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As a Jew whose relatives were destroyed in the Holocaust, whose father somehow survived Nazi labor camps, I reckon that government tyranny is the greatest threat Jews face. It’s the greatest threat that all free people face. So when I look for the most serious danger to myself and my family, I look left. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) looks the other way.

As part of its mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all,” the ADL has released a report called A Dark and Constant Rage, 25 Years of Right Wing Terrorism in the United States. From the executive summary:

The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism has compiled a list of 150 rightwing terrorist acts, attempted acts, and plots and conspiracies that took place in the United States during the past 25 years (1993-2017). These incidents were perpetrated by white supremacists, anti-government extremists, anti-abortion extremists and other types of right-wing extremists.

Overwhelmingly, firearms and explosives were the most common weapons chosen: 55 of the incidents involved use or planned use of firearms; 55 involved use of explosives. Overall, incidents involving firearms were more likely to be deadly.

Drilling down . . .

It is worth nothing that, although bombs were used or considered by extremists just as often as firearms, their successful use rate was much lower. This is largely due to the fact that explosives are far more difficult to obtain and to use in the United States than are firearms, which are abundant, easy to use, and very deadly. There is far better regulation of explosives than firearms in the United States.

Yup, you guessed it. The organization dedicated to protecting Jews is pro-gun control. As a Jew I [continue to] find their support for civilian disarmament offensive, bordering on insane.

Groups targeted for violence have a pressing need to protect themselves, their families, their friends, their communities and all innocent life by force or arms. Those groups includes Jews, gays, minorities and Muslims. And anyone else who believes they qualify, really.

I wonder if the ADL considers all small “c” conservatives proto-terrorists….

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  1. I personally couldn’t care less about what an assailant’s purpose or motivation. When they become a threat all I’m concentrating on is my front sight and pressing the trigger.

      • Israel has enough problems and our Constitution, essentially, ensures the right of people to be ignorant and/or misguided.
        No, we can best protect ourselves by setting an example of personal responsibility and respect for all opinions. Calmly explaining the right to self-defense and the responsibilities of a free citizen is a hard battle. The US public education (indoctrination) system is strong but the battle it is worth fighting.

  2. I bet the jews in Nazi Germany were in favor of Gun Control….right up until they needed them, and didn’t have them.

    ….funny how that happens.

    …….ask the Venezuelans.

  3. Who were the perps using guns in these attacks? For the most part every major gun attack in recent history was carried out by people who leaned left or would normally be darlings and part of the leftist protected class.

    • Yes, well pay attention to the wording of their screed: “Attacks or planned attacks.” Followed by no breakdown of how many of each they included in their 110 finalists, or what the actual threat level of the “planned” attacks might have been.

      Anybody can sit around with a bunch of racist friends and talk about or even plan for a racist attack with no realistic chance any of them will ever have the balls to actually carry it out. Lots of bravado, no follow through. In those cases it would be likely that they would go first to the weapons they (legally) already own – firearms. Why take the risk of trying to obtain explosives, or make explosives, when you already have a perfectly utilitarian tool at hand?

      This is fake news and just more anti-gun propaganda.

  4. The ADL is a lunatic outpost of self-hating out of touch geriatric sociopaths.
    After decades of getting virtually everything wrong the final nail in the coffin should have been the declaration of Pepe as a symbol of hate.

    Hopefully like with every other org and club in the world as their members hospice out of this world the greater body will too fade away. Dust to dust and all that.

  5. Like they say, “It’s never really about gun-control. It’s really just about control.”

  6. I don’t understand the point of this ADL report? Why did they pick 25 years starting in 1993? Why not 20? Or 15? Would that change the outcome they want?

  7. Fake Anti-Defamation.

    It’s all a POS loser $$$ grab.

    Catholic Polish people gave all to stop Hitler, and Jews were an un-pushable-rope with regard to their own safety. They get a pass (the way the Polish Catholics do) for not having seen a “Blitzkrieg” before, but there was a lot of long-succumbing to sh_t that could’ve been fought to the death over (as long as the enemy has already indicated that’s the way they want to take it).
    You know what, it probably looked like a bunch of you clowns sucking the A_ _ of your stupid Anti-Defamation League. Play stupid again, most of the rest of us are going to defect to our own side.

