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“School shootings are not inevitable acts of nature like tornadoes or earthquakes. It’s time for Congress to stand up to the gun lobby instead of asking teachers and students to stand up to gunmen.” – Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook posting HOW REALISTIC DO SHOOTING DRILLS NEED TO BE?

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  1. So, I follow the link to their facebook page and the first item is some typical hyperventilating about a guy who is open carrying at a kroger owned store. Upon slamming into the wall of reality that is krogers “request,” the screech goes out for the harpies to assail their website, to right this horrible wrong! This is the first comment;

    Sara Dillingham Daniel Jane- “I have posted on Kroger’s facebook page and received a barrage of hate-filled, vicious replies from the gun nuts trolling that site!!”
    5 minutes ago · 1


    Thank you, mawms, for filling my heart with joy this morning!

    • ” Send us photos of where you shopped this weekend instead of Kroger, what you bought, and include a sign that says #GroceriesNotGuns. TWEET your photos and POST them to Kroger’s Facebook page. And SEND your photos to [email protected]

      Why would anyone want to see pictures of carts with boxes of cheap wine and receipts of Xanax purchases?

    • They sound like Chris Chan whining about trolls, “those damn dirty gun trolls” ruining their “gun sense quest’, LOL.

    • You realize of course that they are using a picture of Dean Weingarten, who posted that photo of himself here about 3 weeks ago.

    • I really wish there was a Kroger’s in my area. At least my parents live near one and shop there all the time.

    • Yep. I saw that picture of the guy checking out and found this comment below it:

      **Gerry Jarvis Why is the dumb SOB wearing a pith helmet to go grocery shopping? Does he think it’s 1924, and he’s on safari?? “Here’s your change, Bwana…” Just plain weird.**

      Seems ol’ Gerry is not too observant a member of the “fashion police”. The man is also wearing shorts to “go shopping”. Gerry, the store is in Arizona. It gets hot in Arizona.

    • It was never about actually effecting change, just saying
      they want it. One need only look at the incidents they
      focus on to realize the MDA doesn’t give 2 cents about
      99% of victims or actually addressing conditions that
      engender systemic violence.

    • Speaking of which, are our girls back yet? I didn’t think so–modern barbarians with 7th-century sensitivities doubtless aren’t too caught up in computer-based “social media”.

  2. We’d like to thank MDA for their support. Their hard work makes our evil tasks all the more easier.

    -Evil League of Evil.

    • Don’t forget the browbeated SO’s double that number. In this case, I suspect they consider those over 5 to be adults for statistcal purposes.

  3. In a way, I have to agree with the beginning of her statement. School shootings aren’t inevitable, as was recently reported from China where a male stabbed numerous students in a school then jumped off the roof, if memory serves. This happened even after China enacted a national registry for knife purchases where a knife buyer must show government issued ID to purchase a knife.

    So class, what have we learned?
    1. Shooting may not be inevitable, but mentally unstable may cause a risk by attempting to harm large groups of unprotected venerable people.
    2. Registration of tools that may be harmful are no protection from people who want to use those tools to harm people. They only inconvenience the vast vast majority of those who want to use the tools in a lawful way.

    • Your logic will have no appeal whatever to those duped by MDA or any other organization of that ilk. The only way we can oppose them effectively is by an emotional appeal of our own. We can accurately emphasize the horror of children murdered in a “gun free school zone” because of either the stupidity of such laws or the cold, calculating intent of those who agitated for those laws with the desire to obtain “martyrs” to advance their agenda of gun control.

  4. No one from the gun lobby ever asked a disarmed teacher to stand up to an armed psychopath. That’s MDA stuff. The gun lobby is thoroughly aware that we as Americans already use firearms in the quest to guard our political leaders, courtrooms, cash, and jewelry. Should MDA petition jewelry stores to ban armed guards? Should the Secret Service lay down their arms? Should you, Shannon, re-assign your personal bodyguards to protect schools?

    What we are demanding is to allow teachers the fighting chance to defend themselves with a firearm. We see thousands of cases where an armed victim has successfully stopped armed attackers. Our children deserve better protection than hiding behind a desk. It takes courage to take responsibility for armed self defense of ourselves and our loved ones. We celebrate that courage in our veterans. Our teachers deserve the same opportunity.

