed if that’s the case. Maybe when we get another originalist justice on the SC

    • The courts in NY and CA have used an evidentiary standard that does not require the government to prove anything. All they have to do is assert something and the court will find for them as long as it sounds reasonable. Seriously, that’s about it. Note that the people deciding whether something ‘sounds’ reasonable often have no clue about guns. In NY the judge did throw out the requirement that people download their 10-round mags to 7 because that was too stupid to even get over the low bar.

      The standard used for ‘real’ Constitutional rights, Strict (or rigorous) Scrutiny, would require the government to use the least invasive means.

      • Unfortunately, Hannibal, you are absolutely right.

        We need all law enforcement officers in our nation to refuse to enforce rulings that are so blatantly obscene.

    • Nice idea, but the technical/mechanical issues have been solved, as noted above, by the former Ares Company (now FightLite). And of course, there are any number of rifles without buffer tubes, such as the Mini-14, the only trick would be to make them so that they would accept different uppers. Although long out of production, someone did build M1 carbines in .223 and 7.62×39.

  10. All of California’s gun owners should just move to Texas. That way, you can have your gun rights back, and at the same time, dilute the influx of all the gun-hating Californians moving here. It’s a win-win.

  11. I have a CA compliant firearm. It’s a smoothbore flintlock musket with the bayonet lug ground off. I have it encased in a CA compliant safe storage device. Which means it’s encased in concrete and part of the foundation of my house.

    I can’t have lead for ammunition, cause, the environment, or something. And powder is only safe when stored in a water tank.

    And I can’t have flints. Something about appropriating neolithic culture or something…..

  12. I think the ONLY cure for Un American behaviors in states that AREN’T FOLLOWING THE US CONSTITUTION/ BILL OF RIGHTS…Is a Cigarette, )or E-Vaping Device) and a blindfold !!!

  13. If I lived in California, which thankfully I don’t, I would have bought a Mini-14 or SKS in original or Monte Carlo stock long ago. It would be better if a mainstream manufacturer would screw CA, NY, and the rest by presenting them with a modern version of an SKS, or a US-made hunter style AK, or just market the heck out of the basic mini 14 and mini 30. The advantage of all of these is that they are usable with 10 round magazines, or even 5 rounds, or the SKS with the original fixed magazine, and all of them can accept the 20 and 30 rounders of which millions are available. I am sure that hundreds of thousands or more of those mags are stashed all over California and NY, just not used at public ranges. And residents of those states can easily purchase, for cash, “evil black rifle” stocks for any of them. Again, just don’t use it on a public range. The powers that be simply cannot search every car or every Christmas present that comes into NY from VT or PA, for example. Is it illegal to have an unmounted stock with an “evil” adjustable feature? Or is it illegal only if the receiver and barrel are mounted in it?

    • As of July 1, 2017, ALL magazines with a capacity in excess of 10 rounds were banned, which really effected only those legally possessed prior to January 1, 2000 (2001, I can never remember which). After that date, no new 10+ mags could be purchased, sold, or imported into the state. A temporary injunction has issued holding the law in abeyance pending trial. The trial judge’s opinion was soooo good and sooo pro-2 that the State has filed an interlocutory appeal with the Ninth circus.


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