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Currently serving his second term, National Rifle Association board member Tim Knight says he is paying a price for speaking out against the Wayne LaPierre leadership team at the NRA and its profligate spending.

In a Facebook post published hours ago, he details how he has lost committee assignments and has been relegated him to the sidelines.  In other words, Wayne and his cronies have marginalized another critic.

Here it is, from his Facebook page:

💥And now the retribution: Because I publicly expressed concern over current NRA management’s leadership and spurious spending, I am being punished. It has come down from the Officers of the NRA, as I publicly predicted, I will not be given any committee assignments*. Oh well, I work for the members and if speaking up has a cost I will pay it. I need a strong NRA so I believe we as your elected Board should address the issues and concerns, not ignore them. Our Association is suffering from self inflicted mismanagement and we are losing the trust of our members. I am called a “divider” but I did not create these problems. Better yet an agent of Bloomberg. <-LOL 😂: I have been directly involved in beating Bloomberg money in political campaigns three times. Twice in one day in 2013. So let’s stop 🛑 shenanigans and get the NRA back on track for 2020.

I am not sure the members will be pleased that I have been boxed out. This Association still belongs to my boss, the members. I will still do what the members elected me to do, grassroots member engagement.

I am still a Board Member and I still have a vote on the Boardroom floor. I can still sit in on committee meetings unless I am asked to leave but I am no longer welcome in the discussion.

* I had served most recently on Grassroots and Publication. I have asked for more than two committees for years.

Anyone want to bet Mr. Knight doesn’t get a nomination from the nominating committee when his term ends in 2021?


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  1. My membership expired yesterday. Until the NRA cleans up its management mess, I won’t renew. There are other gun rights organizations that are more deserving of my money.

      • Ditto. And it better be a through house cleaning top to bottom, especially top. And not one more dime until then. If the NRA wants to commit suicide, that’s their call, but for me the NRA is in The ICU.

        • They, NRA, keep hitting me up foe money, extend my membership, the latest 500 days from ILA. No more. time for Wayne to give back all the money, then leave. My membership will not be renewed until then.

      • Mine current two-year membership is about to expire. Got the renewal solicitation in the mail last week. Tore it into two and threw it into the trash. I completely understand the argument that we need the NRA to survive because of its political importance and name recognition in D.C., but I will not throw good money after bad and support the current leadership.

        Once the NRA cleans house and centers itself on the defense of our (natural God-given, not 2A granted) right to self defense and gun ownership without government “permission”, I will resume my financial support.

        • I would suggest that all members not renewing mail in their memberships with a note about your reasons for not renewing. Maybe enough feedback from past members will help them get the hint.

    • I renewed a 2-yr in April. But I still get threatening letters and emails about my membership expiring in August. (?) I wonder how many people renew, forget they did, and renew again before they have to. I still haven’t received my PoS/Made-in-China Barlow knife I was promised for renewing early.

      Maybe if they lose a million members, they’ll give Wayne the boot. Is that what it takes? I never liked him and I never trusted him. I don’t know anything about him but some people just register too high on my bullshit meter.

      • I’m a life member* and I got the “expires in August” junk mail as well. Even beyond the expense accounts, I hate how much of my money must have gone into creating literal trash.

        * Growing up, the NRA were considered the good guys. I also upgraded to life membership well before this latest fiasco started. Don’t judge me 🙂

        • If you call the NRA HQ and tell them to remove your name from the solicitation lists, they will. Benefactor member for 10 years now and I did that when I bought the Bene membership . Haven’t gotten single piece of that junk since. Just do it.

        • Years ago, I sent an email to [email protected] and put “Do not promote” in the subject. I put my name and membership number in the body. Almost zero junk from NRA ever since.

          BTW I’m an NRA Pistol Instructor giving free concealed weapon permit classes to newbies (mostly women and young couples) up here in Montana.

        • “Growing up, the NRA were considered the good guys. I also upgraded to life membership well before this latest fiasco started.”

