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New Zealand surrenders. On Wednesday, the New Zealand legislature voted 119-1 to ban semi-auto rifles based upon a single terror incident by a deranged leftist lunatic, giving the shooter exactly the kind of response he said he wanted in his rambling manifesto. Once the governor-general grants his blessing to the bill, it will take effect. Perhaps as soon as soon as this Friday.

The “good” news for gun owners, according to the bill’s proponents, is that the Kiwi government will at least pay for the guns. For a short time, anyway. Current owners will have a limited window to “sell” their guns to the government.

They like to call it a buyback, but the fact of the matter is that the government never owned these guns to begin with. It’s more accurately called partially compensated confiscation.

From CNN:

New Zealand’s parliament has voted almost unanimously in favor of changing the country’s gun laws, less than a month after a mass shooting left 50 people dead.

Members of parliament voted 119 to 1 in favor of the ban on military-style semi-automatic weapons Wednesday, as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told lawmakers they were giving “a voice” to those killed in the Christchurch massacre.

Once the bill is granted royal assent by the country’s governor-general, it could come into force as law as soon as Friday, TVNZ reported.

The passage of the bill comes just weeks after the March 15 mass shooting at two Christchurch mosques, which Ardern described as “the darkest of days in New Zealand’s history.”

“We are ultimately here because 50 people died, and they do not have a voice,” she told parliament Wednesday. “We in this house are their voice, and today, we have used that voice wisely.”

Ben Franklin summed it up nicely:  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (AP Photo/Nick Perry, File)

Obviously, the terror attack proves New Zealand’s government cannot keep its residents safe.  So instead of empowering its citizens subjects, the Wellington government has has chosen to strip Kiwis of their ability to defend themselves. Makes perfect sense.

Anyone want to wager on how long before the next terror attack strikes New Zealand?

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  1. Lesson of the day boys and girls, yes, terrorism is a viable political means of fomenting “CHANGE” in New Zealand…

    • Politicians have been working on that “punch list” since he published his manifesto, that’s quite accommodating of them.

  2. Another English speaking counry I’ll boycott. May NewZealand be overrun with Muslims and Maori…

  3. For those terrorists and overall bad guys, New Zealand beckons. You need only worry about those pesky policemen. Otherwise, you are free to delve into your evil ways.

  4. The next time New Zealand is threatened with invasion (as, for example, during World War 2) and they ask the United States for help, the answer should be “f**k you”, “have a nice day”, or “good luck with that”.

      • New Zealand is 1900 miles from Guadalcanal…In fact Guadalcanal is closer to New Zealand than it is to the Philippines (2600 miles). Pretty sure that without Marine and Navy (and eventually Army and AAF) intervention the Japanese could have easily moved on to Australia and then New Zealand.

        • The Japanese Army had actually printed currency for use in NZ post invasion. My mother lived on the route from the Japanese prisoner of war compound in Featherston (later the scene of a massacre caused by aggressive Jap officers) and said the stares from the Japs would send shivers down her spine. They were all convinced of their ultimate victory. She was 13 at the time of Pearl Harbour, which happened on her birthday.

  5. all bar the one that voted against are Traitors and need to be dragged out and hung in front of the building they were dragged out of. No Compromise, No Surrender

    • Yep. the government betrayed the rights of its people. Whether the people will surrender to the government is a different story. They shouldn’t…but it looks like they will.

      • On the contrary, the people in NZ don’t have any “rights”. They have privileges granted, or rescinded, by their rulers.

        • If they don’t have rights, then no offense has been committed. But they do have rights. They’re just being threatened with death unless they give up those rights.

  6. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” (Benjamin Franklin)

    Ben’s words ring true today more than ever… Keep your powder dry Patriots!!!

      • LOL… Anything I can get my hands on until I can find a good phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range… 🙂

    • I hate it when you people misuse that quote out of context. Benjamin Franklin wrote that in a letter to the colonial governor of Pennsylvania after he had vetoed legislation imposing a tax on the Penn family’s lands in order to pay for frontier security. The temporary security was exactly that: a lump sum paid by the Penns to pay for temporary security. The essential liberty was the right of the assembly to levy taxes.

