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“A photo of a gun-wielding, bikini-clad woman standing on a crowded Tel Aviv beach has become an Internet sensation,” reports, “with thousands of viewers curious about whether the brunette beauty is part of Israel’s military and why she wasn’t in uniform with her weapon in tow.” ‘Cause it’s hot at the beach? Note: the mag’s out, so it’s probably a weapon retention issue. If you want to call it an issue. Click here for a YouTube video of IDF babes.

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  1. Regardless of whatever else they do, Israel does produce some seriously sexy ladies.

  2. Back in ’86 I was stationed on a nuclear submarine that chopped into the Med. We had a port call at Haifa Israel for a few days. Another guy from the wardroon and I rented a car to see the sights. On the way to the public beach we picked up a couple of bikini clad ladies much like the ones in the picture who were hitch hiking to get to the beach. They both were carrying rather large woven straw basket like tote bags. Imagine our surprise upon reaching the beach when one pulls an Uzi and the other a M16 from the bags along with their beach blankets. They were both off duty Israeli service members and were required to carry their weapons at all times. It ended up being a very enjoyable day.


  4. See, this is why I’m in favor of open carry. ‘Cause that bikini ain’t concealing much.

    • No kidding and the private nude beaches do nothing to hide guns lol
      I was near Palmachim just south of Tel Aviv. And yup that picture is pretty typical.

  5. not only does she have what’s probably a full auto weapon but it looks like a suppressor also. damn, what a view.

  6. Well, Israel has perhaps the most trained citzenry in the world when it comes to firearms since military service is mandatory for men AND women. Even school teachers are encouraged to carry over there because of the threat of constant terrorist attacks… so why should some hot ladies in bikinis be an exception, eh?

    For all your beautiful IDF needs:

  7. The Amish massacre might well have been avoided if the teacher carried a weapon. That is why pacifism does not value human life.

    BTW, thanks for the link (YouTube video of IDF babes) it’s appreciated.

  8. Then there is this country, where they aren’t even allowed to carry on base to protect their own God damn family.

  9. What is wrong with this picture? Judging from the tan, neither lady is using decent sun block, other than that, there is NOTHING wrong with this picture. Hey, skin cancer is a drag…… but beautiful women with guns are definitely nice to look at.

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