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GAG protester (courtesy

Grassroots group Gays Against Guns holds demonstration in Westwood. That’s the headline at Let’s have a quick look at how the anti-gun news org defines “grassroots.”

With sheer white cloths covering their faces, holding up photos of people who have become the “silent victims” of gun violence, demonstrators of grassroots group Gays Against Guns had no problem calling some attention to their cause on Westwood Avenue during the afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 18.

Four demonstrators wore white clothing from head to toe as they held photos of people and the location and date that they were fatally gunned down.

One woman held a photo of Lawrence Levine, 67, who was killed in the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Oct. 1 last year. Another man held the photo of Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19, who was one of 49 people who were murdered at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12.

Four? Four demonstrators constitute a “grassroots group”? It does when the group concerned is waving the bloody shirt for gun control; catnip for a press that operates under the assumption “if it bleeds it leads.”

Combine that allure with the left-leaning press’ bend-over-backwards support for LGBTQ rights and the media’s gagging for GAG (Gays Against Guns). So to speak.

Don’t get me wrong. I support LGBTQ rights, too. Like the vast majority of the People of the Gun, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms applies to people of all colors, religions and sexual orientations. Period.

But the mainstream media’s love affair with gun control gives short shrift to the pro-gun movement, while delivering proponents of civilian disarmament what Margaret Thatcher called “the oxygen of publicity.” Regardless of their legitimacy (or lack thereof), without providing anything remotely resembling proper perspective.

Truth be told, if it weren’t for free media coverage GAG wouldn’t exist. Nor would Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group led by former Monsanto PR executive (a.k.a., “stay at home Mom”) Shannon Watts.

Fortunately, MDA has slipped from the headlines. Bored Bloomberg? Whatever the reason, don’t expect GAG to go quietly into that long good night. The organizers are using street theater techniques that fringe groups have used to garner press attention countless times before. Like this:

Panozzo was holding a controversial sign that read, “Scott Garrett, NRA puppet, you have enabled the murder of 34,000 kids.”

Congressman Scott Garrett (5th District Republican), who’s been serving since 2003, is running for reelection in the upcoming election against Democratic candidate Josh Gottheimer.

Gays Against Guns New Jersey is “devoted to shaming elected officials and companies that support the [National Rifle Association’s] destructive, fear-based gun-control position,” according to their Facebook group . . .

Panozzo said the organization has some plans for demonstrations in the works for the fall, but that none of them “at this point” involve civil disobedience. “We hope to achieve all of our ends without actually having to get arrested.”

Wanna bet?

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  1. (Insert group) Against Guns gets disproportionate media coverage.

    In other news, water is wet, politicians lie, and death & taxes are the only sure thing in life.

  2. Why don’t they protest Presidential candidates that are supported by people that throw gays off buildings, stone them to death, burn them alive, etc.?

  3. Any group can get this kind of pub.

    Just dress up in silly home-made costumes (preferably adorned with fake blood), do some street theater that would embarrass a third grader (I’m melting! Melting!) and invite the usual gullible, semi-literate journalistic detritus to bear witness to your idiocy.


    • Gay issues generate way more media coverage considering their percentage of population. We’ve seen that play out many times as they’ve fought and won various LGBTQ causes. It pays to take them seriously when they get behind an issue (no pun intended).

      • And that’s why we should court the LGBTQ community as best as possible. The LGBTQ community believes in individual freedom as much if not more so than many other groups.

        People of the gun should show support for gay rights when possible. Many people buy into the media’s false narrative that gun owners are bigiots and hicks. We need to do our best, against all odds, to show them just how wrong they are.

        • This site pays homage to the Pink Pistols regularly.

          But unless PP is willing to get really theatrical (they won’t — they have dignity), nobody will pay attention.

        • The LGBTQ community most emphatically does *not* believe in individual freedom. They (of all people) should, but they don’t.

          I’ve been hanging out with them for almost a year now, so I’ve had ample opportunity to observe. Most of them are gentle and polite; stereotypical pacifists. But they also believe that they have an unfettered right and sacred obligation to force everyone to conform to their worldview — and although virtually none of them would use physical violence themselves, they have no problem harnessing the state to do both legal and literal violence for them.

          There are a few liberty-minded individuals among them (I’m trying to make sure my daughter remains one), and we definitely should continue reaching out to those who are reachable, but in terms of respect for individual liberty, the group as a whole is a lost cause.

        • As a group, they support individual freedoms in one area only – sexual/sexual identity. The vast majority of those in the LGTBTwhatever community are otherwise quite liberal, and dismissive or outright hostile to ideas and opinions other than their own – just like any other urban lib.

  4. Ha, man. I can’t get past that acronym. G.A.G. Really? For a Gay Activist Group? You don’t suppose that was on purpose, do you?

    • If you’re gay you can’t be an operator operating operationally until you get past the G.A.G. reflex.

