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In the acknowledgements [to Empire of Guns], the author, who’s a history professor at Stanford University writes, “Like everything I write, this book is for my children. In 2010 when Amman was four, she asked a Policeman who was sitting at our local taqueria why he had a gun. The policeman explained he had it to protect everyone from bad guys. And Amman bravely replied, ‘But if you have a gun, then you are a bad guy.'”

Now, I don’t know this author. I don’t now what she would actually do if her four-year-old was attacked and needed to be defended immediately. But I know that my own conversion to gun ownership was driven in large part by a felt need to protect my children.

I had a life-altering realization that if I needed to immediately protect my children or myself, that I would not be able to outsource that violence to somebody else. That I would need to handle it immediately by myself and for myself.

As firefighters know, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. So in that sense, violence can be a positive force by which we counter negative violence. Violence, in that sense, can be virtuous.

Many people not only think of all violence as being bad, but academics who study violence oftentimes only focus on “bad violence” as Fiske and Rai observe in their book, Virtuous Violence.

They write, “Yet most theories of violence exclude or merely ignore defense or punishment, providing no explanation for them, or not integrating the account of them into the overall theory of violence, which is, ‘a priori,’ defined to exclude them.

“However most people recognize some rights in their persons and property. Rights that entitle a person to protect what is theirs. Hence, threats or harm to herself, her person or her property are transgressions against the victim, and defensive violence is virtuous.

“Thus when humans violently defend their children, spouses, family, buddies, allies or family, this defense is virtuous violence. It is virtuous because defending partners is the core of the relationship. It is a moral obligation to protect one’s partners, and throughout history, humans have accorded great honor to heroes who aggressively defend themselves, their families or their communities.”

In other words, as this t-shirt puts it, violence can be virtuous.

— Professor David Yamane in Can Violence be Virtuous?



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  1. You can’t reason with these idiots, they believe what they wanna believe and pass the gene on to their kids! If and when violence is visited upon them, they’ll ALWAYS blame someone (or something) else for their victimhood!

      • dacian wants to be the savior of the downtrodden masses and POC to bring in the shing utopia, after administering mass social justice Khmer Rouge style.

        • Unfortunately, dacian the stupid requires “the masses” to acknowledge him as their superior. Finding a sufficient group of morons willing to acknowledge dacian as their superior in ANYTHING is proving to be a challenge to him. The supply of persons stupider than dacian is a very small universe.

        • There’s always antifa members. Now he’s having them searched for concealed banjos.

    • The good news is that people who believe this are much less likely to have kids. These days it’s all or nothing. Anti gunners believe that men are the problem in the world, the cause of all violence. They believe that men should be little effeminate pansies and should give up their right to speak for women. Women don’t actually want weak men though, even the feminists.

    • Dennis Sumner,

      You are correct. Saying it another way, you cannot reason someone out of a position when emotion drove them into that position.

      Speaking directly to the people who claim there cannot be righteous violence, their position is just as wrong as the rapist who claims that his female victim actually wanted the sexual assault since she did not actively resist. (The fact that his female victim was terrified and complied under threat of murder does not inform his position.)

      Never underestimate how mentally broken people can be.

    • Listen, and understand! That Terminator is out there! It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop… ever, until you are dead!

  2. Dear Priya Satia,

    Now that your daughter Amman is 16 yo is your guidance to her “lay back and submit to the violence being done to you and hope that you survive to report it to the “bad guy” cops”.

    That daughter has been programmed from birth (apparently) to see everyone with a firearm as a “bad guy”. I wonder how her safe little world view interprets armed females whether or nor they represent true bad “guys” or the (mostly) good “guys”.

    note: Priya Satia was born in California and educated indoctrinated at Berkeley. She “teaches” history at Stanford.

    • The Left doesn’t need kids. They have yours.

      What are you going to do about it?

      Well, if the last 20 years are any guide, the answer for the vast majority is “blame the kids and continue to ignore reality”.

      • “What are you going to do about it?”

        To answer your question Christian evangelicals and Catholics have been homeschooling or sending their kids to private religious school for decades. And they are despised by the atheistic leadership in the academic world as well as the atheists in government.

