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When it comes to gun control advocacy, perception is reality. Obviously. Because the facts don’t support gun control. As Louder with Crowder’s Steven Crowder proves with his faux gun control advocacy tent.

That said we have to assume — as we must for any edited “man on the street” video — that Mr. Crowder’s “investigation” doesn’t tell the whole story.

What did he leave on the cutting room floor? Crowder’s clearly leading participants. And we don’t know where he conducted this experiment; the results would have been very different in Cody, Wyoming than anywhere in upstate Illinois. Or urban anywhere, really.

Even so, it’s no secret that “military style” long guns (a.k.a., “assault rifles) are the low-hanging fruit for gun control advocates. They’re scary-looking! Except maybe when the police wield them.

Anyway, the NRA and other gun rights advocacy groups should be taking this issue head-on — explaining why “assault rifles” are actually “modern sporting rifles.” Showing the gun muggles why these firearms are more than acceptable. They’re the best multi-use long gun money can buy. Generally speaking.


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  1. I’m not particularly a fan of Crowder, but this video reinforces what most everyone here knows: the people petitioning and demonstrating to ban guns have little to no idea how guns work. I would be surprised if many of the would be gun banners has ever handled a real firearm, let alone shot one.

    • In my opinion, it could have been MUCH better, if he had 10 (or whatever) guns labeled 1-10 and then ask the people what ones should be banned.

      After they take the 10 question quiz, show them the *actual* capacity was, and watch their heads explode when they learn the innocent-looking .357 lever action holds 13 rounds.

      It would have been nice if he actually demonstrated to them what they don’t know so that some of them might get on the right side of the fence.

      This was a wasted opportunity for education…

      • This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen an article related to this video. I’m honestly surprised that TTAG was so late to the punch. Anyways, there were comments much like yours in all of those articles saying that these people should be educated. What exactly makes you think these people want to educated on the subject matter? And if they were, what makes you think that their opinions would change? Do you honestly thinks the two old, anti-gun guys would really care that a lever gun holds 13 rounds? Hell, they’d probably take to MDA’s Facebook page, rallying that lever action rifles need to be banned because they can hold a handful of rounds.

        • There is at least one regular reader of TTAG who admitted she was an anti, until one day, right after Sandy Hook, she did some Google-Fu and lo-and-behold, discovered the antis were *lying* to her.

          The TTAG reader is now amassing quite a collection of ‘evil black guns’ among others.

          I stand by my position, this was a wasted opportunity to educate them and strengthen our ranks…

  2. Crowder does a lot of his stuff in Michigan, IIRC he’s based there.

    For a hardcore Canadian Christian Conservative Comic he’s pretty OP.

    Edit: I’d also point out that what he’s doing isn’t hard. Many people have proved that you can get a lot of people to sign petitions for banning water by calling it dihydrogen monoxide and then giving the stats on how many people drown each year by phrasing it as “This stuff kill X people per year and it’s toxic!”.

        • Same as your ban water petition. Somebody did an experiment amongst folks on the street and got a large number to sign up to end womens suffrage. None of them seemed to understand that womans suffrage got women equality. Including young women that were incensed and signed to end the womens suffrage.

          People really are not capable of governing themselves. We need our alien overlord lizards to drop the pretense and just take over.

        • They don’t know what suffrage means. But it sounds like suffer and assume it’s the same thing.

        • jwm:

          Interestingly women actually gave up the right to vote by voting against their right to vote in the early 1800’s. Chapter 3 of Vindicating the Founders by Thomas G West is all about that.

        • Strych9,

          If memory service right, women didn’t give up the right to vote, per se. So much as they didn’t accept the responsibility of being drafted, which was a condition of being allowed to vote back then.

          So, women, even today, have not actually earned the right to vote…

          They can vote, yes, but they are not required to bear the burden of signing up for selective service on their 18th birthday, like men. So, they have not actually earned it.

        • The only people who can say they “earned” any of the freedoms we enjoy are our military veterans. For the rest of us, it’s a gift.

          As for women’s suffrage, it was men who gave it to them, by ratifying the 19th amendment. Women did a lot of campaigning but only men had a say in the decision.

        • You don’t earn your civil rights, guys. They’re yours at birth so long as you’re an American citizen. I don’t have to prove worthy to exercise my 1st, 2nd or any other amendments.

        • @HellChild:

          They did indeed give up that right voluntarily in many states.

          At the time, in an agrarian society it was thought that giving a woman the vote was the same as giving her husband two votes.

          That idea was big 1800-1820. Suddenly it wasn’t so hot in 1840. Just the way history worked. I cited my source and he cites many others on the topic. Including the fact that women lost the right to vote in NJ despite the fact that the NJ Constitution specifically mentions women as having the right to vote.

          Go get the book and read it. No one talks about it. It’s fucking crazy how much actual history is lost these days thanks to modern textbooks.

    • I think I’ve heard him on his podcasts say he’s in TX. I could be wrong. I watch them every week on YouTube but mostly for the other people he has on.

  3. Laughing like a madman at this. This represents nearly all conversations about guns here in Cali. Funny, but sad.

    Not gay Jared, hashtag gestures are too dam funny, hahahaha!

  4. “And we don’t know where he conducted this experiment …”

    I saw this video two days ago. At 13:48 in the video, I noticed a sign in the background that said “East Grand Rapids Library”. In this video linked here, someone digitally blurred out that sign.

