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NRA Illinois Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde (courtesy

From [my choice for White House Champion of Change for Gun Violence Prevention, NRA Illinois lobbyist Todd Vandermyde, above]

Nominate a White House Champion of Change for Gun Violence Prevention

In mass shootings and in the everyday shootings that plague communities across the country, far too many Americans have been severely injured or lost their lives or a loved one as a result of gun violence. Over the last few years, a series of gun-related tragic events galvanized our country and led this Administration to redouble our efforts to keep guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous individuals . . .
Over the past year, the Administration has taken several steps to strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which is used to run background checks on those who buy guns from federally licensed gun dealers to make sure they are not prohibited by law from owning a firearm. Just this month, the President took two new executive actions that will help ensure that tens of thousands of missing mental health records are added to the background check system.  The Administration also continues to call on Congress to pass common-sense legislation to expand background checks. To date, background checks have prevented over two million guns from falling into the wrong hands.

While the President and the Vice President will continue to do everything they can to reduce gun violence, we know efforts to prevent gun violence at the state and local levels – at community centers and recreational facilities, schools, faith-based centers and by other various community leaders often have the most impact. The leaders who are creating change know that when 90% of the American public supports common-sense gun safety legislation, those 90% need to stand up.  Every day, these individuals are stepping up in big ways in our communities to make sure that all Americans can feel safer when they put their children to bed each night, and when they step outside with their families in the morning.

Today, we’re asking you to help us identify and honor state and local leaders taking innovative approaches to support gun violence prevention measures and make our communities safer by nominating a Champion of Change for Gun Violence Prevention by midnight on Sunday, January 12th. Nominees may include:

  • Community leaders who worked to prevent gun violence and build safer communities.
  • Citizens who encouraged responsible gun ownership.
  • Advocates who fought for stronger state and federal gun laws.
  • Community leaders who helped to organize grassroots efforts around this issue.
  • Citizens who created innovative tactics to engage the public to reduce gun violence.
  • Community/youth development programs discouraging gun violence and college students’/groups’ efforts on campuses.

Click on the link below to submit your nomination (be sure to choose Gun Violence Prevention in the “Theme of Service” field of the nomination form).

Click here to nominate a Gun Violence Prevention Champion of Change

We are looking forward to hosting this event and to highlighting the great work communities across the country are doing to advance the health, safety and well-being of the American people.

Rumana Ahmed is the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Office of Public Engagement.

[h/t Tyler Kee]

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    • That’s who I’m nominating… if only to have a couple WH staffers waste their time on researching who he is and get angry at what he stands for.

    • My Reason for Nominating:

      “Mr. Farago publishes a blog called The Truth About Guns. He has done and continues to cut to the heart of issues. He and his team do much every day to raise awareness about guns, gun control, gun safety, and human rights. His blog lives up to its name by cutting through media bias and warped statistics, explaining clearly, well, the truth about guns, gun violence, and the second amendment.

      “If every American would read Mr. Farago’s blog with an open mind, we as a nation would develop a more perfect understanding of how our natural rights and liberties enumerated in the Constitution are not hindrances to life and peace, but that they are the surest guarantee of the same.”

      • Mine:

        “Robert has been an ever vigilant crusader against the mistruths, disinformation, and lies surrounding firearms and firearm legislation. His campaign for honesty and common sense regarding gun-safety issues has rocketed his blog to the forefront of a long list of sensible gun publications. “

      • Salty Bear,

        Your nomination is admirable (you are after all preaching to the choir here). However, our current administration deplores the very characteristics that you describe in your nomination and will thus guarantee that they reject Mr. Farago.

        • Oh, I have no doubt they will reject him. Since when do they care about what we think? This “nominate someone” thing is an obvious stunt to make people feel like they have a voice. Someone else commented that they bet someone is already picked out. It’s very likely. It’s also likely they have a filter in place to filter out any nominations that don’t contain the names Watts, Bloomberg, Biden, Obama, Feinstein, etc.

          I guess it’s just the principle of the thing. They asked an clear question, so this is my honest answer. I know it’s not what they mean, but it is the TRUTH (about guns). And maybe-just-maybe someone will be “fooled” into checking out and get a smidgeon of enlightenment.

          We may say it’ll never work, but let’s flood the White House with votes for RF so they can see that we have our own idea about how to deal with “gun violence.”

    • Gotta go with RF, he hits the following qualifiers:

      “Community leaders who worked to prevent gun violence and build safer communities.” – He works to point out laws and proposed legislation that make our communities, states, and nation less safe.

      “Citizens who encouraged responsible gun ownership.” – His regular series of posts, “Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day” highlights those who use guns in an unsafe way. He takes the time to point out how the unsafe situation could have been avoided. He even points out when those people are those who the public has entrusted as law enforcement officers.

      “Community leaders who helped to organize grassroots efforts around this issue.” – He works to organize the community of gun owners into a safer community, working to prevent gun violence whenever possible.

      “Citizens who created innovative tactics to engage the public to reduce gun violence.” – He has employed the innovative tactic (well, not any more due to some public demand) of drawing in readers with images of Israeli models in his posts as a visual hook to get the reader to read a story that otherwise might be skipped.

      • “Gotta go with RF, he hits the following qualifiers”

        That operates under the assumption that the current administration actually cares that a nominee is qualified for the job….

  1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we nominated someone who helped advocate gun rights, and the reasoning would be that by arming more law-abiding citizens we have decreased the crime rate, and thus, gun violence?

  2. Nominate RF as a citizen working to promote responsible gun ownership, decrease gun violence, and create safer communities through his advocacy of lawful concealed carry. And nominate Leghorn and Tyler and everyoneelse for protecting public safety by doing the same and also shooting those hogs!