        Their parent’s efforts have led to home-schooled children winning math and spelling bees for the last 25 or 30 years. The National Spelling Bee use to be advertised and shown on broadcast TV. And the winner was invited to the White House. But when homeschool kids started winning, the invitations to the White House stop or were delayed. By Democrat presidents. Who by the way send their kids to a private school in washington DC. And the National Spelling Bee is no longer broadcast on television. ESPN used to carry it but I don’t know if they do anymore.

        We use to have firearms education and rifle teams at the high school level all over the United States in the public schools. Until the sexually liberated who have no children, got elected for the specific purpose to destroy civil rights education in the public schools. And anyone who tried to stop them was called a “homophobe”. Or they were called “intolerant”.

        Even today you have private schools sending children to a day at the gun range. And those private school teachers are attacked in the Press. Usually by people who have no children.

        Now that the left have revealed themselves as pedophiles, sex predators, and rapists, you now have public school parents finally standing up in places like Virginia and Florida. And of course the parents are called “homophobes”. Because they won’t go along with what the Left wants.

        • There’s nothing wrong with home or private schooling but its current level of use makes it irrelevant without on the order of a 500% increase in usage.

          90% of children in the United States attend public school. Until you bring that down to 50% or less they win because they brainwash the majority.

          In this regard it’s far easier to take the schools back than to reorder the entire society towards homeschooling and private schools.

          But that’s not going to happen either. And, at this point, it wouldn’t matter if it did. They’ve had tight control since 1965, basically absolute control since 2000. Even if you could unwind that by tomorrow morning you still have to deal with half or more of the people 18-55 being brainwashed.

          Changing the demographics of that has a minimum of a four year lag time and the effects wouldn’t be noticable for 10 years, as the habits of 18-24 year olds changed. We don’t have four years. We likely don’t have two in that regard. Especially when you look at the hard bifurcation in political stance among Gen Z.

          The one thing Victor Davis Hanson gets wrong about all of this is the timeline for which the hard left has controlled the schools with an iron grip. He thinks a lot of this is new. It’s not, at all. I saw it when I was in HS in the early 2000’s. It’s just much more aggressive now because the people do it perceive themselves to be far enough along that they cannot be stopped.

          And in some regards they’re right, they will be very, very hard to stop because the infestation of the University system is a secondary effect, not a primary as so many Conservatives are wont to believe. Colleges became easy prey once the input (incoming students output by the K-12 system) were sufficiently softened up.

          Yuri Bezmenov told you all about this system nearly 40 years ago and no one really cared. Now they do. Well, now it’s very likely too late. Rate limiting steps are a PITA when you’re already passed the required time.

          So, can it be fixed? Yeah. Are you really willing to do what’s necessary to make that happen? For most people the answer is probably a resounding “No”.

          Again, homeschool and private are fine but they cannot make up the lost ground in a reasonable amount of time. You’re either going to counterattack hard here or you’re going to admit that you’ve already lost.

          This is why I told a 19 year old kid just last week that if he really was serious about MCDB then he should finish his degree ASAP, get a higher degree ASAP (use those summers) and then leave the country. Pay back the loans? Son, this is a game of musical chairs, someone gets screwed when the music stops and if you’re wondering who the bagholder is gonna be, the mirror contains your answer every time.

    • Another obviously fake anecdote about a four year old (really???) having a fully formed political worldview and “bravely” speaking out against the “forces of evil.”

      Utter nonsense.

      Like you say, this kid can’t help but grow up as a deluded, helpless, paranoid drain on society.

      • Napresto,

        This reminds me of the short video clip in France following the Bataclan Theater massacre. A father and his young son (who appears to be about four or five years-old) are at an impromptu memorial and the father places a flower on the growing pile of flowers. The son asks the dad about the significance of the flowers. The father remarks “They [bad people] have guns but we have flowers.” The look on his son’s face is priceless–indicating that his father’s statement made absolutely no sense at all. Even a four year-old child understood that flowers do not stop bad people.

        Here is one video clip:

      • Let’s say that, for the sake of argument, you are completely correct. It’s total nonsense and never happened. 100% fabricated.

        [I’ll be gentle here and point out in advance that the following is a leading question, meaning it’s meant to go somewhere.]

        It’s a lie, so what?

  3. They recognize that state inflicted violence is virtuous.
    They’d never raise a hand to their own bully but they’ll gather a mob to demand the state step in and take care of their bully. Sort of how so many people who get in a tizzy over hunting have no problem eating meat some agribiz processed and packaged for them or right now how so many people are bending over backwards defending child porn because “somebody else did the victimization.”

