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Kevin Gates at BET Hip-Hop red carpet event (courtesy

Hip Hop artists against “gun violence”? [Click here to see the video.] Puh-lease. Hip-hop glorifies firearms-related violence like the women of the IDF glorify killing terrorists. Wait. Isn’t that the point? Despite some major dissin’ from people who don’t listen, a lot of today’s hip-hop’s about the folly of gang banging. And glorifies promotes using guns for self-D. And hey, there’s Kevin “Shut Up and Get Money” Gates! . . .

“I feel like guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I feel your feeling. The video at the link is a farrago of anti-firearms fluff from knowing guns laws to changing stand-your-ground laws to the Ferguson kerfuffle. Reading between the lines, I don’t think black culture is as anti-gun as racist gun control supporters believe it is. Or want it to be.

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  1. This I know

    1. Shannon is racist and hates black people

    2. TUpac is still alive

    3. Someone will get shot at the awards, live, make a record about it and get paid.

    Call me Nostradamus Diggler

  2. Really? So the rich rappers and hangers on won’t have ARMED bodyguards? No Glock brand Glock in the waistband? Tupac and Biggie must be turning over in their graves…

    • I bet you half the people giving lip service to the gun ban are privately thinking “this way I’ll be the ONLY one there who’s armed. “

      • “trey five seven? WTH? Do these people speak English?”

        Probably because it’s Spanish :

        unos, 1, dos, 2, tres, 3, que, 4, etc.

        • It doesn’t have anything to do with Spanish. “Trey” is a common substitute for “three” in dice, cards, dominoes, and other gambling pursuits. It’s like “deuce” being used for “two”.

          I’ve also heard it used in basketball for three-pointers.

        • “Deuce” was adopted into English from the old French, not Spanish, word for “two”: “deus”. Likewise, “trey” came from the old French “treis”, meaning three. Being gambling terms, they almost certainly came from French, since the modern playing card deck is of French descent.

          But you can roll your eyes and sigh if you want. It won’t make you right, but it might make you feel like you are.

      • I was in a gun store and a thug looking fellow barked at the clerk that he wanted some “trey five seven”, cell phone up to his ear, which isn’t allowed in that store.

        The clerk said, “excuse me?”

        “I need trey five seven.”

        “What? I’m sorry I don’t know what you are asking.”

        “trey fiddy seven bullets.”

        “are… are you looking for .357 magnum ammunition?”

        “yeah dawg, shit.”

        “get out of here. I’m not selling you anything.”

        the end.

        • When gangster rats start speaking proper and articulate it is not do to the wasted tax payer funded schools that we are forced to provide, which is responsible for that. This polite behavior correction is usually from when a citizen is forced into pointing a .357 at them interrupting its aspiring musician resume building credentials gained by armed robbery or drug dealing.

  3. So R.Farago, does this mean you listen to rap? I took the “folly of gangbanging” as a Kendrick Lamar reference.

  4. Them trying to tell people no guns, is like saying no hip hop. Not going to happen. Or better yet no guns at a gun convention. 🙂

  5. The rappers in this picture look like they believe this bullsh!t as mush as we do.

    By the way, is cussing allowed? Because i feel it should be when dealing with idiots.

    • The rule should be, that when discussing rap, all manner of language, even that which does not actually exist, should be allowed. Ya gizzle what I sizzle?

  6. I am not a hip hop fan. at all to be honest I’m actually a rock/blues/bluegrass fan but I completely disagree with you that hip hop ‘glorifies’ gun violence. No more than certain blue brass songs glorify gun violence(the lyrics simply aren’t as overt). There is a big difference between glorifying something and telling a story or composing lyrics about reality. It is a small minded statement to say hip hop ‘glorifies’ the reality of what many, not all, of the artists struggled with and grew up around. It may sound like it glorifies violence, drugs, and guns to those who are ignorant and have no experience with that world but to those who do it tells a story and many times provides a way out and an alternative for those who actually see the words of the lyrics play out.

