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Kamala Harris, who has endorsed the Beto O’Rourke model of gun confiscation, posted a tweet yesterday showing a brief conversation she had with a frightened teenager on the campaign trail.

The girl approached Harris and thanked her for her stance on gun control.

Thank you so much for everything you do for high schools. I was scared every day and I just —

And the girl burst into tears, clearly terrorized.

Here’s Harris’s tweet with video of the encounter.

To her credit, Harris tried to reassure the tearful teen, telling her, “No baby, you’re not going to die.”

Harris, however, might have calmed the girl with some cold, hard statistics showing that an American is 100 times more likely to be killed in a car accident than they are to be the victim of a mass shooting. Instead, Harris had this to say . . .

…We’re going to be smart and we are going to win. And we’re going to take on the people who are just failing to have the courage. We’re going to do this.

Be sure to note the blame placed for the girl’s level of hysteria in the tweet above.

Leaders in Congress who fail to have the courage to act on gun violence are traumatizing an entire generation of students.

That is a blatant lie. Saturation media coverage and political demagogues have been playing up the prevalence and actual threat of mass shootings in this country for years, particularly since El Paso and Dayton. The goal is to use the hysteria to DO SOMETHING. Which means more restrictions on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

The reality of the threat, however, couldn’t be more different. Note these graphs from Pew Research:

gun violence at historic generational lows since 1990s
Courtesy Pew Research

The fact is, since the early 1990’s crime has dropped to historic lows in this country (while the number of civilian-owned firearms has more than doubled). And yet . . .

public perception of crime rates
Courtesy Pew Research

This disparity between the nation’s actual crime rate and the perception of the problem of violent crime is directly attributable to politicians and the media, two groups that work very hard to reduce or eliminate Second Amendment rights.

You won’t hear any of Pew’s data from the if-it-bleeds-it-leads media, let alone a gun-grabbing hack like Harris who have a vested interest in whipping up fear, uncertainty and doubt about level of “gun violence” in this country. She should be ashamed…if she were capable of it.


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    • Um, could we just maybe just vote against her? Avoid the felony charge?

      Pretty sure I’d lose my gun rights if I had a felony conviction for beating a woman with a whip in the middle of town. Worse maybe if it’s a woman politician.

      Or isn’t “Assault & Battery with a Horse’s Ass” a felony?

        • the folsom street fair is disgusting. For those who don’t know, it’s an extreme gay street fair where they allow sex acts of all kinds literally on the street and sidewalk and the cops who are yards away are instructed to allow it. It is the most disgusting thing you could possibly see on a street in America which is permitted by a gov’t.

    • Even in CA, where it’s illegal to open carry and nearly impossible in most areas to be granted a CCW.


      • Even in California…
        That little girl is much more likely to die in a car crash than from a gunshot wound.
        Unless, of course, she’s suicidal or involved in a criminal endeavor.

        • More likely to be attacked by a Great White Shark in a convenience store here on Cape Cod than be a mass shooting victim.

        • More likely to die on a pier after being shot with a gun stolen from negligent and incompetent law enforcement and wielded by an a drugged up illegal alien who’s been allowed to come into the country for the umpteenth time after being deported numerous times who will probably be be acquitted on the most serious charges and win on appeal after the citizens spend a couple million dollars on his prosecution and his defense. The killer will probably have and arrest and conviction record as long as your arm and will have been in and out of custody at least a couple of dozen times. Her family will likely sue the law enforcement and government agencies responsible for repeatedly releasing the murderer and the courts will throw it out. Kamala Harris will probably go on all the liberal news shows and protest the prosecution of the shooter as being racist.

    • This ! however any one who would place their safety in the hands of a politician and worse yet the hands of Kamala,whose only qualification is that of being Willie Brown’s willing willie receptacle, is not thinking.

    • The poor precious snowflake. It was good that KH decided not to confuse her with facts and instead appealed to her emotions. Bless both their hearts.

    • The kid is an actor. Kamala’s people don’t let anyone get close unless they’re screened. Did anyone see her face. Did she mingle with other kids before and after the “event”?

  1. Yeah, and Greta Thuneberg. As well as many millennials who decide not to have kids because they grew up having hysterical leftist a-holes screaming at them that the sky is falling. This is a standard leftist tactic (they didn’t invent it, but they may have perfected it). They’ve damaged the mental health of generations with their lust for power. Many have much to answer for in that regard, though I doubt they ever will.