      • That may well be the case however it applies to all liberties no matter what they are. If you are willing to give up any one of them for a little safety then YOU WILL LOOSE THE LOT, maybe not right away but over time. People are doomed to keep repeating that mistake till EVERYONE starts learning from history and not falling for the same old ploys that those who seek power use daily

  7. Dumb fools, every last one of them. In a few years, they will be lamenting such a decision-just as the Venezuelans and the UK residents (or should we just call them “serfs and slaves?) are right about now.

  8. The money they spend on confiscation is really going to cut into their socialist medical system. According to some in NZ will only pay for the first few magazines, they won’t pay for losses by importers with shipments in transit either. Maybe coming after any parts that fit an AR too. Say a pistol grip or stock on a Bolt gun with a chassis.

    Half the police station in NZ are unmanned most of the time due to lack of funds. This will really take a bite outta crime-(fighting).

    • They said they will pay a few hundred for guns that cost thousands.

      Why would you give away your firepower at a lost of your liberty and your money?

    • There will be another terrorist attack but the Progressive media lackeys will call it a reprisal action.

  9. To any and all persons….Now how important is the constitution?…I’ll bet those Kiwi’s wish they had something….have to follow this story to see if the gangs turn theirs in too…

    • The gangs have already stated that they will NOT turn in their weapons – well of course the won’t – they are already criminals.

    • You don’t even have to post it – if they find out that you have it in your possession you are subject to arrest. And several have already been.

  10. When you call that nationalist nut ‘leftist’ you’re just as dishonest as the antigunners. Might as well call Timothy McVeigh ‘left wing’ while you’re at it. Great way to make sure no one takes your points seriously except those ideologically primed to do so.

    • The shooter was from Australia and also a white nationalist. He killed unarmed men women and children while they were at prayer. How would you feel is some one came into your church and started shooting (I know that we would shoot back)? Granted they were muslim but shouldn’t all people like that be condemned? I feel sorry that the people in NZ, no matter what race or religion will no longer be able to defend themselves from crazy people that what to kill them.

      • “The shooter was from Australia and also a white nationalist.”

        No. If anything he’s a “culturalist”.

        He doesn’t think a white American/Briton/Kiwi should move to Bavaria unless that person is intent on assimilating to Bavarian culture. Nor does he think that a Bavarian should move to any of the other countries I’ve listed unless that person is intent on assimilation to that culture.

        According to his own words: Anyone can travel and visit wherever they want but unless they fully assimilate they cannot stay.

      • Two of the other people arrested that day were folks who had armed themselves for their own protection and that of others, in the confusion and panic on that day. They were later released withour charge.

    • Depends on what your definition of “leftist” is. I don’t see too many “deranged” right wing fanatics calling for total gun confiscation all around the planet.

  11. Fuck you, John. The second you labeled the shooter a ‘leftist’, you lost all credibility. He was nuts. His manifesto joined left and right under a bridge of crazy, but you want to use what is essentially a lie to pawn his actions off on people you disagree with.

    • It’s called intersectionality. White Nationalism meets green socialist. There are a lot of people him in the Pacific Northwest like him.

    • Do not forget that the shooter claimed one reason for the attack was because recent immigrants were destroying the glorious environment of New Zealand. An Eco-terrorist attack as it were. That the victims were Moslem was of no interest to the shooter.

      • Hah! The biggest threat to our environment here in NZ, and all the endagered species with it, is the money effect of big business (intensive dairy farming etc) high levels of tourism and packaged excursions into pristine areas of natural beauty. On the other hand, major earthquakes have been kicking our butt for thousands of years.

    • He is a leftist. He really likes the Communist Republic of China and wants white countries to be like that.

      Fascism and Communism are on the left. In Europe, Fascism is considered the right. In America, Fascism is considered to be on the left.

      • extreme left wing, extreme right wing…. just 2 wings of the same damn ugly bird (uglier than a vulture) and both forms of dictatorship. liberty lies elsewhere

  12. Crazy terrorist: Writes manifesto explaining exactly what he hopes to accomplish with the Massacre.

    Political and media establishment: “Good idea! Let’s go with that plan!”

