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As a woman, concealing a firearm in a safe holster can be the most frustrating obstacle. I’ve gotten to the point where I was ready to give up. So, while I searched for the right on-body holster, I carried my GLOCK 42 in my specially made Damsel in Defense Conceal Kari purse. I didn’t like that option because of the [lack of] safety factor.

In desperation, I posted in a holster group online. Nicholas Pratt from North Illinois Central Custom Kydex (NICK) responded. I told Mr. Pratt how difficult it is to find a holster that doesn’t make me look like a man. Or clearly show the outline of my gun.

At the same time, the style and fit of each item of women’s clothing is as different as fingerprints, which makes carrying especially difficult. My daily tasks switch from being a mom, to working on our ranch and riding horses or building fence, to public speaking in my plight to fight child sexual abuse. Finding the One Holster to Rule Them All seemed impossible

Mr. Pratt suggested I try the $60 Ultimate IWB and set me up with several belt attachment options.

Nicholas recommended adding their $15 CLAW — which is removable and replaced with a spacer, two styles of clips and a snap loop for different belt options. There are also two different options for sweat protection for the holster and a plethora of color options, both inside and out.

The outside of the Ultimate IWB Kydex holster has a durable Microsuede Wrap, ensuring that even a tough girl like me doesn’t get rubbed raw from the holster’s constant contact with my skin.

I asked that VICK the holster be ambidextrous as I’m a big fan of practicing drawing enough ways so that you can present your firearm efficiently in almost any position (not to mention carrying on my 6 o’clock position).

I tried the Ultimate IWB with the CLAW for a couple weeks. I have high standards; this rig met every single one.

My G42 is secure, even hanging upside down. The belt clip I prefer is extremely strong and durable, and the CLAW tucks the firearm tightly into my body so the firearm is hugging my shape, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

The Ultimate IWB’s cant and height are adjustable. I don’t look like I have “man parts” and it’s easy to change attachment options or to the back draw option. Plus, because I’m a female, I love the color (I chose Zombie Green).

In short, the Ultimate IWB did everything its maker promised, enabling me to ditch off-body carry and carry my firearm safely and securely. I’ve ordered another for my new GLOCK 43. ‘Nuff said?

Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort: * * * * *
Very comfortable whether you’re moving around or sitting in a car for long car rides. I had no issues with either.

Concealability: * * * *
Concealed extremely well in jeans. I gave it four stars because I wasn’t able to conceal it as well in my business attire, which probably has more to do with my small stature than the actual holster. I wear jeans 99 percent of the time, so it’s not a huge issue for me.

Price: * * * *
A little more than most, and it took some time to arrive.

Value: * * * * *
You get what you pay for: intelligent design, quality materials, excellent workmanship.

Retention: * * * * *
Absolutely solid. I went on long rides horseback with this, jumped and ran with my kids, and even let it flop upside down to make sure my (unloaded – safety first) firearm would stay put. It did.

Draw: * * * * *
No problem drawing at all.

Overall: * * * * *
Fantastic holster. I’ll be ordering another for my G43.

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  1. I am offended, what’s wrong with looking like you have “man parts” ?

    You’re a penis oppressor!

    • Based on the small child in the picture, I don’t think she oppresses the appendage, just maybe *your* appendage, perhaps? 🙂

      Mary Beth, you are far braver than I appendix-carrying a striker-fired weapon. I fear my femoral arteries being perforated…

      • It’s just all that works for me and many women wear it this way. Glad you found what works for you!

    • The IWB holsters start at $55 ($60 for solid colors other than black).
      The Ultimate Concealment IWB includes microsuede wrap and the concealment claw. Each of those options are $15 a piece. So the Ultimate starts at $90.
      Make sense?

  2. Nick Pratt does good work. He’s one of two or three custom kydex holster makers in Central Illinois that do very nice work.

    • Well there’s over 2 million FOID card holders here. Step away from Crook County and the collar counties, Illinois is a whole different world. Down here in Montgomery County, almost every single person I know owns multiple firearms and all the goodies to go with them. Last time I went to Chicago, I took cows and lanterns with me but couldn’t find anything that would burn….

    • Look at the county-by-county 2016 election map for Illinois sometime. Illinois is a very red state oppressed by the Chicago monster.

      • The same is true of NY. Dominated by NYC and upstate college towns. Most of the state and the western part of Long Island are solid Red.

  3. I don’t understand what the claw is for and it’s not really addressed in your review. Can you elaborate?

    • I was going to answer (the info is in there, just buried), but then I thought it’d be unfair to deprive you of a potential conversation with the charming Ms. Holzwarth. 🙂 Take it away, Mary Beth!

    • Basically the claw enables the butt of the gun to be pressed more in towards your body. When you have a small frame and not many curves, the butt of the gun tends to jut outwards, making an obvious print (unless you’re wearing, say, a gunny sack). So the claw brings the firearm more in towards your body, making for superb conceal-ability. When I traded this firearm and holster off, I saved the claw so I can use it on the next one I will be ordering from Nick.

  4. it looks like it’s designed to keep the pistol grip pulled in tight to the body, lessening printing. much like placing a single belt clip in a similar location does, without the extra cost.

  5. I always cringe when people talk of 6 o’clock carry. It is never a good idea to carry anything hard there. If you ever slip and end up flat on your back you could end up with a spinal injury.

  6. In the picture, she’s carrying at 12 o’clock, not 6. But I must agree with Kiltron. Especially in a kydex holster, the 6 o’clock position would be dangerous in a fall. Actually, I don’t see how in the world a person would get a good grip and actually draw from that position anyway. Must have much longer arms than mine. 🙂

    But whatever she wants. I hate kydex, period. 🙂 My EDC rides on my right hip, leather deskrider holster in plain sight, so I have no issues with “printing” or any of the rest of it.

    • I love open carry! I would carry that way; however, as a small female I prefer to have that element of surprise that concealed carry offers. If I chose to open carry, someone who would choose to attack me, could already be planning on how to un-arm me when they do so, giving them the advantage. If they do not know I am carrying, and try to attack, I have that hidden element and can gain the upper hand. I’m glad most of us live where we can choose what works best for us!

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