        • And who do you think you are Greta for judging me for wanting to be able to pay my electric bill and put gas in my vehicle? Some of us depend on using work trucks for our livelihood. We know people aren’t really worried about the world ending or they wouldn’t have flown people across the ocean just to be able to help you sail back home.

          What an idiot. But she’s a kid being encouraged by the people that want to use her as a shield to take over the economy and enslave us all.

        • Dude, that’s the point. It is poor and average wage earner that will take the biggest proportional burden, both financially and qualitatively, of the costs of climate change. Especially with the simple solutions devised by the simple people in the environmental movements.

          Already in Australia the cost of electricity is so high in winter i have to decide between heat or eat. In summer the temperatures exceed 40-45 C regularly (104-113). Air Conditioning is used only in extreme emergencies. And now power companies want to charge “surge pricing” during times of high demand. Do people die during these extreme weather periods? Yes they do, and they are considered acceptable collateral damage.

        • So your winters are too cold, and your summers are too hot?

          I’ll bet you can’t wait for global warming to solve one of those problems for you.

      • Haha, as luck would have it, I *just* saw this vid on Greta ten minutes ago before coming over here to TTAG.

        • I think I had that same look on my own face after eating that greasy burrito at the restaurant last night. I feel her pain.

          Edit: I *felt* her pain. Just came back from the mens room. All better now. So what’s Greta’s excuse?

        • All those college kids reading questions off their cell phones… I can just imagine who is writing the script. Everybody is so well rehearsed, even the little kids. Whoever is putting this trash out there has got to know how phony it all looks.

        • As a scientist, I have always had concern for our world but listening to this millennial crap maybe it is time to accelerate the next mass extinction event. After all mother nature has witnessed many before and we are not the bacon we think we are. Imagine all of the early anaerobes distraught anxiety when their carbon dioxide rich atmosphere was being polluted by all of the oxygen released by over population and all of that oxygen creating, dread of dread, an OZONE layer, fear of fears. Well, life still exists. Life will continue to exist, and more likely much more advanced forms (just ask the dinosaurs), long after our less that perfect species ceases to exist. Welcome the next asteroid that passes near and hope that it gets a little closer so that we don’t have to wait for the eons that “climate change” will take to advance our planet to the next level.

        • Sorry, I Haz a Question, I won’t have any sympathy for the guy who marries her. He’ll deserve what he gets. They’ll probably be able to save a few bucks wearing each other’s clothes though.

    • I like that kid, I wish her well and hope she finds a way home without having to use an airplane. She came here on a really cool sailboat, a rather spartan racing yacht. Most impressive.

      I’ve traveled by air a very great deal, and a fair amount by sea as well. Prefer the sea!

  2. People like this “panicked teen” need to be horse whipped in the public square. Failing to punish stupidity and panic mongering just fosters more stupidity and panic mongering.

    • I don’t know. What are they supposed to think when public schools, entertainment, media, universities, and all too often their own parents are feeding them a steady diet of hysterical bullshit? Yes, many kids are deeply messed up, but I think we need to look elsewhere to find the culprits.

        • Kamala’s slipping in the polls…she needs a kickstarter…what do you think the chances are that the “distressed” teen was a plant?

    • Oh definitely. That makes sense. Very American. In fact, what could be more American than publicly horse whipping someone because they had the temerity to disagree with you?

      Also GunnyGene said that idiotic idea verbatim first so you can go ahead and cite him.

      • What could be more American than observable consequences for stupidity, panic mongering, and incompetence?

        I’m very heinleinian in my approach to discipline. Pain is the best educator.

        • “He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” Thomas Paine

          The First Amendment is a valuable pillar to American greatness. Stop playing games.

        • First, neither of them incited sedition or panic here.

          Second, you can’t whip someone into being calm. You also can’t change someone’s mind by whipping. You can get lip service, but who wants that?

        • Clearly, you have never bothered to study operant conditioning. You can, in fact, whip somebody into not being a douchecanoe.

  3. Harris…proof that there are double standards for women…wherein a marginally competent female lawyer / District Attorney / AG of California CAN (literally) “sleep” her way to the top…what a puta!

    • Her qualification is that of being Willie Brown’s willing willie receptacle,qualifies her for something however I don’t think as president.