  8. Robert, have you tried just contacting them and asking them if they want to take a second pass at their word choice? ADL strives to be a bipartisan/nonpartisan organization, there may very well be some smarter minds there who would be thrilled for your advice to merely make a simple word change:

    “There is far BETTER regulation of explosives than firearms in the United States.”


    “There is far MORE STRINGENT regulation of explosives than firearms in the United States.”

    That’s all they would have to do to evade making a value judgment about firearms regulations. They may not even have intended to do so.

  9. Why are they looking at the number of incidents and not casualties? It seems when firearms are not used the death toll is higher. I.e. Oklahoma City and Twin Towers.

    • They are, it’s in the story but not charted here. The argument is that the number of events was equal, but casualties were higher for firearms.

      Good point about OKC, I would have thought it would skew the numbers hard to the bombings, unless there is something I’m missing. If they are pushing gun control, calling it would as an aberration would have made sense.

  10. The ADL doesn’t give a rats ass about Jews anymore. They are simply a bought and paid for surrogate of the Democratic Party since the new guy took over. I say this as a a guy who has a picture on his wall taken in 1938 of twelve family members, only 2 of whom were alive in 1945 thanks to the Nazi death camps.

  11. Oh RF don’t lose any sleep over it. Many of us realize where most(living!) Jews come from-the former Soviet union and commie lands. It makes no sense to me the anti-2A bent either…going to see The Battle for Jerusalem?

  12. So 3%ers are right wing extremists? By that logic on the left wouldn’t all the “resist Trump” people be extremists?

  13. Soooo, the terrorists who perpetrated 9-11 were right wing conservatives. Got it

  14. And I note that the ADL continues to conflate anti-semitism with “right-wing” extremist, when the most, and most virulent, anti-semitism has always, and continues to, come from the left (including the German National Socialists of last century, who perpetuated the Holocaust).

  15. The ADL is not interested in protecting Jews. It is interested in protecting the “progressive” agenda. Wake me up when they do a similar analysis of left-wing terrorism over the last twenty-five years, or Islamic terrorism.

  16. Most of the Jews killed in the last 60 years have been killed by Arabs of Islamic faith. Very few have been killed by so called Right Wing Groups. Agenda more important than truth.

  17. “This is largely due to the fact that explosives are far more difficult to obtain and to use…

    I think it’s more likely that the people who tended to use explosives were morons who didn’t know what they were doing and were either too lazy or too uneducated to go find out. [Kinda goes to the discussion yesterday about why people buy NIB AR’s rather than building them.] I would also hazard the guess that the fact that most of them weren’t trying to kill themselves in the attack probably has an effect too.

    Obtaining explosives isn’t *easy* but it ain’t hard either and McVeigh pretty well proved that you ain’t gotta be real bright to employ explosives effectively. That asshole in Manchester yesterday offered yet more evidence of this too.

    Really, with the LE focus on explosives using them and getting away from the blast becomes the serious problem. The US isn’t generally full of extremists willing to strap a bomb to themselves and go out with a bang. Where you find people willing to do that I’d wager you find generally higher casualty rates.

    • You don’t have to drive more than about 100 miles to buy all the explosives you want in the US, via firearm ammunition or reloading supplies. If you are in a restricted state, drive across the border to get what you need, and that includes fireworks to make pressure-cooker bombs like the Boston bombers used…

      • Or just pop on down to the local beauty supply and Wally World (or just the later really). High school chemistry knowledge (or access to the Internet) is all one needs to disprove the notion that explosives are difficult to come by. Throw The Home Despot into that mix and you just upped your game by a couple power factors.

        Not speaking from experience of course. I uh, had a friend who knew a guy who has a cousin…

        • Dead on accurate. By the time I finished AP chem in high school I knew enough to take down a building fairly easily.