  3. Todd would be a very good choice as he’s done good work here in Illinois. The title should ideally be renamed “gang violence” given that many gun-related homicides are in someway related to gangbanging BS.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

  4. I went to the site to nominate Alan Gottlieb, but didn’t want to fill out all the personal info required.

    • You post here so don’t worry, the NSA already has all your information. It’s not really meant to be funny, more of a sad commentary of the times in which we live.

    • As someone who works in the security space, if you have a cell phone, email address, credit card or gun permit, they already know who you are or can find out without too much difficulty — don’t worry, you are not giving them any more info than they already have access to if they wanted it.

        • Without a doubt. Google (NSA Lite) brags they know what your next purchase will be – before you do!

  5. I’m sick and tired of this “gun violence” term that is being thrown around. Everyone must be perfectly happy with all of the other forms of violence, as long as we get rid of “gun violence”. Ridiculous! It’s time we start exerting some political pressure on our representatives about this. Violence, in and of itself, should be reduced. Yes, it’s a complex problem, but unless we identify the causes, there will never be a real chance of combating this problem.

  6. This just pisses me off, don’t we have other more pressing issues to throw money at? Also, did anyone know that we have an “Office of Public Engagement” let alone someone with a title like ” Executive Assistant to the Director of the Office of Public Engagement.”

    • Let me translate this one for you: We don’t actually want to do this “gun control” thing anymore, since it’s not very popular and when we lose it looks bad. Instead, we want to appoint someone. But we don’t actually want to appoint someone, so if you guys are so concerned about it, YOU find us somebody and we’ll appoint them.
      I think it’s hilarious. And it just goes to show how badly they got their nose smacked last year.

    • I thought “Office of Public Engagement” was just another name for the NYPD. Seeing how, y’know, they’re constantly engaging the public with their duty weapons.

  7. There’s that %90 number again…

    But the more I think about it, I am completly for common sense legislation on gun violence. Namely, national reciprocity ccw and shall issue ccw in all states with no fees whatsoever. Wait, I should just say nation wide constitutional carry. Scum doesnt like it when their prey fights back. Dead murderers, rapists, burglars and gangbangers simply get what is coming to them. Being a criminal should be more dangerous than walking through a minefield beating the ground with a stick.

  8. Given that the ONLY “theme of service” in the drop-down is “Gun Violence Prevention”, this strikes me as something that was done to legitimize giving Shannon some clout and a paycheck.

  9. Todd has done more to reduce crime by pushing back the unconstitutional laws in Illinois than anyone else is this state.

    I sent in Todd Vandermyde hopefully I won’t get raided by the feds for spite.

  10. Anyone want to bet the nominations are a total farce and someone is already selected?

    Who is gonna be? Watts or Bloomberg?

  11. 2 million guns kept out of the wrong hands is a blatant lie. The actual number of criminal prosecutions resulting from NICS violations (which is a federal felony) is under 500. That’s in 15 years.

    If these people being denied guns are “really, really bad people” would it not make sense to use the felony they committed by lying on their 4473 to lock them up? Apparently not.

    Let’s not forget that about 94% of NICS rejections are overturned.


  12. I nominated a firearms instructor in the Albuquerque area; Dale Perkins. I figure if everyone nominates someone that provides CCL training and/or is a 2nd amendment advocate, it might get the message across that the American citizen really wants a way to protect themselves other than by disarming themselves or restricting their second amendment rights.

    Just flood them.

  13. Lets go full measure: Mr. Noir

    I’d love to see the public’s reaction to a black man talking about gun violence.

  14. I nominated George Orwell, giving this quote:
    “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.”

  15. You all know of course that this entire process is a sham, and that the selection will be either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson Jr. (when he’s released). Marion Barry was in the running, but was eliminated due to his desire to be Mayor of DC again.

  16. “Executive Assistant to the Director of the Office of Public Engagement.”

    Public Engagement? WTF is that, and WTF does it have to do with faithfully executing the laws of the United States of America?

    Well, if your only skill is community organizing, I guess that’s all you do.

  17. Easy: Jerry Patterson, current candidate for Tx Lt. Governor who, in the 1990’s as a state senator, authored Texas’ concealed carry bill signed into law by Governor Bush . He’s a great American, great Texan.

  18. How about Suzanna Gratia Hupp? She has first hand gun violence experience and is a strong advocate of gun rights. She also has considerable experience testifying in front of congress and public speaking.

    • Todd,
      Words cannot ever show the appreciation of how thankful the citizens of Illinois are for you courage, knowledge, resourcefulness and responsive way you have conducted yourself for the citizens of Illinois.

      Robert, and gentlefolk of TTAG…I second the nomination!

      You will find many his equal, but none any better at taking our issues to Washington and representing you and I!

  19. I just nominated Ted Nugent.
    Yes, they’ll shrug it off, but it voices a conscientious objection in the way that nominating Homer Simpson or Daffy Duck doesn’t.
    Here’s hoping that they accumulate lots more negative feedback than candidates they find acceptable.

  20. “Mr. Farago has put in an unbelievable amount of effort into raising awareness of the state of firearms and their use in this country. His ability to portray the reality of the 2nd amendment has been instrumental in recent political events in places such as Colorado. I cannot think of a better or more deserving gun violence prevention Champion of Change.”

    You see guys you gotta keep it ambiguous if you really wanna make it difficult for the staffers

  21. Well, I kicked one in for Suzanna G Hupp, just on the off chance. With her background and experience in government, it would be a hoot to see her square off against Holder. I think he’d figure somebody slipped a Texas rattler in his boot!

  22. I tried to use as much of their language as possible:

    Mr. Farago’s fact based investigation of our nation’s gun problems has lead to a strong grassroots community committed to logical solutions for our neighborhoods’ fear, violence and criminal concerns.

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