  4. “It doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but at the same time, I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.”
    —Malcolm X

  5. I doubt these academics are anything but morons, but I could craft a nuanced opinion where all violence is bad. It’s not bad that one would violently defend his and his own, but it is bad that it’s necessary to use violence. The cop isn’t bad but it’s bad that we need cops. Violence in itself is always bad but it is typically meted out with either wickedness or with righteousness. Waging war to defeat Hitler was bad, combatants on both sides were mostly conscripts, I.e. slaves, and didn’t deserve their violent deaths. Neither did the innocent civilians who perished. But one side was evil and one side was righteous.

    • Assuming that they’re morons has been your downfall to this point.

      Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your assumptions?

      • strych9,

        No, the PROPONENTS of collectivist, Leftist/fascist nonsense are not morons. Many are deluded, all lack any knowledge of reality, but they are not stupid. Unfortunately, because their worldview is so deluded, it is a requirement that their ADHERENTS be morons. The “intellectuals” can propound beautiful (and impossible) theories, but they need brain-dead idiots (like MinorIQ and dacian the stupid) to have followers.

        Unfortunately, our modern society has “gifted” us with a plethora of brain-dead idiots. After all, SUPPOSEDLY 81 million people voted for a senile child molester for president (and he was an idiot before he was senile).

        • Some are morons but anyone can be brainwashed. This is exactly what people like Huxley and Orwell were talking about in fiction because they studied the reality of things like the USSR and Nazi Germany.

          It’s not an intelligence thing, in fact, smart people are more prone to it if they’ve never encountered it before because they have an increased capacity to rationalize behavior. The Pavlovians figured out some stuff that goes, way, way, way further than dogs drooling over a bell. It’s probably best described in modern parlance as “longitudinal programming”. It works better on people than dogs actually because we’re more capable of making abstract connections, which if properly manipulated, are damned hard to get around. Usually your “entry point” for this is an emotional manipulation based on fear, which is why gun controllers use fearporn constantly.

          This facet of intelligence also what makes smart people more difficult to get off drugs and alcohol with most treatment programs because they don’t treat the actual cause.

          In many regards it’s the same thing that happened to POW captives in Korea under Chinese guards. Even the strongest break when this is deployed against them if they are unaware of how it functions on a pretty detailed level. Those who are aware are much more resistant but, mostly, can be broken if circumstances are right.

          This is exactly what Huxley saw being done to the US population from 1931 to 1961 and it alarmed him more than he was really capable of expressing. I’ve been talking about this here for a number of years, posting textbooks on the topic etc.

          Politics has taken this sort of thing, particularly in relation to how TV actually interfaces with the human brain, and weaponized the “art of advertising” against the population for decades. It’s been quite effective because, mostly, it’s not understood.

          In some regards it’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone in this country is in a giant Korean era POW camp and being manipulated by the guards. As I’ve said here many times before, the best prisons are built in the mind. No walls, no guards, travels with the prisoner and, the best part, they’ll defend it like it’s a castle because they don’t realize it’s a prison.

          Everclear summed this up pretty well in their song Everything to Everyone when they said

          “You say they taught you how to read and write
          Yeah they taught you how to count
          I say they taught you how to buy and sell
          Your own body by the pound
          I think you like to be the simple toy
          I think you love to play the clown
          I think you are blind to the fact
          That the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down”

      • I agree with you these academics are not morons. They can read the academic papers documentary the racist history of gun control in the United States. Just as I have read them. And many other people on TTAG. These academics are simply ignoring facts to bolster an argument that would collapse if they included the history of gun control.

        Adolf Hitler had academics in Germany that backed up his belief system. And these academics in the United States are exactly the same. Both groups ignore historical facts that would destroy their their arguments.

        • Anyone else remember the ‘studies’ that found smoking cigarettes is actually good for you?

        • Chris:

          The US academic fascination with French philosophy post-USSR is a fascinating history of self-deception but ignoring facts is hardly confined to the halls of the academy.

          I would again point back to Bezmenov and I would also note the Capo Effect, that those who are turned by guards tend to be more brutal towards their former comrades than the guards ever were. I’m not aware of anyone looking at this in terms of academics but it’s certainly a similar, if not identical, phenomenon.

