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Gee, why wasn’t that little bit of news you can use Brian Williams’ lead story last night? Right up there with the bulletin that Golden Corral managers hate it when Kirstie Alley’s F-250 rolls into the parking lot. And that investigative journalism piece revealing that four out of five dentists think Doutzen Kroes looks good in her skivvies. In the wake of a mass shooting in Belgorod, Russian proto-dictator Vladimir Putin was asked about letting his serfs arm themselves. Short answer: nyet. “’I do not support the idea of free arms distribution in Russia,’ Putin told Rossiya 24 television adding: ‘It is dangerous to artificially stimulate this process.’” No, it’s always much easier to subjugate a people when they lack the ability to fight back. Which might be why the founding fathers took the time to pen Amendment No. 2.

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    • I would agree 100%, the most honest moment in the last 20 years is when Di-Fi said back in 94 that if she had the votes she would have passed a law requiring all Americans to turn in their firearms.

      Despite the fact that people like Mayor Rham Emanuel or Bloomberg would love nothing more than to confiscate every single firearm in the country you will be hard pressed to get them to be so candid with their language.

      • I’ve always been curious if she meant all firearms or specifically MSRs since they were grandfathered in, albeit with restrictions.

        Not that big a difference, since she was still endorsing confiscation, it’s just how big a confiscation she wanted.

  1. Wait… there was a mass shooting in a country where the people cant own guns!? That makes absoloutley no sense. /sarcasm

    • People can own guns in Russia. It’s a ridiculously complicated process with a lot of licensing and limitations, but it’s doable, and there are 5 million registered civilian firearms.

      • 5 million registered in a nation of 190+ million people. I would not call that civilian gun ownership, I’d call it something else.

        Don’t know what, but it ain’t liberty.

        • >> 5 million registered in a nation of 190+ million people.

          It’s 143 million.

          And yes, it’s not a lot. Like I said, there are a lot of limitations, and the process itself is very burdensome.

          Also, shootings in Russia are pretty common. There is a shitload of illegal firearms in circulation – so many that they dwarf the legal ones, in fact; and crime rates are generally high.

          Random shooting sprees are rather uncommon, though. Ironically, last time it happened, it was done by a cop, using his duty firearm.

      • “More free” is very relative here.

        Yes, you can get an AR in Russia without “feature bans”. But:

        You can’t get ANY rifle (including rimfire! yes, .22s!) unless and until you’ve owned a shotgun for 5 years prior to that. And you need a “valid reason” for the latter, too, meaning at least a hunting license and membership in a hunting club. And you can own at most 5 rifles. And handguns are completely banned – even possession, much less carry.

        Oh, and Russian self-defense laws with their “proportional response” requirement are ridiculous, as well. Shoot a guy who attacked you with a knife? Go to prison.

        • True, but those “valid reasons” are the same ones that get you a blue light to put on top of your car and just ignore traffic laws – connections and rubles (or Euros, they like Euros).

          As Fitzgerald observed, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.”

          And you don’t even have to be a full-blown oligarch to get props from big poppa Putin and his henchmen. Russia, especially ex-Sov is top to bottom systemic corruption that most Americans can’t begin to fathom. For Russians, it’s just the way the world works.

  2. Russia, where the media are the ones who most need a CCL. Good ol’ Putin. I lived there during the Yeltsin admin when Boris was going through PM’s and other faster than he could go through his vodka. Many young Russians at the time didn’t care how authoritarian a leader was if he could just restore some sense of stability….he didn’t have to be for liberty, ethics, or personal responsibility, just stability. Putin rose through the ranks like the crafty ex-KGB devil his is, and delivered. Now the next set of young Russians realize the cost paid, but they can’t ditch him.

  3. As I note, “The real threat is not a Stalin or a Hitler. The real threat is that our fellow men and women will embrace the tyranny that those men represent. The real threat is that a democratic movement will devour your Rights.”

    The thing is remarkable to behold: Step 1, breed a compliant population; Step 2, Register their firearms; Step 3, farm the peasants; Step 4, Enjoy your oligarchy.

    • Great article, and a good reminder for people here to realize that as you walk around during your daily lives, never forget that half the normal people around you are your enemies, a greater threat than any terrorist or foreign power.

  4. In all fairness, we should note that the Belgorod shooter stole his arms from an arms store open to the public.

    Russia is getting there. They even play nice with other countries these days, and haven’t invaded anyone on a BS pretext in quite some time.

    One of these days, they’ll be alright neighbors and buddies – maybe.

  5. I would just like to point out that I thought this was the Truth About Guns…..not the Truth about Politics. I realize that the fight for our rights is of the utmost importance but it seems to have taken over everything.

    • The fight is ongoing. If we ignore it, we’re all done. There’s no ammo around because of politics. There’s few ARs around because of politics.

      I understand “politics fatigue.” All we really want is to be left alone, right? Well, you can give up that lovely fantasy right now. Guns will never again be separated from politics. That’s the unfortunate truth about guns. We can either live with that or take up knitting.

  6. Off topic but important: Obama has directed the Centers for Disease Control to resume research on gun injuries and deaths, and the NAS’s Institute of Medicine (IOM) convened a public workshop last week specifically tasked with shaping the direction of the CDC’s firearm research.

    From the article:
    “Government-funded gun research was openly biased in the 1990s. CDC officials unabashedly supported gun bans, used CDC funds to advocate strict gun control, and poured millions of taxpayer dollars into funding “research” that was in fact advocacy — thinly disguised medical-journal hit pieces against gun ownership. Congress investigated and in 1997 forbade the use of CDC funds “to advocate or promote gun control.”
    This week’s IOM workshop (which I attended via webcast) was moderated and mostly led by longtime anti-gun researchers. ‘We’ve suffered through 20 years,’ complained Jon Vernick, co-director of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg (yes, that Bloomberg) School of Public Health. He was referring to the period — 16 years, actually — since Congress cut off federal funding for his project’s research on guns, which never seemed to find anything good about guns or gun owners.”

  7. Orwell’s “Animal farm” pigs… ruling over the pack… and with no right, no entitlement, and most certainly – with no fairness.

  8. “The first thing you do when you get up out of bed
    Is hit the streets a-runnin’ and try to beat the masses
    And go get yourself some cheap sunglasses”

    Vlad’s got the cheap sunglasses part down pat 🙂 .



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