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President Joe Biden’s first presidential speechwriter jumped ship after one year and the gun control lies didn’t stop. Media outlets finally began fact-checking the president’s repeated false claims even as he continued reciting them. The truth demonstrates he’s clearly wrong, yet here we are again. The more things change the more they stay the same.

President Biden has a problem lying about gun control and the firearm industry. His speech on gun control at the National Safety Communities Summit in Hartford, Conn., was just the latest example.

End Game Giveaway

The National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut was organized by one of the U.S. Senate’s staunchest gun control activists, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and the president thanked attendees for their “relentless commitment” to pushing more gun control, even as the president himself has admitted he’s powerless to do more on his own.

President Biden admitted the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act signed into law last year wasn’t the end of the effort.

Biden confused lost
President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“For me, and for most of you, here’s what it really is: It’s an important first step,” the president exclaimed. “Above all, we all agree we are not finished. We are not finished. We are not finished.”

The president’s remarks were similar to those made by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) who was in attendance. She founded her namesake gun control group to push for more gun control and recently admitted it’s not limiting Second Amendment freedoms she’s after – it’s eliminating guns.

“No more guns. Gone,” she specified to media when asked about her goals earlier this year. She said the quiet part out loud.

Those comments are in direct conflict with what Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said after the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act passed.

“No, we’re done – the sort of things he was calling for, don’t have support in the Senate or in the Congress on a bipartisan basis,” the senator stated after BSCA was enacted and President Biden immediately began calling for more.

Industry Liability Lie

It wouldn’t be a President Biden speech on gun control without the commander in chief repeating his favorite falsehoods.

“Look I find it outrageous that out of all the industry’s in America – and by the way I’ve been doing this a long time – I was a pretty powerful senator. I… pretty, not …managed, some of the biggest committees; Judiciary, Foreign Policy, senator. But I didn’t know 10 years ago, I didn’t know that gun manufacturers were immune from liability,” the president claimed. “I’m being completely earnest here. Think of all the people that would be dead today that are alive because we could sue tobacco companies and they paid billions of dollars for the damage they were doing.

“We need to end immunity for gun manufacturers,” he added. “We got to hold them accountable.”

This false claim the president repeats over and over and over and over again is a lie. It’s always been false and always will be. The Washington Post, CNN, PolitiFact, the Associated Press and many more have all rebuked the president on his false claim.

“They [firearm manufacturers] are not exempt or immune from being sued,” wrote the AP.


“Gun manufacturers can certainly be sued…Biden is wrong to say gun manufacturers are alone,” was the Washington Post’s take.

The bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) protects firearm manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits that seek to blame them for the criminal misuse of legal, non-defective and lawfully sold firearms by remote third parties who are beyond the control of manufacturers. It’s that law that prohibits the very unlawful actions the president praised. The PLCAA simply codifies bedrock principles of American jurisprudence. No manufacture of any product is liable for the subsequent criminal misuse of a legal, non-defective lawfully sold product.

Pistol Brace Whopper

The president turned his attention to a current development in Congress after the U.S. House of Representatives passed in a bipartisan vote a joint resolution to nullify the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) rule that regulates stabilizing arm braces attached to pistols under the National Firearms Act (NFA). The president came out of nowhere with a wild claim about what a stabilizing arm brace does to a pistol.

“We’ve made it harder for people to buy stabilizer braces. Put a pistol on a brace, and it turns it into a gun,” President Biden said. “The brace makes it where you can have a higher caliber bullet coming out of that gun.”

Breitbart News provided a simple fact check on the president’s remark.

“A stabilizer brace is simply a piece of plastic that can be attached to the rear of the gun to help stabilize the pistol when target shooting… A stabilizer brace does not impact or change the action or caliber of the AR-pistol,” Breitbart reported.

That echoes the remarks given by the pistol brace’s inventor during Congressional testimony earlier this year. Alex Bosco told representatives, “I think the problem is that a lot of people aren’t informed about what is and isn’t a pistol and what is and isn’t a rifle. It’s very nuanced. A stabilizing brace is not a force multiplier.”

President Biden made several other false statements, including that the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban reduced the number of mass shootings “significantly.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analysis concluded the impact on criminal misuse of firearms resulting from the 1994 ban would be “too small for reliable measurement.” The president also repeated the false claim that “guns are the number one killer of children in the United States.” NSSF analysis debunked the study that initially made the claim and Twitter’s Community Notes corrected the president, stating, “The claim that guns are the leading cause of death for children would only be true if children under 1 are excluded and 18 and 19 year olds are counted as children.”

President Biden’s latest gaffe-filled speech on gun violence is a reminder that when it comes to restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans, the facts don’t matter. The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights because early Americans understood its critical importance to the viability of the young Republic.