          This shit ain’t hard and even if you never had the classes, you can buy a book or look it up online pretty “innocently” and gain the knowledge to do it. Like I said, McVeigh wasn’t exactly a genius.

      • Why bother Geoff? Google turns up a couple dozen garden stores in my area all of which sell the right kind of fertilizer. While the gov’t wants you to think that stuff’s all restricted after Tim McDumbass did his thing it’s really not unless you want commercial quantities.

        I can buy 50lb bags of the stuff with cash and no ID all around me. If someone cared enough they could get, by my calculations, 1350 pounds in a day with no questions asked and a day of driving and that’s buying one bag per stop when the limit is two. Rinse and repeat and then go buy some diesel fuel and maybe a yard or so of roofing nails.

        Or, alternatively if you’re lazy, don’t care about credit cards cause you’re a suicide attacker and are willing to take longer you can buy even more pure versions by the pound online.

        It’s all security theater. All of it. If someone is reasonably intelligent, remotely prepared and willing to put in the time they’re damn difficult, if not impossible, to stop. Add in the willingness to die and they’re even more difficult to deal with.

  18. If you (rightly) see government tyranny as the greatest probable threat, keep your head on a swivel; while the left currently seems like the most likely direction that Mack truck will come from, the right also has its own fleet of semis, all set and ready to gleefully mow you down. Always keep an eye on everyone who wants to be elected; some of it do it for love of money or fame, but a lot of them do it for the love of power, and those ones are the ones who see that concentrating more power in the government also concentrates more power in their hands.

    As for the rest; I’m sure that you could make data say whatever you wanted, so the ADL made it say that firearms are bad, m’kay? It is funny that they try to claim that explosives are more regulated, since that is not even close to the case, but what-evs.

  19. “I wonder if the ADL considers all small “c” conservatives proto-terrorists”

    You think?!?!? Everyone (including the Anti-Defamation League) that worships Big Government as their Almighty god views anyone who rejects that twisted notion as a proto-terrorist.

  20. Google “James Mitchell Rosenberg aka Jim Anderson” (he specialized in false flag activities on behalf of the ADL) and Quigley v. ADL (where the ADL lost a $10 million defamation suit).

    That’s your ADL.

    • The Anti-Defamation League losing a multimillion dollar lawsuit for defamation of someone else…why am I not surprised? The political left in this country is and does precisely everything it accuses its enemies of.

  21. The ADL? The same group behind the majority of attacks on the Trump campaign? The same ADL who go to extremes to attack any and all conservatives along with their cohorts in crime the ACLU?


  22. There are some who want to be victims because it gives them moral authority.

    But you don’t have much moral authority when you are DEAD.

  23. And what about the left wing? In all honesty, there is only one GOP voter I know who talks negatively about Jews and then confined to American Jews and mainstream media. In contrast I know several devout dem voters who drone on and on about a vast Jewish conspiracy for all kinds of things from the media to subjugating Arabs. I’m not saying that is proof of anything, but the American right is far more supportive of Israel and her people than is the American left, including most of the huge percentage of left voting American Jews.

    • But, but the banks are all run by da Joooooooooos! And banks are evil! They produce nothing of value and, and they’re capitalist rather than caring socialist entities and, and… world-wide conspiracy to destroy the value of money… And Lizard people! Did I mention they’re all run by da Joooooooooos!?

      -A Bernie Sanders supporter.

      • strych9
        Bernie Sanders is an anti-gun, anti-liberty Jew. He is a naked communist sympathizer who honey mooned in the USSR. As a member of the JPFO since 1994 I feel very comfortable saying this.

        • I’m aware of his history, including the claim that he was discharging his official duties as a mayor fostering “sister cities” programs rather than honeymooning, and while I disagree with pretty much everything he says I find him to be reasonably respectable and mostly a gentleman. I think he’s nuts but I don’t think he’s a flat-out asshole.

          His supporters on the other hand… well… the nicest thing I can say is that, for the most part, they’re not respectable.

