Open carry I voted protest pennsylvania
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)
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Open carry I voted protest pennsylvania
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

If you were to ask me why I own nine firearms, my answer would likely depend on whether or not I liked the look of your face. If I don’t like the look of your face, I’ll tell you, It’s none of your goddamned business why I own nine firearms. What I put in my house is no concern of yours. You don’t see me asking you why you own nine blow-up dolls.

If I was okay with the look of your face, I would tell you the truth…

No matter how secure your house is, if someone wants to break into your house, on average, that will take about five seconds. This means that from the time you hear a thump, a crack, or glass break, you now have about 3.5 seconds to grab a gun.

There’s no place in my house, including the shower, where I can’t get my hands on a loaded gun in three seconds.

Plus, because of my work and opinions, I get threats. All the time, I’m threatened. Are they serious threats? Don’t know. Don’t care. What I do know is that a man with a family takes every threat seriously.

If you’re a man, you own a gun. It’s that simple. You’ve also taken a safety course with it, you’re comfortable with it, and know how to use it.

You don’t have to own nine guns. No one has to own nine guns. If I had kids, I would not have nine loaded guns spread throughout the house. If I didn’t receive threats, I wouldn’t have nine loaded guns spread throughout the house.

But if you’re a man, you own at least one gun and know how to use it.

— John Nolte in Dear Gun-Grabbers, What’s Best for ‘Society’ Is Not My Problem

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    • Whew, glad someone else said it first. I mean who here hasn’t bought 9 or more guns at one time… am I right?

      • I bought a dozen at once from a gunbroker deal. Rusty and not functioning, but i bought a dozen guns at once via the internet, because it’s my right and i can.
        Normally I don’t go more than 2 -4 in a day though… freedom

      • my count is nobody’s business but I have what my wife would let me get away with buying pulse the ones I have inherited its more than 1 and less than 50 all I will say about it

        • I have a spreadsheet for all my guns, with details including shots fired, upgrades, repair histories, etc.

          And then the ammo. I have so much that I definitely need a spreadsheet to help me remember what I have and how much (and when I bought it). No way I can remember all that in my head.

          How many guns? Enough to fill the safe to capacity and have several around the house, plus EDC.

          How much ammo? Not enough…ever…just one more box…

    • The “correct” number of guns is …just one more than you currently own…. 20, 25, 30 …every time I do a mental inventory I forget a few so, I never seem to come up with the same number twice….With the current shortage and inflated prices, I’ve vowed to get better acquainted with the ones I have.
      I have an even harder time keeping track of primers, powders, bullets …what caliber, what weight, etc. I should have enough to get through the next few years drought without cutting down on range time.

    • I try not to count, wish I had spent more on ammo even though it will take me a while to burn through what I have, especially at my current burn rate.

    • None guns might be rookie status but nine blowup dolls is a damn fine start on a respectable collection.

    • I’m by no minimum standards, a “gun guy” and didn’t even own one until I reached middle age, but we own 12. Would have more but I gave away 3 and sold one.

      • Very few people know how many or what kind of guns I own. In fact, I have “enough” guns. Each one serves a particular purpose. Similarly, after Sandy Hook when I found I couldn’t buy ammo, I made sure I now have “enough” ammo for my firearms. Beyond that, I ain’t sayin’. However. Every now and then I’ll wear my NRA hat. It has discrete sightly darker lettering so it really isn’t all that noticeable. Nonetheless, as often as not, I’ll have people commenting on how they support the 2nd Amendment.

  1. OK. Sentiments noted and well-founded.

    But who the heck are you that this site recognized you?

    • “But if you’re a man, you own at least one gun and know how to use it.”

      And thanks for extending sexist memes at a time when women make up more than half of new gun owners.

      How about,” But if you’re a responsible adult…”?

      • Boo hoo. Note he didn’t say, “if you’re a woman you don’t own a gun.” Stop claiming sexism where none exists. Men should own guns, and so should women.

        • There are men and women who shouldn’t own guns. They know who they are. It is not my job(or yours) to point out these people. There are hair trigger angry people, people that take offense at things that do not matter, people that act at the drop of a hat.

          Some a severely depressed, maybe even bad enough to take their whole family with them. Add to that alcohol/drugs and you have a recipe for disaster.

          A gun doesn’t make you a man(or woman), you make it yourself.