Concluding, the president exclaimed, “God save the Queen, man.” Add the founding of the country and the reasons why to the list of things the president is confused about.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Never mind Jim Crow Gun Control joe what matters to some blowbag Gun Talkers is spewing rhetoric to help democRats slander and libel POTUS DJT and his voters. It’s not hard to figure out who the blowbags voted for.

      • void-noid… No link can save your behind…Your history illiterate politically inept posts prove you are a Gun Control lint licker.

        • And yet your broken mind continues to fixate on an obvious troll with your broken record comments. No need to save anything on my part just showing how useless you are much like Dacian. But do keep howling at the moon you will reach it someday.

        • “…just showing how useless you are much like Dacian.”

          Even ‘lil ‘d’ is occasionally entertaining, unlike the bitter old shrew debbie.

          Men get better looking the older they get, women just look old… 😉

        • And she gives me crap for trying to help finance lawsuits through my giving to various gun organizations. I guess I could stand on the street corner and scream GUN CONTROL HAS RACIST ROOTS! Nah I’ll continue to do as much as I can with funds.

        • Until the lowlife “void” responded to me I never saw a prior post from anyone named void, it’s most probably a gutless regular in disguise.

          Fact is the noid-void has not and cannot debunk what I post…He rides me for being repetitive all while “Gun Control” is repeated across America 24/7 and the hypocrite mealy mouth void says nothing. The noid is a another Gun Control lint licker who would like to shut me up…Good luck with that, after all the History of Gun Control is chiseled.

          oldshtgeoff is the closest oldsht there is to the long gone forum’s resident rat “enuf” who ironically also made his age an issue…oldshtgeoff mirrors enuf’s MO to talk guns to win over useful idiots like muckmouth and then proceed to slander and libel POTUS DJT and his voters on a level that would make a democRat smile ear to ear…oldshtgeoff by your own despicable words about POTUS DJT and his voters You are a shill for the democRat Party.

          If it were not for me the three circle-jerks would never know how History Defines Gun Control. Obviously the three gun talking blowbags have gay tendencies and a problem with women. Not a word of wisdom from the three anyone will remember but the three will remember me and The History of Gun Control.

        • muckmouththedramaqueen…Do not lay your cowardliness on my doorsteps. Never mind standing on a street and you can waste your money on any zipped lipped one track org you want.

          Bottom line…Like the rest of your wimpy gun talking ilk You do not have the balls to man up and ask 10 people to Define Gun Control…Ain’t dat right?

        • So you lack situational awareness as well as self awareness lol cool story Deb but it’s not about you despite your attempts at attention whoring. Good job still remaining useless though you really help the grabbers with your drama.

        • void-noid…There’s not an angle you haven’t used to kiss Gun Control butt. Really twerp, you need a propeller cap that says, Don’t Slap Poop Splatters.

        • void-noid…Stating The History of Gun Control is attention whoring? Anyone ever call you a desperate bottom of the barrel blabbering pos? I just did.

        • Since you lack self awareness let me explain it for you not that it will absorb or matter to you. You seek attention and post nonsensical rants seeking response that sometimes have kernels of truth. If anyone dares disagree with any portion of your nonsensical rant you attack them as some heretic to your faith. You also randomly insert your screed on unrelated posts to hijack the discussion and dickride on actually thoughtful posters. You are an attention whoring parasite with a behavioral pattern similar to Dacian and at this point increasingly looking like one of his alter egos. Oh and voted for Trump both times, give money to 2nd amendment foundation and teach kids how to shoot rifle and shotgun so not sure where half your nonsense comes from and ultimately don’t care I just enjoy seeing you freak out over simple troll posts and show your ass easier than Miner.

    • I’m guessing if I put glasses on then my keyboard has the ability to deliver larger print?

  2. Bribum doesn’t have a problem lying he’s pretty good at it. A perfectionist actually. Only Schiff comes close.

  3. Every exaggeration, lie, and propaganda talking point from the 80’s to now Biden’s greatest hits volumes 1-you know the thing on sale now!

  4. “Concluding, the president exclaimed, “God save the Queen, man.”

    He was talking about Dylan Mulvaney.

    • Speaking of…. I just came from one of the discount liquor stores in the area. Buttwiper/AB/Unibev products on sale for $14.95 per case, with a mail-in rebate of $45 on a 3 case purchase.
      Here’s to the true American Heros saying ” Screw you Bud “

      • “Buttwiper/AB/Unibev products on sale for $14.95 per case, with a mail-in rebate of $45 on a 3 case purchase.”

        Whoa – $14.95 times 3 is $44.85, with a mail-in rebate of $45, is damn close to free beer. Technically, they are paying you 15 cents for 3 cases, but that doesn’t include the sales tax you are paying.

        Still –

        What’s that saying when they literally can’t give alcohol away?