  24. It always seemed to me that the ADL looked at the success of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fund-raising and said “Wow! What a brilliant approach to fundraising! Scare the crap out of doddering old Jews in Chicago with dark talk of right-wing conspiracies in the northern panhandle of Idaho, and watch the cash roll in!”

    That’s what they’re doing here.

  25. ADL seems to spend a lot time worrying about RIGHT WING violence and lists several NAZI attacks. Oh, wait NAZI = National Socialists. What am I missing here?

    • Sorry, you must have missed the memo.

      1. Per the narrative, ALL bad things are right wing by definition.

      End of message.

    • Communists/Socialists (Marxists/Lenists/Trotskyites) are ALWAYS “at war” with Nazis (even when they outnumber them by hundreds of millions) and make no mistake about it the ADL like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) are Marxists/Leninists/Trotskyites, they are experts at playing the “victim card”, anyone who disagrees with them is a “Nazi”.

      I’m sure many here have noticed the increase in Leftist Jews crying about “anti-Semitism” since Trump was elected all while ignoring the fact that ALL the thousands of threats that were made to synagogues and Jewish community centers and the confirmed vandalism, were committed/made by a black teen in Texas (menorah twisted into swastika), a black Revolutionary Communist in St.Louis (bomb threats), and a teenage Jew in Israel (bomb threats), it’s their, the Liberal/Progressives, stock in trade, “the Big Lie”. Not a single incident has been attributed to a Nazi, it’s all “Hate Crime” hoaxes and the Liberals/Progressives (Marxists/Leninists/Trotskyites) that control the media help advance “the Big Lie” to smear Trump, his supporters, and advance a political agenda.

      “F”-em, “F”-em all, it’s almost enough to start chanting “turn on the showers and fire the ovens” or relocating them to gulags (FEMA camps) as they would do the same to us given the chance, just look at their Anarchist/Revolutionary Communist allies and foot-soldiers, they are violently attacking Conservatives/Trump supporters and calling for OUR deaths.

  26. Are all conservatives proto-terrorists? A psychologist I used to know once commented that ninety-five percent of the people are potential terrorists, they just differ in what level of atrocity and/or oppression will motivate them to act.

  27. The scariest thing in America is a well spoken black man with a gun.
    But the most dangerous thing in America is a jew who tries to take away the black mans guns. Jews will disarm the entire civilian population and then totally trust the police who will be the only ones with guns. The ADL is a threat to individual liberty and public safety. Any group, the NAACP who is anti-gun, homosexual groups who are anti-gun. No one gets a pass because they claim minority status when they want to take my guns and my liberty.

    On the West coast elected homosexuals in leadership positions are disarming civilians. On the east coast in New York and New Jersey elected Jewish leaders are disarming people. Both of them claim minority status. I don’t care what terrible event happened to them or their families. When they work to take away my civil-rights they are the enemy.

    • I agree. And I’ll say it again. No one gets a pass when they want to take away my liberty.

  28. Every free person should fear a government that disarms it’s citizens. Jews like everybody else.
    But being in germany right now i can tell you what the greatest threat to a jew is right now: the uncivilised hordes of muslims that want to end Israel and all jews. We already had muslims running around in swastikas demanding to kill all jews and bomb israel.
    And in Europe we didn’t have any organised right wing terror groups.
    In the last 10 years we had something like 500 victims due to muslims and a few due to communist groups. Breivik was somewhat of a nazi but also inspired by jihadists and had no real group affiliation so i wouldn’t exactly count him as right wing terrorists.
    And if we would go back more than 10 years we would only see more death due to islam, communism and some separation groups in spain and ireland. And of course the big saviour EU who perfectly cares for it’s citizens by taking their guns away and putting people under complete surveilance. For their own safety. Works great so far…

  29. By “right-wing” you mean liberal terrorist…right!?

    Conservatives associate with Capitalism…which is the opposite of both National Socialism (Fascism) and Communism. We must reject this ongoing effort to associate conservatives with fascism as it is a complete misrepresentation. The Democrats are the “party of hate”. It’s the Democrats who supported slavery, formed the backbone of the KKK and engaged in lynchings, suppressed Civil Rights, promoted abortion, etc…

    Stop the revisionist history by liberals.