          Deliberately uninformed, misinformed, or just plain ignorant of how the NRA has been selling us out sine day one. Supporting regulation after regulation, officially (and openly) supporting 1934 NFA, 1968 GCA, and a host of others, right up to the bump-stock nonsense.

          With ‘friends’ like that, who needs enemas?

          The current scamming by WLP is just a bit of icing on the cake.

      • When one joins the NRA, they are doing nothing for gun rights. They’re only buying junk mail.

    • Can I recommend those of you whose membership is/has expired let the NRA know WHY you aren’t renewing? Send back the renewal notice with “not renewing until Wayne Lapierre is gone” will have much more impact than throwing it away.

      Sadly until the NRA feels a real financial impact I fear WLP will remain burrowed in like a tick.

      <<<<Lifetime Endowment Member here. Every solicitation I receive is returned with the same message: "No more $$ utill Wayne is gone" short and sweet.

      • Absolutely agree. NRA life member here, from 15 years ago. Best way to get them to take notice is to cost them something, and every one of those business reply envelopes does just that.
        I’ve included a note very similar to yours in the reply envelope from every one of those “buy up to Endowment” or “membership expiring” mailings that they send me.
        “No $$ till the NRA cleans house.”
        I suppose I could also send a photocopy of the check I just sent SAF.

      • I am a “lifer” also. I like the idea and will start doing the same. The NRA needs to refocus OUR priorities.

  2. I guess, I’ve gotta just decide when enough’s enough. The NRA is just wreck. I’ll understand why people would want to stay. It was once a great organization. I can understand why people would stay with the democrat party as well, it too, was once a great organization.

    Times change.

    Neither organization is worthy of my cash or membership.

    Going to spend my money on organizations that stand for gun owner’s rights and stand against the grabbers.

    The 2nd amendment foundation, the Gun Owners of America, the Firearms Policy Coalition. All quality organizations.

    RIP NRA, You had a long run.

    • “I guess, I’ve gotta just decide when enough’s enough.”

      That’s the problem Kyle. All these boiled frogs out there don’t know when their being scammed. Name one good thing the NAR has done with our money over the last 3 years. Crickets right? Now name the things the NRA has done to damage gun rights and the image of the gun owner. Your going to need a bigger pencil!

      Until the sugar daddies cut off the candy stream the NRA will never seek treatment. As I see it now, anyone who still supports the NRA is part of the problem.

      • “name one good thing the NRA has done with Your money. Well I bet some higher ups in the NRA bought them a new car in the last 3 years, maybe even an airplane. I’m just guessing , I wonder how many NRA higher ups bought a gunm in the last three years, or does the NRA care about gunms? Probably not.

      • Only one? That fairly simple. They were at the North Dakota State Capitol earlier this year lobbying against and defeating a proposed red flag law. But they do need to get their sh!t straight asap.

        • That red flag law was going nowhere regardless of the NRA’s work. The fake lobbying effort was just a publicity stunt to claim an unearned victory.

          So now we can add Stolen Valor to the long and growing list of NRA liberal transgressions. What’s next NRA? Vegen bullets?

        • Gee, Jamie, right next in Maoisota we had
          the same “Red” false flag Commie issue and not a single
          dime nor support from the pseudo-NRA.

          Oh wait, the NRA caravan ran out of money and had to
          stay homeless shelter.

      • The NRA spend 30 million dollars helping to get Trump elected.

        The ILA has done a fairly good job.

        Wayne sucks, but let’s stop all the “NRA never does anything BS”

  3. “Anyone want to bet Mr. Knight doesn’t get a nomination from the nominating committee when his term ends in 2021?”

    Wayne La Pee Pee and his sycophants in the organization will go by 2020,or in 2021 between NY state and the IRS will have ended Negotiating Rights Away for all time.

    It’s refreshing to hear of at least one BOD with the backbone to speak out against the ills that plague the organization,all we hear from Uncle Ted is crickets.