        • If a person is as messed up as you describe, that person is not a man nor a woman, it is a drain on society whose opinions and/or needs should not even be considered. A man or a woman should be armed with a gun.

        • Rt66,

          You are correct, your observation is on point but it seems to have flown above the head of most on the list.

          To define masculinity by the possession of a firearm is a non-masculine thought in itself.

        • I took the author’s point to mean only that it is a man’s responsibility to protect and safeguard his family, and that men, having this responsibility, should own the tools to do so effectively. There’s really nothing in this line of reasoning that says women shouldn’t or can’t take on the same responsibility with the same tools (personally, I believe they can and should). I didn’t see this as an argument that “owning a gun makes one a man,” which is quite stupid.

          Likewise, there’s nothing in the article that states that the criminally insane should go ahead and buy a gun (personally, I think they shouldn’t). A lot of people seem to be reading what they want into this one, instead of reading the words on the screen.

          Now I’m trying to figure out why I’m defending an article that I actually don’t like very much. The principle of the thing, I guess…

        • “To define masculinity by the possession of a firearm is a non-masculine thought in itself.”

          So you’re saying that only a woman would define another person so reductively?

        • Sweet Baby Jeebus on a pogo stick! How we have our favorite idiot, Minor Annoyance, his new wingman, RT66, reading minds and telling us the definition of masculinity (Minor IQ, you wouldn’t recognize masculinity if it fell out of the sky, landed on your face, and stated to wiggle). Why didn’t y’all bring along your other buddy, FrankM., and we could have had a trifecta of idiots commenting on this post.

          If you look through the thread, MOST of the comments are quite reasonable, and many disagree with the premise of the OP (which was, I agree, overwrought) – but other than trying to provide you nitwits with some OBVIOUSLY needed context, show me where the OP or ANY of the commenters said any of the things you are alleging. Or admit that you are lying t***waffles, and go away.

      • He points out that the first responsibility of a man is to take care of his family, but also states that he doesn’t have kids, which he says is why it’s okay for him to have nine guns around the house.
        His article makes some good points, but they are really lost in the noise.

        • If I had kids they’d be trained on how to shoot each of my nine guns and what to do with them in case of emergency.

        • minor 49 IQ…you are indeed an outhouse phlosipher who sees inanimate objects like firearms and sportcars as penis extensions. Everyone else who is not a dickhead sees such objects as a means of survival and a way to enjoy going to work in style.

        • Agreed. The OP was overwrought and unnecessary . . . so there is no need to invent or imply all sorts of hidden meanings to what was written. The author made his point; I agree with the overall sentiment, and I disagree with his tone and tenor. BFD.

      • It has been my experience with the fairer sex that a surprising number, despite being enlightened feminists, hold to very traditional gender roles when it comes to self defense. They expect their strong independent woman attitude to be enough and if it’s not they will immediately call for help – whether that be a nearby male or the cops. That has been roughly 90% of the women I’ve met.

        The ones who stand up for themselves have been, by and large, conservatives. They have also, once married, abided by the traditional gender roles – they expect their husbands to go out and slay whatever dragons need slaying. Not because they can’t but because that’s what they expect of the man in their lives.

        Precious few women want to actually be responsible for their own safety. And even those that do prefer the men in their life to adhere to the traditional role of the protector. I’m sorry gender roles are heavily influenced by biological factors. The ongoing brainwashing psyop hasn’t worked on every male in America yet.

        If you are a man you are ready, willing, and equipped with the best tool for the task of defending your family. In The USA, that is a gun of some kind. In other countries it might be a different weapon.

        If you’re not ready and willing to defend your home, you are not a man. You’re just another white left simp.

      • Virtue signalling? On TTAG? When snowflakes start arming themselves, we’ll know the world is becoming a better place. Or not.

      • Yeah, I was already passingly familiar with John Nolte prior to this, and I read the article. Like I said above, I agree with the overall point, and disagree with his overwrought stating of it.

        Like others on this thread, I consider it my duty to protect my family. Now, you are free to disagree with that conclusion . . . and I am free to ignore your stupid opinion.

  2. And with the attitude of the left right now those who they single out are at greater risk than ever. It won’t be long before vermin are encouraged to go after people who are deemed unworthy of respect with little to no consequences for their actions. Maybe even praise.

