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Along with the NRA, Ohio-based gun rights orgs have moved the ball forward over the last two decades.

“In our mind, there’s no cause for some big celebration at this point,” [Buckeye Firearms Association President Jim] Irvine said. “We work to educate legislators on a topic that we feel is important so that when it comes time to vote on it, they understand the issue, they’ve thought about it, and they agree that this is a good policy for the people of Ohio. It’s not the talk that matters; it’s the result that matters.”

That approach has worked, too: The organization has seen 20 bills signed into law since 2001 that advance its agenda.

The group does not have exclusive ownership of all those bills, though. Ohioans for Concealed Carry supported and pushed many of those bills in prior legislatures. [Chuck] LaRosa said that his organization is results-oriented, and, although it subscribes to the “no compromise” stance, he also did not rule out the incremental approach.

“We’re getting little bites of freedom as opposed to getting our rights restored to how they were originally intended,” he said.

– Ben Deeter in Ohio’s gun lobby groups: same goal, different tactics

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  1. The Buckeye Firearms Association is essentially a subsidiary of the NRA and gets too much credit for 2A advancements, if you ask me. I’ve stopped supporting them.

    • Where are you from Ben, and on what do you base your claims? I’m an Ohioan who has seen BFA do great work in restoring firearms freedoms in the state. I suspect you however are a troll paid to disparage them.

    • I went to the ER with a friend the other night. I’ve decided best to stay away from hospitals, everyone there had something wrong with them.

      • Some truth in your post…A girlfriends mom who was a nurse at Mass General Hospital advised me years ago to stay as far away as possible from medical doctors and hospitals if I wanted to live a normal lifespan.

    • I know one of TTAG’s defining characteristics is allowing just about anything in the comments discussions but is there anyway possible to stop these anti-vaccine comments – this has nothing to do with RTKABA and absolutely nothing to do Ohio’s push towards rational firearms laws. I know, I can just ignore the comments, but like BO in an elevator I shouldn’t have to.

      • A Meat Cleaver could stop comments from an anti-vaxer.And cigarette filters shoved in your nose could stop the elavateta B.O.. just doing my part so all you humans can get along

      • Lol, right, because you have the right to not be offended, or deal with things you find unpleasant….every day this forum looks more leftish than the previous day.

        • Then perhaps you might be happier somewhere else, perhaps? I seriously doubt you’ll be missed.

          (Today’s score now stands at 3 Vaxx, 0 guns. And your response will likely push that to 4 vaxx, 0 guns…)

        • How’s that list going? Surprised you had the balls to admit what a loser you are, Or maybe was just stupidity?

        • Seriously dude. Noone cares about your anti-vaxx thing here. You’re not convincing anyone. Isn’t there a vaccine or medical forum this would be more appropriate at?

          I’ve literally seen NO gun related posts by you the entire time I’ve been here.

          WHY ARE YOU HERE?

    • You have it correctly, Pg2!! The same people who want to take away our guns also want to take away our ability to choose our own healthcare. They want the state to own our bodies and they want the state to own our children. We need to fight the left on all fronts to preserve our firearms, health freedom, and families.

  2. Ohio Gun Owners and Ohio Carry deserve the overwhelming majority of the credit. BFA could do itself a massive favor by becoming a fully independent Statewide Organization and cut ties with the NRA until Wayne LaPuke is on the out.

    • I belong to BFA. Have had mixed feelings about it, wondering if they are only the state arm of the NRA. Troubling how they trashed DeWine years ago(rightly so), but fell all over themselves for him in the 2018 Ohio gubernatorial election. Don’t know if I’ll re-up with them or not.

      • Richard Cordray was backing Municipalities in whether or not they could choose to follow or ignore State Preemption Laws, in violation of Ohio State Preemption Laws themselves.

        Also, Bloomberg and his Maoist lackeys are considering filing a lawsuit in Federal Court to force the Universal Background Check Gun Registration Ballot Initiatives back onto the 2020 Ballot, all after Ohio AG David Yost REJECTED it.

        • Didn’t help that Betty Sutton is anti-2A as well, from what I gather. Hopefully DeWine will do the right things.

      • Disillusioned- I agree. I belonged to BFA also but let my membership lapse due to their kissing the NRA’s ass and supporting Dewine who is a rino. Too many of these organizations leadership are more interested in power than they are in advancing our God-given rights. One of the best things that Trump has done is to reveal these political hacks for who they really are. Now we know better on who we are up against and who we can count on.

  3. This Is how our country was supposed to function. The states not the federal government is where the power is rightly supposed to be. The tenth amendment is extremely important IF IT’S interpreted accurately. The southern states were wrong when they said the ten amendment allowed to them to step on the civil rights of black citizens. Yes at the founding of the USA there were black people who were citizens of the states as well as black slaves.

    But after making fun of the southerns for their tenth amendment stance now the Liberals like the tenth amendment for being able to smoke marijuana. For either medical or recreational reasons. Liberals believe in the tenth amendment for WEED but not GUNS.

    • Exactly like how the left supports the slogan “my body, my choice” when they support murdering babies….but a complete 180 when it comes to mandating vaccines……

      • (Now 4 vaxx, 0 guns. And that will likely change to 5 vaxx when you attempt a snarky reply… 🙂 )

        • I’ll let the village idiot who spends his time shadowing me use the snark. Don’t know to laugh, or actually feel sorry for you?

        • He goes out of his way to insult when it is pointed out that he doesn’t discuss guns. We should start caliber wars and 1911 discussions on the vaxx sites.

      • Keep hammering at this, Pg2. The removal of parental choice is the foundation the left is using to redefine the family to be subservient to the state. Take away our guns, take away our right to make healthcare decisions for our children, take away our religious exemption to healthcare mandates; take away free speach through censorship and social credit scores those are the goals of the fascist left; state control of our lives. All of those ‘take aways’ are connected.

  4. Dewine voted for the Assault Weapons Ban when he was in Congress and thinks Red Flag Laws are OK.
    He’ll sign whatever bill will keep him in office.

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