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“The s1 Pepper Spray Gun was designed to offer the trusted, non-lethal protection of pepper spray and tear gas AND the long-range protection of a traditional firearm,”‘s website proclaims (demo video below), “but without the drawbacks of either.” I guess the company considers the need to shoot a firearm accurately a drawback . . .

“Accuracy not required – even an imperfect shot will trigger the defense cloud – and create a barrier between you and harm’s way.” That would be a “5’ toxic defense cloud that can cause temporary blindness and difficulty breathing.” Can cause? Hmmm.

Speaking of distance, let’s go the tape [measure]!

Wow! A pepper spray gun that can hit a target 180 feet/60 yards away! I’m not quite sure why your average citizen would need that kind of range, or what the bullet drop curve would look like (I’m imagining a rainbow), or how much of the bullet’s “force of a 50mph fastball” would be sustained over that distance, but  . . .

The s1 sure is BIG! Even for a dedicated home carry booster like myself, schlepping this massive weapon around the house seems a bit problematic. Still, better this than nothing, right? Yours for just $349.99! Only five left in stock!

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  1. You’re damn sure not going to “conceal carry” that thing around……unless it’s winter time and you’re wearing a Parka!

  2. Google Tippmann TiPX. It’s a rebranded paintball gun, the kind 12 year olds shoot each other with for fun. Nothing else. They’re selling a $200 paintball gun for $350 to marks. These assholes need to be tarred and feathered.

    Oh, and you’re not getting 60 yards out of that thing, ever. 60 feet, maybe.

  3. Gee I carried Pepper Blaster for years. Shot at 112mph gel. It expired.This is silly. Now I got a SabreRed pepper gel thingy for 15bucks. Rubes born every minute…

  4. You know what this idea needs? An intuitive progressive trigger (not that kind) which dispenses more aggressive justice the harder it is pulled. I mean, if you’re just subduing someone & thinking deliberately, a gentle pull will unleash a stream of pepper spray in a pressurized alcohol/light solvent solution to ensure it has plenty of range. But what if that doesn’t do it, or the perp tries to run? Well, that’s when the Tazer component comes into play, when pulled for more than two seconds a pair of prongs will fly out and zap the guy with 25000Volts of pain and arc-light. Now, if a combination of pepper spray, electric torture, and mild immolation aren’t enough to end the threat, or if a panicked strong pull on the trigger is made, the firing pin can release when a 20lb trigger pull is applied and blast the fool with all weapons simultaneously, Talk about the best of all worlds, with absolutely no drawbacks whatsoever. Nope, none.

  5. $450? Damn, the rent on a Hi Point’s sure gone up! Anyone else find it hilarious that their self-aggrandizing diagram mostly shows how laughably ineffective non-lethal is for anything but “guy on top of you” scenarios, even inside the rather short (if reasonably plausible from an urban self-defense standpoint) 150ft range, which conveniently is diagrammed no further than the Salt’s max range (I know it’s labeled “+150ft”, but c’mon guys, at least draw the firearms’ lines going slightly further than your stupid product)

    I also love the notion of a “Toxic Defense Cloud” (TM) being released at what is clearly marketed as a primarly-contact-range weapon. As if the overspray & wipeoff of traditional mace & pepperspray aren’t bad enough for the guy trying to fight off a one-armed clown hopped up on PCP, or a Floridian on bath salts (not that sensory irritants have much/any effect on such chemically motivated individuals anyway). Yeah, if I want to engage a guy at 150ft –the supposed benefit of this device vs. other chemical throwers– I want a noxious cloud blasted right in front of my face, regardless. Brilliant.

  6. I’m having trouble coming up with a situation where this item and its claimed range would be both necessary and sufficient.

    If I’m needing to engage someone at that kind of range I need more than a chemical irritant.

  7. My biggest concern about a pepper spray gun is what happens when you shoot it at someone whose right on top of you, or only a few feet away? Does the pepper spray cloud blind you too? I imagine there would be enough back spray to hurt the person using just as much as the person they shot. Am i wrong on that assumption? On that basis i cant see how this would be in any way practical.

  8. So what’s to stop people from shooting real bullets at somebody who brandishes the black version? It looks real enough (albeit somewhat large) that somebody might claim they were justified in opposing deadly force with deadly force.

    Never bring a toy gun to a real gunfight.

  9. its a paint ball marker that should cost 75$ at BEST!!!!

    here is the list of WRONG things with this from someone who played the paintball game for years

    5$ busk a shot that is nuts!
    5 year storage—no effing way! Even the best paint on the market in a few months the shell gets harder as it drys out and the gun will blow the ball to bits as it lost its elastically with that hardness!
    Then add in 5 years–balls settle inside the shell and your accuracy goes WAY down…I actually have seen balls that are old, LOOP around the tree they were aimed at!
    150 ft range???? who are you kidding! maybe a perfectly LOBBED shot, but not direct fire! and aim that far?? These are simple muskets not rifles….even thou you can get a rifled barrel for a paintball marker at one time, but that barrel costs over 100$ by itself!

    save your money..grow a pair and buy a real gun!

  10. “grow a pair and buy a real gun!”

    Oh, gosh, no.

    These anti-gunners who are so afraid of real guns and who have never shot one and who have no desire or willingness to be near a gun should never buy a gun.

    They’re the ones who will give gun owners a bad name. They’re the ones who will never pull the trigger and lose the gun to the bad guy and get shot, boosting the “shot by their own gun” stats.

    They’re the ones who, in a fit of panic (mostly induced by holding an evil gun in their hands) will blast their teenager who comes home late.

    They’re the ones who will shoot through walls and get their neighbors, who will close their eyes when they shoot, who will shoot themselves in the leg as they creep through their house after hearing a noise with their finger on the trigger.

    Let them buy these things. It’s $350 less they have to donate to liberal candidates.

    • Options are good, ridiculously overpriced options of dubious effectiveness, not so much. I suppose it would also be an option to distract your attacker with a cloud of banknotes thrown into the air in front of him.

  11. Wouldn’t a super soaker filled with CaJohns Black Mamba 6 hot sauce be cheaper and more effective?

  12. Given the typical range of most DGU’s, I’d be very concerned about getting caught up in that 5′ cloud of habanero juice myself.

  13. Little kids are gonna love finding these things in daddys drawers.

    Patiently awaiting the first lawsuit from the parents of 8 year old bobby who fired it in the house while playing cops and robbers and went blind…..”it looks like a toy, its an attractive nusciance”

    How would you carry it anyway? Its as big as a desert eagle or MAC 10.

  14. I am the staunchest Second Amendment supporter you’re going to find, and I consider ALL gun legislation unconstitutional by definition, but if I am on the jury and you’re trying to explain why you shot someone 150 feet away from you “in self defense” you had best have a VERY compelling reason for it. (NOTE: Those reasons DO exist, but they are few and far between.)

  15. The Salt MSRP is $349. It is actually a rebranded Tipmann TiPX which has an MSRP of $219. A fool and his/her money is soon parted. What annoys me is the people marketing Salt act like they invented the TiPX paintball gun which was released in 2009.

  16. I thought this was ridiculous at first but in hind sight, there may be situations were it proves useful as a non-lethal alternative. Largely for LEO use, tempo of the area and commanders discretion would dictate if it were carried or not. It could be fairly handy for breaking up fights of multiple people while keeping a safe distance, stopping a runner who might otherwise be grievously injured from complete loss of motor control via taser such as if they were climbing something. Also good for area of effect, if someone is hiding behind something…

    Its basically an option, and I don’t knock having options available, the more the better.

    I could see it being personally useful as a non-lethal critter deterrent.


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