    • Ted was paid fifty grand to show up at the NRA convention for a day & sell autographs. More than he can be bothered to do otherwise, since he has yet to attend a single Board meeting.

      • He rather be in a helicopter shooting animals with his machine guns. After all, that’s what the 2nd Amendment is for.

        Got to protect Murica from those godless liberal commies.

  4. The problem I see here is that the other Guns Rights Organizations are not effective lobbing organizations.
    2AF is excellent when it comes to bring cases to court, but I haven’t seen evidence that they or any other organization besides the NRA are able to lobby and effect votes. Whats going on at the NRA is a serious problem. I don’t think giving my money to one of the other organizations is a solution.

    • Except the NRA really doesn’t do much lobbying anymore. They did once, no argument there. They were awesome.

      Wayne ran them into the ground. Maybe were he gone, they could rise from the ashes. But Sometimes when an organization gets damaged enough, it just can’t come back. I’m beginning to believe that they are in that camp.

      They had a 150 year run! Thats damn good. Most organizations are like Google, they get corrupt in about 30 years. Its time for some fresh blood to take up the mantle.

      • The NRA needs a rebirth. Get rid of Wayne and replace with someone else gun owners will recognize as a no-nonsense defender.

        I nominate Sam Elliot. That tough ‘ol SOB will step up to the mic and tell Feinstein, Newsom, Bloomberg, et al, in his gravelly voice and steely stare, “From my cold dead hands…”

    • Nah… he’s too close and spends too much on the powers that be for anyone to really try to go after him. The left will paint him as a corrupt shill of the gun industry but they want to keep him there so nothing changes about that.

  5. The answer is not “saving” the NRA. The answer is “transforming”, at best. The only effective tool for transformation is collapse. The reward for actions should either encourage continued support because the product is valuable, or economic demise because “nobody” is buying.

    When a misbehaving child is rewarded positively for misbehaving, are we to believe that more encouragement for misbehaving will result in less misbehaving? (well, maybe the current generation of parents of small children). The board has spoken dramatically, and they will protect their misbehaving child against all criticism. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, earns the outcome such thinking delivers – more of the same.

    I simply ain’t buying the tired slogan, “it’s better than nothing”.

    And for those who say collapse of NRA is just what the gun grabbers want, let me say that when a soldier in your unit starts fragging your squad, you do not defend the practice just because the fragger used to be a super soldier.

    • Anyone who advocates ” letting the NRA die, and rebuild from the ashes “, is so fucking stupid, it’s pathetic.

      Do you think that these smaller Pro-gun organizations have the political clout the NRA does. Do you think GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, and all those other smaller gun rights groups, would be given the time to talk to the legislators in Washington and elsewhere, as soon as the people from the NRA ?

      Admittedly, the NRA has not done as much as they should have, but hopefully, with a new group running it. they will once again, become the defender of our rights like it should.

      Yeah, let the NRA die, and watch your rights die right along with them; because the smaller groups will not have the expertise and the financial backing, and will just end up being a uncoordinated bunch of well-meaning people who do not have the means to cover all the law suits that the anti-s will begin to throw at us. And you can bet your sweet ass that they will pour on as many as their stupid little minds can dream up, because the NRA is no longer in existence.

      The Democrats think they can taste blood already. That was evident to anyone who watched the Democrat “we’re gonna give America everything they want…FREE ” bullshit on tv last week.

      • “…hopefully, with a new group running it….”

        Any idea who this “new group” might be? Guaranteed to be zealots for 2A? Any idea how this “new group” will take over?

        Law of the jungle….adapt or die.

        On a separate note, there are some oft misused terms that need sorting out.

        “Ignorant” (“ignernt” down South), is to lack information, knowledge.
        “Ignernt” is acting like a clueless idjit
        “Idjit” is Southern for “idiot” (ID-10T)
        “Stupid” is not “ignernt”; “stupid” is having information and not acting on it.
        “Stupid” is also doing the same thing over and over, demanding different results.

