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“[Senator] Dianne Feinstein announced Wednesday that she’s re-entering the battle over gun control during her keynote speech to the California delegates to the Democratic National Convention,” scpr.orgreports. “She promised California delegates she’d return to Congress to reintroduce ‘an updated assault weapons bill.’ At the delegates’ breakfast, she said that, “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theatres.” The Senator’s website has no info on her AWB plans, but a push for a renewal of the Clinton-era clampdown won’t help Barack Obama’s campaign if they force the presidential candidate to take a stand on the issue. The mere whiff of an AWB will motivate the gun rights base big time. As it just has. Oh and did you hear that? It’s the sound of AR-15s being sold in record numbers. Again. Still.

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  1. Good luck with that DiFi… Just red meat for the base. She probably thought no one would report it. She knows it won’t happen, they just don’t have the votes or political capital.

  2. Were I in Congress……

    “Representative ST introduces bill separating California from the United States of America.

    When asked why he proposed such a drastic piece of legislation, his only response is that California’s has ‘been its own country for a long time-and its about time we realized that’ .”

    Sorry California TTAG’ers. I know its a lonely road owning guns in that place.Ill make sure you guys get visas before the law takes effect and we seal off the western border.

  3. AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
    I am so ashamed!!!

    Ok We already have an assault weapons ban. Oh and ban on open carry of long guns has now gone to Mr Brown for signature.
    Let’s see if I get this straight.. The DNC has done the following:
    Calling for a new assault weapons ban, and my guess it will include bullet buttons etc.
    And from it’s platform
    Removed any reference to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel.
    Removed any reference to Israel being it’s strongest ally in the middle east.
    Removed any reference to god.
    Mandated pro choice as a platform guideline.

    What the heck are these people thinking!!!!
    Lord help us.. If we get another four years, I am going to need help to rescue my kids from Israel, and then figure out how to survive the craziness here!

    • FYI:

      The “god” and Jerusalem references have been added back in to the platform. Apparently a draft copy was being circulated, but being the convention they were still voting on the final details.

      Even the previous version mentioned the US support of Israel though… that wouldn’t have changed either way.

    • In their hellish world, the big G is government, not God. The more you limit firearms (especially the effective ones that protect and feed family, and keep country safe from outside AND inside…big gov) the more power and control the collectivist distributors get. And they shall do it because they are smarter than you and know whats best…..for your own good….really.

  4. I live in California and for the life of me, I cannot name one piece of legislation that Senator Feinstein has introduced except for “assault weapon” bans. Seriously, I read the paper, check my favorite news sources daily (radio and internet), and cannot think of any legislation that she has introduced that’s positive, i.e., a bill to support worker’s rights, or to protect the delta, or to help disabled kids, or any other traditional democratic issue. Instead, all I have seen from her are “negative” pieces of legislation that ban or restrict human activity. Have I missed something from her in the last 20 years?

    • California Desert Protection Act, which carved out a large chunk of the Mojave and relabeled Death Valley and Joshua Tree as National Parks vs Monuments.

      Closest we got to getting her out was ’94, likely due to the AWB at the time. Mind, lots of folks riled up in ’94. Less than 2pt margin, it’s been a landslide pretty much ever since. Not that Huffington would have been any kind a real treasure, but…

      I’ll take her any day over Boxer, who is a dingbat. Feinstein is smart and capable.

      I just don’t like her policies.

  5. Feinstein is absolutely right about one thing: “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theatres.”

    That’s a pretty good list of places where you already *won’t* find military rifles that can fire in fully automatic mode. Generally speaking, civilians can’t get those things at all (and the few who can aren’t carrying them around the streets). Even sporting rifles that only look military-ish are almost never found in classrooms, schools, movie theaters, or streets; they’re found in people’s homes, at shooting ranges, and in the hands of responsible hunters everywhere.

    Too bad she’s too dumb to realize it.

    I’m glad it’s not my state that was responsible for electing this buffoon.