  4. Yeah, tell Kamala to give this little girl her own AR-15 so she can defend herself! Give her 25 or 30 clips of 14 bullets each and she will never have to worry about the bad guys. Just kill them if they try to rob or rape her, or kidnap her! Better safe than sorry! You know Kamala has at least 50 armed guards around her at all times, right? And they all have Machine Guns with thousand of bullets each! Suggest you join the NRA, get some good gun safety lessons, get your CCW Permit and if, God Forbid, any asshole ever tries to hurt you, you just take them out without question because you are so well trained in self defense. OR, you can sit back and wait for the bad guys to come kidnap you, rape you, steal all your stuff and then kill you…. it is YOUR choice! Protect your self, or just give up!

    • You’re right. But these kids and many adults under 60, were indoctrinated to expect somebody else – the “authorities” – to protect their sensitive ass. 75% of the country, or more, are sheep. And their ain’t enough sheepdogs to protect them all, so some will inevitably die. Tough shit.

    • I love math problems! Lets solve AR-15. 15 cannot be subtracted from AR because A and R are letters multiplied together, unless we know what A and R are worth.

      Lets say 25*14=350=A and 30*14=420=R.
      AR = 147000.

      That’s a lot of bullets so lets divide them among 50 armed guards with machine guns. 146985/50=2939.7.

      Each guard has 2939 bullets. Its safe to assume that the guards carry .7mm glocks as a backup weapon (thus explaining the uneven number of bullets). I would say that your statement “with thousands of bullets each” is accurate.

      Extra Credit: how many clips does each body guard have?
      Extra Extra Credit: How many bullets per minute can the guards fire from their backup weapon given a rate of 700 rounds per minute?
      Super Extra Credit: How many bullets per minute can the guards fire from their machine gun? (hint: you must find the rate of fire from the numbers provided in the original problem)

      • LOL. I love math word problems…as long as those two speeding trains leaving Chicago and Detroit are not the subject matter.

      • Instead of 30 magazines with 14-rounds each, it’s better for the planet to carry 14 magazines with 30 rounds each. Less materials used in 14 30-rounders = less plastic used = less resources consumed (oil for plastics, iron ore for steel springs, etc).

        Standard Capacity (“High Capacity”) magazines fight climate change.
        Buy more today and save the planet.
        Can Magpul make a special edition PMAG 30 Gen M3 made from recycled plastic straws?

      • As a stripper clips hold 10 Rds. and each magazine holds 30 Rds. it would take 3 clips to fill each magazine to capacity.

  5. Well, baby, you will die. Like all of us, you will die eventually, most likely of heart attack, cancer or medical error. If you are not a criminal and don’t live with criminals, your chance of getting shot to death is about same as getting killed by a lightning.

  6. We all die little girl. Whether you die on your knees, most likely you in a mass shooting, or on your feet and fighting is the key. Everyone is responsible for their own safety. Looking to liars for protection is a bad start for someone so young.

    • If it wasn’t a complete set-up, I can almost here her thoughts: “Oh, hot damn, this is gold! Pure gold!”

    • Speaking of that look ole Hairy Harris has the Moochie look down pat,she must have practiced in front of a mirror for hours at a time to perfect it.

  7. I am thinking that I am just wasting oxygen with my comments (actually, wasting electricity since this is a written comment in an electronic realm) at this point.

    As I said yesterday: reality, truth, and facts are irrelevant to something like 96% of the population. All they care about is pleasure, comfort, laziness, and passion — and doing whatever it takes to get there.

    If that 96% of the population thinks that making people defenseless and condemning them to brutal attacks and murders will bring that 96% closer to their desired pleasure, comfort, laziness, or passion, they will not lose one minute of sleep over it.

    I feel bad for the 4% (as well as some portion of the 96%) who will pay the price.

    • U_C,

      Where did the 96% number come from? Guessing that you chose it for illustration, to make a point.

      I am a bit more optimistic. Agree, the extent of ignorance seems unbounded, but I remain hopeful.

      Spent the day in our Commonwealth Capitol with a polite mob pushing for parental rights legislation. The number of homeschooling families was impressive. There PA Firearms Owners Association was also there, but I will be joining them tomorrow in the Committee hearings. There were also medical freedom people there.

      My point: people are waking up (conservatives do not do ‘woke’). I am hopeful.