          You mean the studies that were bought and paid for by tobacco companies? Some fraction of science has always been for sale because scientists have bills too.

          There’s also a bunch of bias that creeps in when you know who’s funding you.

  6. Au contraire! I think you’ll find, if you look at even their recent history, that they are A-OK with violence against *their* political opponents.

    • Actions don’t matter. Who commits those actions are what matters.

      The most atrocious behavior is virtuous if done by the correct people to advance the right agenda.

      • strych9,

        The most atrocious behavior is virtuous if done by the correct people to advance the right agenda.

        That is the most powerful and succinct way to summarize what I have struggled to condense/explain in three sentences. I am stealing your sentence and will use it prolifically–and you cannot stop me! (Nah nah nah nah nah nah!)

        • I’d say that you “stealing” that sentence probably falls under “fair use” regardless of if I cared deeply about you using it or not.

          I don’t, so by all means, go right ahead.

          Personally, I’m of the opinion that it will, mostly, go over people’s heads in terms of the actual meaning. In schoolyard terms, the question it raises is obvious. “OK, what are you gonna do about it?”.

          I’m personally of the opinion that there are two options, the window to exercise one is closing very, very fast and that the other will scare the bejesus out of normal people.

      • That is exactly what I came here to say.

        These people ARE okay with violence, they even encourage it and revel in it. Provided that it’s done by “their” people and not directly to them, they’re all for it.

        Look at the “mostly peaceful” events of 2020. There’s your answer to whether the left (academics and anti-gunners being a subset) don’t think violence can be virtuous. It’s where they think the virtue is that’s the problem.

  7. It’s odd to me how it’s always been fairly mainstream to put your kids in martial arts to learn to defend themselves with violence and then… decry violence.

    Moralizing is such an odd feature of people.

    How about if you start shit you might just get your ass handed to you and that’s just the way it is? I’m not really seeing the problem. Especially since it tends to work. Where this is the rule, spoken or not, people tend to mind their P’s and Q’s.

  8. Colion Noir put it best when he said that when you call a police officer you’re basically calling an outsourced gun.

    • Which is why I have a gun closer to me in my bed than I do a phone. I don’t NEED to outsource my gun, I have my own, thankyouverymuch. Cops aren’t there to prevent crime, cops are there to clean up the mess, and (potentially) prosecute the criminals. “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away!”

      Unfortunately, that logic escapes many of our Leftist/fascist fellow citizens.

  9. The several I’ve had to shoot over time, having no other choice and no other way out, never once during the encounters did any of them ever say “run, hes gonna use virtuous violence!”. They just kept coming, predators all of them becoming a violent threat to their prey.

    I do not like violence, but you become a violent threat and I will “virtuous” the he!! out of you in a heartbeat and will not regret it one little bit.

  10. The use of violence to protect yourself, those you’re responsible for, and your property is using the proper tool to fight slavery. At it’s core slavery is the violent usurpation of an individual’s right to free action and it is the most perfidious, despicable and damaging aspect of human behavior – we’ve been doing it to each other as long as we’ve been in existence. The fact that a firearm allows the weakest among us to successfully counter the bad actions of the strongest is one of humanity’s finest achievements. It takes brainpower to invent, develop, and make a firearm – any brute can pick up a rock or a club…our entire modern, classical liberal world is predicated on the use of violence by an individual to protect their personal right to determine their fate.

  11. The article is another lame attempt by the vicious sadistic Far Right to justify their Naked Ape behavior of kill first and ask questions later and a self-aggrandizement that makes them feel like super hero comic book characters. Sick to say the least.

    Quote———– In 2010 when Amman was four, she asked a Policeman who was sitting at our local taqueria why he had a gun. The policeman explained he had it to protect everyone from bad guys. And Amman bravely replied, ‘But if you have a gun, then you are a bad guy.’”————-quote

    My how wise small children sometimes really are as compared to disingenuous adults who lie to themselves and actually believe their own lies.

    quote————–“However most people recognize some rights in their persons and property. Rights that entitle a person to protect what is theirs.———–quote

    The blind greed and selfishness of the Far Right is always sickening to behold. The Far Right put property rights above the right to a persons life. The Naked Ape could be no more vicious. In reality all civilized nations outlaw murdering people over loss of property and quite a few U.S. States also have laws against it. Its called being civilized. It makes civilized people throw up when they hear the Far Right brag they murdered people over a piece of property that was attempted to be stolen.

    quote————They write, “…yet most theories of violence exclude or merely ignore defense or punishment,————–quote

    Nothing more than slick Far Right propaganda screaming they have the right to be judge, jury and executioner.

    quote—————I had a life-altering realization that if I needed to immediately protect my children or myself, that I would not be able to outsource that violence to somebody else.—————–quote

    In reality you are far more likely to be killed by a firearm by someone you know and its usually someone who resides in your own home, not a stranger on the street and not from a break in.