    • The fact that these types of weapons are in homes and ranges and the hands of responsible hunters just may be the only thing that keeps them out of our streets, etc…in the form of martial law.

    • I seem to remember a DEA agent shooting himself in the foot in a classroom! Only THAT idiot should be packing? Riiiiiight! Please don’t shoot my kid in school, Mr. DEA man!

    • I love huntin’ with my AR, Please don’t disparage those of us who don’t fall into the “it must be wood, bolt action and have that traditional feel to be a gun” crap. The 2nd ain’t about hunting, and it ain’t about “sporting purposes” either.

    • Just to be clear, from Wikipedia

      “Hinckley fired a Röhm RG-14 .22 cal. blue steel revolver six times in 1.7 seconds, missing the president with all six shots.”

      But, as we all know, let’s not have the facts get in the way of logic. I believe the NRA also gave the nod on this too. Now the AWB is the far left symbol of control and make believe that it will make no difference and stands as a scary emotional rally point for the far left base.

  6. “Weapons of war do not belong… in our movie theatres.”

    Hey, any of you guys see Expendables 2 yet?

    I wonder how popular Mrs. F would be in Hollywood if we really eliminated guns from movie theaters?

  7. Do it.

    I hope she makes a huge flippin’ press splash with this. I want it to be public knowledge that the goofy limo liberals are back, trying to ban guns.

    We can safely predict the co-sponsors of the bill: The usual suspects – first, the left-wing, noisy Jewish senators from deep-blue states. Let’s have a roll call: Boxer, Schumer, Lautenberg, Sanders & Franken. Sadly, Senator Howie “I don’t care about crime, I just want to get the guns” Metzenbaum is fertilizing the sod from the underside, otherwise he’d be an automatic co-sponsor and we’d have some quality entertainment on C-SPAN, watching Howie erupt volubly on the topic of guns. I almost miss those days… good times, good times.

    Next will be the usual suspects in the House.

    But the measure will peter out rather quickly as soon as some harsh realities are made clear to DiFi and her cadre of twerps: some senators (like Tester, D-MT) are in hotly contested races and this type of PR just cuts the legs out from under Democrats who are trying to convince their constituents that they’re not from the “party that wants to ban guns.”

    Oh, yes, they are. Thank you DiFi for reminding people about that. Heck, let Chuck Schumer take the PR lead on this effort. His voice and his accent are like applying a sonic cheese grater to one’s eardrums. Bring it, baby.

  8. what have i been saying. let barry get back in office and all you that have been feeling sorry for us in ca will feel our pain too. let’s vote independent or abstain and see a permanent awb in place. or we go back to the days of no shall issue states on a federal level. think it can’t happen, loose this election and see.

  9. this makes us under-18 people awfully sad seeing as we don’t have any voice. screw Feinstein, she should stick to her own state. (which is mine, sadly, but I intend to move to AZ when I’m 20.)

  10. “…let barry get back in office and all you that have been feeling sorry for us in ca will feel our pain too. let’s vote independent or abstain and see a permanent awb in place.”

    Because Mitten’s would NEVER sign an AWB bill!

    Q; You signed the nation’s first ban on assault weapons in Massachusetts and steeply increased fees on gun owners by 400%. How can you convince gun owners that you will be an advocate for them?

    ROMNEY: We had a piece of legislation that was crafted both by the pro-gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby. The pro-gun lobby said “this legislation allows us to cross roads with weapons when we’re hunting that had not been previously allowed.” And the day when we announced our signing, we had both the pro-gun owners and anti-gun folks all together on the stage because it worked. We worked together. We found common ground.

    AH, Oooops….

    • True, Romney did do some work on an AWB in MA. He’s also been a little less-than-stellar in the gun-rights advocacy area in the past. By comparison, Obama’s evolved too. But, IMHO, Obama’s evolution has been…different.