    They only appear to glorify drugs and guns to those who are unable to recognize their own individuality and personal responsibility. The genre also seems to be criticized by individuals who preach personal responsibility but in the same breath blame inner city violence on the lyrics of a song.

    • Hear, hear.

      If you read the list that is linked to you would see there isn’t much glorifying, quite the opposite in several cases.

    • *Switches on BET. Sees some dude on a yacht inarticulately boasting about his new Escalade while three dozen half-naked women behind him shake their asses faster than a paint mixer.*

      Mmmmm-hm. Hard out there on the streets, yo.

      • Rented boat leased bentley and how do either of those relate to glorifying violence? Either would seem to glorify financial success through grueling work and long hours.

  7. I don’t think black culture is as anti-gun as racist gun control supporters believe it is. Oh, I think it is like with any other race and culture in that guns are okay for me, but not for thee. I mean liberals really do love guns for the government in power which is doing their bidding. They just do not want Tea Party extremists running around with guns.

    • Unfortunately, their idea of Tea-Party extremists is “everybody who doesn’t think exactly like we do.”

      • and of course the right wing’s thoughts are the same of those that don’t think like they do i.e. ted nugent

        • The difference is the left wants to remove civil rights they deem fashionably offensive and create dependance on the state.

        • Link to the source showing Nugent pushing for laws to forcefully disarm Americans based on race creed political or religious affiliation.

  8. Just as other commentators seem to do, I assumed what I was going to hear in that video but the minority voiced outright antigun rhetoric. Considering the venue and the circumstances, I agree with Robert……but it will get cut, edited and misconstrued by the anti’s as per usual.

    Noir should invite them on his show.

  9. This isn’t so bad, but it is asinine. I do agree more people should read up on gun laws, especially the ones about commuting felonies with guns. Other than that their whole message is hopelessly confused. SD laws need to be tightened, but cops need to be defanged? So then what? Everyone can hold hands? I feel kinda bad for these rappers getting dragged along snoop’s latest attempt at relevance. Kinda.

    • i don’t see how it’s possible to be “commuting” felonies with guns. i had no idea carrying a gun while “commuting” was a felony

      • Sigh, he was obviously suggesting that certain felonies should be commuted (reduced) when committed with a gun. Thus making the penalty for shooting a man to death less severe than that for bludgeoning him to death with a sack of nickels.

  10. Kinda off topic but am I the only one annoyed by people wearing large glasses with thick frames in an attempt to look smart and “got-my-sh**-together”?

    • I assume it’s part urban hipster part celebrity anonymity crossover. Celebs have been wearing huge tinted glasses for years to disguise them selves and hipsters just won’t lose the Buddy Holly frames no matter how over it the rest of the world is.

  11. I mean…its probably a good idea. These guys literally write the book on negligent discharges. That being said… there all douchbags that live double standards. F em all!!!

  12. They should be encouraged to have guns at this event. Banning guns for these guys is like making people wear seat belts and motorcycle helmets if they don’t want to. It’s fighting Mother Nature. The gene pool naturally tries to readjust itself. We should not stand in its way.

    BTW, this comment is NOT about race. It is about the misogyny, narcissism, hedonism and the glorification of crime and violence inherent in this so-called “art form.”

  13. “Hip Hop artists against “gun violence”?”

    Remember “The Up in Smoke Tour” in 2001? Must see. It lasts about 5 minutes and starts from 50:45

  14. I am acquainted with African Americans who are immersed in ghetto culture, some of them convicted felons. They all have ready access to firearms even if they can’t or just don’t legally own one. I am not exaggerating in any way, every black male I know who comes from the hood knows his pistols.

    The gulf between what you see from ideologically motivated, paid agitators from the black community in the media and actual black people is profoundly wide.

    I would go so far as to suggest that what CNN and other liberal outlets would have you believe about African Americans is shameless tokenism, tantamount to contemporary minstrel show.

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