      • Actually, I admit that I do enjoy using the word “woke” when discussing politics with Leftists. They look at me weird and sometimes tell me I cannot use that word because (1) I’m white and (2) I’m a conservative Republican. I then smile and say “I like (insert new trendy word here) and am hereby taking it. It’s mine now.”

        I once had a young man get very angry with me after I told him I “took” his super-woke slang word. Argued for several minutes why it wasn’t fair.

        • Thank you Haz for the best mental image and guffaw all day. Imagining the young man waving his arms, stamping his feet and yelling “it’s unfair” (repeat ad nauseam)…still chuckling.

        • True story, bro. The young man was perhaps in his late 20s and clearly wasn’t keen on the notion that someone “old” had just commandeered his attempt to be…well…woke.

        • Funny. I’ll have to use “woke” more often. Also, if the world is ending in 6-8 years, why not use up all the oil and gas and throw plastic into the ocean? Does Greta have a prepared answer for that one?

  8. Wow, how far this country has fallen. The only thing sadder then this irrational fear is that she thinks kharris is actually capable of making her safer.

      • I expect Harris does give a damn, even cares immensely. That’s neither unusual nor the problem. The problem is ideology, a fascination with a fixed set of views deemed acceptable by the political faction she has become attached to.

        Same rampant foolishness that trips up Republicans, just under a different label and with different positions.

        Also, she’s just flat wrong on the gun thing.

  9. A hundred years ago every american child was taught about guns. Either in school with, a in school gun range, or at home. They were not afraid of being educated about firearms information.

    Now because our country is devolving and going backwards, we now have kids afraid of things (guns) they don’t understand. In fact being curious about guns and the urge to learn about something new (your civil rights) is frowned upon.

    • Their primary source of gun knowledge is, unfortunately, Hollywood. My son, who’s 11, can pick the flaws in gun handling, and he’s yet to start (local laws).

    • “A hundred years ago every American child was taught about guns”. No not really. A hundred years ago,, a lot of kids grew up in towns and cities and like today, had absolutely no concept of firearms. It is true the proportion kids growing up country was much greater than today, but most kids probably didn’t grow up with guns.

      • They most likely, did grow up with their fathers, church and moral values and the streets they lived on were not ran by drug dealers.

  10. That kid doesn’t need to worry about getting shot because if you’re a weenie and say you don’t want to die, you’re about 100 times as likely to have some creep take your lunch money.

  11. I’ve worked, let’s just say, in a social service capacity for going on 20 years now. People like this woman used to surprise and confuse me. How could any functional, healthy human being be so irrational 24/7? I have since learned in my time in this field that there is a glut of broken people out there. Immature, emotionally unstable, riddled with irrational fears, consumed completely by fictional worlds, absolutely incapable of living one day without relying on another person to carry them through. The longer society is stable and safe the more of these people come to be having no external struggles or natural predators to keep them in check. Eventually they will eat the society they depend on along with the rest of us for our punishment for being rational, capable and dependable humans is to be blamed for all that is irrational, incapable and undependable.

    • Shire-man,

      … there is a glut of broken people out there. Immature, emotionally unstable, riddled with irrational fears, consumed completely by fictional worlds, absolutely incapable of living one day without relying on another person to carry them through. The longer [that] society is stable and safe, the more of these people come to be, having no external struggles or natural predators to keep them in check.

      Eventually they will eat the society they depend on along with the rest of us, for our punishment for being rational, capable and dependable humans is to be blamed for all that is irrational, incapable and undependable.

      That is incredibly profound and, sadly, incredibly accurate.

      In a strange twist of events, I arrived at a very similar notion just a day or two ago.

    • “How could any functional, healthy human being be so irrational 24/7?”

      Because she’s histrionic.

    • Shireman,

      I don’t know why, but I laughed out loud at this (quote below). It was the predator imagery, I think. I get your point, not arguing.

      “The longer society is stable and safe the more of these people come to be having no external struggles or natural predators to keep them in check. “

  12. This reminds me of when kids used to parrot back what they were taught by teachers, parents and do-gooders and got a candy or a red star for the effort. This is the worse kind of indoctrination, preying on irrational fears. May they burn in hell.

    • My son has already picked the anti-white, anti-male, and anti-gun indoctrination from schools. That he is aware of it means he knows to critically analyze the teaching for flaws and inaccuracies. But he has also learned to keep his opinions on these matters to himself and to “smile and wave”.

  13. This video clip is getting so much attention because it shows an extremely EMOTIONAL person PASSIONATELY expressing INTENSE FEAR.