      I do and will support Romney, because I think he’s the guy to get the economy on track. I also think he’ll take a hard line on other policies I adhere to. I think he’ll leave guns alone, if for no other reason than that, if he is really going to get the economy fixed he’s going to have to make some unpopular moves which will cost him political capital.

      Obama, on the other hand, will have no more need of political capital if he gets a second term. We have quotes to Putin as well as to the Brady bunch about ‘outside normal channel’ operations, and ‘increased flexibility’, which to me sounds scary. I’d rather have someone who has at least shown a willingness to listen to his constituency and who has shown respect for the due process of constitutional law as opposed to someone who has shown a complete lack of regard for the Constitution.

    • mittens won’t be listening to difi and her like minded crowd. hillary won’t be courting a u.n. arms deal with mittens in office. it’s your choice, toaster. but i remember the 68 gca and the nationwide awb. and when most states were not shall issue.

  11. It’s not just about gun control , it’s about people control , total people control, like in Police/slave state ,,, called the New World Order, if fact Bill Gates wants 80 % of the world’s people dead ,,, like in me and you ,,, and the U.N. and The North American Union are the steps in that direction…. sorry my tin foil hat keeps failing off and i get to see the real side of evil……… Ha Ha…….

    • Why is Bill Gates spending millions of dollars fighting Malaria, one of the biggest killers in the world, if he wants 80% of people dead?

  12. God, why can’t these people just die and rid the world of their putrid evil.

    Again, we’re reminded of why the concept of the United States of America simply cannot work long-term. Evil always finds a way, and when you tie the hands of those who would fight back, what do you have? A 240 year old experiment that ends in failure and gives a stern reminder that people, overwhelmingly, are either evil or stupid, and the good guys always lose in the end.

    I call for treason charges against Feinstein and any government official who supports this.

    • Dont lose hope. People really are mostly good. If they were mostly bad, you would see way more incidents like the Batman theater fiasco, but you dont. In fact, there is a new book that shows violence has been going down over the last decades and centuries. The old world was a very violent and barbaric time when gentlemen would bet on how many dogs it would take to kill a bear by continually throwing the dogs in an inclosure. If you said something rude at a dinner gathering you would lose a nose or an ear.

      • “Don’t lose hope. People are mostly good.”

        I completely disagree. People are mostly meek and lazy thus we do not see as much of their ignorance and evil desires as really exists.

        Unfortunately, meek and lazy citizens are a “plus” when a small minority of people are trying to take over.

    • Maybe we should all vote obama, all weapons bills etc., and get this party started. I see America right now as slowly swirling around the bowl, sooner or later we go down. Might as well be sooner… enough of the boiling frog stuff! This country was founded on whooping the evil overlords, ….hold on there’s a knock at the door……they’re wearing black…..

  13. DiFi is like most politicians: she is a self-serving opportunist first and her political values can all be sacrificed to get re-elected. Not sure what she is up too.

  14. I welcome it. This will show how little support there is for gun control in this country and hopefully put the issue to rest.
    There will surely be no repub support for it. And only the dems from the Northeast, CA, and IL can afford to support it without facing the wrath of the pro-gunners.
    I don’t even think someone like Harry Reid has the political capital to spend in a pro gun state like Nevada to support it.

  15. “Oh and did you hear that? It’s the sound of AR-15s being sold in record numbers. Again. Still.”

    Local gun store has the S&W M&P 15 Sport (SW811036) for $649. Time to add it to my collection (along side the AK-47).

  16. Curious how Feinstein is flirting with endorsing Romney this time around. Any gun control measure will hurt Democrats, and something like this couldn’t be better designed to aid a victory for Romney and for Republican Senate candidates.

  17. I don’t get this, why is it Republicans never use this kind of stuff.

    A Republican says something controversial, and the MSM goes around asking every single Republican about their opinion on it and does everything to link them to it.

    • That’s because something like 93% of the people who work in the main stream media are registered Democrats — and typically quite far left leaning Democrats.

