Note to TSA: FOAD

NBC reports [above] that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is testing passengers’ drinks for explosives after passengers clear security. Probable cause for a warrantless search? Hey, you’re going on an airplane. That’s probable cause enough! Or not. In fact, I’ve had more than enough of these government stooges and their security theater. It’s seriously delusional to believe that we’re safer from terrorists because we’re forced to strip and submit to electronic searches and pat-downs from glorified (and unionized) mall cops who treat law-abiding taxpayers like violent prisoners heading for their cells. Ron Paul argued that Americans should be able to exercise their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms on airplanes. Damn straight. And then we wouldn’t need the TSA’s blue goons, would we? TSA, ATF, “Homeland” Security. They should all FOAD—via a democratic process, of course.


  1. avatar Chad says:

    Totally agree. This is exactly why I drive everywhere I go on vacation. The last time I flew was to go to Las Vegas, 5 years ago. Been there, done that, don’t plan on going back again. So, I choose, to exercise my freedom and I don’t fly. We are not safer, because as we all know, passenger planes also carry cargo below and they say it’s IMPOSSIBLE to check every one. But, they can check every passenger and shake down old ladies but Big Siss, (Janet Napolitano), thinks that it may be o.k to not check muslim women because it may be offensive to their culture. Are you kidding me? It’s Muslim’s that attacked us and are on a mission to kill us and your worried about offending them? F You! I’ll drive!

    1. avatar LongPurple says:

      I can’t help but agree.
      Just why do we have a Gov’t that will cater to the religious “sensitivities” of a sect that has a faction that wages “Jihad” against us with such kid-glove treatment, while Catholics , with no such program of warfare against us, are dictated to by our Govt , who disregard the morals of Catholicism on contraception and abortion ?
      I find something outrageously inconsistent in such policy.
      It seems our President is willing to spit in the eye of Christ, while kissing the ass of Mohammed

      1. avatar Will says:

        I’d have to say that is technically showing favor of one religion over another.

        The first part of the 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” came about, not as some would have us to believe, to keep religion out of government, but to keep government out of religion. Remember, one reason they came to the Colonies was because the Church of England was endorsed AND favored over all other religious beliefs to the point they made life miserable for those who didn’t participate in the State Endorsed church. It was their way of saying: “The government WILL NOT tell us which church we should attend and what we should believe religiously, even if we differ in our beliefs.”

    2. avatar Jake says:

      I love that bit about the cargo, you run that by the average person and you can just see their eyes slowly drift apart and zone out. When I first heard how few shipping containers that come through ports in NYC and NJ are searched, I felt the same thing. Same as when I found out that one cargo ship burning skunky bunker fuel puts out more carbon in a year than every car in the country combined. I just want to ask them WHY do you want to bother, you are trying to empty a lake with a bucket. They are all missing the forest for the trees. It’s sad.

  2. avatar Accur81 says:

    I refuse to be body imaged. Just because I’m flying to see my family does not give a security guard cause to see a black and white image of my naughty bits. Not without a good drink, at least.

    We need the TSA running at current strength just as much as we need the DHS and ATF. Which isn’t a whole lot. Just have drug and bomb dogs at the airport, allow off-duty LEOs in good standing to serve as sky Marshall’s, and call it good.

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      You know if they want to see me naked they might want to at least buy me dinner first!

      1. avatar RIGHT! says:

        Holy Cow Ifigured you fer a Texan, but there are still spots in CA? Gives me hope!
        Wish I could figgure how to finagle an iocon/pic on here!
        Too many moving parts!

    2. avatar LongPurple says:

      Throw in CCW holders and retired military, with additional certified training (required for off-duty LEOs too), and I’m with you 100%.
      Nothing like having X% of the passengers armed and ready, to discourage mid-air “incidents”.

      1. avatar LongPurple says:

        I should have added : anyone who flys as a duly authorized armed “deputy sky Marshall” should get a few bucks off his ticket. It’s only ‘fare’.

        1. avatar Jake says:

          Hell, broad brush that one. Discount tix for movies, sporting events, public transpo, etc etc. Incentivize a polite society.

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I read this the other day on infowars, with the YouTube video attached. Makes me want to plan a trip with the understand I might not get there, just so I can tell them no. Goes right along with the “freeze” commands they’ve been testing, where everyone is supposed to do just that. I would treat that “command” just like I treat the anti-theft beepers at the front of retail stores when I know I’ve paid for my merchandise: “Keep on truckin’!”

    1. avatar John Fritz says:

      … Goes right along with the “freeze” commands they’ve been testing, where everyone is supposed to do just that. …

      Say what?