        Banging one’s head against the wall because it feels so good after you stop is not a path to well being.

          • “There have been 3 people mentioned in here already.”

            Yes, and they seem like potential difference makers. But that is 67 board members, and executive staff short of “a new group” who could be effective.

            Word on this blog (and elsewhere) is that the current leadership fixed the rules so they cannot be removed.

        • Sam, don’t put something in quotation marks following a statement I made, unless I actually did say it. What you said in quotations was either said by someone else, or your own attempt to twist what I said, which I did not. If you think I did, go back and read it again.

          • “Sam, don’t put something in quotation marks following a statement I made, unless I actually did say it.”

            The punctuation marks indicated that the phrase “new group” was a quoted phrase, not something original with me. Since the source of the quoted phrase is currently available for all to see, did not find it necessary to source the phrase.

            Had no intention that the phrase was quoted from you.

      • “…perfect analogy about the “fragger.”…”

        Blind squirrel moment. Think I have had three already this year.

  6. The anti-people have been so incensed n stymied by a feckless orgqnization…

    what will they do when they get their wish, n the NRA is replaced by half a dozen national gun rights orgs, more beholden to the millions of gun owners than the swamp?

    Poor Bloomie.

    • Agree…One organization for the media, gun control crowd, and politicians to focus on for the last couple decades.

      Ask a non-shooting person to name a gun rights organization. They’ll name the NRA..ask them to name a second one and you’ll get a blank stare.

      More Pro-Gun organizations mean their attention will be divided. No more drumbeating about the evil NRA.

      ……13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

      My answer is not to have just one target but several. Enough that the message of the anti-gun crowd is diluted.

      • ……13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

        Nobody said we can’t use those rules, too. It’s a handy book, along with his other stuff.

        Besides, when you have a real grass roots movement (vs. astroturf), “Strike one head down; two more rise in its place. Hail Hydra!” Wait, maybe not all of that.(*)

        Meanwhile, having elevated himself, and figure heads, and particular organizations, Bloomie & his Bots(**) are gloriously good targets for Rule 13. And they hate being mocked, too. MOAR popcorn.

        (*) Yes, I know Hydra are bad, reprehensible, and evil a dozen different ways. Referring to their example, with the “Wait…” afterward is Irony. Look it up. (If this weren’t the interwebz, I wouldn’t even have to add the “Wait…” bit. My apologies to the rest of you for the writing for the remedial readers.)

        Hydra do, however, demonstrate how self-directed units who came to the same conclusion on their own can self-organize. Yes, they are authoritarian, order-following bots. BUT, they choose to be; you have to *come to* Hydra. They’re hard to disrupt not because of the organization, but because of the self-organization when the organization is disrupted. They self-organize around common self-determined goals, and a common self-developed understanding of the world. The individual operatives had decided (or been alien-infected to “decide”) that this group is the means to the end they’ve already decided.

        For people who know why they do what they do, an organization is just a tool. When it fails, find another. For true believers … well a smart guy wrote a book about that.

        (**) Bloomie & the Bots: bad Devo cover band? How’s he look in a yellow plastic jump suit n red cone hat? Their authoritah theme song Whip It: “Crack that whip…”

        • Also, I am not a robot. Honest.

          And could you at least get the ridiculous captcha to say “visible “. Yes that’s pedantic, but being entangle in a pedantic “Are you alive?” check, I’m not sure I trust the invasive intelligence not to get pedantic. “Hey there were cars in that shot. You couldn’t see them, but…”

          FYI, the old-school most general indicators of life (vs. rocks) are reproduction and irritability. I am displaying irritability. If you require a demonstration of reproductive funtion … at least buy me dinner.

  7. I have to maintain membership and credentials for work but my discretionary support will go to other, more worthy 2A advocacy groups.

    • mutiny

      1. revolt or rebellion against constituted authority, especially by sailors against their officers.

      It’s time to turn this ship around. That should be done no later than the next NRA members meeting. All hands on deck.