  30. The ADL’s list is not a list of ACTUAL terrorist attacks. Nor is it a list of the most deadly terrorist attacks.

    It’s a list of “terrorist acts, attempted acts, and plots and conspiracies that took place in the United States during the past 25 years “.

    How convenient for their preconceived biases to be able to include “plots and conspiracies”, which can be defined in different ways. I haven’t read the ADL’s report, and it isn’t clear from the article what constitutes a “plot” or “conspiracy” – were people convicted of conspiracy on this list, or does the ADL just assume?

    In any case, the fact of the matter is that since the year 2000, the overwhelming majority of ACTUAL terrorist attacks have been by muslims.

  31. After the experience of the holocaust where the power of the state including the police, the army, and your neighbors were used to drag people from their homes concentrate them in ghettos and send them off the death camps… all Jewish people should be in favor of armed self-defense
    If each Jew had killed one Nazi there would be 6 million dead Nazis
    Leave the babies and extreme elderly and children out of it and you get 3 million dead Nazis
    That is a lot of dead Nazis
    I cannot understand why so many of my fellow Jewish Americans are for control

  32. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the formulae for ANFO and AMNO are freely available online, both can be made in mass-quantities from relatively cheap and freely-available materials, and I’ve never heard of a background check for purchasing fuel or fertilizer. All of this is exactly how McVeigh/Nicholls built the OKC bomb.

    • These types of low velocity explosives generally require large quantity to do much, and they don’t lend themselves well to being used as a propellant for shrapnel.

      However, and unfortunately in this context, it’s actually easier to manufacture/aquire small quantities higher velocity explosives/propellants that do produce high velocity shrapnel.

      Furthermore, it’s quite impossible to restrict the precursors for these substances in anything like a post industrial open society.

      Further, if people were of the habit of stockpiling and experimenting with these substances the way many POTG approach arms, ammunition and training/practice, what one would have is a diffuse and enormous cadre of frighteningly effective bomb manufacturers.

      Those who would ban guns should think carefully about what it is they wish for. Common criminals can’t make much use of energetic materials, nor are they suited to reasonable defensive use, but terrorists certainly can employ these things, to terrible and frustrating effect.

      The defense to an ‘active shooter’ of any kind is simple and rather obvious: we outnumber them, thus simply shoot the bastards.

      There is no defense to patient and numerous bombers.

      Think about it.

  33. Abe Foxman and his Defamation League, too bad we don’t have Aaron Zelman around to subject their actions to constant ridicule any more.

    Didja know that for many decades, Foxman was even a Genocide Denier?
    (something that he’d like to see other people put in prison for)

  34. Where’s “The Resistance”? How come he/she hasn’t chimed in here? I guess Nazi collaborator Georgy Schwartz alias “George Soros” hasn’t paid him/her their shekels for their last round of posts. Must be nice to be not only a Jewish Nazi AND a Fabian Socialist/Cultural Marxist billionaire, one who made his fortune preying upon and turning in fellow Jews during the Holocaust.

    If anyone wants to see something truly disgusting check out JBS (Jewish Broadcasting Service formerly “Shalom TV”) on cable, a USA-based station owned by Mark S. Golub, it’s full of Leftist/Marxist propaganda, “The Big Lie” ie. “anti-Semitism” is central to all programing. JBS’s owner’s favorite sources are “Forward” a Liberal/Progressive (Marxist/Leninist) Jewish cabal of Fake News/Liberal Media operatives including the disgraced pair of former NBC-er David Gregory (now at CNN) and Julia Ioffe now of The Atlantic (another POS rag) and of course the ADL. JBS has perfected playing the “Victim Card”.

  35. If you know just a little chemistry, explosives are not difficult to make. The components needed are available just about everywhere.

    When I read the title of this post, my first response was “What right wing terror attacks?!?”

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