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        Oh, you haven’t heard about “freeze?” I apologize in advance for the infowars link, it’s the fastest place I knew I could find it, although I’ve read about it other places too. Despite the tinfoil-hat nature of an Alex Jones site, this story is substantially accurate.

    2. avatar Henry Bowman says:

      It’s all about conditioning us to obey without question or hesitation.

  4. avatar jwm says:

    except to see my old man in ky i no longer fly. the airlines need my money, i don’t need their hassles. maybe if commercial aviation gets close to collapse the g will rethink their approach.

  5. avatar Michael B. says:

    I hope people start throwing their drinks on them.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Preferably alcoholic….and with an open flame present.

  6. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Uhm ok last comment made by Ron Paul. Would TSA be checking everyone for no frag bullets as they enter the plane? I mean the first time a plane goes down because someone shot a hole the fuselage would kind of put a damper on things wouldn’t it?

    1. avatar cz82mak says:

      Nah, a few bullets won’t bring the plane down, but everyone would get sucked out through the tiny holes! 😉

    2. avatar Mr. Lion says:

      Unless your “little friend” is a 40mm grenade launcher, you’re not bringing an aircraft down from inside it with small arms fire. Short of popping the pilots, anyway, in which event there’s still auto-land.

      Airliners are particularly tough things, for obvious reasons.

    3. avatar Jake says:

      If this were true not a single US paratrooper would have come back from WW2, and the A-10 would have been scrapped two decades ago.

  7. avatar Michael Christenbury says:

    First of all contrary to what the movies show a couple of holes in a pressurized aircraft does not cause the aircraft to explosively decompress or cause the crew to automatically lose control. Second the TSA not only misses things going through security but they have been caught multiple times illegally opening baggage with checked firearms and many of those times firearms have disappeared from that luggage, we need to follow the example of the israeli airline which since allowing citizens to carry on their airline (el al) have not had a single successful hijacking!

    1. avatar LongPurple says:

      To which I must add : Why should we have to check COMPLETE firearms in our checked luggage ? The record of airlines luggage handling is anything but confidence inspiring. Something like 5 % of luggage is ‘delayed” to some degree. There is the question of lost luggage, and pilferers. If guns are in that pilfered luggage, those guns are lost to thieves.
      Why not simply require that firearms be disassembled, with replaceable parts, such as slides and barrels of semi-auto pistols, or cylinders of revolvers packed in checked luggage, while harmless frames of handguns may be carried on board, perhaps even under the control of the pilot in the cabin ?

  8. avatar phil says:

    I totally agree, but why talk down to the men and women trying to make a living? The policys are wrong, but calling someone a mall cop for trying to protect the public is bull.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      **** ’em. “They’re just doing their jobs!” = not an excuse

    2. avatar Totenglocke says:

      They’re not trying to protect anyone, and they’re well aware of it. They choose a job where they get to molest and harass people because they’re sadists. Don’t believe me? Watch the video of the TSA agent who knowingly poured the contents of an urn on the ground and then laughed when the grieving family member got upset.

      The TSA are scum and ideally, after the TSA is disbanded all employees would be sent to jail for sexual assault and be forced to register as sex offenders.

      1. avatar PhilUSN says:

        Good job lumping every single TSA agent together as sadists… I guess all of us gun owners are all criminals and murderers to huh? It works both ways, and I’m sure there are good men and women that work for the TSA and dont grope and molest people to get there rocks off.

        1. avatar Jake says:

          The law of our land is rather solidly on point about us being superior to them, not the other way around. They are our employees, they should treat us with dignity and respect. They do not. Therefore such dignity and respect should not be afforded to them.

    3. avatar Jake says:

      I work at a helpdesk. I make a living being talked down to, for the odious crime of fixing things for people. Anyone who ridicules criticism of the safe and cushy jobs these people have is delusional. People in all manner of jobs have to put up with miles of crap from people all day, EVERY day, and nothing is made of it unless they react in the slightest. And most of them are more likely to get you killed than being a cop or a TSA agent. But no, they have badges so immunize them from all insult.

  9. avatar RIGHT! says:

    I’ll fly to TX because it’s a 2K drive, as for the rest of the west; I’ll drive the ol PU truck, I have a canvas bedroll and enough blankets to make it through a blizzard. It’s not something I’d recomend for the family oriented as you might freeze your nads off but it is an option.

  10. avatar Michael Christenbury says:

    My nephew who is a Nuclear Technician on an Aircraft carrier is pulled for a search every time he flies even though he he has a military Identification and security clearance, even when he traveled in uniform!

  11. avatar Smaj says:

    I totally agree- the TSA is total security theater as well as a complete joke. It needs to go away.

  12. avatar goose says:

    Classic horse is out of the barn thinking by our beloved feds.