  13. 119 panicked sheep, all stampeding in whatever direction the dog wanted them to go. And one thinking human that refused to follow the flock. ONE! That’s pretty sad…

    • That is pretty much how everything goes.

      Don’t expect all the gun owners to start a civil war, expect them to turn in their guns peacefully, including Americans.

      • a rather naive assumption…in places where restrictions have become severe…non-compliance has become commonplace…expect that to continue and expand…

        • When they come to your house with their full auto guns, helicopters, snipers, explosives, armored vehicle, you will peacefully turn in your guns. You will keep them until they come for them. Until then you will live everyday worrying if someone is going to rat you out or if they can trace your weapons back to you.

          Let’s not pretend you don’t go around the internet posting about the guns you have. If they want they can use AI to find any firearm content you posted and trace your location in seconds. You just have to post pictures of your guns from your home. No need for registration.

        • I believe the will not comply movement will continue to grow. It started with 1 guy in Colorado then moved to a few hundred in Rhode island the same in Connecticut and on and on. We now have sheriffs in multiple counties in new mexico and eashingtong state that are also using the will not comply mantra. The left may eake up one day and tealize that the american gun owner is not the monority they think we are. They gripe about the lobbying of the NRA but do they realize that there are other organizations out there or that the actual gun lobby consists of ever law abiding gun owner in this country and thats well over 100 million men and women.

  14. and in other news —ALL the criminals in New Zealand…laughed and laughed and laughed!
    then yelled…HA DEFENSELESS SUCKERS! now you are all easy pickings with a cop response time of 20 min! To a mass shooting no less!

  15. Remember that this is the FIRST CHOICE OF GLOBALIST SANCTUARIES in case of War or insurrection.

    They have poured $BILLIONS into the Kiwi economy and politics making it ‘safe’ for them to build their underground shelter complexes. From what I understand, one group has airliners on standby to fly these Sociopathic, Narcissistic NWO Leaders to their new ‘safe space’.

    These people can afford just about anything. The monies they give to their disarmament and Socialist causes are quite literally ‘pocket change’.

    This latest ‘mass killing’ was merely another ‘False Flag’ perpetrated by the Elites for a purpose.

      • Once the NWO people get there they will run for government offices and change the laws to suit themselves and then they will have many children who they will indoctrinate to their way of thinking and by numbers become the full controlling persons in NZ, just like the muslims are doing in America.

        • They just managed to kill a capital gains tax, so yes, the evidence stacks your way. Poor people have had tough times lately, and this is not likely to improve. All the more need to have some form of (simple) shotgun for harvesting some wildlife for the pot. Luckily the new rules allow even this. And the rich bastards want the rabbits gone from their land as well. Win – win. Even though we have a whole bunch of constantly armed Police, and a nebulous “Terror Threat” gauge to keep us in line. This only seems to affect the behaviour of Police, nobody else gives a toss. This is no longer the country I grew up in, nor a country I have any say in how it is run.

    • The money they use is all created out of thin air as they own almost every nations reserve bank in the world INCLUDING THE FED. that happened under Wilson in the US and ours was in part a trust of the british Bank of england which the Rothschilds got their hands on in the time of the Napoleonic war as part of a deal brokered with england to finance their part in that war. Ours in Australia is now fully in their hands as of the time that we changed over from the pound to the dollar as part of a bankruptcy settlement at the time.

      What they are doing is USURY and fraud of the highest order and yes we would have to kill quite a few thousand of them to rid the world of their pestilence

  16. Honestly,. This is a once a generation event for a country the size of New Zealand. This ban will have no impact on crime and violence in New Zealand.

  17. Just curious.

    Is it just semiautomatic rifles and pistols that were banned?

    Can New Zealanders still have the same model Mossberg 930 shotguns, Remington 870 shotguns or the unidentified lever action shotgun that were used in the shooting?

    Might explain why the video of the shooting was scrubbed from the internet.

