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In this episode I discuss topics with Tyler Kee, including my upcoming 3-gun competition, summers in Texas and why both of us are secretly lusting after Thompson Center firearms. Grab the episode directly by clicking here, or subscribe to the podcast (which gets you more stuff and gets it to you faster) by using this link in your favorite program or clicking this link for iTunes.

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  1. Although not a formal legal opinion, my first thought would be that the 30.06 statute (what a name!) governs firearm possession in carefully defined locations, and does not govern firearm possession by a specific person, even if that person’s job typically takes place in one of those carefully defined locations.

    It would be nonsensical for a Citizen X to be allowed to pack his Glock at a hypothetical bookstore (which is not a 30.06 facility), while Citizen Y is prohibited from carrying there because he happens to be working for a 30.06 facility while visiting that hypothetical bookstore.

    Whether it’s illegal or not, however, Citizen Y could be in deep shit with his bosses at the 30.06 facility if they don’t like him carrying while on the job regardless of location.

  2. I’d love to hear, or read, something on cheap guns. 🙂
    Perhaps some sort of cheap gun 3-gun competition, who can find the best cheap pistol, rifle and shotgun and then which work the best.

    Minus the Mosin-Nagant and 22lr, because that’d be too easy.

    • I’d like to amend that to make it, since we are looking for cheap, as to that the choices need at most very inexpensive (read: dirt cheap) modifications, but more preferably work right out of the box.

      • Oh, totally!

        Stuff that a very amateur gunsmith could accomplish.

        And the used gun market should be fair game.

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