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Meanwhile, in North Carolina… “Edwin Smith had booby trapped his back door with a shotgun, only to have the contraption backfire on him when he opened the door to feed some squirrels.”

Smith really didn’t want visitors to his rural property. Fortunately he had his phone with him when the shotgun went off.

During a 911 call, Smith repeatedly exclaimed how fearful he was of losing his life to the gunshot wound.

“I have a trip wire, and I opened up the door and the trip wire went off and blew my arm off. I’m gonna die! I’m in the driveway. I’m gonna die. Tell everybody I love them, OK?” Smith said during a call to 911.

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    • The one armed dude might want some help from those there illegals as to how to spell and grammar his sign and stuff.

      Too much Fox News I’d say. It damages the brain.

      • Bill Clinton called, he said he really likes the way you swallow. Said Obama was right, your’e special.

  1. He’s probably going to go to jail or get charged with a felony. Either way guns won’t be in his possession anymore.

    • Actually he probably won’t be charged (except by the ambulance which is a whole different kind of charge). I suppose a prosecutor could try to make a case for wanton endangerment, but it wouldn’t be a sure thing. Hopefully he has some relatives willing to see about having him involuntarily committed, but that’s not a sure thing.

      He managed to shoot the one person that his booby trap could shoot without him being charged. If it had shot anyone else he would surely be charged, but shooting yourself isn’t a crime in most states. Stupidity is generally considered an inalienable right in the US even though the writers of the constitution didn’t mention it.

      • You get charged for HAVING them. The law is because first responders get killed by these things- think about if there’s a fire and the firefighters are trying to get in to fight it, or if he had a heart attack and someone is going through the door to get to him.

        He can definitely expect to be charged.

    • He won’t get charged with anything it’s N.Carolina not commiefornia. In most states if you shoot yourself like a dumbazz it gets investigated to ensure it is accidental and that’s about it. Now if you negligently shoot someone else that’s a different story.

  2. This is why spring-guns are illegal in many state — they do not discriminate and are just as likely to shoot little Mary the Girl Scout selling her cookies as they are to stop a burglary.

    • “…and are just as likely to shoot little Mary the Girl Scout selling her cookies…”

      On the bright side, at least it wasn’t R. Lee Ermey’s “Little Mary rotten-crotch”…

      • I thought it was Suzy rotten-crotch and her pretty pink panties. Dammit, I’m off to You-tube to find out!

        • Great, You-tube is down. But, according to a search, it appears it’s Mary Jane Rottencrotch. I definitely remember something about fingering Mary Jane Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties.

        • “Great, You-tube is down.”

          World-wide, no less :

          “Youtube, YouTube TV, and YouTube Music services are all currently offline, according to @TeamYoutube…

          Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.
          — Team YouTube (@TeamYouTube) October 17, 2018

          The outage appears to be global…”

        • “Who needs @YouTube when you have @Pornhub?”

          *snicker* 😉

        • I think I was 19 when that movie came out, so how do expect me too remember the girls name? All I remembered was fingerbanging her through her pretty pink panties!

    • I only took one law class in my life – a semester of agricultural law. And one of the cases we studied was about some guy that booby trapped a house with a shotgun. Apparently it’s important to know that’s against the law.

      As this story demonstrates, a booby trap and dementia make for a dangerous combination.

      • I have never taken any law classes, and I know an intruder has to pose a threat before you can shoot him.

        • That all depends on your jurisdiction, BigNick.

          Where I live, Florida, an intruder is considered a threat and is legal to neutralize.

          Know the laws where you live…

        • Except if no one is home, the law only considers it burglary. Not a threat to your life. No state is likely to condone a trap injuring or killing an intruder.

          So if you weren’t home and an intruder was shot by a bobby trap, you are probably going to face attempted murder or manslaughter charges. If you were home, you’d probably face the same.

          Even in castle doctrine states, you are supposed to determine if the person is a threat before you are allowed to shoot them. Helps cut down on things like your kid coming home after curfew and they forgot their keys. Usually a handful of cases like that a year.

          And gun traps (or explosive traps) aren’t legal anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you only hurt yourself. Just like possession of explosives without the right licenses.

        • Matthew, IANAL, however…
          I’m pretty sure breaking and entering is illegal in all states. Burglary is only one ‘reason’ for B&E.