    • Good question. ALL semi autos of every stripe are now banned, consigned forever to history. Pump shotties with 5 round mags are OK, extended mags are banned. Hunting rifles are OK. For small semis, the owner will have to belong to a pest control organization. Ruger 10/22s would then be OK, the Marlin 60 with extended mag will not be.

      Strangely, pistol owners with their special license, will not be affected.

      The E category for military style semi autos has now been cancelled.

      All the gun shops will now have to get rid of half of their stock, and probably the more profitable half.

      Gun owners have until October 31st to tell Police of any semi autos in their possession and arrange to dispose of them.

      I broke my leg a month ago (just after the mosque attack), so learning of these new rules has been a bit of a shock. Obviously I can’t say whether or not I approve of them. But interesting that swift action has also been sweeping and lacking in nuance. Quick but dumb is a term that comes to mind. If a little more time had been spent considering these changes, there would be a lot more buy in with gun owners. As it is, it just looks like something decided by a bunch of poofs, weirdos and frightened sheep in Wellington, and does not reflect the character of the NZ people at all. And it caves in to the deranged demands of a crazed murderer. The symbolism is rife with irony.

  18. SO NOW THAT NEW ZEALANDERS (KIWIS) ARE DISARMED AND NO LONGER HAVE “WEEPONS” (IN THEIR ACCENT) THEY WILL BE “SAIFER” (THEIR ACCENT) FROM “TEERRORISTS” (THEIR ACCENT AGAIN). Morons, but they are a small, quaint country at the end of the world where sheep and deer population is 10 for 1 human. Now the sheep and deer will finally take over NZ and establish an animal farm with humans as slaves.

  19. Just checked.

    The new law allows New Zealanders to keep their Mossberg 930s and Remington 870s. Semiautomatic shotguns will simply be limited to only 5 round capacity magazine tubes.

    So I can still have a 12 gauge, 3&1/2″, semiautomatic shotgun loaded with 5 shells +1 in the chamber, each round containing 18, 00 buckshot pellets giving me 108, .33″ projectiles? Just FYI, 00 buckshot has as much kinetic energy at 50 yards as 5.56 mm does at 500 yards (Mandalay Bay hotel to concert venue range).

    I can’t wait to see the next mass shooting in New Zealand. I will keep the pop corn ready.

    As for the issue of Muslim immigrants, Jacinda Ardern will welcome them with open thighs.

    • There is and was no issue about Muslim Immigrants in New Zealand. If you had been following what happened it was 50 innocent people who happened to be Muslim that were murdered by a white supremacist who hated them. Would you also say that that there was an issue with U.S. Black people praying in their own church when another white supremacist, Dillon Roof murdered them? Because of racial and religious hate New Zealand lost their gun rights. A few U.S. States have been lucky so far while others have already lost many of their rights already but if hate is not conquered and eradicated we will all soon be next on the list to lose most if not all of our gun rights as well. In recent years more and more U.S. States have taken away more and more gun rights all of which were blessed by the courts. The majority of gun owners do not hate but they end up losing their rights because of the people who committed such hateful mass murder. Spreading around more hate through the internet by making derogatory comments about minority religions or races only guarantees that some nut case will be reading it and then decide to plan yet another senseless attack on innocent people and eventually the amount of straws will break the camels back.

      • I think we kinda have to take the guy’s manifesto at face value and say this wasn’t religiously or racially motivated and was not based on hate. He claimed to have no problem with visitors or tourism to or from other countries.

        The issue was culture and immigration. He believes that immigrants from foreign cultures don’t assimilate and are therefore fifth columnists here to overthrow Western society. His solution is fascism and immigration control.

        He picked the Muslims because they were 1) in proximity to him at the time (he originally planned to attack a Mosque in Dunedin) in large comparative numbers and because they were citizens/permanent residents of NZ who he didn’t think should be there because they were retaining elements of the culture of their home country.

        As callous as it sounds, his attack wasn’t based on hatred but rather was meant to be a “conversation starter”. He was hoping it would kick off revolutions and wars to bring about the fascist order he preferred and send non-assimilating peoples back to their home countries.