    The suicide rate also is increases by a firearm in the home as more than one study has proven because the gun makes it too easy and convenient to do. Survival rates as corroborated by first responders is very low from a suicide by a firearm as opposed to other methods of attempted suicide.

    Death by firearms accidents take the lives of over 1,300 children every year and this sometimes includes adults as well so the Moron Author’s belief that by buying a firearm he is protecting his children often results not in saving them but actually results in losing them to an accident with a firearm.

    I find the sick twisted minds of the Far Right equating murder over property rights as righteous and heroic, their blaspheming of their own bronze age mystic Religions, and their belief they have the right to be judge, jury and executioner as perpetuating the bestial horrific record of violent human behavior dating back to the genocide of Neanderthal man by Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

    As Plato once opined, “Only the dead have seen the end of war and violence”.

    • It truly stretches the limits of incredulity that someone who’s “opinions” are as wrong minded and demonstrably incorrect as Dacian’s could truly be typed on any kind of electronic device – nobody that bone-headed could possibly figure out an on-off switch much less use of the internet. The only logical conclusion is that “Dacian” is a construct used to spoof the typical rantings of leftist/statist/fascist idiots by a clever individual…nobody could possibly be THAT ignorant and ill-informed, could they? Really?

    • If suicide is directly related to gun ownership, then why is the USA in the middle of the pack for suicide rates? Shouldn’t we be #1 since we are #1 in guns? Japan has a suicide rate 3X higher than the US and they’re not even in the top 10 for suicide rates. How is this possible? Fewer guns means fewer suicides right?!?

      Also, death by accidental discharge is only 500 per year in the USA That’s lower than death of children by falling out of bed (800) per year.

      Murder is a very specific legal term. Shooting someone who’s broken into your house doesn’t qualify. It’s not about being judge, jury, and executioner. It’s about the belief that a person breaking into your house is either intent on harm or willing to commit harm when caught. I will never gamble my childrens’ lives on the belief that home invader(s) have non violent intentions. That’s not murder, it’s self defense.

      I occasionally see someone pretending to be you. They make such asinine comments that it’s tough to believe anyone could actually believe those things. Then I see the real you and I realize that the lines between satire and reality are really blurred. Because you are indeed that asinine. Do you believe that such idiotic rants are going to change anyone’s minds? If not, why on earth would you hang out on a website such as this spewing your incredibly toxic vitriol?!?

    • “dacian…nothing more than…war and violence.”

      What was that? Did someone just fart?

      • to Tim

        You are trying to equate the suicide rates of other cultures with ours. That is an error. The studies show that if places like Japan had handgun ownership their suicide rate would be much higher than it is presently.

        quote————-Also, death by accidental discharge is only 500 per year in the USA That’s lower than death of children by falling out of bed (800) per year.———–quote

        That statement is totally false. And even if it were true do you realize what you just posted??????? Your statement means that with a wave of the hand you are telling parents who lost child “Losses can never be too high so too bad your child is dead as we are not going to do anything about it by passing safe storage laws.

        Jun 19, 2017 — Almost 1300 children die and 5790 are treated for gunshot wounds annually in America, a new study suggests. Here are the states with the …

        • Depends on the definition of “children” which also includes teenage gang members engaging in “mutual combat”.

        • I equate suicide rates in places with more guns vs places with less guns. If culture plays so much an impact that it will better than triple suicide rates even in a country with almost no guns….. then wouldn’t it be more beneficial to work on culture to prevent suicide?

          Here’s your study on death by accidental discharges in the US. 490 in 2021, higher than average. I rounded up. That includes adults too.

          I didn’t say anything about safe storage laws. What I said is about children dying by falling out of bed is a perspective piece.