    The fact that this young woman’s fear is totally disconnected from reality (lightning is something like 10 times more likely to harm her than a spree killer at any venue — in other words she is hysterical) is irrelevant.

    And notice the implication: her intense feelings (no matter how disconnected from reality) are good, trump everything, and justify condemning the populace to countless violent assaults, rapes, and murders when politicians bind the populace and ban effective self-defense.

    The next time a prosecutor charges someone as an accomplice to a violent criminal and the accused accomplice goes to trial, the accused accomplice should just go up on the witness stand and then cry and scream about how awful his/her life was going to be if he/she had not been an accomplice. That is sure to at least result in a hung jury, if not an actual acquittal.

    • In case anyone is quick to dismiss my rant, I just caught a segment on The Doctors television show yesterday. They explained how parents forget their children in cars. One mom spoke on the show. She was in tears and distraught as she recounted how she got distracted and left her baby girl in her car on a hot day. When she finally remembered that she left her baby in the car, she screamed in her office, dropped her phone, and ran to her car. She was nearly inconsolable while waiting for the ambulance to arrive and subsequently for updates at the hospital.

      Many members of the audience with tears in their eyes expressed genuine empathy for the mom, earnestly yearning for relief for the mom, nodding in agreement how awful the ordeal was, how it could happen to anyone, and how we should be gentle with the mom now. The fact that the mom royally screwed up and killed her daughter wasn’t important. What was important was how intense the mom’s feelings were and how to alleviate those feelings.

      Yes, it really is THAT bad in our society. The human race really is THAT screwed up. With respect to our fight for our right to keep and bear arms for effective self-defense, we ignore this condition with the human race at our own peril.

      • U_C,

        On that issue I bounce back-and-forth between anguish for deceased child, parents, other children and anger over the negligence that resulted in a baby’s death. Punish the parent and you punish the entire surviving family. But not punishing the parent signals that a baby’s death by negligence is lightly treated.

        BTW, Del Bigtree (yes, he is native American, unlike all of the folk running for President), was the original producer of The Doctors. He now has his own radio show called Highwire. He is an interesting character who is trying to red-pill America. Goes to my reasons for hope.

      • That’s one thing I’ll never understand, forgetting your kid in the back seat. There’s no excuse whatsoever to justify that, not one. As far as punishing those who do that, some might say that losing their child is “punishment enough”, but my thought is, if you were able to forget your own child for any reason, you never cared about him or her enough to begin with.

    • ‘…lightning is something like 10 times more likely to harm her than a spree killer…’

      Over 400 people die crossing railroad tracks every year in this country (more than are killed with rifles). Imagine the teen pushing for the confiscation and elimination of railroads so she could ‘feel safe’. ‘I don’t want to die at a railroad crossing!’ If the girl was really that scared the answer is simple – Home school. Then she would just have to worry about a home invasion.

    • Why not, the next time that a prosecutor deals with even the sketchiest claim of self defense, because of a fear which is totally disconnected from reality, they should be forced to admit that self defense is a valid defense against a fear that is totally disconnected from reality, just because that is what Demoncrats demand.

  14. That “girl” looks exactly like I would expect, given the hysterics and company. Mental issues for starters, the kind that should preclude firearm possession. Zero grip on reality, a sniveling self-centered liberal turd offspring.

  15. No one will ever take my guns. I will need to be killed before that happens. As someone who was abused and bullied for a significant part my life I know personally from experience what happens when you can’t defend yourself. There is a certain portion of the population that does not have morals. The only thing that keeps them from doing harm to others are consequences from breaking the law, or fear of retaliation. As they continue to repeat their propaganda, I’ll continue to repeat my message. I will never again live defenseless. Never again.

  16. And I love the look on K’s face, like are you serious?

    Please shoot us a link to the video. I could use a good belly laugh.

  17. How many kids have been killed in school shootings this year? How many lottery jackpot winners this year? What are the odds?

  18. Normally I’d bet that this was staged and in fact, I’ll be surprised if it wasn’t. Today though, there are sp many people pushing so much BS, that maybe a kid can be that screwed up. If she is, the adults around her should be ashamed.

  19. “And the girl burst into tears, clearly terrorized.”