        To write him off as a hater or a nut is to do a grave disservice to the entire world, not because his views “deserve” recognition but because we cannot combat this kind of fascist ideology unless we recognize it, call it out and address it.

        • Quote:————————–I think we kinda have to take the guy’s manifesto at face value and say this wasn’t religiously or racially motivated and was not based on hate.—-quote

          Quote———-The issue was culture and immigration. He believes that immigrants from foreign cultures don’t assimilate and are therefore fifth columnists here to overthrow Western society. His solution is fascism and immigration control.——————————Quote

          Quote—To write him off as a hater or a nut is to do a grave disservice to the entire world, not because his views “deserve” recognition but because we cannot combat this kind of fascist ideology unless we recognize it, call it out and address it.————quote

          Your first paragraph contradicts your second and third paragraphs. I think the word oxymoron is a good fit here.

          The NZ nut case’s racial and religious hate was seething and all encompassing. His words were copied verbatim from many of Julius Streicher’s racist rantings in Nazi Germany. When we let nut cases like that take to the internet they promote their ideas as “normal” it poisons the minds of the young or the gullible or the uneducated. Finally after much foot dragging Social Media is taking steps to ban such racist rhetoric and hate and calling it out for what it is which is a threat to all of civilized society. We all know what happened in Germany in the 1930’s when many Germans did nothing to stop the rantings of Hitler and his followers and what it led to. It was too easy for many just to look the other way and hope it would go away. People who would defend this nut case’s right to spew forth this hatred are fooling no one in regards to their own real feelings and or sympathies as to what this nut case believed in and did.

          The idea that immigrants do not assimilate has been disproved in just about every study done on the subject. Many Immigrant children born in the host country cannot even speak their parents native language and those immigrant children who were born in their parents countries assimilate very quickly. Studies done in Canada, a country that takes in many more immigrants than the U.S. has shown that with their superior and advanced educational programs immigrant children assimilate in as little as two years. It is no accident that Canada is rapidly becoming a better place to immigrate to than the U.S. because immigration is boosting its economy. The idea that immigrants are a threat to a society has proven to be just the opposite in studies done from the present to as far back as the History of the Roman Empire. In fact immigration has always proven to be a tremendous asset to a country’s prosperity. Immigrants by and large are hard working, realize the value of getting an education, and immigrant businesses usually prove more successful than businesses started by natural born citizens. Many young immigrants boost the economy because they are just starting out in life and spend money on the necessities of family life which super charges the economy.

          Even in the U.S., which as of late. has become increasingly hostile to all forms of immigration, even legal immigration, as witnessed by Trump’s lowering of legal immigration to an all time obscene level, ignores the fact that many of the illegal Daca Children went on to college and or Tech school and now are a tremendous asset to the economy. Trumps ratings about immigrants being rapists and murders were false as crime committed by illegal immigrants is paltry as compared to the bulk of the crime that is committed by natural born citizens. Studies prove it beyond all doubt.

          It is ironic that at a time when the U.S. has an aging population no longer paying into the system that the Republicans are doing everything possible to prevent all forms of immigration, especially legal immigration, when it is actually beneficial to increase the amount of people immigrating into the country and the economy. Does anyone remember who invented the “I” phone which brought billions of profit into the U.S Economy. It was the son of a Syrian Immigrant and Syrians now are banned under the Trump Regime from immigrating into the U.S. Canada is now cashing in on U.S. stupidity and taking them in instead. Its no accident Canada’s economy is now expanding more rapidly and providing more job opportunities than the U.S. now currently has. Canada has recognized the benefits of eradicating tribalism as much as possible while the current U.S. Government is promoting it, embracing it, and even worshiping it. But then again is that not what Conservative Governments are all about. I think that the NZ Nut Case would have approved of current U.S. immigration policies and loved living here in the U.S. at the present time which is currently going through one of the darkest chapters in its history reminiscent of the U.S. WWII Concentration Camps set up for Japanese American Citizens, only now they have been replaced by Latino’s, the latest bogey man according to Conservatives that mythically go bump in the night.