    • My initial reaction to “Gays Against Guns” brought back this little ditty:

      This is my rifle
      This is my gun
      One is for fighting
      The other for fun

      That said, gays being against guns seems a bit of any oxymoron, does it not?

  5. “Fortunately, MDA has slipped from the headlines.”


    If the HiladBeast is elected and they control the Senate, we will be hearing *plenty* from Dirk’s obsession and Bloomie-boy.

    On the upside, it will be nice to hear from Dirk again…

    • I believe less that Dirk is obsessed, as opposed to accurately identifying that Shannon is obsessed with long, black, powerful projectile spewing masculine totems, and he just wishes to redirect her obsession to facilitate more positive yet forceful outlets…

  6. If you’re the leftwing media that’s what you do…I see our troll is posting under a different nom deplume.

  7. They need to be honest for once and rename themselves “Gays for Gaybashing”.

    They’re the equivalent of “Blacks for Lynching” or “Jews for Pogroms”.

    Anybody who must rely upon someone else for the mere PRIVILEGE of existence is OWNED by that someone else. That privilege can be revoked at any time.

    European Jews are relearning that even as I type this.

  8. “I support LGBTQ rights, too.”

    Thanks for your support, RF.

    Maybe I should start a group called Gays For Guns. I bet it wouldn’t get the same media coverage as GAG.

  9. They might as well have a sign saying “LGTQ supports slavery”, since only free people own guns and slaves don’t.

  10. I am trying to spread an idea…and this seemed as good a place as any…Burn the Burka Day…..anti gun, left wingers back in the 1960s burned their bras to protest male oppression……these same women, who are alive today, say nothing to address the most outrageous symbol of female oppression in our society…the burka and the female had covering in islam…….so…in order to be consistent……women from around the country should pick a day, and put on the burka or the head covering, meet in a public place, and publicly take off the burka and burn it…to show young muslim women that they do not need to be oppressed…that we have a free society……

    We are constantly told by those fighting radical islam that we need to fight them on an ideological level…..isn’t this the way to go…? If we can defeat them on this symbol…we are actually going to be taking the fight to them for once….right?

    • I did some more thinking…they wouldn’t have to burn the burka……they could simply put on the burka, then thousands of women could march to public places and simply take them off in masse……that could be a powerful symbol and a direct attack on the ideology of the muslim terrorists……..if done in public, with large enough numbers of women doing it….

  11. When your protest can fit into a Civic you may need to regroup.

    4 anti gun protesters showed up and around 75 pro gun protesters was a big fail for the anti gun side today, the shop owner at south land firearms said he sold more guns than Black Friday today, only one crappy picture sorry guys cops had the road on lock down so I couldn’t get a good shot, the 3 signs on the far side of the street are the protesters the other people over there were pro gun just asking them to explain there position on guns, the mayor of coal city even came and bought a case of .223 while I was in the shop

  12. Odd how I don’t care what two consenting adults do in private, if they get married, adopt children, etc., but that group turns around and gets pissy about my hobby.

  13. Dont care what people do in private if they are consenting. But when you mess with my constitutional rights. I hope you choke instead of GAG!

  14. “Don’t get me wrong. I support LGBTQ rights, too. Like the vast majority of the People of the Gun, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms applies to people of all colors, religions and sexual orientations. Period.”

    Apparently, you got yourself wrong. There’s no such thing as “LGBTQ rights”, at least there’s no such moral, ethical, or constitutional thing.

    “LGBTQ rights” denotes rights for just people identified as LGBTQ. Well. WTF? Who the hell are they to reserve special rights unto themselves? Nobody. Now, if you mean, as I suspect you do, that 2A rights apply to everyone, well, hey, I’m on board, too. However, that’s not “LGBTQ rights.” That’s just “human rights.”

    Don’t muddy the waters with false distinctions. After all, you don’t like it when people make false distinctions like “the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms”, when the Constitution merely documents and codifies a natural, civil, human right you already had.


  15. The funny thing is that once the LGBTQ are no longer a significant voter block for the Democrat Party they will drop them like they have done so many times with other groups. With the open borders between the middle east and the US, I can only imagine what will be the next voter block the Democrat Party will embrace over LGBTQ. But, we, the community of gun owners, will gladly stand with them to fight for their right to exist and live however they choose, both today and when the Democrat Party abandons them.

  16. Hi guys. Carter Goodwin, one of the founding members of Gays Against Guns New Jersey. Why don’t you guys activate? Street theater can work both ways. Come have a counter protest, maybe with your big guns. Or gory posters naming the 91 children, women, and men shot that day. Your big man tears about them coming to take away your guns. I genuinely feel sorry for you. Poor babies.

    • Have you figured out what you’ll do if you’re in the next islamist massacre of gays?

      Hint: Don’t offer to trade sex for survival unless you’re dressed like a goat…

    • Greetings, Carter. Your advice would certainly seem sound. However, I have been in two such demonstrations, including a march. Both included hundreds of people. Neither one was so much as mentioned, even in the local news. Got any more pointers?

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