    • ^^^^Ding Ding Ding!!^^^^^ We have a winner!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!
      I want our kids and grankids protected in schools, stores, playgrounds, wherever they may be!! Unfortunately I know of No Police Dept in the world that has the numbers of Officers needed and the budget required to protect everyone everywhere at all times!! Therefore that duty falls upon us as Americans to protect our own!!

    • Exactly. This is why, for me, the issue boils down to this one fact: MDA and their fellow travelers want my children to die.

      If school shootings are the constant danger they’d like us to think, then we need to do something that will actually work to prevent more innocent deaths. Which is more likely to work, erasing every gun from the planet so that no psychopath could ever find one, or allowing the many responsible people who are already in our schools the freedom to arm themselves with the wealth of firearms our nation already has?

  5. “Dear Moms Demand Action”-It is your right(1st Amendment) to speak your piece!! But Nowhere in the Bill Of Rights does it guarantee your right to be stupid! Please stop talking now. You are simply being stupid! You don’t have a leg to stand on, you lie about numbers and stats and We All know you are just a bunch of paid shills for the Anti Freedom Lefties like Bloomberg and Feinstein and Obama!!
    Shhhhhh!! No more!!

  6. …….instead of asking teachers and students to stand up to gunmen.”

    What a bunch of sheeple victims unwilling to take personal responsibility as first responders for their safety under legally articulated use of (potential) lethal force. Or support citizens who are willing to go “there” to protect innocent life, including those of MDA, their families, and loved ones.

    OMFG. These sheeple fighting toothless and sharpless nail for their right to be completely passive, willing, and compliant victims to any sociopath predator. And they fight for everyone to be just like them.

    They are utterly devoid of any self defense experience, skillset, legal understanding of the citizens right to use up to and including lethal force, or a willingness to defend themselves/loved ones/third parties. They hate all this stuff.

    Because it means they have to take some modicum of personal responsibility and deal with really uncomfortable feelings of legally articulatble lethal force self defense and the evil that confronts them front and center on its timetable and location.

    Yet, they “know” better. Head in the sand ostriches UNITE! We bury TOGETHER! Stand tall, head low.

    I postulate one reason they do this is to avoid experiencing the emotionally untenable feeling of deep and profound shame at their own unwillingness to protect their loved ones. They have already ruled it out for themselves.

    If they subjugate all those that are willing to use lethal force to protect their loved ones/third parties from grave bodily harm, crippling injury or death, they get to avoid feeling the shame by getting those who will defend to be “just like them.” Or, as Rory Miller states, “othering” us to make the ostracizing (or is it ostrich-sizing) that much easier to dull critical thinking.

    The selfishness is profound. “I’ve never needed to use a gun, ergo, no one should.” As if their egopocentric, anectdotal statistical distribution set speaks for all. Especially those gravely wounded, crippled, raped, and/or killed by criminal predators. If it happens to one, it happens to all. We all deserve the choice to use efficient lethal tools to defend ourselves.

    And from their foundation of bullshit knowledge (none) and full denial regarding lethal threats and predators that exist in the world, they espouse their crap. And they espouse their crap from very safe Yuppie enclaves where they protest. Of course none of them have any experience with violence or the critical thinking skills to even conceptualize the possibility.

    At least have a ballsack MDA and go to your local barrio/ghetto where your message “apparently” would do the most “good” and protest there. Go to the heart of nortenio, surenio, ms-13, mexican mafia, tango blast, crips bloods territory and preach it, Sisters. Wait? Don’t “feel comfortable” there? Why? No armed detail like your little napoleon billionaire funding source? You’re a bunch of pure hypocrites.

  7. Moms just crossed the line from stupid to crazy with that quote.

    Personally I think we should protect our kids as least as well as we protect our liquor stores.

  8. I just clicked the link, they have a pic of a guy (who I swear it was someone who wrote an article on here, Dean I think) of the guy in AZ at the Fry’s store buying groceries OCing a pistol with his safari Allan Quartermaine hat on.

  9. Coming from a de facto sexist, racist, classist, anti-Semitic, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist organization with an equally appalling agenda, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me.

    They have simply expanded their agenda to include those in the lower classes (but not themselves naturally) who happen to share their complexion. They never gave a rat’s ass about all the brown and tan people slaughtering each other in droves in the predominantly liberal cesspools of Chicago, L.A., and others. Nevermind the indisputable fact that that actually occurs primarily as a byproduct of the failed War on (Some) Drugs and equally the failed War on Poverty.