      • Anyone who has been a member long enough, will remember that the membership got fed-up with how the NRA was conducting business, and they revolted…..Completely new direction arose as a result.

        With the way things are going currently, I would almost bet money that the same thing will happen at next year’s convention. What we need to do is organize the people who we KNOW tried to do the right thing for the membership, and get them elected.

        • “What we need to do is organize the people who we KNOW tried to do the right thing for the membership, and get them elected.”

          Good idea, but….

          Didn’t the “new group” change the rules to prevent another revolt within the confines of the NRA?

  8. Quitting instead of advocating for improvement is stupid. The left must love it!!!!! It will be up to us to renominate Mr. Knight! Did anyone move from the country because of Nixon’s stupidity?

    • “Quitting instead of advocating for improvement is stupid.”

      Quitting IS a form of advocating for improvement; it is the lash against obstinacy.

    • You can advocate for improvement all you want, but the NRA leadership won’t listen. They are happy to take your money, though. Money is the only thing that keeps the current NRA leadership in power. Remove that incentive and change will happen.

    • No, giving more money to Wayne LaLoser is a waste of effort! My money is going to GOA, SAF, and a local gun group instead. The NRA had one job, get reciprocal carry passed and that was all they touted since frigging 2011. Is it passed? No, but Wayne sure lines his own wallet. The only thing the NRA “accomplished’ was having more restrictions passed. Eff the NRA and their do nothing money grabbing system. They deserve to fall apart!

  9. I have always found LaPeirre despicable. Seeing him has always been akin to hearing nails on a chalkboard. He looks and sounds very much like a sleazy no good attorney I foolishly hired long ago. I am still kicking myself for hiring/tolerating that dick with arms too.

    • My guess is the Look about him comes from his days as a Democrat operative and lobbyist,about what a weasel layer would give the appearance of. All be it without the funeral director suits that all of us members bought and paid for.

  10. Last time they sent me the application, I tore it up, and mailed it back to them. And I left my name and address intact so they knew who it was from.


    • Oliver North is by no means the good guy in all of this. He was part of the NRA swamp, until Wayne LaPierre decided to throw him under the bus in the lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen.

      Remember that the NRA leadership approved Oliver North’s side business with Ackerman McQueen. After getting named in the lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen, Oliver North simply just retaliated by trying to remove Wayne LaPierre from office.

      There are just different corrupt factions within the NRA fighting over money. That’s it. So far, only two Board Members have publicly spoken up, Timothy Knight and Allen West. The rest are either part of the corruption or cowards.

  12. Some people are so corrupt that the only way to change their mind and behavior is when the prison cell door slams shut on their prison cell. There are members of the NRA board that need to go to jail. And I don’t care how old they are. Some of the board members are in their 70s and 80s.

    • btw
      The NRA said that Wayne LaPierre was unanimously re-elected by the board. How did Tim Knight, a board member, vote????

      • It was a voice vote, not a counted one, which is recorded as unanimous ‘yea’ or ‘nay’

        This was done so they could claim publicly that the Board was united, but Alan West revealed there was considerable dissent, possibly even a majority.

        The NRA is being run like a tin-pot dictatorship

        • The other board members should be forced by email campaign to publicly address these issues. As far as I can tell only TWO board members have “come out of the closet”, to speak up about the immoral leadership at the NRA.
          Tim knight and retired LTC West.

        • It would be nice if we could get Pete Brownell to give us the truth on what happened. Since he has removed himself from the Board, perhaps he would be more willing to let people know what actually went on.

  13. Nominating committees are a fixture of corrupt communist governments…just sayin’

  14. As of now my NRA membership expires in May 2020. No plans to re up unless vast changes happen. Spending my $ on SAF,GSL,ISRA and AMMO. ANYONE use PPU M855 greentip 62gr for badazz defense?!? South County Guns(St.John,IN) has em for 6.99 right now😄

  15. “I am still a Board Member and I still have a vote on the Boardroom floor.”