        • Hannibal, I was pointing out that burglary does not rule out B&E, just because no one is home.
          Most states’ laws define B&E as requiring only the slightest effort to gain entry; that would include opening an unlocked door, or even opening an unlatched door enough to enter.

  3. No squirrels or innocent critters were harmed in the making of this story, just 1 dumbA$$.

  4. Shucks! Now he’s gonna hafta file a GVRO against himself! /sarc

    He must have opened it from the outside forgetting it was booby trapped altogether. What might be more stupid is if he opened it from the inside having to reach around the shotgun and whatever apparatus he had set up to trigger it to turn the doorknob. Maybe he had some sort of safety locking mechanism so he could open it from the inside that failed. Maybe rigging an entryway with a shotgun booby trap was just a really bad idea. AND those poor squirrels are probably still hungry…All that ridicule aside, I do feel sorry for the guy…I mean…how humiliating to be an angry, crotchety old man and embarrass yourself so thoroughly and likely lose use of an arm to boot!

    Hey Kids! Don’t try this at home!

  5. It appears he spent a lot of time (and money) on that sign. You would think, along the way, someone would have helped him with the spelling and word usage.

    So, he’s still alive. I guess our only hope now is a low sperm count.

    • I bet you the sheriff loves this guy. “Sir, we’re not going to run plates for every car you see. No, we’re not cross-referencing that with USCIS databases. Please stop calling.”

  6. I cannot imagine booby-trapping a door with a shotgun unless I was in the middle of a war or total breakdown of society.

    Doing it in case a drug addict decides to break-in seems unwise for the very reason that you could forget and blast yourself — as this man did. I think it would be much wiser to simply reinforce the door and ensure that you would hear anyone attempting to breach that door LONG before they actually breach it.

  7. I can’t get past his misuse of the word “there” on his printed sign. Poor guy needs to pick up a book and expand his horizons.

    • I noticed that, too. A Wizard of Id in the funny papers a couple of weeks ago had a guy on the rack with the midget king standing at the foot of the rack saying, “There, their, and they’re……By the time we’re through you’ll know the difference”.

      • The Maga train is rolling. It’s going to plow the dems under in November and in 2020. Trump will have a second term to finish loading the courts.

        Choo-choo, motherfucker.

    • “I can’t get past his misuse of the word “there” on his printed sign.”

      Given all the confusion between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ shown here, I’ve gotten past it for a long time.

  8. You’ve heard the maxim “Don’t sh** where you sleep?” It goes double for booby-trapping where you live.

    • They do their cousins down there so who cares about booby trapping where you sleep? Them Mexicans and nig**** ain’t coming on my yard! Build the wall! They took our jobs!

      • Yep, North Carolina joins Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey as having legal cousin marriage and legal cousin sex.

  9. A fascinating twist. Old man goes to feed squirrels and blows his own arm off with a booby trap. The shocking part is that the headline doesn’t begin with ‘Florida Man’.

    • I am pretty sure you will find as much if not more craziness and non sense in parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Arkansas, etc. than in Florida.

      • If you want to see craziness on display frequently, watch the AntiFa videos from the west coast and the latest from Manhattan. Actually, probably better described as insanity.

  10. If I blew my head off with a booby trap I’d be to embarrassed to tell anyone about it

  11. “Will have THERE tag #s” lmfao

    By the way, most local law enforcement agency do not deal with immigration law.

  12. Ironic a little bit. He was feeding squirrels. Squirrels forget where they put their nuts. This guy forgot where he put his shotgun booby trap. Lol.

  13. It’s sad that some in society have reached this level of paranoia. You see it more in those that live in isolation much more than those that live in more populated areas. He must have somehow had his booby trap pointed in such a way to shoot someone as they were entering into his house. It reminds me of those that always carry their pistol “cocked and locked”. It’s no argument that it will make you marginally better prepared in a rapid self defense scenario, and is perfectly safe to do so. But it will get you or someone else killed or injured if you don’t remember that’s your system of concealed carry. Too many have been injured while attempting to clean and maintain their weapon, forgetting about that bullet in the chamber. The person killed by the booby trap could have been someone else besides the owner. It could have been his wife, kids, grandkids, parents or a friend just visiting. Sounds to me like a classic case of someone that probably shouldn’t have guns in the first place and should be evaluated with regard to his mental health.

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