  5. President Biden has a problem lying about gun control….. I believe a printing error was made, it should read “lying about EVERYTHING”…

    • A one page book is finally available entitled, “The one time Joe Biden told the Truth”.
      Caution: The “one time has been brought into question more that one time.

  6. IMHO the article ‘missed’ (pun intended) the biggest whopper – his claim that ARs shoot their bullets FIVE times faster than any other gun. Really? That would mean that a 5.56mm/.223 round fired from that AR would be travelling around 15,000+/- feet per second instead of the 3,000+/- FPS when fired from a Ruger Mini-14. And of course the lame stream gave him a pass on such that nonsensical claim.

    • Maybe he meant rate of fire……………nope still bullshit even with full auto as an illegal modification.

  7. God save the Queen…according to red coat Biden. (Psssssttt…hey Joe, you know the queen is as dead as your presidency right? Probably not, you don’t seem to know much except how to lie.)

  8. I think the gun truck thing is a good idea. I like ice cream too and often stop the ice cream truck for a Klondike Bar. Seriously, I’ve bought and sold many firearms in a parking lot with strangers. Not a bit of it shady. Just convenient. Some became good friends.

    • “I’ve bought and sold many firearms in a parking lot with strangers. Not a bit of it shady“

      If they were strangers how do you know that you were not providing firearms to violent felons? Or those under a domestic violence protection order? Or those who had been adjudicated mentally ill and a danger to themselves or others?

      Of course, who cares, right? I mean it’s not like they are going to rob or kill you.

      “Just convenient“

      Right, that’s all that counts, just so it’s easy for you to make a buck or get a good deal.

      It’s not like some other citizen or a brother officer might be the victim of one of those firearms…

      • “they were strangers how do you know that you were not providing firearms to violent felons? …”

        aside from not knowing what context is you also don’t understand the concept of sarcasm.

        • Sarcasm?

          “Seriously, I’ve bought and sold many firearms in a parking lot with strangers. Not a bit of it shady. Just convenient. Some became good friends.“


          I’ve watched it done myself for 50 years, flea markets, supermarket parking lot, outside the sale barn, not just gun shows.

          So tell me, how do you make certain that the casual sale of a used firearm to a stranger isn’t going to be used unlawfully?

          Or do you think that you have no personal responsibility in that situation?

  9. You GOTTA understand, he’s just barely cognizant enough to puke up all the sh*t he’s been told to. It’s not like he ever had an original though!!

  10. I have two braced AR 300 AAC pistols, one being suppressed and for the life of me I can’t figure out how my caliber increased.
    POS ARs anyway!!!

  11. In 1994 I killed 730 humans with assault shaker.

    it’s the Nazi’s fault that pistol braces are banned
    Joe Biden is one hell of a drug

  12. Joe Biden wouldn’t recognize the truth if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face and started to wiggle.
    Not one law, restriction, regulation, ban, registration or licensing scheme will do anything to prevent those with evil or criminal intent from finding ways to arm themselves or cause harm or mayhem.
    Gun control has nothing to do with safety, crime or saving lives. But everything to do with disarming and controlling the populace. You can’t control or rule over those who have the means to resist.

  13. According to Joe, it you put your pistol on a brace it becomes a gun.

    So if you take your pistol off the brace you will no longer have a gun … OR… keep the pistol on the brace and get an instant upgrade to a ‘higher caliber’…now if we can combine all that with Joe’s laws of physics defying higher fire rate too… we will have time travel… ’cause the logic is do sound it must be true, right?


  14. I am gonna give Joe the benefit of the doubt. He may actually believe what he is saying. He has been in office a very long time and not part of society as a whole. His knowledge is limited, his interaction with anyone without a deep checkbook is very limited. Look how he treats women and young girls, he doesn’t understand social norms.

    His detachment from regular society does not excuse his ignorance, it just explains it.

  15. I think Joe Biden also re-told his lie that in 1789, “You weren’t allowed to own a cannon,” which is false.

    Even here in New Jersey, I have an a-salt gunm, the “Bug-A-Salt.”
    I’ve used this A-Salt gunm to kill many flies, millipedes, and other creepy-crawly bugs inside my house. It’s basically a spring-action airgun (air shotgun) that shoots common table salt instead of airsoft pellets or BBs. As far as I know, Governor Phil Murphy hasn’t gotten around to banning it yet in New Jersey — not yet, but I’m sure he’s planning on doing so soon (“for the children,” or rather, for the children of flies, which would be maggots, right?)

    The Bug-a-salt is pretty effective on flies and fly or other small bugs. Occasionally it takes two shots to kill the bug, but that could be due to “shot placement,” LOL.
    I’ve never tried it on tougher bugs like the spotted lanternfly, only common house bugs.

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