    Of course the “authorities” will persecute and prosecute the victims of these cleansing efforts. That much is to be expected. But for the vermin it means a cost to be born many don’t want to pay. ‘

    Nolte is basically reminding them that they fuck with him at their own peril.

    • HAH!! Did anybody catch that the mayor of Portland (otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving) was hanging with his bud, a *former* mayor of Portland, at a pub when confronted by an unfriendly constituent, so he pepper-sprayed the turkey! Referring to my escalation list, he is now one step below shooting the mofo, seems to have a different attitude than at the beginning of summer.

      • You missed a couple of crucial details on that story:

        1. The “harasser” was harassing Terrible Ted the Commie about being a hypocrite and ignoring his own COVID restrictions (while the harasser was ALSO ignoring the same restrictions – what is it called when someone commits an act of hypocrisy in the process of criticizing hypocrisy?); and

        2. The “harasser” was a known ANTIFA protestor and supporter.

        Life comes at you fast.

  3. What about “being a man” means “owning a gun”? Just baby-level smooth-brained thinking, but what else would you expect from Nolte, a professional moron?

    • Really? I’ve never heard of him, I guess you follow professional morons more closely than I. Oh, and if you’re a man, you should own a gun.

    • That was not the point, nor does it necessarily mean a firearm. It could be a hammer, a 2×4, or chainsaw.

      Whatever tool that is used to ensure the outcome.

      The author is saying that he’ll do whatever it takes, using whatever tool he needs to keep his family safe.

      His life is secondary to those of his family.

      If you’re not willing to lay your life down for your loved ones then what do you call yourself? Certainly not a Man or Woman. Be honest when you have that conversation with them. Tell them you won’t protect them by any means necessary.

    • jsled says:

      What about “being a man” means “owning a gun”? Just baby-level smooth-brained thinking, but what else would you expect from Nolte, a professional moron?

      I have to assume from your post that you don’t own a gun, and therefore are not a man.
      God, through Mother Nature, intended men to be providers and protectors. If you’re not either, then the Law Of Natural Selection will soon determine you are not a viable specimen, and your DNA will disappear, never to be heard from again… 🙂

    • I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to hear your virtue signal over the sound of your overweening self-importance.

  4. It is pretty universal these days with Nolte’s basic reminder…..peril. Disclosing anything about feelings, tactics, or equipment is not prudent. So remember Never think you know it all, Never allow yourself to be disarmed physically or spiritually, Never get on the bus, take the shot, or get chipped…, Never stop improving your situation, and Never quit. Always seek His face, hear His voice, and obey His will and things will be better.

  5. Nine guns? So, two in every room….you have a four and a half room house!? Arm up my friend!

  6. The guy with the nine blow-up dolls has a different type of gun he favors. The home invaders better watch out, he might screw them. ☺️

  7. I am always weary of anybody who make claims like “If you’re a man….” and would reply “If you had a brain you would realize how little your opinion means to me.” It’s not useful .

    • I was hoping it was Nick himself… never heard of this guy! Also if I’m honest I’m probably not going to start following a writer who stages loaded guns around their house instead of just carrying one.

  8. This article seems a bit off. There are quite a few assumptions being made not necessarily based on fact or truth.

  9. I once read, perhaps at this site, that when asked how many guns you own and you can answer without having to stop to count, you do not have enough.

    • If you can carry all your ammo, you don’t have enough.

      I know for a fact I can’t carry my 456lbs…

        • When I worked designing armored vehicles for the DOD, our plant security officer, also a gun nut, would buy large wooden crates of ammo whenever he found a good deal.

          Some of those crates would barely fit in his pickup. I wonder how he unloaded them…..

          He also believed in a multitude of guns, as did most of the engineers there.

          I remember going to the range, and I saw the woman who was in charge of maintenance, getting ready to leave with a large canvas bag that had 8 rifles. I put my arms around her and told her she was a GREAT woman. 🙂

        • Larry,

          You are obviously not a fan the old saying that “There is no such thing as ‘too much ammunition'”.

      • I have no idea how much my ammo weighs, and I am disinclined to move it all into a big pile to figure that out. Sounds too much like work. (And no, I don’t have anywhere near enough.)

  10. A “Free Man” / “Free Woman” owns firearms. On the other hand slaves, serfs, comrades and ‘collective citizens’ do not.

