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You just can’t make this kind of thing up. You’re no doubt familiar with The Great New Zealand Gun Grab that’s currently going on in the Pacific island nation. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern let no grass grow under her feet as she rushed to outlaw all virtually all semi-automatic firearms after a self-described eco-fascist murdered 50 people in two mosques earlier this month.

But as gun owners here are fond of pointing out, firearm bans, magazine capacity limits and other gun control laws never seem to affect criminals. They tend to ignore those kinds of legal niceties. So the result of grabbing law-abiding Kiwis’ guns will be a lot of disarmed, vulnerable, law-biding Kiwis.

Now, a helpful article from the New Zealand Herald has confirmed exactly what we’ve been saying all along. They went out and interviewed a local mob boss and asked him how he plans to deal with the gun ban.

Sonny Fatu, president of the Waikato branch of the Mongrel Mob, said that, while some members of the gang may have illegal guns, they will not be handing them in as they are necessary to their protection.

“Will gangs get rid of their weapons? No. Because of who we are, we can’t guarantee our own safety,” he told Stuff.

Who could possibly expect gentlemen engaged in dangerous activities like meth production, and drug distribution to give up their firearms? The good news is, Sonny promises that regular New Zealanders have nothing to worry about.

He admitted many of the gang’s estimated 1000 associates hold illegal firearms but says they should be trusted not to harm innocent people. …

He says the public should not be afraid of gang members’ guns as they are used in gang-on-gang violence only.

Well that’s a relief. The Mongrels promise to keep the shootouts just between gang members and will do their level best to avoid collateral damage.

“The attacks between our organisations are gang-on-gang, they do not involve the non-gang members. Although there may be peripheral damage and violence that occasionally spills out into the public eye, it is absolutely and without intention for any harm to be caused to non-gang members,” he said.

The Herald article doesn’t quote anyone from the Mongrels’ rival gangs, so Kiwis will just have to hope that they’ll be just as scrupulous about where and on whom they open fire as Sonny’s boys.

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    • The police GANGS have lots of rules which strongly tilt justice toward the lawbreakers. And on top of that , have Judges working for the other side most of the time.

    • Yep.

      Also it should be said that gang-bangers and organized mafias are two very different groups. Mafias and organized criminal syndicates have some class and are very unlikely to mess with John Doe unless he goes sticking his nose in their business. Gang-bangers though… they will shoot at John Doe just for being in the wrong neighborhood.

      As for police, Id trust the mafia before Id trust the police. Cops will shoot you for so much as looking at them wrong.

        • No, but considering police have been doing a lot of “whoops, wrong house, killed everybody inside though because drugs, maybe?” I don’t see that there’s a lot of practical difference.

          I don’t engage in illegal, questionable, or dangerous activities. My house has locks lights and an alarm system and two big dogs. I’m friendly with my neighbors and volunteer in my community.

          While all that might help protect me from a gang of yoots from the city deciding to break into my house, kill me, and/or take my stuff, it won’t even slow down a gang of cops from the city deciding to break into my house, kill me, and/or take my stuff because an informant lied or they got the address wrong or maybe a cop just really wanted to asset-forfeiture my F350.

    • The Democrat Party under Obama sent thousands of select fire M16s and m14s to police departments all across this country. They, the socialist, sure the cops are well armed.

    • Wow, first comment was anti Police. While that’s entirely expected from TTAG, at what point did Police even get mentioned in the post?
      Tell you what, boss: I guarantee your local PD has a civilian observer/ride along program. Sign up for it and go for a ride, if you can pass the background check.

      • johnQ

        Why, so you too can grow up to be a lying, theiving conman that will rob your victim blind under color of “law” and perhaps rape, maim or even kill them if they don’t agree with your wicked evil ways and bow down to your power hunger ? ALL cops are thugs, a GANG IN BLUE. Yeah ALL of them, every single one. They ALL agreed to enforce every law on the books, even unjust ones. If there is no victim, there is no crime. If you or your personal property aren’t physically harmed or your property stolen, no crime is commited. No crime, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE.
        Cops will all cover for their brothers in blue, cause they know what will happen if they don’t (just like any other gang)
        Ya pull a guy over because he has a tail light out, then when he refuses to pay your extortion fee, you ruin his family, his life and his bank account and throw him in a cage? What kind of sociopath are ya John? Do ya actually agree with them Johnny ol’ boy?
        If you, when TSHTF, you know you’ll be un trusted and one of the first ones to go……

    • Maybe because the State has no mercy to throw yourself on? Unless you wear a badge, that is. Then first degree murder is punished by being fired. Temporarily, that is. Until the now “Gypsy Cop” moves to a new department to oppress a new batch of citizens.

  1. Who needs guns more than someone in a cash business that the police will not defend?
    Who needs defensive weapon protection more than an ex felon(who is likely to be the target of the prison gang that he had to join for protection inside), when the police won’t protect him?

    It is not that I support a felons right to have a firearm, but I do understand it. If it is used in a defensive way, it would be hard for me to convict him if I were on a jury. There is no more likely victim than an ex felon trying to go straight in our society.

  2. I bet the NZ cops won’t see this as a challenge, but rather a warning to continue to take guns from the compliant, meekly law-abiding citizens.

    • It use to be said there are 6 sheep for every person in NZ. I think they have vastly over counted the number of humans in NZ since most of them are actually sheep as well! There is a clear lack of sheepdogs and the wolves are about to come out of the woods.

      • The good sheepdog and evil wolf shit, its getting old. I happen to identify far more with wild wolves than any pampered sheepdog. Does that mean I’m an ebil gud for nuffin?

        • The sheepdog is an agent of the shepherd.
          The shepherd is an agent of the butcher.

          at least the wolves are honest about their intentions.