    So why didn’t you vote against LaPierre’s renewal?

    • Wayne was the only candidate.

      What Knight should do is push for transparency at the next members meeting so the establishment can’t hide behind closed doors [executive session] then lie to the members afterwards. You will be able to see what is really going on when you disallow them from doing backroom deals. That will allow the members to wake up from their ignorance.

      But the establishment doesn’t want that because they don’t want to be exposed, which will allow others to point at their behaviors. They will say for the NRA to continue to exist they have to operate in secrecy, if they can’t, the commie media will use the information to destroy the NRA and without the NRA the country will end.

      Sounds like the NRA is so bad that they can’t tell people the truth. If they tell everyone the truth the NRA will collapse. If the things are brought to light they might go to prison for not doing their legal duties. The NRA could lose their tax exemption status and charter; they would lose that anyway because the government has access to the info, which they can use anyway they choose.

  16. I’m a lifetime member, so theres no quitting. Plus, 2 ranges I belong to require NRA membership (I assume to get their insurance). My protest is by returning their requests for support/money with a note that says, “no more support till Wayne is gone”.


    • Ray,
      My club is discussing if NRA membership should remain a requirement to join.
      At last month’s meeting, it was brought up that the club has used insurance through another company for several years, as it was more cost effective.

  17. The best thing that he can do for us is to give a a list of what BOD to vote for and who to not vote for. Most folks do not vote, those that do often vote blindly.

    • You want him to write a “hit list” for the NRA to use?

      The NRA controls the rules and they don’t want to release them to the members. Very similar to how Google runs Youtube. They get to choose who is nominated. They changed some of the rules to get on the BoD by requiring that you be in the NRA for at least 5 years and you have to be approved afterward. So…

      Voting doesn’t work when the corrupt are in control of the rules and they count the votes (which they don’t disclose). Look at how the communists run their “elections,” it’s not much different. And the board is gigantic [76 members], which makes it ineffective on purpose.

      When you try to run for the BoD (as an outsider) you get attacked by the NRA establishment. Look what they have done in the last 2-4 years. Look at the attempts to get Adam Kraut on the board and how the establishment installed Anthony Colandro.

      Anthony is supposed to be some hardcore outsider. Sure, he is…

      • He sounds like the GOP in the 90s when they sold out the Conservatives to keep power.

  18. Wayne is cleaning house. The yardstick to stay is personal allegiance to Wayne. Question his leadership and you will be forced out. That is no way to run a reputable organization, only a personal fiefdom. I wonder how many staffers are terrified that their next paycheck will be their last.

  19. Every time someone tries to fix the corrupt NRA they are called a Bloomberg commie troll by people in the NRA. It’s the same tactic no matter the person. You are labeled a divisive troublemaker trying to start problems that will ruin the NRA and the country.

    It’s the same type of tactic the leftists use all the time. Most of the time those leftists will either call you a Nazi or racist, even if you are a homosexual Asian male. Then they will attack you to get rid of you.

    It’s all so familiar.

  20. Thanks Tim! My membership expires in December. Every time I turn around I am finding more and more reasons to let it go, and fewer to renew. I was on the fence early this year and less so after the annual meeting, at this point I think nothing less than Wayne being shown the door will persuade me to renew. For now, GOA gets my cash, and SAF gets the little bit of money that comes from my purchases.

  21. I still don’t really know what the truth is. Why hasn’t someone who is on the inside like North or Cox had something to say. How can anyone be sure this isn’t some level of disinformation or propaganda? One way or another, we are getting played by jumping to conclusions and rabidly eating our own. Like everything that needs improvement, either get involved or save your opinion and listen carefully.

    • The documents are out there. The insiders have spoken. The leaderships’ actions are clear as day. You just haven’t been paying attention over the last few years.

      I know it’s hard for you to admit your beloved “leaders” have betrayed you for their personal benefit at the expensive of everything else. How are they any different than all the other humans playing the game that is politics?