    I just used Google Maps street view and I think I found the exact spot where he set up. Here is a link to the spot:,-85.6117307,3a,75y,99h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1i5sfEaRlLEsKbBP-peR-w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    • I was thinking it was Ann Arbor because of the Gerald Ford statue. Also, the location you linked is right across the street from a school. I think someone would have come along and put him out of bidness if that were the case.

  5. It’s because they’re black, isn’t it.

    Make MSRs in white, call them “Save the Polar Bears Rifles” and we’re GTG.

    • I say leave them black and put a large label: Solar Powered to save the planet.

      The idiots Crowder interviewed would be confused as hell! Cut a hole in an A2 buttstock and add a fake 110 Volt outlet and plug a battery operated fan into it and turn on the fan. These idiots would have no idea they had been played.

  6. One thing this should remind us of, education in America is well below where it should be. Ignorant teachers pat their students on the head for regurgitating leftist propaganda as if it was the wisdom of the ages. I fear that this country is in for a very rude awakening in the near future, and can only pray that I am wrong!

      • Yeah, I get the vote Trump part, but I fear there are too many people out there all butt-hurt over their candidate not getting the nomination being led by the establishment #nevertrumpers to overcome all the Democrat voter fraud and election rigging.

        Yeah I will vote Trump because I will never give up and never surrender!

    • I just reviewed that list and saw that there is an option for an AR-15 chambered in .44 Magnum! You have no idea how badly I want an AR-15 chambered in .44 Magnum. Where can I find one?!?!?!? Perhaps more importantly, what about magazines for .44 Magnum???

      • I think Tromix was playing with the idea during the 94 ban years. Probably less than 10 ever made, so it would be a custom production of you wanted one.

        • They did make ARs in .50AE back then, and they used a magwell-block which took Desert Eagle mags. They probably used the same bolt as the .50AE ones, since .50AE uses a rebated rim to match the .44’s when you swap calibers in a Desert Eagle.

        • I go to the firearms festival just for fun, not studying or searching for guns to purchase (I find plenty without their help!). But last year, one of the exhibitors talked me into shooting his AR, I’m not certain of the caliber but it used a standard sized 30-round mag body as a single-stack, I think it held something stupid like 12 rounds. OMG, that sucker kicked way out there more than my Mossy 590. .50 Beowolf, maybe? Cartridge looked like it should go well in a big-game double rifle. .44 Mag should be easy.

  7. I run this experiment every time I am out in the woods with my Mini -14. The gunshot always think it is just a hunting rifle even when I have a 30 round magazine inserted.

  8. What a douche. This passes as “pro-gun” conservative activism? Seriously?

    He makes his cutesy remarks, leads people to respond, then plays the gotcha card with on screen text boxes that don’t even address what was specifically claimed. Some of the claims are actually true, by the way, or at least based on elastic terms such as “spree shooting” that you could make true if you want. Yet, the evidence offered to refute the claims shift premises, subtly, and refutes some claims that weren’t actually made. How cute. Legerdemain is liberal turf.

    I get it. He wants to make fun of clueless, incurious dolts, because he’s smarter and better informed on the subject than they are, while hamming it up for the 2A crowd. Plus, it’s just so much fun to tap on the glass and tease! (No doubt a manifestation of his own many years of being bullied throughout childhood and adolescence.) He’s not going to convert anybody this way. Then again, that isn’t the point.

    This isn’t an authentic polemicist, just a discredited provocateur/opportunist. He’s hijacking our movement to satisfy his ego, his possible sadistic streak, and to turn a quick buck any way he can. With friends like this, who needs antis?

    • If your point is that Crowder produced a pro-gun circle-jerk video which doesn’t actually help advance the pro-gun cause amongst undecided voters in any meaningful way, you’re probably right.

      But let’s be honest: he’s not some wet blanket nobody from Houston. If he wants to make a video pandering to the base, let him.

  9. IMO, we should not “explain” that “assault rifles” are “modern sporting rifles” because that plays into the anti’s hands that guns are only for sport and not resistance to tyranny and individual self-defense. We should emphasize that such rifles are basic weapons of war, which is something all free people have a fundamental right to possess, something that is a fundamental part of the relationship between a people and their government, that shows that the State is ultimately the servant, and at the mercy, of the people. And pretty much all guns are either military in origin or functionally identical to military guns.

    • Its all about labels and the narrative. The anti crowd has adopted the Alinsky tactics which have served them well. The NRA has been labeled as responsible for all things bad with firearms for a reason. Now that they’ve attached that label to the NRA, they along with our President have hammered it home with a complicit media and voila! You have a ignorant urban populace that believes every word.

      Rules for Radicals #13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

  10. This should be further evidence (like we really needed it) to demonstrate how stupid and gullible the general population of America has become. These are the assholes that vote D every time and why we got Odipshit twice. Want to know why America is in the shitter….that’s why!

  11. I saw absolutely NOTHING pro-gun in the way that was handled. Admittedly, I only made it a few minutes into it, but still. I usually agree with Crowder’s vids, but this was at best a “shoot yourself in the foot” moment for “our” side.

  12. If all you hoplophobes care about is black rifles, gimee a rattle can and a couple minutes and your problem is solved.


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