  11. Hmmm…I don’t decide what gat anyone has. 1,9 or none. My own son is a combat veteran. He won’t have a gun in his own home. He’s got a wife & 3 daughter’s. He’s also written drivel for “The Art of Manliness”. I am responsible for me & mine. Nothing more-nothing less.

    • Thanks for your son’s service, I respect his decision regarding firearms ownership.

      I gave up ‘sport’ hunting years ago, no need to slay living beings until it’s a bare matter of survival.

      • Well, you might need to stay sharp for when the need comes. Plus, it is beneficial to the ecosystem.
        At least that’s what I am told. I don’t hunt. I will since I just acquired 30 acres in the woods.
        The only hunting I did was a dove shoot and the meat isn’t worth the price of a shot shell. Purely sport so I agree with you on that aspect.

        • You don’t go hunting in the first place if the meat you get isn’t worth a shotshell. Use a .22 for small game otherwise you’ll be chewing on pellets. Based on your void of common sense dove hunt sounds like 30 acres could be in no worse hands.

        • A .22 for dove hunting, that’s some mighty fine shooting, unless their sitting, either way it’s illegal if yah get caught.

        • @Debbie W
          What are you talking about?
          I just said I didn’t think dove hunting is a valid source for meat. Then you advocated a .22lr for shooting birds on the wing? Sounds like I am not the one with a common sense issue.

      • minor 49 IQ…Sport Hunting? So you just left your prey to rot? It’s either Hunting or it’s not. You are real sneaky about exposing your disdain for those who own firearms so you go about it with a play on words.
        So in that poop filled head of yours your wishes are no one should be allowed to hunt as long as McDonald’s is open and your leftist pals haven’t set it on fire?

      • I respect my son but not his idiotic decision to not protect my granddaughters. And I don’t respect your minor 49 troll ass-inine comments! Have a chitty day!

  12. There are so many ways to dissuade someone from daring to burgle your home or harm your family. For me, the Marine flag (justly earned) works pretty well. My iron gates (driveway and front door) don’t hurt either. Finally, my neighbor bought me an Xmas gift which is a plaque that says “This home protected by the 2nd Amendment” which I fastened to the front door gate. My 120 lb. German Shepherd also contributes.

    I think the intended messages are likely clear…go elsewhere to commit your crimes…or else.

    That said, my wife and I also sport pistols in case the flags and other measures don’t phase a criminal. But I don’t feel the need to have nine pistols scattered around the house.

    • My favorite front door sigh:
      “This door is locked for your protection, not mine”

      You mentioned your 120lb German Shepherd and it brought me back a decade to when I owned Hercules, my 235lbs Old English Mastiff, (32″ neck!!!), and Harley, my 178lb Great Dane.
      Of course, poop patrol was a daily chore, but many a time, delivery people beeped because they did not want to come to the door after those two started their DEEP and LOUD barking…

  13. Actually, after clicking on the link and reading the Breirbart article; I’m left with a different impression. I still have no idea what the number of guns owned has to do with anything. It does NOT matter if you own a hundred guns or just one. You ARE responsible for every single one you own. Just as you are for each and every bullet that leaves the barrel.

    My problem here is that the TTAG article does not accurately reflect the one on Breitbart. Including the graphics used. It might be better to not use graphics at all on some articles.

  14. If I were to add anything to the article, I would say that the only serious threat is the one you don’t take seriously.

  15. If you own as many guns as your neighbor does blowup dolls then you’ve got some interesting neighbors.

    HOA meetings must be a hoot.

  16. We all enjoy dropping our brain litter on the articles appearing here. However, after reading the linked article, nothing more needs “saying” (even this comment).

  17. Yeah okay there tough guy. I never felt like I needed a gun, and I’ve never been afraid of a scrap if it comes to that. I also never really worried about black bear encounters until I began reading this site. It isn’t that I’m unaware of the potential violence, it’s just that I grew up hiking the Smokies, so I’ve been around bears since I was a kid. I’m also more aware now of how many bad guys are armed. Scrapping or running may not work.

    I always thought I would get a gun someday. It just wasn’t a priority for me. I didn’t grow up shooting that much like a bunch of you guys. For no particular reason, a few years ago, I thought what am I waiting on? I did the deed, but that isn’t the day I became a man. Not owning a gun does not mean that you’re neglecting your family. This Nolte guy sounds like a tool. He isn’t helping the cause.