      North and Cox talk about getting Wayne out to save the NRA as is. They both were punished for their efforts. Removed through force.

      The “NRA” talking heads on NRATV also got the boot although they defended the NRA’s actions on social media to stop any uprising of members over the last 4 years. They sold their souls for some cash yet they had to pay in the end.

    • You clearly haven’t paid attention, but that is exactly what the NRA leadership is counting on. This is not some kind of super secret disinformation campaign from Soros or Bloomberg. LOL. Most of the information comes whistleblowers WITHIN the NRA. That’s why the NRA leadership is currently on a witch-hunt and loyalty purge. Right now, the NRA is a defunct organization. This is a summary of the current status of the NRA:

      NRA President Oliver North has been fired. NRA-ILA head Chris Cox has resigned. NRATV production has been shutdown. Dana Loesch, Colion Noir and many others are out of their NRA spokesperson jobs. The NRA sued its PR firm, Ackerman McQueen. Ackerman McQueen countersued the NRA for $100 million.

      The NRA headquarters in Virginia has been mortgaged to cover $28 million of the NRA’s expenses. The NRA employee pension has been frozen to cover $13 million of the NRA’s expenses. The NRA-ILA already gave a $17 million loan to the NRA in 2017 to cover the NRA’s expenses and will be giving the NRA another $15 million loan now, since Chris Cox, who refused to do this, isn’t there anymore.

      The NRA Carry Guard Insurance has been sued and fined $5 million. The NRA Carry Guard training is non-existing. NRA spending on the 2018 midterms was only $9.4 million. It was $27 million in 2014! NRA spending on firearms training and education has been cut by $10 million in 2018.

      Despite taking out these lines of credit and cutting spending on programs significantly, the NRA was still $10 million in the red in 2018.

      Bump stocks have been banned with the help of the NRA. Red flag laws are being supported by the NRA and enacted in various states. A silencer ban has been introduced in Congress and the NRA has nobody to fight it. (Do they even want to fight it?)

      The NRA created NRA Carry Guard Insurance and NRA Carry Guard Training to take away the United States Concealed Carry Association’s (USCCA’s) business. NRA Carry Guard Insurance/Training was rolled out at the NRA Annual Meeting in 2017. The USCCA was told two weeks before the meeting that their exhibition booth was cancelled and they were no more allowed to exhibit at the convention. The reason was that they competed with NRA Carry Guard Insurance/Training.

      NRA Carry Guard Insurance was so poorly designed that it got sued in WA and NY. This created not only legal and financial liabilities for the NRA, but also blowback for the USCCA in those states as well and the USCCA is currently not offering self defense insurance in these states.

      The NRA Board has its heads in the sand about all of this, hoping that this mess will end without them firing Wayne LaPierre or Wayne LaPierre firing them!


  22. Some were saying we should still give money to NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), the lobbying outfit of the NRA. With Chris Cox forced out of NRA-ILA, I am not giving them any money now either.

    This entire situation stinks like an industrial pig farm.

    • The NRA-ILA is lending money to the NRA to cover the NRA’s debt! The NRA-ILA also isn’t actually doing anything right now other than sending you e-mails.

  23. 2nd amendment foundation for me, life membership $150. One tenth that of Now Relinquish Arms! Wayne must go, 7 figure salary is too rich for me!

  24. Charlton Heston was CIA since the early days- and a globalist spy who infiltrated the NRA.

    That was half of the battle lost right there.

    • Right, because Wayne LaPierre has been the NRA’s CEO only since 1991 and is not responsible for any of this. LOL.

  25. Gramps and my old man were lifers, they swore by the NRA back in the day when I was growing up. Been a member for years now, and i can only imagine what they would say if they were around now. They’d probably shit a lead ingot, my renewal was up a few months ago and the $ still sitting there. I just can’t bring myself to help enable bad management, I did however throw a few extra $ at the GOA this year to make myself feel better.

  26. NRA HQ is making it very easy for me to just stay away from Nashville 2020 and spend the money that would have gone into a plane ticket and hotel room into a new firearm from a dealer here in my hometown.

