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Ruger reintroduced their cool 22 Charger pistols back in 2015, giving the accurate little guns AR grips and adding a takedown version for easy portability.

Now, Ruger’s adding a couple of models with rear Pic rails so you can attach a pistol brace. That’s a feature a few aftermarket suppliers have offered, but now you can get it straight from the factory.

A braced 22 Charger gives you a light, easy-shooting, accurate and shoulder-able .22 with an 8- or 10-inch supressor-ready barrel. Soda cans and small animals beware.

Ruger 22 charger takedown brace

We are excited to introduce two new models of the 22 Charger™ pistol. With the addition of a rear-mounted picatinny rail with integrated QD cup, these models are brace ready and can be easily customized to fit the needs of any shooter.

Ruger 22 charger takedown brace

The Takedown Lite configuration features a cold hammer-forged, 10″ threaded barrel tensioned in an aluminum alloy barrel sleeve. The standard model features a shorter, 8″ barrel for a compact package. Both of these models readily accept additional muzzle accessories or suppressors.

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  1. I do love my Ruger 10/22 carbine. Bought mine for $49 new, almost fifty years ago, they cost a bit more these days. Bought a second one recently as a present for my daughter for her first gun (she’d already learned on a variety of my guns, up to .30-06). I’ve shot many a small game, some feral and rabid dogs, countless plinking targets and more bricks of cheap Blazer and better stuff than I can possibly count. Killed rattle snakes and shot crows out of the air with it. It’s been snowed on in mountains, rained on and collected wind blown desert dust. Darned thing always performs.

    So the Ruger 10/22 can do no wrong in my thinking.

    But I have a hard time thinking of it as a pistol? Don’t think I’m game for that idea.

    Still, if there’s a market for it, more power to ’em!

    • The rifle/pistol trend does tax logical thought (thanks to the BATFE) but I fully support it’s expansion as it does make enforcement of other silly laws and bans more difficult and hopefully unpopular. With that said your pick was a solid choice for your daughter with that great blend of fun and utility.

    • $49.99 plus 4% state sales tax, 1965. I loved my neighbor’s then and I love mine now, even though it cost me around $200 more than what he paid. The most “interesting” thing is, back then we’d just walk out into the hills behind my friend’s house and go shooting. No problems. Today if I were to do that I’m sure there would be a swat team dispatched to neutralize the danger. Good times.

      • Thankfully guns have never been cheaper. $50 in 1965, adjusted for inflation, is about $400 today.

  2. Not sure about the Picatinni for mounting a brace. Doesn’t seem like it would withstand the lateral forces well.

      • I have no experience with those, and have not yet even seen any in person (outside of online photos). My ARs all have standard stocks or braces. Picatinni for top rail mounts only. I still don’t trust the mini-Pini on these Rugers.

        • yes and no, it literally is one slot too short for the screw to be in a slot on the rail so it clears the reciever when collapsed, I am currently playing with a low height 5 or 6 slot riser to make it all lock up nice and solid

  3. Ruger needs to make interchangeable caliber verrsions of the PCC. that would be a game changer.
    I have a savage 502 striker which is a bolt operated gun and it’s similar in style. A semi auto 1022 takedown pistol seems so awesome.

    • Been hoping for exactly that but haven’t gotten around to checking if the 40 version is compatible with the 9. Ideally hoping for 9 to 357 sig to 10 for fun with reloading purposes.

  4. What really scares a tyrant is how americans are so innovative in their thinking on how to get around gun laws. And improving guns with very little cost.

    Ruger 10/22 charger w/Copper Custom brace adapter & folding sba3 arm brace. 14 minutes long

  5. Still waiting for Ruger to do this with the PC9, call it the PC9-B (brace). They thought the LCP was huge….a glock mag compatible, braced, takedown capable PCC = Record profits.

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