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Kalashnikov company store at Moscow airport (courtesyu

“Arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has opened a shop at the terminal of a train that carries passengers from central Moscow to Sheremetyevo International Airport,” reports. “Along with less striking souvenirs such as pens, backpacks, and caps, the boutique sells replicas of assault rifles and pistols. The plastic mock-ups do not fire and do not require a license, but they look real and they don’t come cheap.”

Replica Kalashnikov (courtesy

Copy that. “According to prices listed on the gunmaker’s website, the replica AK-74 assault rifle costs 34,500 rubles ($540, above). An MP 654K replica pistol fitted with a silencer costs 7,300 rubles ($115, blow).”

Kalashnikov replica pistol (courtesy

Here’s the official Kalashnikov press release on the new store [translated by Google]

Concern “Kalashnikov”, belongs to the State Corporation Rostec, opened its first company store is not licensed products. Point of sales today earned on the 3rd floor in the “Aeroexpress” terminal in Sheremetyevo.

Company Store “Kalashnikov” – the total area of 58 square meters – was opened in the “Aeroexpress” terminal, which is connected with a pedestrian galleries Sheremetyevo airport. Point of sales designed in corporate red – black style Concern “Kalashnikov” and is divided into several themed zones in the number of food brands.

“Kalashnikov” – one of the most popular brands that come to mind for most people in the world when they hear about Russia, so we are pleased to provide the opportunity for everyone to take away from Russian souvenir with the brand of our company – said marketing director Vladimir Dmitriev.

“Starting your own store in one of the largest airport by passenger traffic in our country it is a natural step towards rapprochement with the customer and attract new consumers of our products. We hope that people will appreciate our initiative and would welcome the opportunity to buy a souvenir with symbols of our company. ”

The Group’s store you can buy branded corporate gifts as well as clothing, bags and other useful items with the logo of “Kalashnikov” and its product brands.

In addition, on the shelves will be presented to mass-dimensional models of small arms, which as a souvenir can buy anyone who has reached the age of majority. By the end of the year on the shelves of the store will be specialized clothing and equipment for hunting under the trademark Baikal.

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  1. Nice.

    Too bad America is too PC and neutered to have something this cool in an airport.

    I wish we could get along with Russia. We are both part of a dwindling list of Western countries that still have rugged men and women and a rugged culture to match.

    • My opinion of post-Soviet Russia changed for the better when, within the past five or so years, Pravda (Yes, that Pravda) had an article titled something like “Americans! Never give up your guns, learn from our history!” More often than not it’s just the sh!tbag politicians trying to get us to hate each other. We have a whole lot in common, especially among those of us who live outside the oh so “enlightened” urban cesspits.

      I have met many Russian/East European immigrants over the years. Those who moved to pro-gun states quickly became so and assimilated to our culture wonderfully.

      • Tzar Nicholas II was King George V of Britians cousin. There is no good reason for the US not to be at least non aggressive toward Russia. We have a hypocritical relationship with Russia. Do as I say, not as I do.

      • For starters, it’s not “that Pravda”. It’s an online-only publication that can be traced to one of the several chunks into which that Pravda broke up after USSR collapsed. It’s not even the biggest chunk. It’s not directly government controlled, either, so none of this is official government position on the matter (to know the official government position, just look at Russian gun laws).

        Worse yet, this particular Pravda routinely publishes stories with titles such as “Aliens forced Americans out from the Moon”, which tells you a lot about the kind of audience they’re targeting.

    • Russia and the US also share a common enemy. Maybe if we can get a man in the white house that knows how to get things done we can outflank the enemy.

    • America rugged? That’s humorous. Metrosexual/hipsters everywhere. I just don’t see rugged very often. We will be Europe in 25 years.

  2. I can’t wait to see some people buy those and take them to the airport. I am sure the security footage will have a million views on youtube.

    • Jdc, they already do sell real russian AK’S at any airport in the USA. You have to go outside and enter the parking lot called
      LONG TERM PARKING. Then go all the way to the rear of the parking lot, look for an older model van either grey or black and silver. There’ll be some typical looking gang members hanging around just ask any of them who’s in charge. They’ll ask you for your password, this is a bribe attempt. Pass him a hundred dollar bill. He’ll escorts you to the side of the van and he’ll knock on the door. The door will slide open and the guy inside will point to several AK’S and UZI’S and say something like we’ll what do you want. Have cash in hand and point to whitch items you wish to buy and say how many items you wish. You’ll figure out the rest at that point. 🙂

      • Isn’t that how that ISIS guy got his RPG in France?

        I mean… shit, law abiding folks have to fill out forms and do background checks while criminals buy RPGs with payday loans in train depots. Kinda like needing a driver’s license to buy Sudafed while you can get meth on the right street corner.

    • I have a nephew who is turning into the proverbial ‘piece of work’, a first-class jerk and a-hole.

      He’s studying Chinese, and his grandmother (*not* on our side of the family) is giving him and his father (also, *not* on our side of the family), a trip to China.

      It would be so sweet if he tried to carry one of those into China.

      (I can dream, can’t I? 🙂 )

  3. Today’s regressives won’t be satisfied until our plastic replicas cost twice as much and the real thing is banned.

  4. What will happen when you buy your AK and then bring it onto the plane with you?? Make sure to bring your toothbrush with you !! DMD

  5. For an American traveler, it’d be cool to get some memorabilia at this shop. The replica guns, not so much, since we can get similar real ones for the same price as some of their replicas, ha ha.

    Though I fathom some busybody will be passing through the airport and they’ll take a photo of the store and post something on FB along the lines of “OMG, they have a gun shop in the Moscow Airport!!!”

  6. This is why the left in America now hates Russia.
    The Russians and the Chinese both gave up the communist economic system. They still are dictatorships.
    But they discovered the dictators can be in charge and still have rich Russians and rich Chinese, capitalism.

    In the 1990s I was told the only true communist left in the world were American College professors. Even Cuba wants tourism and 5 star hotels. The government will still be communist.

    The Russian people do have a history of private gun ownership. It’s a limited history. China has no such history.

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