  13. avatar Pascal says:

    And, on the opposite side of crazy, if you have a global entry pass at some airports you do not have take your shoes off, you do not have to open your bags, your not restricted to 1.5oz bottles, you don’t need to remove your laptop etc.

    So what is to stop a terrorist group to recruit domestically and then find a stooge to bypass the whole system?

    The funny thing is, the requirements for global entry apart from a short interview, is everything many gun owners go through to get a permit. So why can’t we just use our gun permits to bypass security at airports?

    1. avatar RIGHT! says:

      Lordy! You Jus Done the TSA into the dark water of Hades!
      Life long full body search for you!

    2. avatar LongPurple says:

      DAMMIT !
      You have got to stop making sense ! We are talking about Government authority here !
      I display my “government issued ID ” in the form of my Retired Army DD Form 2, representing 29 1/2 years of faithful service to the Constitution, when at the airport. Some snot-nosed kid looks at it like he never saw anything like it before, and asks “What is a CW3?” I held school on him , and briefed him on the three categories of military personnel.
      I did not ask how his relative qualification (probably a superficial check) entitled him to evaluate my qualification to board an airplane without weapons. That would not be politic.

  14. avatar OakieDoc says:

    I am slowly building up my tolerance for ingesting gasoline, and then working hard to regurgitate it while simultaneously gnashing my flinty fillings, thereby becoming a human blowtorch. I have mastered simple unleaded gas, and am slowly inching my way up to the High Octane stuff. If all continues to go well, I will also learn to fart large volumes of flammable gas which I will ignite while becoming Puff the Dragon! Drat the TSA for trying to thwart my efforts!!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      great okiedoc, now we’ll have to have tailpipe emission probes inserted to check for the gas cause some overwatch computer will pick this out. and i’ll bet we’ll have to pay for the vasoline. don’t give these fvcktards any ideas.

    2. avatar RIGHT! says:

      I have been expeling volumes of flamibale gas for decades,,ask my ex-wife!
      Waaka Waaka!

      1. avatar Nikeratos says:


    3. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Christ, I nearly spit my drink all over my computer reading that.

  15. avatar Fyrewerx says:

    The last time I flew, right after back surgery, I asked the TSA to let me go through the full body scanner (sort of freaked them out that I asked). Then they really went nutz when they saw all my titanium hardware…. artificial knee, spinal fusion nuts and bolts from L1 thru L5 plus S1. Grope time. I said, “what did you think it was? The parts to a weapon?” Pissed them off more. I drive everywhere now (hell, I paid taxes for the interstates, might as well use ’em).

    1. avatar RIGHT! says:

      You sir; are a great American!

    2. avatar Totenglocke says:

      I just want someone to take one for the team and just beat a TSA agent (or more than one, if possible) into a coma for their sexual assault.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        great fantasy. but the reality would be a long streatch in the pen, where the sexual assualt would be at a whole other level.

    3. avatar g says:

      You’re like a modern day Colonel Steve Austin.

      1. avatar Fyrewerx says:

        I even “clank” when I walk.

  16. avatar RIGHT! says:

    Most of my metal was the old fashioned kind. PPL like me, we recovered,,19YOs in the ward, popping scrapmetal out of superficial wounds like it was a Bingo Parlor. We asked about our friends, soon learned to not ask.
    PPL that get in my face about how much more they KNOW,,,well I just want to go home at that point

  17. avatar APBTFan says:

    All you gotta say is that they are unionized and all credibility, integrity and dedication to the job at hand goes out the window. Years in IBEW 640 taught me that lesson.

  18. avatar Kevin says:

    What is really cool is that, in the actual successful liquid explosive attack (Philippine Airlines Flight 434), the terrorist smuggled the nitroglycerine on board disguised as contact lens solution. Are you aware that contact lens solution is classified by the TSA as “medication”? Are you also aware that medication is not subject to the 3oz or quart plastic bag rule? You just have to declare it, so it can be xrayed. Well, nitroglycerine is a liquid, it looks just fine on an xray….

    So no, this measure wouldn’t have actually stopped the only actual liquid explosive attack. It’s just theater.

  19. avatar Ralph says:

    I just flew to Las Vegas — with guns — and went through the whole megilla with the TSA. The TSA guy who checked my bag was very polite, friendly and prompt. After he finished his work, he put a little stamp on the baggage claim tag. When I arrived in LV, I immediately knew that my suitcase (with a TSA lock) had been opened and re-closed. TSA had re-examined my bag — the same bag that I had no contact with from the time I turned it over to the TSA. I don’t know why they rechecked what had already been checked. However, I can say that they did a very nice job of repacking my underwear.

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