          Studies vary on how many people successfully defend themselves with a gun. The lowest estimate is 100,000 per year. Your odds of dying by a negligent discharge is under 500. I can tell how unhinged you are about gun owners, but surely you can see that a hundred thousand is a vastly bigger number than five hundred?!?! Guns in the home greatly increase safety. It’s not even a competition. The average gun owner is about 200 TIMES more likely to defend themselves than kill themselves or someone they love.

        • I think I see your problem Dacian. You don’t read your own evidence. You initially claimed that firearm accidents took over 1300 children’s lives. The reality is that number includes gang on gang violence and it includes “children” who are over 18 to pump the numbers. Gangs shooting at each other aren’t accidents and 19 year olds aren’t “children” in any legal sense. Although, maybe I’m giving you too much credit and you knew, but decided to lie anyway.

          That’s why the numbers are so drastically different.

        • to Tim in Texas

          You can play games with figures all you want and ignore the child deaths with a callous wave of the hand as the Far Right always do but study after study proves that the most homicides and accidents with firearms are done right in the home by people who live there not by strangers on the street and not by break ins.

          Suicide rates are much higher with guns in the home that is statistical facts and first responders will tell you they seldom are able to save a person that has blown his brains out as compared to other forms of suicide.

          The major problem with the Far Right is that you cannot reason with a person suffering from paranoia as they are totally incapable of accepting proven facts or thinking logically.

        • OK, dacian the stupid, now I have to call bulls*** (even moreso than normal) on your half-witted idiocy.

          “The studies show that if places like Japan had handgun ownership their suicide rate would be much higher than it is presently.” You LYING sack of s***!!! There ARE no credible studies saying anything of the sort.

          Be a moron if you want (it’s not as if you have much choice!), but at least TRY to restrain your natural tendency to prevarication.

        • Quote: You can play games with the figures all you want.
          Meaning: You can point out when I lie all you want.

          There, fixed it for you. 1300 children do NOT die of “gun accidents” every year. Your claim is a lie. You are a liar. Even after I disproved it through your own sources, your only response is to attack me? You’re a clown

          Suicide is a cultural thing more than it is a gun thing. That’s why the US is middle of the pack for suicide despite being #1 in guns. If you want to save lives, spewing lies on this page won’t help. You’re not a saint trying to make the world a better place. You’re nothing more than a liar espousing hatred.

          The major problem with the Far Left is that once you point out they’re liars, they’ll claim that you can’t accept fact. Except you don’t tell facts. You tell lies.

        • For crying out loud, you link a study that includes gang violence for people as old as 19. You claim that the numbers are “accidents” for “children” and talk about safe storage laws. You think 19 year olds killing each other in gang shootouts is accidental gun deaths for children? You think safe storage laws will do anything to reduce gang violence?!?! You can’t actually be that dumb, can you?!

          Before you talk about how the “Far Right” can’t accept the truth, try telling it. Just once.

      • …and Mr. ‘Hitler was just trying to solve a problem’ jwm here knows what it is to be an uneducated ‘maroon’. 🤣🤡

      • DDW,

        “If this is true then there is no right, no wrong, no beauty, no justice, no truth, no atrocities, no murder . . .”

        Why do you torture poor idiot dacian with concepts he is unable to understand?? Right, wrong, beauty, justice and truth don’t exist in the world of dacian the stupid. There is only “the narrative” and people who don’t believe the narrative. dacian the stupid lives in an extremely binary world.

    • “…Naked Ape…”

      Why don’t you just use the phrase “hairless beach ape” instead? I mean, we’re going to laugh anyhow whenever you post, so just give us a reference to a comic strip full of talking sea creatures to laugh at, and be done with it.

    • “kill first and ask questions later”

      You mean like your hero at the Capitol who thought maybe that small lady was armed? He wasn’t going to wait around to find out. So he shot her and ran away. He didn’t try to render aid or arrest her. He ran away. Where in the list of standard procedures does it tell cops to run away after they shoot someone?

      But he’s a hero, right? This is what happens when you remove morals, and replace it with allegiance to a tribe or ideology. Flip the political script and this would have been a national tragedy and a scandal.