    • I agree; in his presentation, Nolte got it backwards. Others in this thread have restated it for him NOT as “having a gun makes you a man”, but as “if you are a man, and accept responsibility for protecting your loved ones, you might want to have a gun.”

  18. There are many reasons to own various numbers of guns. On the outside you think a gun is like a one size fits all, all purpose thing. “You have a gun?” Wait, 9 guns, or 50 guns, ooo, sounds scary right? But wait, how many golf clubs do you have? People usually buy them in sets. Guitars? Cars? Computers? Screw drivers and drill bits? Shoes, hats, socks, underwear? Colored pencils? You only need one, right? One is enough.

    I found out when having to leave my carry gun with a gunsmith that carrying my full-size for a few days wasn’t much fun, so having multiples helps, but also not every gun is a defensive weapon. A lot are for fun, range use, plinking, hunting, easy shooting, targets, just because it is cool or interesting or weird

    Nobody needs nine guns around the house, I for one, only keep eight laying around.
    The other 40 or so are safely locked in my gun safe.

  20. Warlocc says: Who the hell is running TTAG lately? These articles keep getting dumber and dumber.

    I have to disagree on this. If you love guns, this is one of the very best websites around, great articles, spirited discussions…

    Also a low number of idiots who are here only to create havoc, unsuccessfully, I might add.

  21. Yeap…..No one needs 9 loaded guns through out the house!
    I find that 8 is plenty………

  22. Master bedroom ? Check and Check and Check
    Spare bedroom ? Check
    Office ? Check
    Living room ? Check
    Dining room ? 🙁
    Kitchen ? Check
    Laundry room ? Check
    Garage (smoking lounge) ? Check and check

    I feel like a contented cow.

    Won’t mention rifles, swords, knives…

  23. When you start counting in tens then you’re getting there. “Thirty-something, forty-some odd, 50-plus”.

    • About ten years back I was in the thirty something crowd. But needed money and wanted to modernize anyway. Now I’m in the more than ten, less than 20 group.

      On the other hand, ammo supply here is just fine! 😉

  24. It’s not a male or female thing. It’s very simple.

    Fascism resides in the white house now. Complete with extra legal enforcers in the form of antifa. The rest of us are being painted for gold stars. Do not let yourself be helpless in the face of evil.

    • “Complete with extra legal enforcers in the form of antifa.”

      …and corporate America. They’re doing what the dems can’t legally do. Has there ever been such an alignment of corporate power and one political party in the history of this country? Serious question. And what moron believes that the billionaire companies of this country are lining up to give the government more money to redistribute to the poor? If they really wanted to do that, everyone knows they could do it more efficiently themselves without the government getting involved. There’s a sucker born every minute…

      • You notice that antifa is burning and looting small businesses. Many owned by minorities. They haven’t done any damage to property owned by gates, zuckerberg, bloomberg, etc. The billionaires bought the left when it looked as if Bernie might actually get the nod.

        The left no longer exists in any meaningful way in America. It’s just unbridled fascism now.

  25. Great news! I only own 9 guns and I thought I was a total rookie. Now I am not so embarrassed! 👍👍🇺🇸

  26. My current collection is small. Used to be about three dozen but I sold off the antiques in my collection and bought newer guns and lots more ammo and magazines.

    Currently it’s:
    2 shotguns,
    3 rimfire rifles
    5 centerfire rifles
    5 centerfire handguns
    2 rimfire handguns

    And somewhere’s around 800 to 1000 pounds of ammunition, judging by how that 880 pound rated shelf is bowed down to touch the floor. Good thing the ammo is on the bottom shelf 😉

      • No China stuff. Been talked into buying some foreign guns only once. It was a rifle, pistol and case of ammo for each at a killer price. People were calling it the spoils of winning the Cold War. That was hooey, you do not pay for the spoils and the conquered enemy doesn’t make a big profit from you taking the spoils.

        But I get off topic too easily.

        So I owned a Russian made Makarov for a while. Also an SKS. Those were among the guns I sold, and a case of Russki ammo with each. The Makarov I would take out plinking now and then but I just preferred my S&W 59 so it was the 59 I carried. Never took the SKS out of the grease and the box it came it. Never opened the ammo crate until the buyer asked for photos of the sealed cans inside.

