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By Theresa Inacker

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy shockingly admitted that he did not consider the Bill of Rights when issuing his executive orders closing gun ranges, closing churches, closing parks and imposing other arbitrary draconian measures. Murphy claimed on Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday night that the Bill of Rights was something “above his pay grade.”

Murphy is a proven gun grabber, signing a multitude of firearms restrictions the moment he got into office, including a ten-round magazine limit.  New Jersey gun owners already know that he disregards the Constitution with regularity. 

Why would you expect anything less from a Governor who openly disregards civil rights?

This is the slippery slope Second Amendment advocates warned you about.

Gun rights proponents are the leading civil rights advocates in this country. Which groups have filed lawsuits against the overreach of government? Second Amendment groups. Which groups have mounted the most vocal opposition? Second Amendment groups.

No governor has the authority to violate fundamental civil rights protected by the Constitution. Murphy’s Attorney General, Gurbir Grewal, routinely shares on social media that he will use his power to arrest and charge you for virus crimes if you fail to follow Murphy’s impotent edicts.

In this tweet, he brags about his enforcement actions against those who have violated Murphy’s coronavirus executive orders:

Power grabbing governors need to realize something very important. All cooperation with lockdowns, to date, has been voluntary. And make no mistake, that cooperation will not continue unfettered forever. We the People will decide our fate. We are free people.

Following the lead of Michigan, a protest was scheduled in New Jersey for Tuesday, April 28 in Trenton, New Jersey near the State House. Yet Facebook’s censors have cancelled the invitation for “coordinating harm and promoting crime.”

It remains to be seen if the protest will proceed peaceably or if those who organized it will be arrested. 

New Jersey Second Amendment advocates will continue to lead the way against unconstitutional laws. We bring experience and deep conviction to the table like no other group. This is a sisterhood, a brotherhood and those bonds are the tightest. Further developments will be reported.


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey Delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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  1. Since Murphy took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the united States against all enemies foreign and domestic” he should be removed from office immediately by a citizen’s grand jury.
    While we are at it, remove the attorney general as well…

    • Perhaps making license plates would be more appropriate for his pay grade.

      • Sorry Gov. that has already been taken by the Governors of Illinois.

        Have to find some other task for him.

        “Illinois: Our Governors make our license plates”

  2. Sooner or later every self serving dirty diaper democRat Ratbassturd shows their colors. And they ain’t Red, White and Blue.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  3. We in the 2nd Amendment Community have know for decades that Democrats have No respect for the U.S. CONSTITUTION and the Bill of Rights.

    The difference now with unconstitutional TYRANNY more people have “Woke”.

    As society unravels its going to get interesting.

    Another French Revolution Reign of Terror?

  4. Why is it any surprise that Murphy ignores the Bill of Rights? He’s done so ever since taking the Oath of Office.

  5. Governor Murphy is one of the many governors on Bloomberg’s payroll having difficulties taking care of their states right now. They only know how to create a crisis and not try and solve one. Their leader is hiding in a safe place right now leaving them to fend for themselves.

  6. Follow the same manner as your forebears in exercising your gun rights. Capitulating mocks the actions of the colonists and Founding Fathers. Own any gun and magazine you want. Only, don’t use it to harm another citizen unless in self defence. Use it to safeguard your liberties as well.

  7. “Yet Facebook’s censors have cancelled the invitation for “coordinating harm and promoting crime.”

    Facebook is not different from the anti-civil rights newspapers from the early 20th century. Those that stay home and don’t vote. You are only fooling yourself. You have still voted.

    “1,000 or so people came out in the pouring cold freezing rain last Friday to protest.”

    It was actually illegal for blacks to protest for their civil rights in the South during the 1950’s. Many were arrested on a misdemeanor charge. Now in 2020, even for a misdemeanor arrest you can be denied your 2A civil rights. In some states (new jersey) you as a gun owner are going to have to make a choice. You might have to go to jail as a price to fight for your civil rights.

    The 1950s civil rights groups used churches to setup a bail out fund and legal defense funds for the blacks who were arrested. It’s one reason why the Socialist Progressives hate churches so much. And why they hate the 1st amendment.

    You can avoid politics if you choose. But politics why NOT avoid you. And will come after you. Sooner or later. You can’t rely on the ACLU to help you.

  8. ” We the People will decide our fate. We are free people.” and the fate of worthless tyrannical scum.

  9. That’s funny. I didn’t know that New Jersey was in Arabia as the AG’s profile photo would suggest. And we wonder why some politicians don’t respect the BOR? Yes yes, import everyone from s-hole countries and don’t even encourage assimilation and then elect people to office that have no idea what the Constitution is and have no respect for it. Good survival plan America.
    A republic… If you can keep it.(pass it on)

      • I was an employee of AAA and several police organizations and I heard Mr. Grewal speak many times. From what I hear, he plans on running for governor after Murphy. He knows this is a very blue Democrat run state and will do & say whatever is necessary … like all of our sleaze bag politicians!

  10. I was shocked to see that puke Murphy on Tucker’s show. What arrogance. Tucker asked him three times what gave him the authority to trash the BOR and he dodged it every time.
    Well he couldn’t come right out and say on national TV that he hates the very existence of the Constitution and especially the BOR. All DemoRATs do, but they can’t say it right out loud. Instead they just infringe, infringe and infringe some more and basically dare people to try and do something about it. Something should be done about it alright. It should involve tar and feathers and a fence rail in the town square like the old days.

  11. President Trump: Send it the Marines and Special Ops to free the people of NJ and arrest this ass hole and his cronies! This is total TREASON on that NJ administration!

  12. Great article. New Jersey has many pro 2A residents. It’s great that people like this author are out in front, not only leading the charge but also applying constant resistance to the infringement of our rights.

  13. Well that’s about a big effing lie. He has no accountability except at the ballot box. Now if throngs of pissed off people, I’m talking tens of thousands of armed pissed off folks stormed the Governors Mansion and dragged him out and …..educated him, he would suddenly have a better understanding of such issues.

  14. I’m confused by Mr. Murphy’s initial comment. What pay grade is the governor talking about? Murphy swore an oath upon taking office. Says so right here: “I, name, elected governor of the State of New Jersey, do solemnly promise and swear, that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and to the governments established in the United States and in this state under the authority of the people, and that I will diligently, faithfully, impartially, justly, and to the best of my knowledge and ability, execute the said office in conformity with the powers delegated to me, and that I will to the utmost of my skill and ability, promote the peace and prosperity and maintain the lawful rights of the said state, so help me God.”
    If he lied when he swore the oath of office he committed a serious crime. Ignorance is no excuse. He should be charged and, if convicted, removed from office.

  15. “we didnt look at the bill of rights when we did this” wow…….
    tell you all you need to know.

  16. WANTED : A Sheriff(s) and a prosecutor(s) with the balls to arrest and bring charges against these felons. Violating oath, deprivation of rights,dereliction of duty and many more.

  17. A wiser head than I offered the following. People generally get the sort of government they didn’t vote against.

  18. Did you know that “New Jersey” is actually Medieval English for “Py-eew. What Died?” It’s true.

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