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Nurse Jerry from the Sooner State sends us his “Keep it basic” gear.  Via Everyday Carry.

He adds that his Blue Alpha Gear belt is not shown.  Thank you, sir.

For his firearm, he carries a GLOCK 19 (Gen 4) and a spare mag in an unidentified appendix inside-the-waistband rig.  He carries a  Fenix P22 light alongside a Benchmade Bugout folder.

Even though he’s a nurse, he doesn’t carry a tourniquet, Quik-Clot, an Israeli Bandage, a chest shield, nasal airway or a chest dart.  Because, like he writes, he keeps it basic.

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    • Pretty judgemental huh? When you are on a hospital bed, I hope they ship you to Oklahoma and get a female doctor, and all men nurses.

      • But in reality, minus the female doctor, that sounds like one of my friday nights! Without the judgment of course 😉

      • “Pretty judgemental huh? When you are on a hospital bed, I hope they ship you to Oklahoma and get a female doctor, and all men nurses.”

        When my ankle was crushed last December, I got a very young (she was *maybe* 30) surgeon to put my leg back together. She did a decent job of it, no complaints on the work. And I distinctly recall at least one male RN in the ER.

        The care I got that week in the trauma ward was top-shelf…

        • Got hit by a car on a bike ride. All considering, I got off lucky.

          The recovery sucked, but I’m getting back to somewhat where I was before. Her insurance covered everything, including replacing what was a nice bike. So, it’s now new gun time.

          Any recommendations by anyone for a decent appendix carry IWB holster for a Ruger LCR?

          (Oh, in the ambulance they gave me Fentanyl. Now I know why it’s so popular… 😉 )

    • Can you (or any other TTAG’er) suggest something along those lines that uses a single ‘AA’, either alkaline or rechargeable that doesn’t break the bank?

  1. Solid carry. I opted for a two clip retention on my AIWB rig like that, because on my IWB rig with one clip I would have to adjust too often, like every time I got out of or into the truck. JM Custom has an IWB rig with two clips, but the one I currently have for my S&W 3.6″ has a single as well, it’s just the wide kind. Those thin style clips have a lot of play, especially in an AIWB rig, but I do like them. By far my favorite style clips.

  2. Hey, an everyday carry I can believe.

    I carry most of the mentioned medical gear in my vehicle or range bag but there’s no way I could carry it around every day.

  3. The holster is made by Last Line of Defense. IMHO its the best AIWB holster out there. The single Raven Clip allows the rig to move a little bit with you and locks on best with a cobra belt, rather that a thick leather gun belt, from my experience. But I still prefer a leather belt because of quick adjustability.

    • I like the minimum style buckles. Always found Cobra’s to be too bulky with an AIWB all in one rig. Basically, you are looking at 2″ added to the front of your waist, or more with a double stack. I have a Blue Alpha Low Profile EDC belt, and it lacks the polymer insert through most of the front unfortunately, but I keep the buckle portion off to the side for that reason. If I could find one with more polymer towards the front of the belt, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. Also have a 17oz Leather belt too. The velcro/Cobra etc etc are my favorite though because you are not limited to the provided holes on something like a leather belt. I also have a Kore Trakline belt that I use for more dress occasions when I carry my subcompact, but the inner polymer just snapped, so I am trying to get them to replace it. I think you have the same Cobra belt I am looking into getting though. The Blue Alpha Hybrid? But thanks for sharing that link. I really do like the holster. I might even pick one up and see how it works.

  4. Being married to a nurse for 40 years in geriatrics make a me say… Good on you sir. It’s a tough job and thank God there are men who are willing to take it on also. Nice clean simple kit with good solid choices. I carry the bug out also.

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