        Other than the Mak and the SKS never owned any foreign guns.

        My ammo stockpile took a lot of years and mostly built up slowly. I last bought ammo a year ago, last time I saw 9mm FMJ on sale at Cabela’s. Their Herters brand, $8.50 a box if bought a thousand rounds. It was tempting, so I did. So I bring this 1000 rounds home and start organizing the walk-in closet where guns and ammo are kept and discover another unopened 1000 rounds of the same stuff that I’d forgot about at $7.99 a box in an earlier sale.

        But that’s just the recent stuff.

        I do actually still have .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle and .22WMR to use up from 30 to 40 years ago. For some reason, I tend to grab the newer stuff first.

        There’s still some Blazer 9mm Aluminum case amassed in multiple buys, including a screw-up I made bidding on a lot on Gunbroker ten or twelve years ago. It was all cheap, but the price tags faded and I can’t read it. I’ve loaded up ten of the SR9 mags with it, once that’s gone it’s all brass cased for me.

        Just impulsive I guess.

  27. Bumped into a guy at the ATV shop and started a gun discussion. No noted somewhere in the conversation that he had a few over 400. I immediately thought about how much time it would take to keep the all oiled up and ready to go.

  28. So, what are you telling me? — That I married a man?
    My wife is x- military, retired law enforcement, and can shoot a .50 Desert Eagle!
    Personally, I think EVERYBODY should own at least 100 guns, and keep 1,000 – 2,000 rounds for each.
    9 guns? …… WIMP!

    • Robert,
      With all due respect, this article says your Wife is a real man.
      I agree that is a silly steatment, but so is the silly article.

  29. “A free people ought…to be armed…” George Washington, 1790 courtesy of Valhalla Are they still around?

  30. I own 14 guns. To equate owning a gun with being a man is one of the most ignorant statements I’ve heard in some time. We live in a free country and cherish that. Someone choosing not to own a gun, for whatever reason, in no way diminishes their masculinity. Grow up and maybe the other side of the argument will take us seriously.



  32. If you’re a man, you own a gun? what a load of B.S.

    This is why anti-gun folks equate gun owners obsession with their guns with their penises, because you can’t be a man without one.

    Grow up.

  33. My Dad always told me if you know exactly how many guns you have, then you don’t have enough!

    • Where I live there’s a joke:

      “What do you call someone who owns one hundred guns?”



  34. I do not own a gun, because I want to be a man.
    The childish ideal that things make a man, is well childish.
    I am a man because of who I am, what I do, not my large bank account or new truck or weapons I carry. Nor my tool collections, dry good, tractor, animals, house,land & timber.
    All these thing are good, but with out them I am a man.

  35. I don’t know exactly how many guns I own because it isn’t the quantity that’s important to me. As I saw this election going south, I traded seven pistols for two guns I thought I needed to round out my EDC’s and home defenses, no regrets (maybe my CZ). If I lived in a small apartment in a large city 2-3 may be enough, but I don’t and nine guns would certainly be plenty but… I like pistols! Unfortunately, ammo is a big issue right now and I would really like to get to the range but, I don’t want to deplete my ammo at all.

  36. I have a friend with, at last count, 20 safes to house his collection. Not a one has shot anyone by itself, nor has he (a veteran and retired Federal agent). I’m pretty sure any threat to his home and family would be met long before 5 seconds transpired.

  37. Folks,

    I have my collection of guns, perhaps as many as several dozen (I don’t dwell on how many but the safe seems packed).

    Why? Because I raised a family with boys AND GIRLS who needed to know firearms. So, we started with pop guns, then to BB guns, then to pellet guns, then to low recoil weapons, then we moved up to higher velocity / higher recoil weapons as they were taught to hunt and ultimately to semi-automatic self-defense weapons (ARs and pistols).

    Maybe being a Texan this seems absolutely normal and responsible. I suspect that a large number of my neighbors who’ve been similarly responsible with their children have a similar motley collection of firearms, most of which are safe queens once the kids are gone.

    So, I think the fellow, the zip tie fellow, is being unjustly maligned. Few of us who have raised kids in a 2nd Amendment household have AS FEW AS THOSE DISPLAYED AS HIS GUNS.

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