      • Having worked in the entertainment industry for some years, I can confirm it’s closer to 99.9%. Those with more sane views are more common in the background roles, but the on-air/screen/stage prima donnas are just about exclusively brain-dead.

  18. We have our own version of the AWB here in Connecticut which mirrored the Federal one. It’s a pain and I would love to get it repealed.

    • That’s the reason I moved out of CT.

      Left my job (took a huge pay cut), left my family and my friends.

      All because of CT’s asinine AWB.

      I walked into a shop one day. Asked about an AK. Got the “illegal in CT, how about a Mini-30 instead” line. Immediately went home and wrote up a resignation letter and found an apartment in another state.

      It’s been all peaches and cream ever since and I haven’t been back since. CT is a horrible place in which no one should ever live. My only regret is not leaving sooner.

      Life is too short to be boxed in by these idiotic and arbitrary rules.

      • I have relatives in CT. Had I been in your shoes and not even owned guns, I would’ve packed up and left due to the stroke inducing state/property taxes alone. Good for you.

  19. “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets”

    What all these dummies fail to realize is that any at given point in history the arms of the populace have been comparable to current military arms. We the People, in stride with our military, had muskets then we had rifled muskets then we had repeating cartridge rifles then we had bolt actions then we had semi-autos and it was when the military went to select-fire weapons that We the People fell behind. Any dumbass that claims us civvies in general have military grade weapons is severely mistaken. Only a privileged few have the means to access true military grade weapons nowadays.

    This is yet another example of these dumbshit libs railing against an issue they know absolutely nothing about. One would think after Carolyn McCarthy’s colossal “shoulder thing that goes up” f*ck up they might try to try to sound at least a little more credible but these bastards are so unrepentantly stupid and arrogant that they just press on in blindness.

    I’ve never been accused of being a genius but these anti-gunners make me feel pretty damn sharp.

    • Didn’t she mean “weapons of war” in law abiding citizens hands? The police can have all they want, as long as they’re pointed at US, and not our benevolent Gov’t. Certain Sheriffs dept’s should probably be AWB’d as well, as they are still on the citizens side.

  20. I just ordered two AR’s last week. A Doublestar DS-4 and a Smith and Wesson M&P Magpul MOE Midlength. I can’t wait for them to get here.

  21. I’m all for getting military weapons off the streets, let’s start with SWAT and police forces first. When the cops cease to resemble the 8th Army with patrol cars we can have a discussion about it. And lets see that concealed pistol of hers on the table cleared and surrendered too, hypocrite.

  22. Why are they so hot about gun control read (gun bans)… go to Pakalert Press, com….The Global elite’s bio-weapon for 90 % DEPOPULATION,,, Bill Gates has been giving Billions of dollars to the U.N. for just this birth control ,,, Ted Turner, also is giving Billions to the U.N. for population controls,,, Why? EASY to control a few sick people ,,, SO GUN BANS ,,, MUST BE FIRST…. wake up America …that’s you they want dead….. this stuff has it’s reasons… THE NEW WORLD ORDER !

  23. When the government gives up their weapons I’ll entertain the idea of giving up one or two of mine. No one kills more people than government.

  24. Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theaters. ~ Really then why do you issue them is such quantities to Mexican drug cartels and police officers? One would think you dont have a safety issue but a control issue.

  25. Real gun control is shooting big guns like 50 Browning, or the 308 win. 3006 Springfield and my 45/70 government modern gun shoots big 350 gr. hollow points , bet they will knock your socks off too…

  26. “Weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theatres.”

    I’d like to know what exactly constitutes a “weapon of war”? Is there any military anywhere that issues AR-15s or semi-auto AKs as battlefield weapons? I can’t think of any.

    Funny, but the AWB didn’t regulate M1s, Mausers, or Mosin Nagants, yet these have seen several lifetimes worth of battlefield action and have truly earned the moniker “weapon of war”.

  27. Nothing less than a nasty FASCIST hack.
    The B-ICH once said, “if I could, I’d get them all”. She has never stopped trying.


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