  3. If we ignored gang on gang murders we could drop the homicide stats in the US to European levels (per capita) in a day.

  4. What’s wrong with gangs shooting them selves up… they do that here also in places like New York, California, Chicago , & other places…that way no cops get injured… sounds good to me.

    • That does indeed seem to be the way US law enforcement has dealt with gangs for the most part. As long as it doesn’t spill over into the high rent districts, they don’t seem to do much. Probably a number of reasons for that.

  5. Most of those gangs are Maori. Maoris owned the place before white people appeared, so if I were a Maori I wouldn’t give up my weapons either.

    • Yeah, guns vs. Greenstone war paddles didn’t work out so well for the Maori the first time around.

      Now that they have guns I don’t think they’re itching to go back to the old ways.

  6. I know it’s not legal but I totally understand what he is saying… maybe that’s why there are probably so many buried bump-stocks, 80% lowers and binary triggers buried throughout America.
    I am interested in a state by state record of the number of bump-stocks turned into the ATF or the number of videos sent to them showing them chopped up.
    Seems when NJ or some other East Coast concentration camp outlawed bumps there were only three or four turned in by the effective date? And I’m sure all otherwise law-abiding, tax paying citizens in California turned in or destroyed their standard capacity magazines before that ban…
    I wonder if the guy in NZ legally owned his semi-auto. I thought they all had to be locked up at police designated shooting and storage ranges and that is the only place you could have them?
    Please correct me with facts.. But If true then that certainly worked out well….

    • News accounts immediately following the mosque massacres all reported the shooters guns were acquired legally, which is the government’s pretext for banning scary black guns with large-capacity magazines. IOW, it wasn’t the shooter’s fault he was able to kill so many.

  7. Aren’t the gangs in NZ responsible for arms trafficking as well?

    You can bet the weapons they have are much worser than some farmers double barrel or hunters bolt action rifle.

  8. “Well that’s a relief. The Mongrels promise to keep the shootouts just between gang members and will do their level best to avoid collateral damage.”

    The gangs have a vested interest in keeping their ‘business disputes’ among the ‘players’ of the game. If the ‘civilians’ start getting hurt-killed, it’s gonna really bring the heat down on them, and that’s bad for their business…

    • Exactly. Once randos start dying, mothers of *insert country* demand action and a crackdown goes through. Its bad for crime regardless of which side of the badge its on. Informants get nailed along with the crime families.

    • That and being at constant war cuts into profits and makes recruiting difficult.

      Where gangs/criminal organizations don’t bump into each other, IME, they tend to avoid doing so. It’s where they naturally meet and compete that you tend to get friction. General rule, not a hard fast one.

  9. How does this sound? We keep all our guns, mags, stocks, you know that stuff that Shall Not Be Screwed Around With, sorry I’m getting off subject, anyway keep our weapons and ignore the dems antigun laws, and if the cops catch you with one just wink and say “I vote for Democrats” and if you have to go to court just tell the state prosecutor your Aunt Nancy Pelosy said its OK, because you did some community service one time. If they persist then bring out the artillery. Say something like “Gee, I hope I’m not late for the birthday party we are giving for Uncle George Soros.” Hey, it works for Smullet in Chicago.

  10. Don’t be afeered of us…you’d think this was a Chiraq gang. We only shoot other gangbangers(or innocent bystanders,babies or little old ladies). What an effed up world…

  11. More proof that all the gun laws in the world only disarm the law-abiding. Criminals could care less about the laws. The laws do absolutely nothing to stop crime. Only enforcement and harsh punishment reduce crimes.

    • If they didn’t see it coming, I would guess it’s because they don’t care about it one way or another. Though I’m sure they would rather have the criminals keep their mouths shut about it.

  12. Well at least the gun owning gang members displayed some guts and gumption, unlike the normal citizen gun owners..

  13. A politician promises that once the guns are confiscated from the people that no further violations of the peoples rights will occur. Yea right. That really worked out for the American Indians didn’t it?
    And the Maori are nothing but the New Zealand equivalent of the American Indian aren’t they?

  14. I saw an article a few weeks back that said Four days after the country was already turning in as a sign of unity after the shooting. Reading further, it was reported that Thirty-eight Firearms had been turned in. Notice I said firearms, not people. One resident turning in his weapons was a politician, big surprise, great photo opp.
    I may be wrong, but I can’t help wonder if the if the Media in New Zealand holds the high standards of American Media, and is it possible that a portion of the populuse is not getting equal time and having their voice heard.

  15. The kiwis are just like the Libertarians here in the United States. They believe criminals will become virtuous and disarm. Making drugs legal will not cause criminals to disarm themselves. Just as being told by the government to turn in their weapons will not cause them to comply.

    I’m going to save this article. And show it to any gun Grabber who believes that “everyone” will be disarmed by the socialist progressive government they love do much.

  16. NZ has 4.2 mil people, I’m one of them, these gang members are like the mafia, they kill each other and save tax payer dollars in investigations and jail time. He was right most of their aggression is at eachother. Don’t try to understand the NZ government; they don’t get it, China smiles at having NZ population disarmed, they would love to see the U.S make the same moves,

  17. There have been thousands of ar15s and mags sold over the last decade here.

    There’s a big scene here for gear that’s already banned. Any unliscenced semi auto pistol costs At least 5k. Full auto aks,m16s everything’s available if you ask.around

    The word on the street here is that it’s best to hold.on to your unregistered guns since they are now more valuable due to the restriction of imports.

    Later one can discreetly sell them for thousands more.

  18. The gangs will get to keep (and expand) their arsenal as long as they want to. The police in places like NZ are too scared to confront them, kind of like the Muslim “no-go” areas in Western Europe.


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