        • Vlad, or whatever your name is today,
          What a load of shit. Every post you write is full of lies. (Hey did you remember what decade you born in yet, you’ve said so many now.)
          In 2017 alone, the US took in 6.3 million Syrian refugees. That’s about 20 percent of the entire population of Canada.
          You know how many immigrants arriving in Canada get their asylum request granted? Just 8%. And immigration to Canada? Take a look at the number. 61% of them are from Asia. They are just importing cheap labor.
          And they don’t want the immigrants the US is taking in. The Canadian government is repeatedly putting out warnings that Central American migrants are not welcome there.
          By every account, the US is one of the most welcoming, generous nations on earth.

    • But in 2017, the U.S. resettled 33,000 refugees, the country’s lowest total since the years following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a steep drop from 2016, when it resettled about 97,000.

      Non-U.S. countries resettled more than twice as many refugees as the U.S. in 2017 – 69,000 – even though refugee resettlement in these nations was down from 92,000 in 2016.


  20. Well it will be about a month before the next mass killing unfortunately, I hope to god that won’t happen , but as Ben Franklin said those who give there ability to defend themselves will face the terror .

  21. “the darkest of days in New Zealand’s history.”

    I’m gonna be harsh here.

    What a bunch of p*ssies. 50 people died. We’ve had more people die on interstate pile ups here. The darkest days of the vast majority of nations involve mass genocide, plague, catostrophic war, slavery, NBC weapons, and natural disasters. They will now be enslaved and learn what the real meaning of “dark days” means.

    • I wonder if any New Zealanders are going to stream their last stand. Maybe we won’t see it due to the heavy censorship…

  22. And at the end of the day. Most kiwis won’t care while thumbing thier noses at us telling us how “civilized” and “rational” they are while telling us how stupid and backwards we are and that we should be like them.

    • Agreed. Most wont care. I’d actually like to hear from the small minority of NW gun owners left what they will do? Hide their guns and fight I assume.

  23. We should pull all of our military out of New Zealand. Sever diplomatic ties and cancel any aid. As well as exit from any treaties or trade agreements. If the people of New Zealand aren’t willing to fight for their Freedoms. I hope they enjoy their Oppression. Let this be a lesson to All Firearms owners. If We aren’t willing to fight for OUR Rights. They will go the same way. Each day We take another step closer to the abyss of Tyranny. The enemy is using the classic divide and conquer tactic. Some states oppress their citizens RTKABA. Some pretend to support them with small victories all the while waiting for the right opportunity to take them. Some states do protect the RTKABA. Yet the war is still being incrementally lost. Through Intentional Misinformation and Indoctrination of our children. Their fight has been going on decades with a clear objective. Our fight has been fought with hesitation and indecisiveness. Much like Whack a Mole. If We lose this fight. We will have no one to blame but Ourselves. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • I’m sure I don’t know everything about US military presence in NZ but the main presence we have there is logistical support for Antarctic Research Stations and there really isn’t a much better place to put such an installation.

      Secondarily we have a station there that tracks other countries satellites in both the Southern hemisphere and the Eastern hemisphere.

      I’m sure we have other assets in NZ but they’re not much worth talking about. It’s not like we can refit a nuclear powered ship there since we don’t have the facilities to do it because of NZ maritime law.

      Our leaving wouldn’t hurt them. To the Kiwis it would be barely noticeable and would not affected their defensive posture much at all. We on the other hand would stand to lose quite a bit.

      • They are part of the spying alliance with the U.S. It’s a big deal for their spying efforts in their country and their ability to acquire intelligence from other areas.

        • Not really, they can get whatever they want from the UK because they’re under the Crown. Kiwi intelligence is decent but nowhere near as good or well funded as Australian or especially UK intel.

          They cozy up to us on this for other interests of theirs and reasons that are historical in nature.

        • As far as Five Eyes goes, the US has more to leverage out of the relationship than NZ does, speaking from my very limited experience.

  24. The lesson to be learned here is that Governments want complete power and control over the people and they use a tragedy to get complete control. I fear our day here in the U.S. is coming soon (2020) and the billions lost from a government melt down of privately owned weapons will be the biggest theft in U.S. History.