    • Actually, showing up at the 2020 NRA Annual Meeting may now make more sense than ever before. The NRA Members Meeting does provide the opportunity to hold the leadership accountable. That’ however, requires people willing to do that in attendance. This year’s NRA Members Meeting was just a taste of what will be coming down next year in Nashville. I am going.

  27. Well telling the truth as a Member don’t get you anywhere. Willies Lee and his actions on FB lead to silencing thousands of members. Members letting him know that they would not renew. All over him crapping on a Life members question as to what the NRA was going to do about the Suppressor Situation. Were they going to Cave as they did with Bump-stocks? So I called the NRA and left E-mails never got anything back. They don’t care. But being a member of a gun club that is affiliated I have to keep my dues going at the NRA. Even-though I don’t like their lack of helping Washingtonians from the on-slot of anti gun legislation. From 594 to 1639. The NRAs efforts to prevent is weak as fuck. But as I will criticize, I will give credit The NRA and SAF are now working hand in hand to overturn I-1639 in the courts..

  28. No more money until LaPierre and Hammer and his other cronies are out. Let them know why they’re not getting a check.

  29. Tim, we all know that you like many others have put a lot of time and dedication helping the NRA, but as we know all good things come to an end. If they don’t want to treat you with respect, tell La Pierre to go to hell and stick the NRA up is ASS. You are more that qualified to help many others organizations. And Thanks for everything you did.

    • I will fight on and from many fronts. Well more coming from me. Stand by ……

      Timothy Knight <- Yep ^ that one.
      I appreciate the support, it matters to me.

  30. People crack me up. They say, “I don’t know what is going on in the NRA, but, until I do I am withdrawing my support…”
    I say, “I will continue to support the NRA until I know for sure I shouldn’t!”
    All of you skeptics must not have seen, or else you forgot, the savage infighting back in the 1970’s. The organization emerged a better group. This is certainly not new in the NRA, or in any group with a Board and voting members. People sometimes, I mean usually, disagree.
    I say join the NRA! Support the NRA, and ALL legitimate Second Amendment support organizations.
    I am a current Benefactor Member of the NRA.
    I am a current Life Member of the Gun Owners of America, and,
    I am a current Frontline Defenders Premium Member of the NAGR.
    I regularly see new solicitations from all of them. Big deal. They need the money to battle the countless liberal, progressive, socialist democrat, facist retards trying to tear down the Constitution.

    • Mr Hilo, could you send some money my way,
      it would be better spend on pro-firearm issues.

    • Seems like your theory is analogous to giving drugs to a drug addict, hoping the addict will see the kindness as motivation to quit drugs.

  31. With all this talk about dropping membership, the Dems are …as my old dad would say …”jumping up and down and shitting crushed pineapple” because they are so happy!! Like someone said earlier, NO other organization has the power of the NRA ! And NO other organization can talk to senators like the NRA !! We drop our membership at our own peril.
    There are many other ways of expressing our distaste. If you send a note back with your dues statement, ONLY the mail solicitations company will see it. Just how much do you really think gets thru to the NRA anyway? Our importance is in our numbers!!! Life Member

    • If the money does not get to the NRA, where does it goes, to La Pierre back account/

  32. Wayne needs to be FORCED OUT. He has lost my confidence and my respect. I am membership, but will not renew until he is GONE!

  33. Sounds like Tim knight needs to be boss ,if nra doesn’t make a change then they won’t get my money . Gun owners of America will !

    • Thanks for the support. We do this together and I am honored to serve gun owners. I am just getting started ….

      Yours in Liberty, Tim K

  34. Compare the amount of members’ money the NRA spends on lobbying and political contributions to how much is spent on fund raising and other activities like paying all of the legal fees the current leadership has gotten the organization into having to pay.

  35. Y’all understand that with a lifetime membership the IRA comes out ahead if you die as soon as possible?
    It don’t buy no good graces.

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