    Now, to avoid being called exactly what they are, they want to include some of (but not specifically their own) the Lilly-white suburban enclaves just to round it at all out. Their particular brand of “inclusion”, in light of their true agenda, is every bit as insidious as it is disgusting.

  10. What the actual screaming f#@&? Car crashes are not inevitable either. I suggest antigunners all stop wearing seatbelts and disable their airbags in a show of solidarity.

  11. I am sure Shannon would feel different if a former disgruntled employee or Pyscho showed up at her youngest daughter Emma’s rich white private school there in suburban Indianapolis.

    • I doubt it. Just like the parents of Sandy Hook victims somehow managed to call for more gun control, thinking it would have somehow helped.

  12. Lets take a moment to deconstruct this;
    ““School shootings are not inevitable acts of nature like tornadoes or earthquakes. It’s time for Congress to stand up to the gun lobby instead of asking teachers and students to stand up to gunmen.””

    I don’t believe that anyone credible has ever claimed that school shootings were “inevitable acts of nature”. They are neither inevitable nor an act of nature. They are acts of human nature, often into response to perceived powerlessness/alienation/mental health issues. We should be investing more resources in fighting mental illness (and no, gun ownership is not a symptom of mental illness) and removing the stigma from mental illness so that people can receive the treatments they need.

    The NRA and other gun rights individuals and organizations have not advocated for students and teachers to “stand up” to gun men. That implies that they should confront their assailants. What those in favour of allowing students and teachers to carry have been saying instead is that they want these people to have the ability to defend themselves if a shooter forces their way into the classroom. Every other proposal for “common sense” protection of students dances around this issue, is wholly ineffective, fiscally irresponsible (use a stapler to defend yourself; bullet resistant blankets for students; tying a rope over the door’s hydraulic arm; the device with flashing lights, water squirter, camera, and siren), and does nothing actually proactive to save life.

    As to the title itself, “HOW REALISTIC DO SHOOTING DRILLS NEED TO BE?”, the old axiom the harder the training the easier the fight seems to be more than apt. Unless MDA would rather send sub-par trained LEOs into an active shooter scenario, thus putting even more lives at risk.

  13. “School shootings are not inevitable acts of nature like tornadoes or earthquakes. ”

    Violence is an inevitable act of nature which existed before guns, schools, and yes, even humans.

      • Absolutely astounding how some things come about. I was casting about youtube killing time yesterday and wound up watching several clips of the “Dawn of man” segment of “2001”…

  14. Truth be told, I don’t give a sh!t about the Demanding Mamzers little brats. If the Mamzers don’t want to defend their children, why should I or anyone else?

  15. …instead of asking teachers and students to stand up to gunmen.

    Have any gunmen ever challenged teachers or students in a school that has posted notification that teachers and school officials are armed?

  16. Amok said “What a bunch of sheeple victims unwilling to take personal responsibility as first responders for their safety…”

    I say stop protecting them and let them gather what they have sewn.

    Maybe after a few muggings they’ll get the message. Ya think?

  17. Speaking as a teacher and former principal, the idea of someone with a gun entering a school with the intent to kill kids and teachers is a nightmare. Most parents and average citizens are unaware of the worry that comes from being responsible for the safety of 80-100 innocent children. There’s a constant awareness that one of those crazies could come right in . . .

    Even after all that’s happened in recent years, schools and police departments are woefully unprepared for The Next Bad Thing. Interestingly, what motivates gun-advocates and gun-controllers is the same thing: fear. Gun-advocates largely embrace the fear and want to do something about it. Preparing kids and school personnel with realistic drills, including gunshots, might very well reduce panic in a crisis.

    Gun-controllers, like the Moms, school administrators, the majority of teachers, far too many parents, react to the same fear by being driven deeper into denial. Some people can be so terrified by a threat that denial, even if it’s entirely illogical (like posting “gun free” signs), feels safer to them than trying to come to grips with an obvious reality. Then, because they are so terrified, they become angry and hostile to those of us who aren’t.

  18. Actually I disagree with their premise. It is practically inevitable that there will be crazies and/or sociopaths out there who will slip any legal “net” and arm themselves somehow and get into a school somewhere and hurt/kill people at some point. The best we can do is cut the odds in our favor the best way we can.

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