  25. I’m not surprised by the outcome but the vote total. I’d have expected it to either be 120-0 or to have a least five to seven “nays”.

    • The left and the right come together for certain things. Usually those things are to make the government more powerful and the people weaker.

      • The problem with that analysis is that NZ has a total of eight seats that belong currently to “outside parties” like NZFirst and ACT which are, in a lot of ways from the US perspective, like UKIP. They’re principled in many ways but also often choose to simply be the naysayers for the major parties (National and Labour).

        I haven’t looked at exactly who voted what way but I suspect I know who that one “nay” was.

  26. ….”Once the bill is granted royal assent by the country’s governor-general, it could come into force as law as soon as Friday, TVNZ reported.

    Royal Assent?!


    • It’s similar to the Presidential signing of a bill into law in the United States except that it’s more of a formality.

      Parliament has passed this bill but the governor-general has to sign it and then send a message to the leaders of the Parliament so that they can inform their respective houses that the law has been accepted and signed into law. The difference being that to not grant Parliament the Assent wouldn’t mean much in a parliamentary-monarchy system.

      The name “Royal Assent” is just historical at this point but basically means “The Crown approves of this legislation” because everything in the Commonweath is still done under the “name” of the Crown or “His/Her (currently Her) Majesty’s Government” which is just a fancy and traditional way of saying something passed in Parliament and is now law.

  27. With respect to NZ, it’s people and it’s government, I do not reside there, not am I likely ever to so do, their current firearms foolishness aside. I guess that it all boils down to a question of what citizens, as opposed to subjects, are willing to abide. I’m also a bit past 86 years of age, and not at all likely to change my views significantly, especially, absent required good reason, good reason being significant by it’s absense here.

  28. Except from Mel Gibson’s The Patriot:

    Benjamin Martin : Would you tell me please, Mr. Howard, why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.

  29. Ah yes, leftist terrorists. Well known for their admiration for Candace Owens, Donald Trump, 8chan, white nationalism and hate for Islam.

    Have you honestly managed to convince yourself on that lil whopper?

  30. Well they are on their way to spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in order to accomplish absolutely nothing against crime or well armed crazy persons. Same as Australia, in that they took stupid, wrong headed action after something so very rare, and that action has nothing to do with the problem.

    Which is people being criminal, and worse than criminal. Human behavior, the study of which has been protecting Presidents and VIP’s the world over for generations.

  31. NZ is wrong in what they are doing, but, this will be a perfect thing to follow and study in how will the crime rate be effected and how many people deprived of firearm ownership will die. I bet both will explode in numbers…….. and there is also the question of how many NZ citizens will not turn in their firearms?

  32. That NZ ruler is scary. Why do these leftists all look like Sleestaks from the Middle Earth? Like they are wearing a lizard suit?

  33. Wussies. But not the word I wanted to use.
    And of course the criminals won’t turn them in.
    Maybe one day people will have the cojones to do something about gun grabbing Governments.
    Before the entire World turns into one giant Dictatorship.

  34. They will ban the rest of the guns in short order. The UK went for everything eventually and now they have to kiss a ring to keep.a shotgun locked.up.at the shooting club

  35. Most guys here are going to keep their guns underground. There’s a big scene for illegal guns. Pistols go for minimum 5k. They’re mostly kept as status symbols.
    But the gangsters and rich people who have them are not the problem.

    It’s these white guys who have liscenced guns who come from broken homes and a decrepit culture with nothing to live for that go on to do these mass killings.

  36. As of today’s date…264 people in the United States have been killed by police. This is over 5 times the number killed in the Christchurch shooting. By the end of this year, the number of people killed by police in the USA will be about 1100.

    Why aren’t we banning police officers?

  37. There were NO victims. NONE. Download that 17 minute body cam vid by Tarrant and you will realize that it’s a poorly performed video game, which is why PM Arden 2 days later on watching it tried to stop people watching, let alone passing it on, and so mandated 10/14yr jail terms.


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