  12. RE: “And Amman bravely replied, ‘But if you have a gun, then you are a bad guy.’”

    Bravely? That’s the exact brand of “stupid” found in every useful idiot adult that falls for Gun Control…

    Well you see little inquisitive tyke Amman if some large evil person grabs you and mommy doesn’t have a gun to stop them mommy will most likely wind up with serious head trauma trying to save you and when that happens it’s adios Amman and mommy’s a vegetable. You’ll most likely reside in a dungeon for awhile where your abductor will enjoy doing horrible nasty things to you followed by disposing your little body in a ditch where animals will eat you and turn you into poo.

    So little Amman what do say? How about you and mommy go to the Gun Store and buy a gun and then go get ice cream? Sounds like a plan mommy.

  13. I respect your right to never use violence. Respect my right to laugh my ass off when I see your headlines and obit.

  14. When my grand daughter was 4 years old she asked me why I always have a gun on. I asked her if she was afraid of the gun and she said “not yours granpa”. I then told her that there are bad people that may want to hurt her or her brother and I am older and not able to fight like I used to. The gun gives me the ability to protect her and her brother from anyone or anything that might try to hurt them. She looked at me and said she loved me. I am content with that.

  15. Me: Alex, “Ill take things that never happened for $1,000.00”

    Alex: “Question, what author’s 4-year old child once allegedly told a policeman that he was a bad guy because he had a gun.”

  16. Can’t speak for anyone else, but my take is “Don’t start nothing and there won’t be nothing.”
    I try not to advertise what I am capable of or not capable of. Keep em guessing. I carry a cane when away from home. Knee replacement and other injuries left me with a limp. So, no, I will not be running to or from anything.
    Honestly, I sincerely hope none of the young brovos on here never have to make that choice to shoot or not. Knowingly taking another life is not something I would wish on anyone. But, I would also council anyone who is going to carry a weapon to understand that is a responsibility you have to accept. If there is any doubt in your mind about your capabilities, leave the gun at home in the safe.

  17. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington was commander of the “Black Sheep” Marine fighter squadron in the South Pacific during World War Two. He was awarded the Navy Cross and the Medal of Honor. Years later, his alma mater, the University of Washington, proposed erection of a monument in his honor. One brainless twit (redundancy here?) on campus objected on the grounds they shouldn’t praise a warmonger. To paraphrase Yoda, “The stupidity is strong in them.”

    • To them, Japan was reacting to American aggression. Revisionist history.

      Partly true in that the US had embargoed oil and other strategic materials thinking in 12-18 months they’ll be back to negotiate. The Japanese saw it as 12 months of opportunity to seize their empire and it’s resources and then negotiate from a position of strength.

  18. Having a little brother when I was 13, a child at 4 years old is at the stage of “magical thinking”

    The only venous snake was Coral snakes on the ranch we moved to after my dad retired from Air Force.
    I wanted to teach him to come get me if he saw a snake.
    He came into the house yelling “snake snake”
    I asked him to show me.
    It wasn’t a snake! It was a large red worm.
    Never believe a 4 year old child

  19. There are certain realities that BOTH sides really need to come to grips with. There are people that actually WILL just stand there and let themselves and others around them be killed or seriously harmed. Some of them hold real places of power, authority, and influence.

  20. If you pay any attention at all to what too many people say about any number of things it is clear that there is a major disconnect between logic, common sense, sometimes ethics and morality to reality. I am not sure why this is the case, but I am certain there are any number of causes (ie: drug use, indoctrination, mental illness, low intellectual functioning). Totally, ignoring both sides of an issue and only recognizing one side without some semblance of a rational or factual rebuttal is rather perplexing. Case in point a government that was energy independent becoming energy dependent and having to beg its enemies to help it with the problem. There is no rational explanation for that to make sense to any thinking person.

  21. “when Amman was four, she asked a Policeman who was sitting at our local taqueria why he had a gun.”

    Sure she did. And when my was daughter was two days old, she cured cancer.


  23. For the last month, the news has been reporting on virtuous violence committed by Ukrainians against unprovoked invaders. Their defending their homes and the lives of themselves and their compatriots. Somehow, the libs can’t reduce the scale to a family defending itself against criminals intent on perpetrating unprovoked violence. I don’t see many calls for Ukrainians to lay down their arms and instead reason Putin and his soldiers out of doing violence.

  24. “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him (first),” one of the 613 Commandments which can be found in the Torah, the book that Jesus studied.


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