    And this reaction sits squarely on the shoulders of democrats…they are the ones that created this climate of “fear”, and now they’re going to exploit it for all it’s worth…

  20. Does anyone think Greta the Swedish asberger girl would make a PERFECT girlfriend for Hoggboy😋?!? That was my 1st thought when I saw&heard her incredibly annoying rant😫…and to think RF found Kamaltoe attractive😄.

  21. Congratulations fake news…. u have scared people to death based upon the biggest lies ever told…& they swallowed all the BS Brainwashing that will just get more people killed by disarming more people!

    Use ur voice to protect ur freedom & gun rights! Its important!

    Contact the White House.
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    Comments: 202-456-6213
    Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Contact Congress 202-225-3121

    Support these no comprise groups actually doing good work fighting and filing serious lawsuits for true #2a rights.

    Links in bio!

  22. It is amazing that these kids can be brought up so far from the truth, that they get emotional and cry. Should we blame the school for teaching them to be that way, their parents, the Lame Stream News media, all the BS politicians? They are learning to rely on the nanny state to take care of them. Sickening.

  23. Wow didn’t know her campaign had the cash to spring for a plant much less one that can go into hysterics on command.

  24. The only people more for sale than prostitutes are politicians. We need to bring an end to the concept of career politicians and bring about term limits for CONgress.

  25. I’ve got some bad news for this girl: she’s going to die. Every one of us is going to die. Most likely it’ll be cancer, or cardiovascular disease, or pneumonia, or complications of diabetes, or something like that. Your choice is whether you’re going to live first, and whether you’re going to live in fear.

  26. I have trouble believing this isn’t a put-up job.

    A teenage so scared they sought out a politician in this manner? And… the video just happens to end up in the hands of said politician instead of on the girl’s feed? I dunno, seems contrived to me.

    But hey, a country of over 300 million people, there’s a few crybabies. Maybe it was just a case of the campaign’s videographer being in the right place at the right time.

  27. Well at least it wasn’t ‘climate change’ that had her that worked up. If there’s one thing dumber than hoplophobia it’s climaphobia.

  28. Once someone asked me as a doctor, am I going to die? Very concerned because of all of the misinformation fed to them previously regarding their diagnosis. Unfortunately, I had to tell them the truth, of course you are going to die, but not from this diagnosis. you are going to die just as I am going to die, we are all going to die. But, enjoy life to its fullest until then.
    Yes, little girl, you are going to die, but not very likely in a school shooting.

  29. Harris was right to console the distraught young person but dead young to give hope of winning. Harris is not going to the White House other than as a guest or as a citizen taking the tour.

    On Greta Thunberg, I like that kid, more power to her! She told those UN types off, reamed them good. Couldn’t have done better if she’d gone around the room with a paddle and had each and every one bend over and say

    And so on and so forth …..

    • People alive today will all be dead and buried by the time Climate Change reaches its full impact. The impacts of today are to specific coastal regions, small island nations. Major troubles are for the next century.

  30. The foolish girl is afraid of dying in a spree shooting, presumably at school. Well. Someone ought to inform her that the majority of female homicide victims are killed by a family member or a current/ex intimate partner.

    So rather that be complicit in the rape of Americans’ civil rights by foolishly supporting an anti-constitutional, gun-grabbing harlot like Harris, this tearful ingenue really should focus her attention on and save her suspicion for people who allegedly love her. That, and get a gun to protect herself.

  31. This is probably in response to me saying that we fixed climate change and the problem is over. It rained a lot in Western Washington, something that hasn’t happened since 2005. Climate is caused by haarp and ultrasonic weapons so Greta is a shill that is in on it. The reason that schools keep getting shot up is because they are freemasons and the freemasons are cleaning house and killing their own.

    Trump isn’t going to win again, he is on his way to getting impeached. Kamela is going to be elected and when she is she is going to abandon all her anti gun rhetoric and break campaign promises. I can see the future.

    • Your sarcasm is duly noted, oh psychic one.

      May you eat 3 well-balanced meals a day and have healthful, regular bowel movements.

  32. Harris: “You’re right to feel that way.”

    i don’t think this would be the correct response but i’m no child psychologist. obviously, when dealing with somebody as mentally fragile as that girl, you have to use kid gloves but to confirm her paranoid delusions strikes me as the wrong protocol.

    any armchair psychologists want to weigh in here on the this topic?

  33. What a stupid girl. I can tell just looking at her that she will have a MUCH higher chance of death from the people she buys drugs from and drunk drivers at the parties she will go to.

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